How To Make A Newborn Stop Crying

Use White Noise Or Music

This Doctor Has A Secret Trick To Instantly Make a Baby Stop Crying

Try creating white noise nearby, such as running a vacuum cleaner or a fan. There are many white noise apps available to download to your phone, and you can also buy a simple white noise machine. White noise machines are also helpful for achieving deeper REM sleep. Avoid machines with lots of lights – these can be distracting when baby is sleeping. Playing music or singing a song may also soothe your baby.

Sleep Setbacks For Older Babies And Toddlers

So you worked hard to establish a sleep routine for your baby and figure out the perfect strategy for getting him or her to sleep through the nightand it finally works! For a while, that is. Many parents find that eventually their toddler or older baby wont sleep through the night, no matter how good theyve been recently.

Myths About Causes Of Crying

  • Not Due to Gas. Gas passing through normal intestines does not cause pain or crying. All crying babies pass lots of gas. Their stomachs also make lots of gassy noises. The gas comes from swallowed air. The gas is normal. It does not become trapped nor cause any pains. That’s why burping a baby doesn’t help the crying. Blaming gas is a myth.
  • Not Due to Spitting Up. Spitting up occurs in half of babies and is normal. It does not cause crying or colic. Heartburn meds do not help crying babies. They also have side effects.

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How To Calm A Crying Baby

This article was co-authored by Deanna Dawson-Jesus, CD . Deanna Dawson-Jesus is a Birth Doula, Childbirth, and Lactation Educator based in Danville, California. As the owner of Birthing Babies – A Celebration of Life, Deanna has 19 years of birth doula experience and has assisted with over 250 births. She also has over five years of postpartum doula experience and assists more than ten families. Deanna has additional extensive training in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, VBAC support, and Perinatal Loss Support. She is a Certified Birth Doula by DONA International and teaches at Blossom Birth and Family.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 32,906 times.

Is your baby crying and you don’t know how to calm them down? Having a screaming baby in the house is a parent’s nightmare. You want nothing more than a calm, happy child, but your infant is having none of it. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to soothe your baby back into a calm state of mind.

Calming Yourself Is Job Number One

18 Tips How to Make a Baby Stop Crying at Night when Babysitting

The first trick to calming your baby is to recognize that you yourself are anything but calm. Take a moment to name how you are feeling . After that crucial first step, here are some additional strategies that may help:

About Baby Steps

This article was featured in Baby Steps, a ZERO TO THREE newsletter for parents and caregivers. Each issue offers science-based information on a topic of interest to parents and caregivers of young childrenfrom sleep to challenging behaviors, and everything in between.

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Create Some White Noise

Simply turning on a hair dryer, fan, or even a vacuum cleaner can be more than enough to get a newborn to stop crying. Items like these that make a whooshing type noise are known to calm newborns down, since it almost mimics the sounds of being inside the womb that the baby grew accustomed to for nine long months.

However, this trick only seems to work on newborns, since it tends to scare and frighten older babies and children.

Tips For Settling Your Baby

  • Once youve checked the basics theyre clean, dry, comfortable and fed consider if they just need to be close to you. Often, babies dont need anything ‘done’ for them, they just want to be held by the people they feel emotionally connected with.
  • Hold your baby close to you and gently pat, rock or sway. Use a soothing, reassuring voice to let them know youre there. Sometimes the only way youll be able to settle your baby is to hold them until they fall asleep. See your child health nurse if your baby always needs to be cuddled to sleep.
  • Take a walk outside and have a change of scenery this can help because its distracting.
  • Try holding them in different positions in your arms. Offer skin-to-skin contact if theyre still very young.
  • Offer a dummy if your baby has one.
  • Give your baby a warm bath and a massage afterwards. Be sensitive to your babys cues some babies love baths and others dislike being undressed.
  • Offer your baby a comforting breastfeed. If your baby is bottle feeding, they may need some extra milk.
  • If your baby is younger than 3 months, swaddle them with a light cotton or muslin wrap.
  • Put some music on, try humming, singing a song or reading to your baby. The sound of your voice may be enough to soothe them.
  • Hand them to another trusted adult. Have a break from the intensity of your babys crying.

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Try The Happiest Baby On The Block

I borrowed this DVD called Happiest Baby on the Block from my birth center when I was pregnant and it was very helpful!

You may even be able to find it at your local library. I used quite a few of these techniques and they are pretty sound for soothing a baby.

The doctor who created this DVD uses 5 basic techniques to help soothe a fussy baby and explains why they work.

