Must Haves With A Newborn

If You Are Using A Crib:

NEWBORN MUST HAVES 2021 | All the newborn essentials you need!
  • Approved crib and crib mattress
  • 3 waterproof mattress covers
  • 4 light blankets that fit in the crib
  • Sleep sack
  • Firm mattress
  • 4 fitted cribsheets
  • 3 waterproof pads to place under baby
  • Light comforter
  • Sleep sack
  • Approved infant safety seat for car
  • Stroller that reclines so newborn can lie flat
  • Nail clippers or scissors
  • Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous
  • Baby thermometer
  • Eye dropper or medicine spoon
  • Medication in case of fever
  • Baby monitor
  • Change table
  • Rocking chair for feeding and swaddling
  • Playpen

Toddler Activities While Breastfeeding

Remember all those sweet, sleep-deprived hours of soaking in the baby smell while feeding!? Yeah, youre not a new mom anymore.

That tiny little bundle grew up into a busy busy toddler sooo the question is what to do with the first child while feeding the second child!?

Whether youre breastfeeding or bottle feeding your newborn, youre often unable to do very much for your toddler while feeding the baby.

You can put some of these activities below in their own little special basket that only comes out when Mom feeds the baby.

Alternatively, you can just pull 1-3 toys/ activities out when its feeding time and put them somewhat nearby where youll be feeding the baby. Then your toddler can discover them, which often means hell play with them longer because he thinks it was his idea.

Invest In A Double Stroller

When we were pregnant with our first, we decided to just go ahead and invest in a stroller that was adaptable and easy to convert into a double stroller, and I am so glad we did.

The one we chose is by Uppababy, and it is definitely a splurge.

Ill be honest I balked a bit at the price, and wasnt quite sure if we should spend so much on a stroller. However, if you are planning to use it for several years as we have already its definitely worth the investment.

Money Saving Tip: You can usually find deals on earlier models which still have a ton of great features similar to the newer models. Also, certain colors are sometimes cheaper, so its a good idea to do some shopping around to make sure youre finding the best price.

The Uppababy stroller has a TON of mom and kid friendly features that really set it apart. I couldnt find anything that was really comparable.

First off, it has a ton of different configurations, allowing you to carry a newborn in a bassinet, in their carseat , or in a toddler chair. The stroller can then be configured to fit any of these along with a second chair, and each chair can be turned forward or backward facing.

Second, theres a bunch of other thoughtful features that have been so helpful to me like a huge basket , a massive canopy that actually covers and protects your child almost fully from the sun, and a design that allows the stroller to stand solo when you fold it.

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Try To Overlap Nap Schedules As Much As Possible

We had a lot of flexibility when it came to when we wanted to move our first baby to two naps, and then to one.

Basically, we took our time.

With baby #2 though, I tried to wiggle in as many overlapping naps as possible. At 12 months, we decided to push her to see if she could do one nap instead of two, allowing her to nap at the same time as her brother, and giving me a long stretch of some much needed solo time.

Eliminating the second nap also allowed us more freedom during the day. We didnt have to worry about rushing home for naps, or spend time hoping she would fall asleep in the stroller .

I have posts sharing a sample newborn schedule,2-4 month old schedule, and a 6-12 month schedule to offer you a starting block for how you can structure your day and their naps. None of these are one size fits all, so its always a good idea to tweak it for your child, and figure out what works best. Dont be afraid to try new things!

How Long Can You Use A Bassinet For Your Baby

Newborn Essentials: 23 Items that Helped Us Crush Month 1 ...

Because bassinets are only suitable up to a certain weight and/or age, your baby wonât get that much use out of her bassinet, as sheâll outgrow it quite quickly. Still, it can be a good interim solution for those early weeks and months.In general, experts say your baby should be moved to a crib about the time she reaches the end of the first month or by the time she weighs 10 pounds. But bassinet manufacturers offer their own guidelines about the productâs maximum baby weight and age. If in doubt, check with your babyâs healthcare provider.If you are on a budget or would prefer to buy one fewer thing, you might want to skip buying a bassinet altogether, and opt for using a full-size crib from the start. However, for some parents, a bassinet could be a nice thing to have.

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What Then Is The Purpose Of This Blog Post

Why would I have a title stating Newborn must-haves for the first month with baby when I just acknowledged that babies and baby experiences are different and there is no ONE baby shopping checklist that fits everyone?

My answer is simple.

My aim is to provide a guide for the first time mum. A GUIDE because Im aware that family preferences and lifestyles are different.

So, yes go through this post but ultimately, do what works best for your family.

If you are a first-time mum, unclear about what to put on your newborn shopping list, this post is for you.

Dive in!

Best For Newborns: Love To Dream Swaddle Up

If your little one sleeps comfortably with their arms up by their face, check out this version thousands of shoppers rave about. The Love to Dream sleep sack is basically a hybrid of a sleep sack and a swaddle, covering their arms minus the restriction to their sides. The unique design ultimately helps light sleepers stay asleep because it allows them to self-soothe, whether they like to touch their face or bring their hands to their mouth. It’s so safe and effective that one NICU nurse says she wraps her own children in them. Each style is made out of cotton, comes in a handful of color options, and is available in three different sizes.

To buy: $30

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Essentials For Their Care

There is nothing softer than a new babys skin. Thats why its important to make sure that your babys skin is being taken care of. Thankfully, Palmers offers a wide variety of skincare products perfect for protecting and moisturizing your babys skin.

A few of my favorite Palmers products include their Cocoa Butter Formula Sunscreen, Baby Wash, and Oil Rosehip. Not to mention, I cant get enough of their Stretchmark and Breast Cream. Talk about the perfect way to keep both mom and babys skin hydrated, clean, and smelling wonderfulbecause lets be honest, Palmers Cocoa Butter scent is heavenly.

