How To Get A Newborn To Sleep In Their Bassinet

Can You Spoil A Baby By Holding Him Too Much

How do I get my newborn to sleep in a crib?

Spoiling a baby is relative.

After all, someone who enjoys holding her baby to sleep every time would certainly not object to doing so. In fact, she might even feel guilty for holding her baby, assuming shes doing a bad job by doing it so often.

So no, you cant spoil a baby by holding him too much.

Instead, the better question to ask is this: What expectations are you willing to set?

If youre okay with holding your baby, then by all means, continue doing so. But if you feel an imbalance between his needs and those of yours, your family, your work, and your home, then something needs to change.

It can be as simple as putting him down more throughout the daywhen he is awakeso he knows its also okay to be away from your arms. And of course, applying the tips you learned here to get him used to sleeping without being held.

Make The Memories Count

Yes, this can feel like a torturous phase of sleepless nights. But no, your baby wont be so tiny forever.

Your infant is only small once. Soon theyll grow into a toddler who hopefully falls asleep better than they do now! And then theyll keep growing, and growing, and growing.

While these endless nights may get you down, remember to enjoy the cuddles while you can.

Make Your Presence Felt In The Bassinet

Your little one can instinctively recognize your scent and its something that makes him feel comfortable. One way to ensure that your child feels comfortable in a bassinet is by making your presence felt in the bassinet. Now we know that you cant co-sleep with your baby in a bassinet, you can make the sheet of the bassinet smell like you. To do that, sleep with the sheet tucked between your chin and neck for a few days or do the same with their sleeping clothes. While this method takes a few days for the sheets to be ready and smell like you, but it will work.

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& How Do I Get My Baby To Sleep Without Being Held

Both of these questions should be answered in the main body of this post, so these those arm-saving, bassinet sleeping solutions and ideas are simply a brief recap:

  • Ensure babys sleep environment is spot on , swaddle baby and carry out a wind-down routine all of which calm, soothe and prepare baby for sleep
  • Make the bassinet as inviting/soothing/comfortable/sleep-inducing as possible by:
  • heating the bassinet first or trying the washcloth trick
  • introducing yours and babys smell into the bassinet
  • supporting babys legs to help her adopt a back-lying fetal position
  • trying the dry rice or tissue trick
  • Invest in a Cacoonababy or Snoo
  • Learn how to settle baby to sleep in the bassinet
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    Putting Baby To Sleep In A Crib

    How To Get Your Baby to Sleep In A Bassinet?

    If youve decided its time to relocate them from sleeping in your room to the nursery, follow these steps for how to put a baby to sleep in a crib:

  • Make sure he or she knows the new room is a safe place and transition into using their diapering and bedtime routines. You can also consider starting with the crib for naps at first and then eventually moving into it at night.
  • If possible, place the crib near a window and have the curtains drawn open. The sunlight will help your little one wake up at approximately the same time each morning, develop a circadian rhythm, and start feeling tired around the same time each night.
  • Similar to putting a newborn to sleep, its important for your babys eyes to be open when he or she enters the crib, so be sure to rouse them slightly if they fall asleep at your breast. Steel yourself the first time theyre put into their crib while theyre awake will almost inevitably lead to crying. Do your best to stick it out and keep the end result in mind.
  • Putting baby to sleep in a crib makes night feedings more difficult. At about 12 pounds they should be about ready to give them up. You can cut them out with a younger infant, but you can keep them brief and quiet. Cuddle but dont sing, keep the lights out even as you change your baby, and settle him or her into the crib as soon as youre done.
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    Put Them To Sleep First

    Ive tried swaying and shushing my baby.

    Some parents have carried their babies while bouncing on a yoga ball.

    Others have tried using a baby swing and then transferring their baby to the bassinet.

    While some have nursed or fed their kid to sleep.

    It might not be ideal or one that follows the book but fuck it, you need sleep!

    Every Day Is Playtime

    Play, play, play! Make sure that your child is always occupied throughout the day, no matter how exhausting this may be. Entertain them with bright colors, noises, rattles and have fun with your baby.

    Lift them up, spin them around. Sure enough, your baby will be just as tired as you and will be ready for sleep.

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    The Fourth Trimester Its Effect On Sleep And Babys Ability To Fall Asleep

    Wait, fourth trimester I hear you say? Yes, not only has your babys world been turned upside down at birth, but theres also a widespread belief that newborns would have been better off staying put a little longer in the womb, an extra 3 months in fact. This would allow time for further development, making the transition easier.

    During those first 3 months, commonly termed the newborn phase, baby is in need of almost, round-the-clock nourishment and nurturing, as you cant fail to have noticed. So much so that its pretty much an extension of gestation, but outside of the womb hence the term fourth trimester coined by well-known pediatrician and author, Dr. Karp.

