What To Pack In Diaper Bag For Newborn

What Should You Pack In A Diaper Bag

How To Pack a Newborn Baby Diaper Bag

As a parent, you always want to be prepared for anything when you head out with your baby, whether its for a walk around the block, a long-awaited trip to the grandparents, or for a doctors appointment. This is why you should invest in newborn baby accessories like a diaper bag to make things easier with your little one. Read on to discover what to pack in your diaper bag.

What To Pack In The Diaper Bag

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Today we are sharing what to pack in the diaper bag for a newborn.

One of the most important things for new parents to do, is to be prepared for the unexpected. And when it comes to venturing out with the baby, we can’t emphasis it enough.

Whether you are taking the baby to a routine pediatricians appointment, shopping or running a quick errand, always be prepared with a well stocked diaper bag.

So in this post we’ll share exactly what you need to pack in the diaper bag to make sure you are able to handle any situation from poopy diapers to uncontrollable meltdowns.

What Extras Should I Pack In My Diaper Bag

Youll figure out what your personal diaper bag essentials are, but there might be times you want a few extra items with you. These arent must-haves, but they sure are nice sometimes.

If your baby only naps reliably with some white noise, bring a portable sound machine in your diaper bag for some extra quiet time. You wont have to rush home for naptime and you wont have a fussy baby on your hands.

If youre breastfeeding, youll soon realize that youre not always in charge of the milk youre making. Keep a couple nursing pads in your bag in case youre running late on a feeding or you have a leak.

Carrying a portable phone charger and cord will help you feel connected and ensure youve always got your camera ready when your baby does something adorable.

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Baby Entertainment & Comfort

Not every baby takes to the pacifier But for those who do, all heck will break loose if they dont have it. And inevitably, you will lose the soother at some point during your travels. So its always a good idea to keep a spare. The WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier is pretty tough to lose, with a cute and furry animal friend attached to the other end. Baby can suckle on the latex-free silicone tip to soothe herself while she explores her new animal friend.

A teether is critical for any baby who has already started teething, or could start at any minute. The Dr. Browns Natural Flow Ridgees Giraffe Teether doubles as a cute toy while also providing relief from the painful process of teeth cutting through the gums. It employs a textured surface, with firm edges that help massage the gums. And its both freezer and dishwasher safe.

Kill two birds with one stone with something like the Green Sprouts Teether Keys, which doubles as a jingly toy when the baby doesnt need oral relief. It comes in bright colours and fun shapes with a built-in rattle to keep baby entertained for hours. And its safe for baby to nibble on, thanks to the BPA- and PVC-free material.

When my son was a baby, I grabbed one of the Safety 1st 7-Piece Complete Health Care Kits to keep at home. But its worth storing some of the items in the diaper bag for emergency on-the-go use as well, like the nasal aspirator in the event of the sudden onset of a cold, and the travel-sized thermometer.

Choosing The Right Diaper Bag For You

Waterproof Diaper Bag Baby Maternity Bag for Wheelchairs ...

Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a diaper bag:

1. Functionality

You need a diaper bag that will support you through all the temper tantrums and day trips that you are going to take with your little one. Look for a bag that will accommodate your babys diapers, extra outfits, wipes, etc., along with your on-the-go essentials.

2.Ease of cleaning

Milk and juice spills, spit up, smashed snacks – its inevitable that your diaper bag will get dirty. To make cleaning days a bit easier for yourself, avoid buying materials that stain easily. Go for a diaper bag that you can quickly wipe clean using baby wipes or toss in your washing machine.

3. Pockets

With all that baby essentials that youll be carrying around, youll want to keep your diaper bag as organized as possible. Thats why plenty of exterior and interior pockets are useful. Extra pockets make it easy to find what you need without struggling to search through a seemingly bottomless bag as your little one fusses. You also have the option to designate certain pockets for your own items, like wallet, cell phone, and keys.

