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How Difficult Is The Name Change Process

Changing New Baby & Name Reveal!

In some situations, it can be as easy as filling out a form to change a baby’s name. If both parents consent to the name change, even if the parents have to appear in court, it will simply be a matter of procedure.

Fortunately, notes that it can be easier to change your baby’s name within the first several months of life. Some states may only require the parents to fill out a form. “Many states allow for a name change within the first six to twelve months without needing one,” the publication explains. This seems to be the easiest scenario to change the baby’s name. also shares that when a father’s legal rights have not been established or if the father or mother abandoned the child, it is just a matter of filing the petition and going through the court procedures.

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However, there are also cases where a name change for a baby can become arduous. When one parent is absent from the court hearing, warns that some states might require a lawyer to represent the absent parent. States vary in their requirements. A name change can also be difficult in terms of divorce and remarriage. If the biological parent is estranged, you may have to demonstrate to the court that you made a reasonable effort to contact and inform the estranged parent.

Changing a child’s last name may be difficult, but it is well worth it considering the sense of belonging it can provide.

Changing A Childs First Name In California

You can change just your childs first name if you want. Many times a child grows up with a nickname that becomes more the childs real name than the one you put on the birth certificate. If you get a Decree Changing Name , your child can take the nickname instead of the existing legal name, and take the New Legal Name into adulthood. As parents, you can petition for a first name change just because you changed your mind. Thats a perfectly good reason too.

Changing Baby Last Name After Registration

When a child is born, you may have to make a hasty naming decision and may have a change of mind in a few days or after some years. Maybe one parent couldnt be there to help with the final naming decision. Or, maybe the childs name was chosen when 2 parents were going to be raising the child, but 1 parent isnt in the picture any more. Sometimes the extended family chimes in with strong wishes for the childs name and you want to honor those requests. As parents get to know their new baby, sometimes the parents come to want a different name than the one they chose. You can legally change your babys name within days, weeks, months or years if you want, and a whole lot of new parents do just that. When a babys name is legally changed, that child will grow up with the new name and all the ID and Official Records will be solidly established throughout childhood and beyond.

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A Few Points To Remember

While the above steps may seem simple, there are a few points to remember when it comes to changing a childs last name. These include:

Forms will have to be filled, and such forms will have to be filled in the presence of a notary.

You will need to pay a fee for changing the last name of your child. The fee varies from state to state, and can be as low as $50 or as high as $150.

The process can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days for getting approved, so you will have to plan accordingly.

Once the court approves the name change, it is up to you to get your childs name changed on other documents. These include the Social Security card, birth certificate etc. There are forms that have to be filled for this as well.

Besides divorce, you may want to change a childs last name if you are adopting the child. The process remains the same for changing the last name of the child, and the required forms will have to be filled.

Remember that changing a childs last name does not change any obligations of the father. If child support is due, it will continue to be due even after the name of the child has been changed. Also remember, that it is compulsory that the father is informed and agrees to the name change. If the father does not agree, then is it very difficult to change the last name of a child. Also, most courts will not agree to change the first name of a child, unless you can prove a very strong and valid reason for doing so.

Ways To Apply For A Legal Change Of Name


IMPORTANT NOTE: Covid-19 update – Many fingerprinting agencies have now reopened. However, before beginning your change of name application, contact your local RCMP/Police department or accredited fingerprinting agency to ask if fingerprinting/criminal record check services are available at this time.

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Two: Submit The Application For A Change Of Name

You must complete the application for a change of name form that you received in the mail.

Before filing your application with the Directeur de l’état civil, you must take the following steps:

  • Make a sworn statement before a person authorized by law.
  • In the case of an application filed by a person between age 14 and 17, you must notify your father, mother or tutor, if applicable, that you will file an application for a change of name with the Directeur de l’état civil.
  • In the case of an application for a person under 18 years of age filed by his or her father, mother or tutor, notify the child’s other parent or tutor, if applicable, that an application for a change of name will be filed with the Directeur de l’état civil for that child.
  • In the case of an application for a person between age 14 and 17 filed by his or her father, mother or tutor, notify the person that an application to change his or her name will be filed with the Directeur de l’état civil.
  • Give public notice of your intention to file an application for a change of name by having the required notices published, unless you have been exempted.

How To Change A Sims First And Last Name In Sims 2

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Use the table of contents to jump directly to the instructions you want.

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Can I Change My Babys Name After Ive Registered It In The Uk

Yes, if you decide that youve made the wrong name choice for your little one, you can amend the first names on their birth certificate within 12 months from the time the birth was registered.

You do so by going along to your local Register Office , as you did when you first registered your babys name. You will be charged a fee for the certificate to be amended.

Your childs first names can be changed only once on the birth register and they must be changed to the names youre now using for them or the names theyve been baptised with.