    Looking at the developmental progress a newborn makes during this phase, this seemingly early entry into the world makes life one heck of a challenge for baby, and for mom.

    Sleep On The Bassinet Sheets

    How To Get A Newborn To Sleep In A Bassinet

    Babies have a fantastic sense of smell, and babies want to be near your scent, especially if youre a breastfeeding mother. The scent of their mother helps to make baby feel more comfortable.

    One trick you can try is to sleep on the bassinet sheets for a few days or walk around with the sheets inside of your shirt. Then, put them on your babys bassinet. Youll transfer over the scent to your sheets, and it should make your baby feel a bit more comfortable when you arent right with your baby.

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    Try Another Bassinet Or An Alternative

    If youve tried everything but nothing works and you have some money to burn, then maybe its time to try another bassinet.

    Or a bassinet alternative.

    This is not the best solution though for everyone, especially if youre on a budget.

    But if you have some money to spare and theres a chance that another bassinet or an alternative can help you, then, by all means, get one!

    You can borrow, rent or buy 2nd hand.

    Or you can just get a brand-new one.

    Most parents advise on getting the SNOO, cause when it works, it rreeeaaally works!

    Others recommend cheaper alternatives like the 4moms Mamaroo bassinet or Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet.

    Some parents have also recommended the Munchkin Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet, a rocking bassinet, an inclined bassinet, and even a stroller bassinet.

    Other parents have tried the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, the Arms Reach co-sleeper, Graco Dreamglider, Graco DuoGlider, and a baby lounger, while others ended up using their crib after all!

    Start With One Sleep Period

    Yes, of course, being consistent 24×7 is ideal, but ideal isnt always the best and easiest path when it comes to getting your baby to sleep. Sometimes its actually faster and easier to gradually work your way up to 24×7. So, choose one sleep period and work on just that sleep period for at least a couple of days.

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    How Do I Teach My Newborn To Self

    During the early weeks and months of the newborn phase or fourth trimester, your baby probably wont be ready or able to learn this skill, this ability comes around the 3-month mark. However, during this period rather than teach baby to self-soothe you can simply gently encourage it by:

    #1 PAUSING

    Pause for a moment or two when baby stirs, crys out or opens her eyes for 2 reasons:

  • Babies are very restless sleepers, she may not be awake at all and youre only going to disturb her by rushing in or picking her up
  • Newborns often wake up when transitioning between sleep cycles or even between stages of one cycle it doesnt mean she needs to eat or that shes not done sleeping. Theres every chance shell fall back to sleep, but only if you give her that chance! If she does fall back to sleep alone, she has self-settled or soothed. With time this will become a well-established habit and skill
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    Combined with that all-important magical sleep zone the wind-down routine helps prepare for and signal to your baby that its time to sleep. . By consistently carrying out the same routine each night, in time the last step of falling asleep will come naturally which means you can


    This means that baby does the falling asleep part herself again, with time this will become a well-established habit and skill

    Can A Bedtime Routine Help Your Baby Sleep

    How to Get Baby to Sleep in a Crib

    Yes. Your babys sleep schedule changes over time, but sticking to a routine can make bedtime easier for the both of you. Start setting a bedtime routine when your babys around 4 to 6 months old.

    Heres how to get your baby ready for bedtime:

    • Wind down any playtime fun.
    • Turn off the phone, television, etc.
    • Give your baby a warm bath.
    • Softly stroke your babys back.
    • Give your baby a pacifier.
    • Sing to your baby or play soft music.
    • Read your baby a bedtime story.

    Stick to your babys sleep routine as much as you can. Plan ahead if your babys routine may need a temporary change, like if youre going out of town travel or attending family parties. Change his bed time the best you can but try to get back to his schedule and routine as soon as possible.

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    When To Start Using A Crib

    Your babyâs crib is an essential item, but when should they start sleeping in it? Many, if not most, parents start using one right away when they bring their newborn home from the hospital. Other parents prefer to have their baby sleep in a bassinet for a few weeks, as itâs more portable than a crib. Keep in mind that a baby will outgrow a bassinet quickly, often in the first month, so you may prefer to skip this item altogether and have your baby sleep in a crib from the get-go.

    Teeth Growth That Causes Pain

    Your babys tooth growth is another step in its life. Teeth can start to come out at any time between 3 months and one year of age. During teething, many babies may have trouble sleeping in the crib. It is important for parents to learn to notice the symptoms early, in order to avoid any unnecessary discomfort or pain of the child, but also to avoid and be upset themselves. Tooth eruption tends to take place in stages, with more activity at night than during the day, so the baby may be more nervous in the evening.

