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Since 2011, the European Commission has banned the use of Bisphenol A in baby bottles. This was due to concerns that the chemical could leach out of the plastic and be absorbed by babies. None of the bottles for sale in the UK should have BPA .

Many parents want to know which brand of baby bottle is best? The fact is there is no independent research showing differences in feeding ability or pattern from different brands of bottles or teats . Its down to you and your baby to see what works for you. Heres an overview of the main types of bottles available on the market:

Can Baby Bottles Expire

Most bottles can last indefinitely as long as you take good care of them. However, its normal for wear and tear to occur. If you notice any of the following signs on the bottle or the nipple, you may want to get rid of it :

  • Cracking, chipping, or breaks.
  • Swelling or other signs of a distorted shape.
  • Thinning.
  • Fast pouring of milk through the nipple.

How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need

How many bottles you buy will depend on just two factors: if you intend to breastfeed your baby and only occasionally need bottles, or if you are going exclusively use bottles. If you are breastfeeding, you will probably need only 3 or 4 baby bottles.

If you are going the bottle-feeding route, 8 to 10 baby bottles should do the trick. Keep in mind that you wont need all of them right away baby bottles need regular replacement and you will need to change the bottles and nipples as the baby grows and his/her needs and appetite change.

Now saying that you will need those particular amounts, you might need to buy a few bottles at the beginning as testers, before you find the one your baby prefers. Babies that are breastfed tend to be a little more picky when it comes time to use a bottle, so you may have to try a couple more than with exclusively bottle-fed babies.

Baby bottles come in two basic sizes:

  • small
  • large

If you want to bottle-feed your newborn baby start with the small bottles and get 3 or 4 of them. They are easier for the babys little hands to grip. Besides, newborns eat less than older babies.

After about 4 months switch to 8- or 9-ounces bottles. Depending on how long you plan on bottle feeding, you may need 4-7 bigger bottles.

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Also Great: The Best Bottle Brush

*At the time of publishing, the price was $8.

You can wash all the picks in this guide in the dishwasher, but unless you have a big supply of bottles, youll likely wash yours by hand some of the time. After scrubbing bottles with four popular brushes with different designs, we recommend the OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Stand as the best for cleaning containers, nipples, and other bottle pieces. The OXOs brush head is fuller than that of the other brushes we tried, and in our tests it made more suds and scrubbed bottles more thoroughly than the competition. Though the bristles are generous, theyre still soft enough to squish into narrow-neck bottles. At 12 inches long, the OXO brush is a more practical length than other brushes we tried, including the shorter Dr. Browns Natural Flow Bottle Brush or the IKEA Medelvåg, which is impractically long at 17 inches. The Boon Forb, with silicone petals instead of bristles , is cute but more difficult than the OXO to use: In our tests, the petals didnt reach all the inner surfaces of the bottles and were hard to fit inside narrow containers.

The OXO has the most substantial handle of any of the brushes we tested, which allows for a more comfortable and secure grip even when youre wearing dishwashing gloves. The OXO is also the only brush we tried that has a separate mini-brush for cleaning nipples and other small pieces .

Why You Should Trust Us

The 10 Best Baby Bottles to Buy in 2018

To research this guide, I corresponded by email and spoke by phone with Amy Peterson, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who co-authored Balancing Breast & Bottle, a book with research and guidance on breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I also spoke to Susan Burger, PhD, also an IBCLC, who has advised many parents on choosing and using bottles for their babies as part of her lactation-consulting practice in New York. Peterson and Burger gave us general guidance on bottles they dont endorse any specific brand.

To learn about nutrition and other concerns surrounding bottles and bottle feeding, I talked to Dr. Anthony Porto, a pediatric gastroenterologist and professor at Yale School of Medicine, and co-author of The Pediatricians Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers and Dr. Charles Wood, a professor of pediatrics at Duke University School of Medicine who has studied the connection between bottle size and weight gain among formula-fed infants.

I read articles in medical journals about the design of bottles, how babies feed from them, and nipple flow rates. I also read comparative reviews of bottles on sites like BabyGearLab and BabyCenter, and dozens of discussions related to choosing and using bottles on Facebook groups for breastfeeding and formula-feeding mothers, including Exclusively Pumping Mamas, Formula Feeding Mommies, and Breastfeeding Mamas.

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Should I Buy Anti Colic Bottles

Anti colic bottles aren’t essential, but they’re particularly useful for babies who seem to be upset and gassy after feeding – and for babies without these issues, they certainly won’t hurt either!

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When Should I Replace Baby Bottles

Theres no official guidance about this, though manufacturers might advise how often to replace teats usually every three months or so.

For the bottle itself, watch out for chips, cracks and discolouration that isnt from lasagne night, all of which could present a danger or indicate that the material is damaged.

For the teat, check often for wear and tear, weakening patches or bitten-through ends, and replace as soon as you find any. As with all baby equipment, its much better to err on the side of caution.

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How To Choose Bottles And Nipples

The type of nipple and bottle you choose will mainly depend on which type your baby will use. Some babies prefer a certain nipple shape, or they may have less gas with certain bottles. Others are less fussy. Start by buying a few different types of bottles and nipples. That way, you can try them out and see what works best for you and your baby.

Recommended Buy: Twistshake Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle: Best Baby Bottle (Buying Guide)

The Twistshake comes with a little formula container which is handy when feeding on the go. It also has a shaking ring for even mixing. – Mumsnet user

Strikingly designed in an array of colours, prints and materials, this new bottle should brighten up anyones kitchen and last forever too.

Swedish childrens brand Twistshake have produced their take on a baby bottle and its a solidly made, aesthetically pleasing model thats easy to use and gratifyingly inexpensive.

