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How To Wash Newborn Clothes

NEWBORN BABY MUST HAVES 2020 ! | what you REALLY need

You can wash baby clothes with the rest of your laundry, but try to avoid usingstrong detergents and fabric softeners. Laundry detergents labelled sensitive or gentle are less likely to irritate your babys skin.

Clothes with poo on them need to be soaked in nappy sanitiser before washing. Nappy sanitiser also makes a handy pre-soak once your baby is eating solids even with a bib, your babys clothes will get covered in food and drink.

My Mission For This Post Is To Help Out Overwhelmed Soon

Those first few newborn weeks will mostly be spent at home. The only time you will be leaving the house is to go to doctors appointments, maybe run some errands or go for walks. So you dont really need much when it comes to travel. I do think you need two things and an optional third.

1. Car Seat // You cant leave the hospital without an infant car seatso its a must-have, obviously. If you are having a home birth, you still need a car seat. If there is an emergency or you need to leave the house for some reason, you need a car seat right from the start.

2.Diaper Bag // I debated if I should add a diaper bag to the need list because I have yet to own an actual diaper bag for my 19-month-old and we are surviving just fine. However, you do need some kind of bag to keep diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc when you leave the house. That bag could be a paper bag, I mean I dont recommend that , but the bottom line is you will need some kind of bag to keep your babies things in.

Optional: Stroller // I honestly dont think you need a stroller those first few newborn weeks. Personally, I never wanted to put my baby down for long periods of time. If you want to go for a walk, you can always wear your baby. The only time I would say a stroller is absolutely needed is if you had a c-section and shouldnt be carrying your baby for long periods of time. Otherwise, you could probably wait a few weeks before purchasing a stroller.

How Do You Dress A Newborn To Stay Warm

Newborn babies need to be kept warm. So in cold weather it can be easiest to dress your baby in layers. Then you can take layers off when youre at the shops or in other warm places.

As a guide, dress your baby in the same number of layers youre wearing, plus one extra layer for warmth.

Although its important to keep newborns warm, its just as important that your baby doesnt overheat, especially during sleep.

A safe infant sleeping bag can be a good option for dressing your baby for bed. If you need to use an extra blanket, make sure your babys head or face cant get covered while theyre sleeping. Do this by putting your baby low down in the cot, so their feet are at the bottom end. Tuck in the blanket securely so it only goes as far up as babys chest.

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Health And Safety Checklist

Itâs good to have some essentials at home in case you need to take your little oneâs temperature or put an adhesive bandage on a small scratch. These are some basic items to have at home:

â First-aid kit. You’ll want to have basic items at home like a baby thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, and petroleum jelly, all in one place. You may wish to have another first-aid kit in the car or in the diaper bag so that you have some of these essentials when youâre on the go as well.

â Bulb syringe. This can help gently remove mucus from your babyâs nose.

â Nail clippers or a soft emery board. Your little oneâs nails will need trimming from time to time, and doing this will also help prevent him scratching himself.

â Soft-bristled hairbrush. Even if your little one doesnât have much hair, a brush can help loosen scales if your newborn ends up with cradle cap.

â Sunscreen. Generally speaking, your little one should be kept out of direct sunlight for at least the first six months. However, a little sunscreen may be applied to exposed small areas like the face and hands if adequate clothing and/or shade isn’t available.

â Gentle detergent. This can be used to wash all of your newbornâs clothes and bedding for the first few months. If your babyâs skin shows any signs of irritation, you can try a hypoallergenic detergent, perhaps one designed especially for babies.