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    Tip #: Use The Bassinet For Naps

    Start by using the bassinet for naps during the day rather than at night. This will get your baby used to sleeping in it and make the transition easier when you eventually move them over to nighttime sleep. The naps are the best to start with since your baby is only going to sleep for a short amount of time, and you are generally less tired than you are at night.

    Getting your newborn to nap in their bassinet is a small win that paves the way for nighttime sleep.

    How To Get A Baby To Sleep In A Crib 12 Solutions You Need

    Baby Wont Sleep in Bassinet: How To Get A Newborn To Sleep In A Bassinet

    Does your baby only sleep peacefully when carried, swung or driven around the block 3 times

    And the second you think you can get them down into a crib, they wake up, cry and demand your embrace again?

    I feel your pain.

    In fact, almost every mother you meet will have experienced your pain and will sympathise with you

    But it doesnt have to be this way!

    Learning how to get a baby to sleep in a crib will be your secret weapon to getting peaceful naps and nighttime relaxation back again!

    So, lets start by explaining why baby might hate being in a crib

    And then move on to how we can fix these issues and give you the 12 solutions to get baby to snooze away in their crib in no time!

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    How Do I Get My Baby To Sleep In A Crib

    Begin the transition with nighttime sleep

    Homeostatic pressure, or the feeling of needing to sleep, is highest at bedtime , when the body naturally consolidates its longest stretch of sleep.8 Take advantage of this and begin the process by laying your baby to sleep in the crib for bedtime rather than naps. Hopefully your little one will then get a nice stretch of sleep in the crib to facilitate a new sleep association.

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    Allow time for a transition

    Anytime you âaskâ your baby to make a change, remember there will be an adjustment period. Expect the transition of getting your baby to sleep in a crib to take a few nights and possibly much longer depending on your babyâs age.9

    Take age into account

    Under 4 to 6 months

    If your baby is younger than 4 to 6 months, nighttime wakeups for feedings are still a normal part of their development. Helping your little one sleep in a crib at this age will be focused on responding to their physical needs while developing good sleep habits.1

    At this age focus on: understanding your infantâs cues for sleep, allowing them to self-soothe, and helping them develop day-night differentiation .14 Itâs normal for babies to wake up often, fuss and wiggle for a bit, then fall back asleep.15 Let your little one fuss for a few minutes before responding to see if theyâll fall back asleep.

    Over 4 to 6 months

    Learn more here: What are Typical Sleep Patterns for 4 to 12 Month Old Babies?


    Leave Baby Alone In The Crib Or Bassinet

    Baby should sleep alone on her back without bumpers, stuffed animals, blankets or pillows.

    Its okay to start using a pillow and blanket when your child is a toddler and old enough to move out of a crib and into a toddler bed ideally between 2 and 3 years old.

    If youre worried about baby being too cold at night, then consider a wearable blanket .

    As for crib bumpers? Not only should you avoid bumpers because they’re not safe, but they’ve recently been banned by the federal government as part of the Safe Sleep for Babies Act of 2021.

    Bumpers can increase the risk for suffocation and strangulation in younger babies and be used as steps to climb out of the crib in older babies and toddlers. And there’s no solid evidence that they actually prevent injuries in the crib, either.

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    Put Your Baby Down Drowsy

    Help your baby get used to falling asleep by themselves by putting them in bed when they are drowsy but still havent quite dozed off. This gives them the chance to fall asleep when they are in their bed rather than in your arms.

    Of course, your newborn still needs to be comforted when they are having a hard time! That brings us to the next point.

    Manage Your Expectations About Baby Sleep

    How To Get Baby To Sleep In A Crib After Co

    First off, before we get to the different ways on how to get your baby to sleep in their bassinet, take note of the most important tip in this article managing your expectations.

    Cause you can do everything right, do everything by the book, and try different methods for as long as you can. But you might have a baby that just cant sleep in their bassinet.

    Expect it.

    Expect that youre going to get shitty sleep, that your baby wont sleep, that youll always wake up tired and sleepy.

    Because once you accept that whats happening to you is normal, youll have an easier time handling your emotions about sleep deprivation and being tired all the time.

    And it wont frustrate you to have a baby that just wont sleep in their bassinet or for longer than you hoped for.

    Remember this is just a phase. This wont last forever.

    There will come a time when your baby will be able to sleep in their bassinet. Or crib. Or in their room.

    Point is, this wont last. And all of this shitty baby sleep is normal, so thats my first tip before going through the list here to expect it.

    Second, I have a list of ways here on how to make your newborn sleep longer at night, which involves common methods such as:

    • Help baby to know the difference between night and day
    • Follow the wake-eat-play-sleep cycle
    • Dream feed before you go to sleep at night
    • Change your babys diaper before a dream feed
    • Encourage self-soothing

    So Im not going to discuss those ways any further.

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