4. Carry options

Diapers typically have three main carry options:

  • Shoulder straps

Shoulder straps are convenient for a number of reasons: you most likely are accustomed to carrying bags that have shoulder straps already, they tend to be out of the way when youre not using them, and theyre easy to grab.

  • Backpack
  • Messenger strap

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Extra Undies For Toddler

Our toddler is actually in the process of being potty-trained. Shes fairly good at letting us know when she has to potty when were at home, but when were on the go, she gets distracted and forgets. We do pack extra undies and diapers for her, just in case. Mamas whatever works best for you do that!

Do We Need A Diaper Bag

Yes! Do you leave your house without a purse or at least a wristlet? Diaper bags are just like pursestheyre great for holding everything you need when you leave home except this time youre storing things for your baby and a few things for you.

Babies require A LOT of stuff, especially newborns, and you need a convenient place to put all the diapers, wipes, etc., even on those short trips to the grocery store.

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What To Pack In A Diaper Bag For The Hospital

Now that the big day is just a couple of weeks away you will need to have your hospital bag ready. Packing your hospital bag can trigger panic bells because it will likely remind you of how labor pains are close and make everything so real. However, this should not worry instead, it should give you happiness that you will soon have a new addition to your home. Check out this article if youre a new mom you will be pumping regularly, .

Diaper Handbag Or A Backpack

Packing The Reborn Baby Diaper Bag For A Toddler And Newborn Outing!

Either you choose a backpack or a handbag, the baby diaper bag needs to be functional as well as lightweight. Make sure the baby bag is spacious to keep things organized and easily accessible.

Not every parent wants to carry those traditional baby bags. In that case, this trendy diaper bag is an excellent option for modern parents. Not to mention, it is highly functional for traveling purposes and can be used as a shoulder bag or backpack for both, mom and baby.

Check out some more functional diaper bags as per your style and requirement.

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Dont Forget The Car Seat

Be sure to install your infant car seat around the same time you are deciding what to pack in your diaper bag for the hospital. If you already have it set up in your car, theres no way for you to accidentally forget it when the time comes.

Beyond these essentials, you might want to pack a small bottle of baby lotion if you have a scent you love, and a baby brush in case your little one develops cradle cap during your stay.

How To Pack A Diaper Bag: 8 Must

As any parent will tell you, there’s a fine art to packing a diaper bag.

On one hand, you need to prepare for every eventuality, weather condition, and messy situation possible. But on the other hand, you don’t want your diaper bag to be so weighed down with diaper bag accessories, food, and creams that you can barely lift it.

Of course, learning how to pack a diaper bag isn’t just about making a diaper bag checklist and shoving everything inside. You’ll also need to consider where to position items for optimal organization and ease of access, as well as how to adapt to your baby’s changing needs.

Read on to find out our top tips for packing a diaper bag.

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What Should I Pack In My Diaper Bag For The Hospital

Packing your diaper bag for the hospital is fun, or at least it should be. Dont stress over what you need to pack. The hospital will provide some things if you want or need them. And if you live close to your hospital, you can always have your spouse run home to grab something you forgot or ask the grandparents to stop by and pick it up on their way to see you.

But to help ease your mind and ensure packing that cute diaper bag for the first time is as fun as it should be, use this hospital bag checklist:

The hospital will have diapers, wipes, baby wash, and lotion, but if you have a certain brand you want to use, then you can bring your own. Its actually not a bad idea to bring a small extra bag to put all the free stuff in that the hospital will send you home with.

Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist For Your Newborn

Vemingo Diaper Bag Maternity Nappy Bag Backpack Multi ...
  • 205

As a first time mom, figuring out what essentials you need in your newborn diaper bag can be really intimidating. For such a tiny little person, newborns sure need a lot of gear!

Now that youre home from the hospital, youre probably going to want to get out of the house, even if its just for that first doctors appointment. And going out with baby means its time to pack for baby!