Layette: Baby’s First Clothes

Newborn Baby Essentials  Four Threads
  • 6 undershirts that snap on the bottom or tie on the side, commonly called “onesies”
  • 3 to 4 infant gowns with elastic bottoms. These make for easy diaper changes. All you have to do is pull the gown up over the belly to change the diaper and then pull it back down when finished. There is no stumbling around trying to snap the gown back together, which is especially nice when it’s 3 a.m. and all you want to do is get baby back to sleep so that you can get back to sleep.
  • 6 sleepers/stretch suits . These are nice to put baby in during the day, but are not essential items. When buying these, make sure you get the kind that zip up the front. These are easier to get baby in and out.
  • 3 to 4 pairs of booties or socks with stretch elastic band at cuff
  • 3 to 4 receiving blankets
  • 1 sweater and hat

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You Don’t Have To Hole Up At Home

“Lead a normal life, but use common sense when you go out in public,” Dr. Tolcher says. Keep baby out of the sun, and avoid sick people and crowded enclosed spaces . “Teach older siblings to touch baby’s feet instead of her hands and face, which will help prevent the spread of infection,” he adds. And make your older child the hygiene police, says Dr. Jana. He’ll love telling guests, “Don’t touch the baby without washing your hands.”

Mrs Money Mustache: What Do Newborn Babies Really Need

Eliminating Lady Temptations: Avoid the Urge to Buy for Baby

Congratulations! Youre having a baby!

Ah, babies so small, so cute, so sweet, so. expensive? Why is there a common misconception that having a baby costs a ton? How much does it really cost? Answer: not much.

Yet, us ladies just love to shop for babies. We must prepare. We are nesting. Were not ready for the baby to come yet! The room decals we ordered have not arrived, the special nursing glider is not assembled, the room hasnt been painted with fancy pink stripes what will the baby think? Why do we spend more time thinking about buying and decorating rather than the actual task at hand: preparing for labor?

For you second, third, or fourth+ time moms, stop reading right now. You dont need anything. No arguments nothing.

If this is your first baby, youre mostly going to have to get mentally prepared. That is the hard part. The actual objects you need for said baby are pretty minimal.

So, what did we do? I am the type of person that researches everything, so naturally, I researched the matter. What I found is that the Internet, my friends, and those scary things known as baby shower lists, grossly exaggerated what was needed. First of all, its quite possible that you might have friends who have young children themselves. They might already have enough hand-me-downs to take you through the whole first year. Im sure its easy to spend $0 on your baby. Perhaps its even possible to spend negative dollars!

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Nursery Furniture And Dcor

Crib: A safe baby crib is a must for most families. Families opting to co-sleep may forgo a crib and use a side-car style bassinet alongside the parent’s bed or a specially designed soft-sided sleeper in the center of the parent’s bed. Most families do opt to use a crib: ensure the crib meets all current safety standards and avoid buying a used crib. Many of the drop-sided cribs were recalled due to safety concerns, so it is best to buy a new crib that meets all modern safety regulations. The crib mattress should fit snugly against the crib bars and should not have any gap. Crib bedding should be limited to a tightly fitting bottom sheet for the first few months, with no pillows, bumpers, or comforters .

Changing Table: A changing table makes changing diapers more comfortable, as there is no bending over and changing a little one on the floor. Some people find their changing table very useful, and others find they never really used it – a changing pad on the floor is cheaper and more portable. Many changing tables convert into dressers, which give you more bang for your buck.

Dresser: Think ahead when buying a dresser. Some infant dressers only contain 2-3 drawers and are perfect for those early months. Children grow quickly, however, and a four year old’s wardrobe will not fit neatly into a small, 3-drawer dresser. Buy a dresser that will last through your baby’s childhood years and not just those fleeting months of infancy.

If You Are Formula Feeding:

  • Lots of bibs
  • Burp cloths
  • Bottle and nipple brush
  • Formula
  • Thermal bottle carrier
  • Several dozen cloth or re-usable diapers
  • 8 waterproof covers
  • Baby ointment or other barrier cream to prevent rash
  • Snaps, Velcro or safety pins to secure re-usable diapers
  • Disposable wipes or a couple dozen washcloths for cleaning babys bottom

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How To Dress A Newborn

Lots of newborns find the dressing and undressing experience upsetting. The quicker and calmer you are, the less stress for both you and your baby!

