How To Keep My Newborn Awake

Keep Your Newborn Close At Night

How To Keep A Newborn Awake During The Day

This will allow you to quickly feed your baby before shes fully awake during the night. Co-sleeping parents often get more sleep because mom and babys sleep cycles align with one another. If you choose to co-sleep, please follow safe co-sleeping guidelines.

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Enjoy Being Active Together

It’s good to join in with your child’s active play when you can. Have fun showing them how to do new things like running and hopping. Being active together shows your child that activity is enjoyable.

You’re a role model for your child so stay active yourself and try to meet the physical activity guidelines for adults.

There may be activities for parents and children at your local leisure centre or Sure Start Children’s Centre.

Things To Do When Gas Keeps Your Baby Awake

December 21, 2012 by getbabytosleep

If your recently-fed baby is fussing, odds are that its due to gas. This is a major source of discomfort for babies, and for newborns in particular. There are two main reasons for it: they eat only liquids, which often involves gulping down a lot of air, and their digestive systems arent yet fully developed, which often seems to make digestion an uncomfortable process. If your baby has problems with gas, youre not alone. Its quite common and almost a guarantee with preemies. When gas prevents your baby from sleeping, here are five things you should try.

5. Give Your Baby Gripe Water

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What If My Baby Naps Ok But Is Practicing Motor Skills During The Night

You should follow the schedule restriction as described above, by shortening her night. Give her lots of time to practice new skills during the day, and at night remind her of what she needs to do to get into a comfortable position for sleep. For example, you might just keep patting the crib mattress and helping her lie down. Try not to do all of the work for her, because you dont want to fix one problem only to create another.

If this happened due to illness, when your baby is feeling well, begin the schedule restriction as described above.

Where Should My Baby Sleep

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For the first 6 months your baby should be in the same room as you when they’re asleep, both day and night. Particularly in the early weeks, you may find your baby only falls asleep in your or your partner’s arms, or when you’re standing by the cot.

You can start getting your baby used to going to sleep without you comforting them by putting them down before they fall asleep or when they’ve just finished a feed. It may be easier to do this once your baby starts to stay alert more frequently or for longer.

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How Much Sleep A Newborn Baby Needs

Your baby will need about 9 to 18 hours of sleep until they are 3 months old. The average they will sleep is about 14.5 hours.

Your baby is unique and may sleep differently to other babies. Some babies sleep for long periods, others for short bursts. They will sleep during the day and night. They might sleep for anything between a few minutes to a few hours at a time.

Newborn babies dont know the difference between day and night. Their sleep is more likely controlled by their tummies.

How To Keep Your Baby Awake

  • Feed her in a lighted room darkness sends a signal to their body that its time to sleep.
  • Keep things cool unwrap the swaddle or take her out of her sleep sack or pajamas before feeding. Your baby may associate warmth and wrapping with sleep time, so exposing her chest and feet to the air will send her an awake message.
  • Dont be afraid to move move your baby around and burp her to keep her alert. If she seems drowsy, remove the bottle or gently unlatch her and change positions to rouse her. You can also gently blow air on her cheeks or forehead , stroke her bare feet or change her nappy.
  • Make some noise while a feeding environment should be calm and not too stimulating, playing music or singing and speaking with your baby while she feeds is a nice way to bond while keeping her engaged and awake.

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Stretch Pedal And Tickle

Lay baby on a blanket and help them get moving. Gently hold their hands while you move their arms up, out to the side, and around. Give those adorable toes a little squeeze and pedal their legs . Gentle massage and tickles from the bottoms of their feet to the top of their head can offer fun for both of you.

This is also a great time to introduce some simple toys. A rattle, high-contrast stuffed toy, or an unbreakable mirror are all good options. Hold them close enough for your baby to focus, talk about what youre doing, and give them a chance to reach for and touch the items while you play.

Separate Eating From Sleeping

How to Keep Baby Awake while Nursing

After the first month, you dont want to let your baby fall asleep while youre feeding or rocking them, because you want them to figure out how to put themselves to sleep.

They may eat a little, doze a little, and eat some more, a couple of times. If they go to sleep and keep sleeping when youre feeding them, stop and put them to bed.


Some parents try to push more formula, breast milk, or baby food to try to make a baby sleep on schedule or sleep longer. This isnt good for your baby. Just like you when youve eaten too much, your overfed baby wont be comfortable enough to rest well.

Note: Never prop a baby bottle in your infant’s mouth when you put them to bed. It can lead to choking, ear infections, and cavities.

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How To Keep Baby Awake During Breastfeeding

One great way to keep your baby awake during breastfeeding is to work towards a daily feeding and nap schedule. Here are some basic steps you can use to move towards a schedule:

  • Start the day in the same 30 minute window each day .
  • Nurse your baby shortly after starting the day.
  • For babies on a 90 minute cycle of eat-play-sleep, its fine to feed after the nap, but once the cycles are 120 minutes or longer you will likely need to move the feeding about 20 minutes before the nap so your baby doesnt wake too early due to hunger. Offer a feeding even if you dont think your baby is hungry.
  • Its always okay to gently offer an extra feeding to help your baby get on a better schedule. You might do this prior to a nap or prior to going out for the day.
  • If you feel that your baby still isnt taking a full feeding, even after youve worked towards a more predictable feeding schedule:

    Keeping Baby Warm And Safe In The Crib

  • 1Dress your infant in pajamas. Your baby’s pajamas should support warm and comfortable sleep, while being safe. Make sure that you are not dressing your infant too warmly, especially if the room temperature is elevated.
  • Dress your baby in lightweight pajamas that cover most of her body if you are worried about keeping her cozy. These are sometimes known as “onesies.”XResearch source
  • According to the SIDS prevention guidelines, a baby should ideally not be dressed in more than one layer, or no more layers than an adult in a similar environment.XResearch source
  • If you will swaddle your baby, only use a thin onesie to prevent overheating.
  • 2Swaddle your baby. Swaddling helps your baby maintain body heat and allows her to sleep comfortably on her back. You can purchase a swaddling blanket with easy-to-use closures or use a square light-weight blanket to make your own swaddle.XResearch source
  • Diagonally fold a square lightweight blanket into a triangle shape.
  • Lay the baby in the middle of the triangle with her feet toward the bottom point.
  • Pull one side of the blanket over the baby’s chest. You may choose to leave your baby’s arm free to suck on their fingers.
  • Flip the bottom point over the baby’s feet up toward the chest.
  • Bring the last corner up over the baby’s chest, wrapping it securely but not too tight.
  • Soft toys and loose blankets present smothering hazards for your baby and increase your baby’s risk of SIDS.XResearch source
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    Dont Wake Your Baby To Feed After 2 Months

    If your baby is gaining weight properly, you dont have to wake them at night for feedings. Your baby needs to find them own sleep schedule. Once they are eating more in the daytime, they dont need to wake and eat at night.

    Here are some instances where you should wake your baby:

    • They are sleeping more in the day than the night and missing their daytime feeds.
    • Dont let them go more than 4 hours without eating during the day. You may need to wake the baby up to feed at night, but it is probably better to try to change your babys daytime habits rather than continuing to wake them every 4 hours at night.

    Your babys pediatrician will give you advice for your baby. For premature or special-needs babies, you may need to adjust feedings.

    Keep Baby Awake During Feedings

    How To Keep Baby Awake During Breastfeeding Sessions?

    RULE 1: From day one, always work to keep baby awake during feeding times. See Keeping a Newborn Awake During Feedings for ideas on how to accomplish this.

    What happens after the feeding is over will depend on where you are in your efforts.

    WEEK ONE:Your baby is 0-1 week old. During week one, dont even worry about it. Let her sleep, and you in turn sleep as much as you can. Even my non-sleeper son was very sleepy this first week.

    Babywise says during week one to simply focus on establishing nursing . It also says to not even pay attention to the clock, so just take this week to focus on yourself getting all the rest you can.

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    Limit The Length Of Naps During The Day

    I know its hard to wake a sleeping baby, but sleeping too long of a stretch during the day can rob nighttime sleep. If the baby sleeps past the 2 2.5 hour mark, I would go ahead and wake the baby up, feed him, keep him a wake for a bit, and then lay him down for another nap. If you feel the baby truly needs longer naps, feel free to increase the nap limit to 2.5 hours. Breaking up sleep during the day will help your newborn baby sleep better at night. It also enables you to get more feedings in during the day, which is very helpful.

    There were, of course, times where our son was overtired and needed a little recovery nap. We would allow him to sleep for a little bit longer for just that one nap and then we started getting back on track with our daily routine.

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    Newborn Awake For 3 Hours Heres What To Do

    Is your newborn awake for 3 hours straight and not sleeping between feeds? Learn how to help your fussy baby and shorten the wake times.

    Whether during the day or at night, knowing that your newborn has been awake for 3 hours is never easy.

    Maybe she was asleep all day, only to be awake for a long stretch at night. As much as you appreciate the long breaks during the day, you dread the evenings when you know youll be awake for most of it.

    She could be awake during the witching hours before bed, unable to be soothed for hours at a time, despite your best efforts.

    Or she does sleep well at nightat least for a newbornonly to be awake and fussy all day. As grateful as you are that she sleeps when she should, you also know she shouldnt stay awake this long during the day.

    In fact, sometimes shes not even sleeping between her feeds. Shell go from one feed, skip a nap entirely, and be ready for her next one without sleeping once.

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    Keep Waketime Lengths Correct

    RULE 2: As you start to add waketimes to your day, be sure you are keeping waketimes to an appropriate length.

    Remember that for a newborn, 30 minutes might be all she can handle.

    See this post for help in figuring out the optimal waketime length for your baby: Optimal Waketime Lengths

    WEEK TWO:During week two , choose one cycle in the day to start to try to keep her awake.

    Write down your desired schedule and decide which time of day would be best for you to try to keep her awake.

    Maybe it is in the evening when Daddy is home. Maybe it is the first waketime of the day. This is the first one I did. I assumed it would be the easiest one since she had been sleeping without any waketime all night long.

    Think of an activity that is likely to keep her awake. For me, this was a bath in the morning.

    Remember, dont keep her up too long. Start slowly. Take the entire week to get her to stay awake for this one waketime. You arent in a race. Take it at her pace.

    Master Babys Wake Time

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    How To Keep A Newborn Awake During The Day


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    My husband wants to keep bby awake, isnt bby supposed to be awake during feeding and then if they start faing back to sleep let them be? He keeps trying to keep bby awake after feeding when hes trying to fall asleep and so he starts falling asleep and wake up and fall sleep and wake up and so on so I dont even know what time to what time was that nap.. he wants to keep him in bed with him but I think habing bby sleep in the same place is ideal.. specially if we make him sleep with a swaddle.. wouldnt he stop getting used to it and having more issues sleeping at night? Hubby says he just wants to be with him and keep him awake.

    Way too early to start sleep training! We just made sure the house was lit up during the day and as it got dark outside we shut lights off. Around 8 I take my little guy in my room with the lights off, noise machine on and feed. He normally cluster feeds from 7-8:30 and goes straight to sleep, hes slept through the night since 3 weeks. Every baby is unique but this worked for us. You got this Momma!

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