You may be asking yourself what you need to pack in your diaper bag, or if you even need one at all. The answer is YES, you definitely need one! Trust me, Ive tried to find purses that have the same amount of pockets and storage for sippy cups and bottles, but in 10 years I have never found one.

The diaper bag is the first essential item you need for your diaper bagI know that doesnt actually make sense but you get what Im saying

Trying to work out what baby essentials are actually the most essential is tough when youve never experienced life with a newborn baby.

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Your first instinct may be to pack every single item youve purchased for your new baby and stuff it into the bag. But dont worry, when you take your baby out, theres no reason to try to squeeze your entire nursery into your new mom bag.

Ive put together a newborn diaper bag checklist that you can follow to see what essentials you actually need to pack in your diaper bag.

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Whats Inside My Diaper Bag For Myself

And finally the fact is, as a mom, the diaper bag really becomes your purse for this season of life. Sure. You might not carry it out if youre by yourself , but you also sure are not going to carry a separate purse when youre with your kids. So, the bag has to hold your things too. These are my essentials that I do not leave the house without.

Ever since having kids, I keep a water bottle with me at all times.

Wallet + Phone + Keys

I actually go through this mental checklist before I leave anywhere . Cell phone, wallet, keys. Check, check, and check.

*I am actually hoping to get a clutch wallet soon with a wrist strap that I can just grab and use as my purse when Im out without the boys.


Lip Balm.


If well be gone long enough, I sneak in a bar or snack for myself. This is of course, totally optional. You can also munch on some of the kids snacks and we wont tell anyone.


Dont always use it, but I like having one on hand.

Diaper Bag Essentials For Your Newborn

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As a seasoned mom, Id like to think I know a thing or two about packing my ToteSavvy for a newborn baby. I also happen to have experience in both breastfeeding and bottle feeding my babies. My oldest was breastfed for 6-months and my twins were breastfed for about a week then formula fed. Throughout my time with teeny babies, I learned a lot about whats needed inside your diaper bag and what can be left at home.

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Extra Clothes For Baby

I know this seems like a no-brainer. Of course, you’re going to pack another outfit for the baby. Babies are messy! No. I mean another outfit. We only packed one outfit for the first few months. My son had a blowout at Target, we changed him, and then decided to grab dinner. As soon as we sat down, bam! Second blowout. I don’t know how, but he missed his pants entirely, and it went up the back of his onesie. Since wed already ordered , my four-month-old baby sat topless in a sushi restaurant covered by his blanket. We now pack two outfits.

Watch The Packing Video


All of this fits inside ToteSavvy Original size making it easy for you to tote around your essentials inside any tote you love. I suggest pairing ToteSavvy original inside a large tote for the most room. When my kids were newborns I liked having extra space around my ToteSavvy and even carried a weekender as my daily tote. It was fabulous!

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Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Here are some tips for packing and organizing your diaper bag so everything is easy to access and reach:

  • Organize by category. Your diaper bag shouldnât be like a black hole. Instead, keep things in the right spot, so that you know where to look to find them. If your diaper bag has pockets and compartments, decide what you will put where and always have these items in their regular spots. If the bag youâre using doesnât have many compartments, use small bags, like clear re-sealable plastic bags, to pack different categories of items together. For example, pacifiers and bottle nipples in one bag, diaper changing items in another.

  • Portion bottles. If youâre formula feeding with powdered formula, measure out the formula and water and store them separately for mixing when your baby is ready for a feed. If youâre giving breast milk from a bottle, keep bottles of the appropriate amounts in a cooler.

  • Stop leaks. No matter how well youâve packed your babyâs milk, the water bottle for yourself, or the baby sunscreen, leaks are bound to happen. No one wants to be digging around in a wet, icky bag. The best idea is to pack each of these potentially leaky items in a re-sealable plastic bag so that if a leak does happen, itâll just go in the bag and not all over the contents of your diaper bag.

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