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How many BABY CLOTHES do you need? Newborn wardrobe essentials

Thinking about what baby clothes to buy, do not forget about the materials. This is especially important for cold seasons. For summer, most outfits are offered in linen, cotton, and other light materials. At the same time, winter collections are abundant in synthetics. Be sure to have the first-layer items of natural fabrics. At the same time, it is reasonable not to buy too many synthetic items. Just a couple of items so that to check the reaction of your newborn skin to these materials.

How Many Clothes Does A Baby Need In The First Year

I feel like Im starting to sound a bit like a broken record here. Baby clothes are fine. Baby clothes are great. But for the most part, a lot of the current baby clothes for sale arent practical or necessary.

As your baby begins to get older , its a good time to start introducing other clothing items into their daily life.

A light jacket, shoes , more socks, some cute little jeans and more shirts and pants. Still stick with the onesies as they arent out of that diaper phase yet, and wont be for quite some time.

Again, I think part of the biggest problem that we all face when trying to get clothes for our baby is that we tend to buy based on emotions and impulse.

Those two things combined can be quite costly. Keep it simple and just go with the basics. Your bank account and storage space in your house will thank you.

Ways To Save On Kids Clothes

  • Be open to hand-me-downs. You can always take your time to go through the bags to see what will work and what isnt useable for you. They can be AWESOME.
  • Be open handing down be sure to share your kids clothes once youre done with them. You can truly be a blessing to someone else.
  • Shop off-season sales and keep a stash of clothes for the next size up. Youll be grateful you did and youll save some good money! You can see how I deal with kids clothes in this post. I have a pretty great system in my daughters room. If youd like me to do a FB live about it let me know.
  • Shop used I have great posts on both shopping for girls and shopping for boys at thrift stores. What to watch for. Theyre each kind of their own beast, so be sure to check that out!
  • Look for good condition It doesnt help anyone if youre buying clothes that are on their last leg. Getting good brands in good condition may last through multiple kids!
  • Save big on special occasions Sunday best clothes can cost a lot more, so make sure you prioritize getting those at a great price. Plus, if you have an outfit in advance for something like that, you wont splurge when youre desperate.
  • Dont forget this to help you organize the mountains of clothes.
  • Honestly, at this point in time I shop at thrift stores a lot, and then twice a year I use Stitch Fix Kids. My kids arent big shoppers, and the pricing with Stitch Fix Kids is surprisingly good. My daughter absolutely loved her last box.

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    Is There A Certain Number Of Clothes A Newborn Needs

    Every parent has their own idea of how much is too much. Following the “rule” of having enough pieces of infant clothing so you can go a full two weeks without a laundry cycle is a good way to gauge it. Surely, with a baby in the house, you will be doing laundry loads far more frequently! In case you get a much-deserved break, it will be a relief to have clean newborn clothes at the ready without having to rummage through the hamper.

    A practical sample baby wardrobe might consist of 5-6 bodysuits, 4-5 onesies, 1-2 rompers, 3-5 pairs of shorts and/or pants, 3 swaddles, a couple of light jackets and sweaters, a week’s worth of socks, and 2-3 sleep sacks. You will also need to consider the season and weather, with some additional baby hats, mittens, heavier jackets, and baby booties if you are in a colder climate or plan to travel.

    You may find yourself in a bind if you have less clothing than advised, especially when items get dirty or stained. It is always better to have a few extra pieces for unplanned circumstances. So, if you want more, get more! You can even get two of the same exact items if you love them. Just keep in mind that your baby isn’t going to stay in the same size for long. You may not have the opportunity to make use of everything you buy unless you have another baby in the future or want to pass the cute clothes on to another new parent.

    Shopping For Baby Clothing Made Easy

    newborn clothing essentials

    The newborn phase goes by fast . Its a phase marked by rapid growth and development, so make sure that you have extra Onesies bodysuits and pajamas in a range of sizes to accommodate your little ones changing body.

    Ready to start shopping for your newborn? Check out Gerber Childrenswear for quality newborn clothes at prices youll love!

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    Baby Clothing Sizes Explained

    Just as caring for babies gets easier with time, so does cracking the DaVinci-like code of buying clothes for them. Not only will it become more apparent which end of the height and weight spectrum your child is on, but youll also become familiar with how favorite brands run.

    While a big part of choosing the right size baby clothes depends on a particular brand, my personal rule is considering that the tag means up to, says Husain. So if a label says 3 months, I think of it being about it being able to fit somewhere between 0-3 months, or if it says 6 months, it can fit somewhere between 3-6 months. Husain notes that while this rule wont necessarily work for every item of clothing and every brand, it will make shopping simpler until parents get an idea of babys shape, as well as brand preferences.