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Make sure the room is warm enough, then place your baby on a soft surface.
  • Put a nappy on your baby in case baby does a wee.
  • Stretch the neck of a singlet and, supporting your babys head, put the singlet on from the back. Be careful it doesnt touch your babys face as you pull the front over babys head little babies can get very upset by clothes scraping their faces.
  • Do the reverse when undressing, once again trying not to let the clothes touch your babys face.
  • Gently place your babys arms through the arm holes.
  • If youre dressing your baby in a jumpsuit, unbutton or unzip it and lay baby on top. Place babys arms and legs into the holes and do up the zip or snap fasteners.
  • Make sure your babys legs and arms are clothed for going out in the sun but its better to keep baby out of direct sun altogether if you can.

Try talking, singing nursery rhymes, smiling and making faces when youre dressing your baby. This can distract your baby during dressing and undressing. Talking and singing are also good ways for you to bond with your baby.

So How Can You Tell If A Baby Isnt Getting Enough Sleep

Pediatricians and experienced parents have noted these signs of over-tiredness in the very young:

  • A noted lack of interest in people and the environment
  • A tendency to look away from stimulating things
  • Hand-to-face gestures: Pulling ears, rubbing eyes
  • Fluttering eyelids

For older babies and toddlers, signs may also include:

  • Becoming more accident-prone
  • Becoming ever-more active as the night wears on

Ive also culled several markers of sleep deprivation from the scientific literature:

  • Poor recovery from negative emotions
  • Feeding troubles
  • Having a lower threshold for pain

Lets take these up in detail.

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Things You Actually Need For Your Newborn

May 29, 2018 By Sydney Horton

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase the item, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own. Thank you for supporting this blog!

In this post, discover the things you actually need for your newborn so you can keep your must get list to a minimum as well as your stress!

Getting ready for a new baby is pretty stressful and overwhelming, especially if its your first baby. The list of things you need to get seems never-ending. While there a lot of baby things that are fun to have and might make life easier, there are only a few things you actually need for your newborn those first few weeks.

Of course, if youre having a baby shower you can register for all the things! I actually have a post on everything I recommend soon-to-be mamas shouldadd to their registry. However, we all know that people love buying the cute stuff and most of the real essentials are left for us to check off the list.

A Comfortable Secure Carrier

Are you pregnant and don

I didnt use a baby carrier for my first baby but it was a game changer with my second partly because I had a toddler running around as well as a newborn, but also because its just magnificent to be able to use both of your hands. A good carrier should have the same effect on your infant as swaddling in that it mimics the womb, and being right next to your heartbeat ticks another box. Some parents like wrap slings while others prefer something with more structure go for what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Image: Ergo.

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Top 10 Things You Need For Baby In The First Two Weeks

Between the gear, the clothing, the toys, the diapers and the MANY other things you will need to do to prepare before having a baby, there are a few essential items that we suggest you have ready for those first weeks at home. You wont need that trendy jogging stroller yet or even a high chair or baby jumper, but there are a few must-haves that you and your baby will not be able to live without. Read on for our master list of the top 10 things you need for baby in the first two weeks.

1) Diapers & Wipes: Whether you choose to cloth diaper or go with disposables, your new little bundle of joy will likely go through approximately 8-10 diapers per day. Most babies will comfortably fit in the newborn size but it doesnt hurt to have some size 1s on hand as well in case your little one is not so little. You will also need a good supply of wipes on deck for the messy ones.

2) Clothes: Youve probably been gifted a number of cute baby outfits and accessories by friends and family but you wont necessarily be reaching for those in the early days. The key to dressing your newborn is making sure that the clothes are comfortable and temperature appropriate. The most handy wardrobe items for the first two weeks are:

  • lightweight cotton nightgowns and sleepers
  • cotton mittens to prevent scratching
  • short sleeve and long sleeve onesies
  • newborn cotton caps
  • socks
  • and kimono style button-up t-shirts.

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