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Pampers might be one of the best-selling diaper brands, but its far from perfect. In fact, other brands are lightyears ahead when it comes to producing diapers that are safe for your baby and safe for the planet.

So whats the problem?

Aside from being made from petroleum-based plastics , the main issue for baby boys is Pampers use of phthalates.

These odd-sounding toxins are routinely used in diapers, as well as vinyl flooring and childrens toys1. But they really shouldnt be.

Exposure to phthalates has been linked to increased rates of asthma and eczema2 as well as, shockingly, abnormal genital development in boys. And if you consider that a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that childrens exposure to phthalates is rife, its safe to say that phthalates should be avoided.

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If a diaper company avoids phthalates, they should make it pretty clear. After all, its a pretty significant selling point.

Some of my favorite phthalate-free diapers include Hello Bello, Dyper, and Eco Pea diapers. Check out my other favorite non-toxic diapers in my roundup of the best!

What To Look For In A Diaper

Figuring out what diaper works best works for you and your little can be tricky, especially since your babys needs will change over time.

Newborns, for example, need soft, high-absorbency diapers while toddlers move a lot, making a secure fit essential. Different activities also require different diapers .

Whats best for your baby will be determined by their needs. So try to be adaptable and flexible, trying different brands.

Best Overnight Underwear: Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear

  • Easy to pull off and on

  • Thin under clothes

  • Not as absorbent as a diaper

If youre dealing with a kid who struggles with staying dry at night, GoodNites can offer extra protection. Five absorbent layers and extra thick leg barriers keep everything locked in and absorb all unpleasant odors. The product fits like a pair of underwear and comes in a variety of cute designs like princesses and superheroes.

Goodnites underwear reviewers call the product a lifesaver, saying its easy to slip on and absorbs better than any other overnight diaper. The smooth material easily fits under clothing and wont cause scratching or itching. Potty training? These can also be worn during the day as your child adjusts.

Size Range: XS-XL | Wetness Indicator: No

  • Sides tear easily for changes

  • Soft like cotton underwear

  • Ideal for toddlers only

Potty training is always a challengebut Pampers Easy Ups make the job slightly easier. Theyre soft and designed to fit like underwear, so your little one can get used to feeling like a big kid. The stretchy waistband moves up and down smoothly, while the sides are easily torn off when it comes time for removal. And, most importantly, the extra-absorbent material and leak guards are there in case of an accident.

Reviewers say these pull-ups are more secure than other brands, so kids arent able to rip them off. Theyre also comfortable and durable enough to last when the family is traveling or on the go.

Size Range: 2T-4T | Wetness Indicator: No

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Tips For Switching Diapers

So youve found the brand youre going to try. Now you may want to use these tips to give your baby an even greater chance of sleeping through the night.

  • Dont buy in bulk: It might be cheaper to buy in bulk, I know, but youll be losing money if you stop using them because they dont work for your baby. When youre starting with a new diaper, buy the smallest pack available, so you can avoid a major financial commitment before you know if you like them.
  • Consider sizing up: Using one diaper size bigger than your baby wears during the day is a risky strategy, but its one that can pay off. A bigger diaper will hold more so it might be just the thing your baby needs to avoid leaking until morning. On the other hand, if the diaper is crazy big, its going to leak. Use your common sense with this tip.
  • Try sticking with your brand: If you have a daytime disposable diaper that works well for your baby, try the nighttime version of that brand. If you like one and it doesnt cause a rash, youll probably have great luck with the overnight kind too.
  • You could always double up: When you have a toddler, an overnight diaper may not be enough because toddlers are bigger and can, well, wee more. My kids diapers were sometimes so heavy I felt like I was doing bicep curls at the gym just lifting them. If your child is producing 5-pound diapers and they wont hold all night, you can always use two diapers at once.

How To Use Them

Factory Wholesale Baby Diapers Ex

Anything can be soaked through if given enough liquid, so you’ll want to put your overnight diapers on your munchkin right before bed. This way, they’re fresh as long as possible.

You might prefer to feed your baby right before bedtime so that your tot is full with a happy belly when they go down. However, other parents like to feed their little ones a few hours before. Every child is different, and parents often know what works best.

Best Budge

These Naty by Natures are one of the best overnight diapers for families who are more conscious about allergens, plastics, and prefer plant-based disposable diapers. They’re made to prevent plastic from touching your children’s skin and are made almost entirely of plant-based material, keeping your munchkin dry and safe.

These award-winning overnight diapers keep your little ones dry, and could be great for sensitive skin, as they’re made without toxins, chlorine, fragrances, phthalates, and are backed by environmentally-conscious organizations like EcoCert. The inner absorbent core is made with wood pulp harvested from Scandinavian forests, letting your child sleep free from unwanted chemicals.

The Naty’s are 100% GMO-free and biodegradable, letting you sleep at night knowing you’re doing your part in caring for our Earth. If you’re looking for a green-friendly product that’s free of chemicals and is also soft on skin, these Naty by Nature’s are a winner.

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Is It True That Disposable Diapers May Cause Infertility In Boys

You might have heard about a possible link between plastics in disposable diapers and infertility in boys. But is it true?

Some researchers have linked the use of some disposable diapers with possible problems with fertility in boys in later life. A study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that wearing plastic diapers increased scrotum temperature in baby boys, which could cause fertility issues later on.

Experts in urology say that an increase in temperature of the testes can harm sperm development, so it would be safe to say that, if you can avoid diapers made predominantly with plastics, its probably safer for your baby boy.

But dont panic. There are so many amazing plant-based, phthalate-free diapers on the market which are great for your little ones skin!