    My personal rule is considering that the tag means up to. So if a label says 3 months, I think of it being about it being able to fit somewhere between 0-3 months, or if it says 6 months, it can fit somewhere between 3-6 months.


    Heres a concrete example: Baby Gaps 3-6-month size range fits babies 12-17 pounds and 23-27 inches, while Carters 3-month clothing fits babies 9-12.5 pounds and 21.5-24 inches and their 6-month clothing fits babies 12.5-17 pounds and 24-27 inches. The difference between 9 and 12 pounds is a lot in babies.

    To help you out, we compiled some of the top baby brands and sizes.

    Season And Climate Help Determine Clothes A New Baby Needs

    Depending on the time of year and the climate in which you live will help determine what clothes your new baby needs. For instance, both of my babies were born in the summer so they lived in onesies and single body pieces for the first several months. If you live in a cool climate or your baby is born in winter you may need some warmer clothing.

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    Jacket/all In One Winter Suit

    If youre having a winter baby, then youre going to want some warm and cozy outerwear. I recommend going for the all in one winter jumpsuits. They go over the top of whatever your baby is wearing and keep them snug and warm. If youre unsure about size, I recommend going the size up. It doesnt matter if the arms and legs are too long. Your little one isnt going to be walking about in these much.

    The ones with zippers down the leg are much easier to put on. If you find ones with zippers on both legs, then youre onto a winner.

    Do be aware that your baby should not wear these in their car seat. You cant buckle them in tight enough with these or big winter jackets, so I suggest keeping a blanket in the car for winter days.

    How To Dress A Newborn

    BABY CLOTHING ESSENTIALS – How many of each, How to dress a baby & more

    Lots of newborns find the dressing and undressing experience upsetting. The quicker and calmer you are, the less stress for both you and your baby!

    Here are some tips that might help:

    • Make sure the room is warm enough, then place your baby on a soft surface.
    • Put a nappy on your baby in case baby does a wee.
    • Stretch the neck of a singlet and, supporting your babys head, put the singlet on from the back. Be careful it doesnt touch your babys face as you pull the front over babys head little babies can get very upset by clothes scraping their faces.
    • Do the reverse when undressing, once again trying not to let the clothes touch your babys face.
    • Gently place your babys arms through the arm holes.
    • If youre dressing your baby in a jumpsuit, unbutton or unzip it and lay baby on top. Place babys arms and legs into the holes and do up the zip or snap fasteners.
    • Make sure your babys legs and arms are clothed for going out in the sun but its better to keep baby out of direct sun altogether if you can.

    Try talking, singing nursery rhymes, smiling and making faces when youre dressing your baby. This can distract your baby during dressing and undressing. Talking and singing are also good ways for you to bond with your baby.

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    Can I Put A Newborn Into Three Month Clothes

    If your newborn baby is on the larger side, you may be able to put them in 0-three month clothes as early as two weeks old. However, if your baby is smaller than average, you may need to wait a few weeks before putting them in 0-three month clothes.

    Personally, with my first daughter, I was able to use only a handful of newborn outfits during the first week since she weighed almost 8 pounds already at birth. After that, she kept gaining weight very quickly so I didnt get the chance to use my newborn wardrobe. Lucky me, I had a second daughter who weighed 6.5 pounds at birth and stayed pretty skinny for was while so I was able to dress her with all the cute newborn outfits I had in stock.

    Buy Multipacks From Asda Or Tesco Or Sainsbury’s

    “The sizes vary so much from different shops. Newborn in Asda for example only go up to 9lb, Mothercare go up to 10 lbs, Next and Pumpkin Patch newborn only go up to 7lb 7oz. Complete waste of money,” says westbrom1.

    “0-3 months also vary but are MASSIVE on a newborn. My LO was born 8lbs 8oz and dropped to 7lbs 15ozm so was in newborn clothes only for 2 or 3 weeks.

    “I got bought some beautiful stuff from Mamas and Papas which she only wore 3 times, but her family got great pleasure out of seeing her in them.

    “I bought only 6 vests and 6 sleepsuits in newborn and 0-3 months and we were very lucky as everybody bought everything else.

    “But initially those 6 I bought would not have been enough as babies wear a minimum of 2 a day – that’s if they are not sick. I was in hospital for 3 days too so my mother-in-law used to take them home every night and wash them.

    “Daisy is 11lbs now and still looks tiny in her 0-3 month clothes but she looks great in her Matalan stuff as they have shrunk a bit and fit her perfectly now!

    “But I agree it is better to have the clothes a bit big than waste money. I would advise you buy a few multipacks from Asda or Tesco or Sainsbury’s. They are very cheap for newborn stuff and then, if you want, you can spend a bit more on 0-3 month stuff.”