There were quite a few nights I found myself applying these techniques.

How To Make A Baby Cry In 9 Easy Steps

How To Quickly Stop a Crying Baby

So maybe you dont actually want to figure out HOW to make a baby cry. But I assure you, whether you want to or not, its going to happen- a lot. And as exhausted new moms, you can laugh or cry about it. Our babies chose to cry, but us? We choose to laugh.

Okay, okay hear- me out. Im not a total MONSTER. I dont actually WANT babies to cry. But lets face it, ladies and gentlemen, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out how to make a baby cry. Actually, the mere fact of trying to get a baby to STOP crying will probably show you a million more ways to make them cry in the first place.

I think we have this idea as mothers- especially new mothers- that babies arent supposed to cry much. Weve been trained to think that crying means something is wrong, and that it is our job to figure out and fix said thing, in order to get a baby to stop crying.

But if youve spent any amount of time with a newborn, you know there are other factors at play. Sometimes, despite our best of intentions and most tender loving care, we figure out how to make a baby cry- the hard way.

So for your reading pleasure, here are 9 easy ways to make a baby cry.

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Understanding And Responding To Your Newborn Babys Behaviour

Your newborn baby is working out what the world is like. The way you respond to your babys behaviour, especially crying, tells your baby a lot about the world.

For example, your baby might find out that when they cry, someone comes to give them what they need. This might be a nappy change, a feed or a cuddle. If that happens, baby will learn that the world is a pretty OK place.

When you respond quickly to comfort your crying newborn, your baby might cry less often overall. Its absolutely fine to pick up your newborn baby when they cry. It helps your baby feel safe and know that youre nearby.

You cant spoil a newborn. If your newborn is crying, its because they need you to comfort them. If you respond calmly and consistently, it helps your baby learn that the world is a safe and predictable place.

How To Make A Baby Stop Crying

From shushing to swaddling to walking away, here’s how to soothe a baby and get them back to sleep.

Why is my kid crying? Its something all parents of infants ask themselves night after night. Theres no Rosetta Stone for baby noises and a lot of the time, even baby isnt sure what she wants. But there are two rules that can help parents make more sense of the cacophony of sounds emanating from their children: Listening attentively and methodically so you get to know what your babys different cries mean and not freaking out.

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Parents tend to view crying as sign of distress, but we have to realize its the only way they can communicate, says Dr. Sharon Somekh, a pediatrician in Long Island, New York. The challenge is to figure out why your baby is crying and then troubleshoot the best way to help them.

Heres how to make a baby stop crying.

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Minimizing Stress To Get The Baby To Stop Crying

The 5 Ss might help a lot of babies, but try not to stress out too much trying to follow precise parenting prescriptions or getting too rigid when something works for a while but then doesnt. Just like there are different stages of development for babies, there are also stages of our parenting skills, says Roseanne Lesack, Ph.D., a psychologist, board certified behavior analyst and director Unicorn Childrens Foundation Clinic Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale. Sometimes its hard for parents to progress as kids progress.

Parents can get stuck in the infancy parenting stage and think that when a child cries, you have to attend to him or her immediately.

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Getting parents to develop in their parenting responses is going to be really important, Lesack says. Just like you dont respond every time your phone rings, sometimes when your child is crying, you have to figure out what its about and whether its appropriate for your child to figure it out on his or her own.

Newborn Won’t Stop Crying Here’s What You Can Do

18 Tips How to Make a Baby Stop Crying at Night when Babysitting

For their small size, babies can let out quite a scream! All babies cry for one reason or another, especially in the first several weeks. So, as an exhausted parent, what are you to do when your newborn wont stop crying? In this article, Mustela’s baby experts help you figure out why your baby might be crying and give you 9 tips for calming your crying newborn when nothing else seems to work.

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Managing Newborn Crying: Tips

If your baby cries a lot, it can be frustrating, upsetting and overwhelming. Its OK to take some time out until you feel calmer. Put your baby in a safe place like a cot, or ask someone else to hold your baby for a while.

These ideas might help you and your baby:

  • Reduce the stimulation around your baby for example, try sitting with baby in a quiet, dimmed room.
  • Swaddle or wrap your baby. This can help your baby feel secure.
  • Hum a gentle, calming tune. Your baby knows your voice and prefers it to other sounds.
  • Lay your baby on their side in the cot and rhythmically pat their back. Gently turn baby onto their back if they fall asleep.
  • Try putting in some imaginary earplugs. Let the sound of the crying pass through you, and remind yourself that everything is OK. Youre doing all you can to help your baby.
  • Take your baby for a walk in the pram or a sling. Movement can sometimes be soothing.
  • Try playing white noise like a fan or the radio tuned to the static between stations. This can help to settle your baby.