Keeping your baby happy and diaper-rash free has never been easier, thanks to Boudreauxs Butt Paste. When I was pregnant with my first, I got a bottle of Butt Paste at a baby shower. I remember listening to all of the women at the shower rave and rave about the miracle of Boudreauxs Butt Paste and how it saved their children from terrible diaper rashes.

Fast forward 3 years and Boudreauxs Butt Paste is still a family favorite. Perfect for even the gentlest of skin, this Butt Paste provides an instant barrier keeping your babys bum dry, fresh, and rash-free! Such an effective and safe way to eliminate diaper rashes!

Thermometer And Baby Tylenol


While we hope youll never have to deal with your baby being sick when you travel, packing a few essentials and a baby first aid kit will be well worth it. We always included a baby thermometer and baby Tylenol in our carry-on luggage. The last thing we wanted was trying to find these items in a country where we didnt speak the language!

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Everyone Will Tell You: You Need A Stroller

No one will tell you: You really should have two.

We know what youre thinking: Two strollers? But hear us out. You wont always want to push around a heavy stroller everywhere you go. Having a lightweight and easily collapsible option on hand will be a lifesaver in the long run. This travel-friendly compact stroller weighs just 13 pounds and folds small enough to fit into overhead carry-on luggage compartments.

Try this one: Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller, $200,

Everyone Will Tell You: Get Teething Toys

No one will tell you: Get this very specific one called Sophie la Girafe.

There will come a time when youll do just about anything to make babys teething pain go away. Let us introduce you to the miraculous healing powers of Sophie, the giraffe teether. Shes made of natural rubber and food paint, with no toxic gunk whatsoever, which moms love. But why does baby love her so much? The jurys still out on that one. Maybe its because her chewable appendages stick out every which way, making her easy to chomp on or that she squeaks when you squeeze her and seems to be the perfect size for babys kung-fu grip. Whatever the reason, one things clear: Her miraculous ability to keep baby happy makes her a definite must-have.

Moms love: Sophie la Girafe, $25,

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Newborn Must Haves You Cant Forget To Register For In 2021

If you are wondering What do I need for a newborn? then you are in the right place!

Having a newborn baby is stressful enough without having to worry about what to buy in preparation for his or her arrival.

When I was about to have my first baby, I was SO CONFUSED about what was truly a baby necessity and what I should bother putting on my registry.

It was so tough being a first time mom and the first of my close circle of friends to get pregnant! I really didnt know where to get advice.

I wish an experienced mom would have taken me by the hand and walked me through the list of newborn must haves and then explained what things werent truly necessary, but would have been nice to have.

This is my gift to all the expectant moms out there. As a mom of 3 , I feel like I am pretty much well versed on the topic of most needed stuff to get in preparation of babys arrival.

If youre having a baby in 2022 , you are in the right place!

Several Breastmilk Storage Bottles And/or Bags

Absolute Newborn Must Haves For Baby #2

Even a breastfeeding mom will find this handy if the baby will be fed pumped breast milk. If youre gonna feed your baby the milk within a day or so, youll need at least several extra bottles to store the milk in the fridge. If youre saving it for later on, youll need freezer storage bags like these > >

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Best Weighted: Nested Bean Zen Sack

Don’t let the word “weighted” alarm youNested Bean’s wearable blanket is called “The Zen Sack” for a reason. It has gently weighted padding on the chest to mimic the soothing touch of your hand. The best part? Once your little one can roll over to their tummy on their own, the sleep sack can be reversed so that the weighted side is on their back. It comes in several adorable prints and sizes ranging from newborn to 2T. Parents praise the fact that it helps their baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

To buy: $38$43

Best Organic: Burt’s Bees Baby Wearable Blanket

As the best-seller in its category, Burt’s Bees Baby organic cotton sleep sack is a win-win for delicate skin and the environment. Its breathable material is also a smart choice for baby’s with sensitive skin or those who live in warmer climates. You can choose from a wide variety of pastel-colored prints and sizes small through large. With nearly 11,000 five-star ratings, the sleep sack is a fan favorite because of its soft material and durability after many trips through the wash.

To buy: $18$36

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Parents’ Best Baby Gear Of 2021

It’s a tough time to test-drive strollers in a store or chat up fellow moms at work about baby carriers they love. Not to worry: We checked out the newest options, reviewed the classics, and polled hundreds of parents to find out which gear is worthy of a spot in your home. Consider these winners the new baby registry essentials for 2021.

This battery-free baby rocker gently bounces with your infant’s own movements and cradles their body perfectly. The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss entertains a sitting baby and lasts through toddlerhood, when a kid can sit and stand on their own. $250 seat, $60 toy bar

Everyone Will Tell You: Get A Safe Car Seat


No one will tell you: Watch the recall list.

It pretty much goes without saying why youd need a first-rate car seat, so well skip the overview. In fact, youll probably put more research time into babys car seat than you did with your college thesisand with good reason, since babys safety and comfort are your number-one priorities these days. Heres a tip: Dont just look at popular car seats be sure to check if your selected car seat has recently been recalledand brush up on any newly issued safety standards too.

Try this one: Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, $360,

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What Newborn Must Haves Should I Get

When I had my first baby, I used one of those comprehensive what to buy for baby checklists that they give you when you create your registry. I put everything on it and got most of it at my showers.

However, I quickly found I actually needed way less than I thought. And the more babies I had, the less I needed each time. You just get really good at stocking up on the necessities and forget the rest! You will likely find the same happening to you.

If you are having your FIRST baby, I wanted to give you a very realistic view of stuff you should get before the baby arrives. I hope you find it helpful!

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