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    How Long Do Babies Fit In Newborn Clothes

    Whether youre trying to choose a coming-home outfit for your own little one or pick out something sweet for a loved ones new baby, newborn-size clothes, or something a bit bigger with some room to grow, such as 0-3 months, is most likely the way to go. Which one will fit right off the bat? Ultimately, it comes down to babys size, which is nearly impossible to predict before birth.

    I recommend having a variety of sizes on hand for your newborn including newborn and 0-3 months, says Husain.

    While babies are known for their ability to grow and outgrow clothes at warp speed, Husain notes that not everyone will be packing the newborn-size clothes up after a week or two. You may have your little one wearing newborn clothing for 4-6 weeks if theyre closer to the 4-5 pound range, Husain points out. Every baby is different, but its smart for parents to remove the tags and wash a few not all newborn clothes before birth. This way, they can be returned if baby quickly jumps to the next size up.

    I recommend having a variety of sizes on hand for your newborn including newborn and 0-3 months.


    Use the same line of thinking if youre buying clothes for a newborn or baby shower gift. NB-size clothes may not fit for long and some bigger babies may never get a chance to wear them so its a safer bet to buy a size or two up for newborns.

    How Many Newborn Outfits Do I Need 10

    Baby Clothes Must

    sum04 · 28/03/2011 13:19

    I have 2 newborn outfits already and lots of babygros.How many outfits does a newborn need, as i would prefer to just keep the babygros as pyjamas for the night time…?

    nunnie · 28/03/2011 13:27

    I would say allow for 2 changes a day at least, then it depends how often you are going to be washing as to how many you will need over a week.I was a babygro person, so had very few outfits, DS is 6 months almost and is in outfits during the day now and I change him about twice a day but he is weaning so a mucky pup.

    nannyl · 28/03/2011 13:30

    it depends on your baby.Some babies are small and petite, new born clothes may swamp them at first and may need tiny baby clothes for a week or 2, and then be in newborn size for a month or more.Other babies are born only just fitting in, or even already too big for size new born, so if that was the case for you you wouldnt need any more newborn size.also when very tiny they eat / sleep / poo The 1st few days / weeks the babygrows are the most practical thing to dress them in as they sleep so much, and are easy to put on and comfortable for baby.I suggest buying plenty of 0-3 size as well as newborn, as baby will grow into it quite soon anyway, and may end up wearing it almost straight away.Can always buy more newborn stuff if you need it, and bear in mind you will probably be given lots of bits too

    SnapFrakkleAndPop · 28/03/2011 13:37

    naturalbaby · 28/03/2011 13:45

    Sierra19 · 28/03/2011 16:18

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    What To Buy Instead Of Newborn Clothes

    Since baby will grow out of newborn clothes fairly quickly, try not to go too crazy with newborn outfits. Instead, get enough newborn clothing for two or three outfit changes a day and then stop while youre ahead. Remember, you can always buy more newborn clothing postpartum if you need to!

    Instead of going overboard with newborn clothes, consider stocking up on baby clothing in sizes 0-3M and 3-6M. Your little one will likely get lots of mileage out of these two sizes, especially if they are on the smaller side at birth. Keep in mind that you can always roll up the sleeves or pant legs if babys clothes are just a little too big.

    What Is A Layette

    At its most basic definition, a layette is babys first set of clothesthis typically includes a matching set of a few bodysuits and/or pants, but can really be as large or small as you want. Some layettes might also include accessories like socks, mittens, hats or hair bows, or even toiletries like babys first shampoo and lotion set.

    Youre probably aware by now that theres no shortage of baby clothing sets out there, and theyre all considered part of the layette category. But to take it up a notch, layettes can be made extra special by bundling everything together as a gift set. Whether its four pieces or 14 , packaging a newborns first wardrobe into a box or bundle makes it a perfect baby shower or homecoming gift.

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    What If My Baby Wets More/less

    While theres some predictability in how often your little one will need a new diaper each day, its just a fact that every child is a little differentthere are heavy wetters there are frequent wetters, etc. and you may need to adjust your cloth diaper stockpile a tiny bit as you learn your babys quirks and discover your preferences.

    That said, you can quickly determine a rough optimal number of diapers to have on hand for YOUR baby by looking at:

    • How often you will wash your cloth diapers
    • The typical estimations of how many diapers is usual in each age range and
    • Your budget.

    We already mentioned briefly the estimations of how many diapers is usual above.

    Well take a close look at how your washing schedule and budget play off of each other below, but first, lets talk about the special case of newborn diapers.

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