Four: Change The Babys Diaper

Heaven help the person that tried to change Lilas diaper. The attempt was met with screams, and thrashing, and approximately the same amount of physical effort that it would take to get a diaper onto an angry baby possum.

If she had her way, she would NEVER have had her diaper changed. Which, as you may have guessed, is not legally allowable. Lots of crying ensued, at the rate of about eight to ten times a day.

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A Wet Or Dirty Diaper

The other thing babies seem to do all the time? Pee and poop! Your baby will wet or dirty their diaper frequently and may cry to have it changed. Sitting in a wet or dirty diaper can be especially uncomfortable for your little one if they have diaper rash. Keep your babys bottom clean and fresh by changing their diaper frequently. Not only is it uncomfortable to sit in a wet diaper, but it also puts your baby at risk for developing diaper rash. To keep them in tip-top shape, apply Mustelas Diaper Rash Cream 1 2 3 or Diaper Rash Sprayable Cream every time you change your little one!

Calm The Cries With Mom’s Clothes

How to Stop a Baby Crying using the ‘Dr Hamilton’ technique. It works!! 🙂

Sometimes what a crying baby needs is Mom. New dad, Eli Spector, understands this.

Mom was out running errands while dad was at home with his three-month-old son. The baby wouldnt stop crying so dad tried a trick hed learned from a dad-friend.

Another dad-friend of mine suggested placing one of moms dirty shirts from the hamper on his face so he could recognize the smell and calm down.

Once the baby could smell mom, he stopped crying and snuggled in. It was all dad needed to do to get this little guy to calm down. After getting a quick whiff of mom he settled down and even started cooing. A total turnaround from the frenzied cry of just moments before.

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Blow Some Mesmerizing Bubbles

Sometimes all you need is your favorite childhood pastime and a few bucks in order to entertain and soothe your little one. Blowing bubbles is almost a guaranteed way to distract a newborn enough to get them to stop crying.

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It doesnt even matter if you buy the bubble solution from the store or blow a bubble with chewing gum either way is good enough to mesmerize a baby. This is even a trick that can continue to work to calm a child as they grow.

What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Babies cry for a reason. Its one of the many ways they let you know theyre sleepy, hungry, gassy, sick, scared, bored, wet, dirty, or lonely. Your baby doesnt know how to annoy, frustrate, or manipulateshes crying because she needs something. Just as sucking on fingers or fists is a sign of hunger that shouldnt be ignored, crying is a sign of distress that should bring your immediate attention.

Sometimes the cause of your babys crying is obviouslike having a wet or dirty diaper or wanting to eat. In those cases, you just make your baby comfortable by changing or feeding him. But if youve dealt with those and your baby is still crying, here are some ideas to try.

Check for discomfort or illness:

  • Check whether hes too hot or cold. Look at the room temperature. Is your baby overdressed or underdressed? If so, help make him more comfortable.
  • See whether shes overstimulated. Try turning down the lights and the noise level.
  • Check whether your baby is sick or has colic. If your baby cries for hours at a time, take his temperature. Call a health care provider if he has a fever or if youre not sure about any other symptoms. If your baby is crying for 3 or more hours a day for no other apparent reason, it could be colic so reach out to your pediatrician for advice.

Soothe or distract:

Take a break:

If your baby is still crying after a short time, dont panic. It takes some babies longer than others to relax.

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What Are The Best Ways To Settle A Crying Baby

Most babies like to be picked up and held when theyre crying. Rocking, shooshing, swaying and patting can help them to settle.

Babies aged less than 3 months often respond well to being swaddled. This helps them to feel secure and supports longer sleep periods. Young babies often prefer settling in arms or hands on settling strategies until they learn more independent skills.

Give Your Baby A Bath

21 songs guaranteed to make baby stop crying

A bath can be both relaxing and distracting when your newborn wont stop crying. Keep bath time safe for their delicate skin by using gentle products made with naturally derived ingredients, like Mustelas Foam Shampoo For Newborns and Gentle Cleansing Gel. Expert tip: Baths can save the day in more than one way! If your baby has eczema, read our article about how to bathe your little one to avoid flare-ups. Click here.

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