Designed with an extra-wide neck for easy cleaning and filling, it also comes with a formula powder tub and a mixer net component to mix the powder and water without clumping. Our tester was unconvinced about the value of this addition, but a bottle made with breast- and formula feeding in mind might be useful if your baby is combination fed.

The bottle is made from a tough, BPA-free plastic, but also comes in stainless steel and glass models as well as a variety of cool patterns and colours, so youre bound to find one that suits you.

Twistshake bottles come in three sizes and teats in four flow rates. Once your baby gives up bottle feeding, theres a toddler spout and a straw for children and adults available to buy separately. The teat comes with an anti-colic air valve and is fairly soft and flexible.

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Best Baby Bottle Starter Kit: Hegen Pcto Feeding Bottle

We’ve just had our second child and, this time, we’ve gone for the Hegen bottles. They’re fab! They work as bottles, storage pots, food pots for weaning and water bottles for older children. Well worth the money. – Mumsnet user

Its at the expensive end of the bottle market, but this high-quality, long-lasting model feels genuinely innovative and its better value when you buy more than one.

Four-year-old baby brand Hegen has already made a splash in the baby equipment market since their 2015 launch. Their flagship bottle, the Hegen PCTO is more expensive than those from more established brands, but heres the thing its also really good.

Made from extra-tough PPSU plastics , the bottle is an unusual soft square shape. Its supposed to be easier for a baby to grip, but it also stacks neatly, one within another, when its empty and takes up less room than round containers when its full and stacked with others.

As the name implies, the collar presses on with a click and is removed by twisting, which in practice is quicker and easier than the more common baby bottle twisting mechanism. The teat has to align in a particular way with the collar, which caught our tester out a few times initially, but otherwise assembly and storage couldnt be easier.

How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need Everything You Should Know About Choosing Bottles & Nipples

When I was expecting my first baby I felt overwhelmed with the choice of baby strollers, baby carriers, play mats, baby swings But the selection of baby bottles made me dizzy! There are so many types: wide neck, small neck, for colic, for gas, for upright feeding, made from glass or silicone and so on! How to choose the best one and actually how many bottles do I need?! I still remember how concerned I felt.

If you feel this way too this article is for you! Im going to share with you the results of my LONG research. I will give you the answers you need to choose the right baby bottle for your child!

This article is NOT a substitute for medical advice or care

When it comes to feeding your baby, using a bottle can be a vital part of the routine. Although some mommies want to breastfeed exclusively, it is not always possible. The reason for that may be a busy work schedule, or the need for formula supplementation.

Making sure your baby has the right bottles is very important since not all bottles are created equal, and you may need more than one. Besides, each baby has different preferences and may be even picky about specific bottles!

When youre searching for baby bottles for your little bundle of joy, there are many factors to consider, such as different sizes, variety of styles and shapes, type of material they are made of, the shape of the nipple, and of course, the cost.

Keep on reading and youll learn everything!

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Best For Easy Latching: Evenflo Feeding Balance + Wide Neck Glass Bottles

  • Compatible with Evenflo Balance+ Wide Neck Pump Adapter

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Not compatible with Spectra pump

The nipple on this bottle is the best for latching, according to lactation consultants. Thats because it has a gradual sloped nipple that babies can get their whole mouths around, which mimics breastfeeding. The nipple also has a slow flow, which allows for a steady stream of milk, similar to what the baby gets at the breast. Evenflo bottles have a patented, built-in venting system that reduces gas but the one in this bottle only has one valve, which some parents report can leak.

The Evenflo Feeding Balance bottles come in six ounces, which is perfect for breastfed babies who typically consume no more than 3 to 5 ounces of milk per feeding. You can pump directly into these bottles and since they are glass, you can place them in the freezer and then defrost them without them shattering.

These are easy to clean by hand or place in the top rack of the dishwasher. They are naturally free of BPA and come in a pack of three.

Volume: 5 and 9 ounces | Materials: FDA approved food- grade silicone and polypropylene

  • Pump adapter is compatible with many breast pumps, including Medela, Lansinoh, and Evenflo

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Multiple parts to clean and assemble

  • Limited volume options

Volume: 4 and 8 ounces | Materials: BPA-free bottle and silicone nipple

Nuk Simply Natural Baby Bottle Best Cheap Bottle For Baby

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve 4 Ounce

NUK bottle has a simple design, and a unique nipple with multiple tiny holes, instead of just one. Destined to mimic the flow of milk from the breast, it offers the natural feeding experience. The best part is that NUK Simply Natural bottles are inexpensive, and if you decide to get them as a bulk, the price will be even more pocket-friendly.

The nipple is soft and flexes just like moms breast majority of babies find it simple to adapt, with the risk of nipple confusion being minimized.

The flexible nipple helps the baby latch on easily, not to mention the tongue can move as it would do at the breast. There is a slow flow nipple with three holes, recommended for newborns. For older babies, there are other nipples available, with six and nine holes.

The advanced anti-colic air vent protects against air ingestion. This baby bottles works great for both formula and breast milk.

NUK bottle and its nipple are also easy to clean. Its made of BPA-free plastic, and according to many parents it feels very durable, thick and sturdy not cheap at all!

Make sure to get the right nipple flow some parents say the slow flow with 3 holes may be too fast for a newborn baby.


May leak

Cap does not always stay on

Nipple may collapse, with the baby becoming frustrated by the interruption

The transition from three to six holes is too much for some babies

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How Many Baby Bottles Are Recommended To Have At Home

It is recommended that you have more than one baby bottle at home. Babies usually take between five and six bottles a day. It is advisable to renew them when the material is deteriorated or cracked.

Tip: it is advisable to change them once a year.

To know which are the best bottles for newborn babies we recommend that you try different models, so you will know which is the bottle that works for your baby.

We hope this bottles for newborn babies guide will help you. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you.

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