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Features To Look Out For In A Baby Diaper

Since modern diapers typically have a lot of similarities in design, it might be hard to find one diaper that sets itself apart from the rest. For this reason, we recommend paying attention to what reviewers say about absorbency, fit, and breathability to get to scoop on the little differences.

  • Absorbency will give you an idea of how long your baby can wear a single diaper between changes. While keeping your baby dry is ideal, no parent wants to interrupt a nap or nighttime sleep over the fear of leaks. Some diapers will perform better for longer stretches.
  • Fit will give you an idea of whether or not diapers run true to size and if the design of the fit will keep blowouts and leaks in check. If one brand has a reputation for poop-splosions, you can bet youll be able to find out from other parents who have left reviews online.
  • Breathability keeps your babys bottom feeling dry, even when their diaper is wet. This is important for comfort, helping to prevent irritation and rashes. Many diapers are made with a layer of moisture-wicking materials, so pay attention to what the creators have to say about this added feature.

And while features are helpful to help guide you, its also important to keep in mind that every baby is differentyour babys bum might fit better in a different brand of diaper than your mama friends baby and thats perfectly fine. You may have to experiment and try a few brands before you find the perfect fit.

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Understanding A Disposable Diaper

Everyone knows what a disposable diaper looks like! Chances are youve seen them in person several times, and the store aisles are packed with boxes and bags of different brands. Despite the different packaging, all disposable diapers have the same basic construction.

Most disposable diapers are made of wearable plastic materials such as polyesters or polyethylene. Each diaper has three different layers, and each layer has its own purpose and function.

Mama Bear Gentle Touch

Best Newborn Diaper Covers | Fit from Birth to 6-9 months!

Mama Bear is Amazon’s own brand of diaper, and in line with the e-commerce giant’s MO, the online-only private label offers a decently competitive product at a relatively low price — plus the convenience of Prime shipping.

The diapers themselves aren’t much to look at. The two styles in my pack were plain white and polka-dot print. But there are a few features that earn the Mama Bear some style points. On the diaper’s front flaps there’s a strip of high-friction material that helps it stay put when you wrap the rear flap around to fasten it. The Velcro tabs stick to the diaper very securely, so much so that it takes some effort to remove them.

Beyond that, though, the Mama Bear is about as basic as a diaper can be. Like many other brands, the Mama Bear has a wetness indicator strip running down the middle, though it didn’t always change color even when the diaper was clearly wet enough to change. The outer layer is said to be breathable despite feeling somewhat plasticky. They fit my daughter fairly well in size 4, giving her only a slight puffy-butt look. The leg holes seemed tight enough around the thighs, but she did have a minor blow-out once.

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Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin To Buy In 2022

Do you have a child with sensitive skin? If so, you know how difficult it can be to find diapers that dont cause them to break out in a rash. In this blog post, we will discuss the best diapers for sensitive skin that are available on the market in 2022. We will also provide tips on how to select the right diaper for your childs needs. Keep reading for more information!

Diapers are an essential part of every babys life. However, for babies with sensitive skin, finding the right diaper is crucial for preventing skin irritation and rashes. If you have a baby with sensitive skin, then you know how important it is to find the right diaper for them. Not all diapers are created equal some are much more gentle on delicate skin than others.

Though there are many options to choose from when youre shopping for diapers. In the market, there are so many brands and types of diapers available. From disposable diapers to overnight diapers, the options seem endless. Each one claims that it will keep your babys skin free from rashes and irritation. However, these claims are not true all the time as some diapers leave behind chemical residues that can irritate your infants skin.

In This Article

Best Diapers For Odor Control The Honest Company Clean Conscious Diapers

Before we get on to how the Honest Company Clean Conscious Diapers are great for sensitive skin, we need to take a moment to talk about their blowout traps. These are exactly what they sound like. The diapers feature little pockets built into the back to catch the poop thatâs fired out at lightspeed, preventing blowouts and outfit changes. Genius!

Other cool features include a belly button cutout on the newborn size to allow space for your babyâs umbilical cord clip and a wetness indicator to help you reduce the amount of time your babyâs skin is in contact with urine. They even come in pull-ups for older tots.

As with the other hypoallergenic diapers on our list, the Honest Company diapers use natural materials where possible and are free of latex, fragrances, and parabens, and the wood pulp is processed without chlorine bleaching.

Unlike the other varieties, a lot of effort has gone into their designs. Theyâre beautifulâwith cacti, rockets, polar bears, and even avocados. You could base a fabulous nursery theme on any of them and have a fully coordinated tot. However, this means theyâre not free of dyes, so you may want to avoid them if you know your little one has very sensitive skin.

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The Best Diapers For Newborns: Pampers Swaddlers

No, youre not seeing double! When we went hunting for the best diaper for newborns, we found ourselves right back where we started in love with Pampers Swaddlers.

You already know what makes these diapers great for babies of any age. Theyre breathable and plenty absorptive without a ton of excess bulk. What makes them the best for the newest babies? Snug but flexible sides keep runny, newborn poop right where it belongs. Plus, a wetness indicator makes keeping up with changes simple, letting you know the diaper is wet.

Stockpile When You Can

Pampers Baby

If you find a fantastic deal on your favorite disposable diapers, purchase a few extra packages. Stockpiling lets you save time and save money. You arent paying full price for those diapers, and thats pennies saved. Pennies saved are pennies earned, right?

Typically, a starting stock-up price is when you can save 30% less than your ideal price point . So, if you know you can save at least 30%, consider adding a few more packages to your grocery cart.

If you can save 50% or more on the diapers off from your ideal price range, run to the store and stock up. Do it fast!

Lets know the differences between Cloths and disposable diapers.

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