Only mum, dad or guardian can make the name change. If theres a baptism involved, the minister who performed the baptism may also be required to provide a form.

How To Change The Name On Your Birth Certificate

Changing My Name? The Baby Name Tag

Birth certificates are often filed at the hospital based on forms filled out by your parents. Undoubtedly, this can result in a high ratio of mistakes. Many people insert spelling errors and problematic spelling into a babys register of birth. Unfortunately, if your birth records list you as Smion instead of Simon, that is actually your legal name. However, you can take steps to update your birth certificate. You will need:

  • An original certified copy of your birth certificate. You can order copies of your birth certificate online at if you are 21 or older. If not, your parents can fill out the birth certificate replacement form on your behalf
  • Your photo ID
  • Supporting documents showing the correct spelling of your name. You may want to ask parents and relations for these documents

To change your name, first contact the vital records office in your state of birth. Next, request the local name change forms, fill them out, pay the fee, and wait for an answer. While most small changes are acceptable without a court order, the final decision is with the vital records office.

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One: Submit The Application For Preliminary Analysis

Preliminary analysis enables the Directeur de l’état civil to verify a person’s eligibility to apply for a change of name and to determine if that step is appropriate for his or her situation.

form, which is in the Forms and publicationssection.

If, after preliminary analysis, you or the person for whom you are applying is eligible to apply for a change of name, we will send you all of the necessary documents by mail. If not, we will inform you of the appropriate solution for the situation.


Eligibility to apply for a change of name does not mean that the change of name will be authorized by the Directeur de l’état civil.

How To Change A Name On Your Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is one of the most important documents you can obtain. A birth certificate records a person’s name, date, and place of birth, and who their parents or legal guardians are. They are often required when applying for jobs or enrolling in school, getting a social security card or renewing your passport.

Birth certificates are used to prove citizenship and identity, that is why if you have changed your name, or if there is any mistake on your birth certificate, it is imperative that you update the information on your birth certificate.

Most common name changes, due to marriage or divorce, do not warrant a name change in your birth certificate, because you did not go by your married name at birth. Laws on how to change your name vary from state to state. However, a birth certificate name change always requires a judges consent and altering of vital records.

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Fees For Legally Change The Name Of A Child Under 18

Local courts accept different types of payments . Any checks should be made payable to: Commonwealth of Massachusetts. to find out which methods of payment are accepted in that location.

If you cant pay the filing fee, you can ask to have the fee waived. If you cant afford court fees, you need to qualify under the federal poverty income guidelines and file an Affidavit of Indigency. This explains your financial situation to the court so the court can decide whether or not you will need to pay your own fees. See our page on indigency to learn more.

If a family wants to change the name of 2 or more children with the same legal parents, you only have to pay the filing fee on 1 of the petitions.

Fee for Citation for publication, if required $15 each
Filing fee for a motion to change name during divorce nisi period $100

What You Need For Legally Change The Name Of A Child Under 18

Changing our baby

In most cases, youll file to change your childs name in Probate & Family Court. However, if there is already a proceeding about the child taking place in Juvenile Court, you should file to change the childs name in Juvenile Court instead.

The minor child should be listed as the petitioner, and the legal parents or court-appointed guardian will present the petition to the court. You must give notice to any legal parent or court-appointed guardian who hasnt approved the petition. Please see the section Serve the papers on the necessary parties for more information.

You don’t need to file to change your childs name if:

  • Youre adopting a child and want to change their name as part of the adoption process See The Court Adoption Process for more information.
  • A parentage judgment includes an order to change the childs name This means the process will include an Order to Amend Birth Certificate.

Otherwise, you must file the following forms. Some forms may not display properly in your browser. Please download the forms and open them using Acrobat reader. Please see What to do if you can’t open court PDFs for more information.

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Its Okay To Change Your Babys Name

One more time: its okay to change your babys name.

Too often, we see stressed-out parents coming to the Nameberry Forums for advice on dealing with baby name regret. Its something that reportedly affects between 10-20% of new parents, but its rarely talked about publicly.

The parents who come to us feel awkward, embarrassed, even guilty for admitting that theyre not in love with their childs name. They worry about how friends and family will react. They feel like theyve fallen at the first hurdle of parenthood.

If this all sounds uncomfortably close to home, dont panic. Today, were taking a break from talking about how to find the perfect baby name to focus on the positive side of changing a name that doesnt feel right.

Yes, its a big step. But for some families, its absolutely a step in the right direction. And as we hope these stories show it involves just as much love, thought and effort as any other naming journey.

A huge thank you to all those who shared their experiences with us. We wish we could have included them all!

Find Any Existing Birth Certificates

All Alberta birth certificates issued before a legal change of name is processed must be surrendered with your Application for Change of Name. This applies to each person whose name is being legally changed.

Surrendered Alberta birth certificates will be replaced free of charge with new Alberta birth certificates reflecting the new name.

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