Is It Safe To Use Baby Powder On Newborns

How Is Johnsons Baby Powder Made

Is it safe to use Talcum Powder on babies? – Dr. Shaheena Athif

The grade of talc used in cosmetics is of high purity, comparable to that used for pharmaceutical applications, and is free from asbestos and asbestiform fibers. JOHNSONS® baby powder is only mined from select deposits from certified locations, and milled to relatively large, non-respirable particle size.

Using Baby Powder Safely

Again, there is no definitive need to use baby powder, even though it may have been a diaper station stable for years. If you choose to, however, you might want to consider using extra caution, especially with girls, as the powder may travel up through the vagina. Limiting the amount you use and how often you use it may also be wise.

To prevent your baby from breathing in the baby powder, apply the baby powder to your hand first, away from your eyes, nose, and baby, then pat the powder onto the legs and the skin around the genitals. Be sure to never shake the baby powder onto your baby directly, and always keep baby powder out of reach of children.

What Johnson & Johnson Say

When you think baby powder, you naturally think of Johnson & Johnson, so of course theyve had something to say.

On their website, they deny that talc is unsafe to use, and also refute claims it causes ovarian cancer:

The safety of talc is based on a long history of safe use and decades of research by independent researchers and scientific review boards, it reads.

Talc is accepted as safe for use in cosmetic and personal care products by the European Union, Canada and many other countries around the world, among them Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Israel, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control , which identifies potential risk factors for many diseases, has not identified talc as a risk factor for ovarian cancer.

The Nurses Health Study and the Womens Health Initiative Observational Cohort , the only two large-scale prospective studies looking at talc and ovarian cancer, found no causal relationship between talc and ovarian cancer.

Its worth noting here that theyve said theyll appeal the case we mentioned earlier, and other similar ones.

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What Is Talc Baby Powder

Grandmas changing table essential, talc baby powder, was made with magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. While these are natural ingredients that were considered safe for generations, serious concerns have popped up over the years.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are talc powders that contain cancer-causing asbestos and those that dont . While the distinction between these types of talc is crucial, its not obvious to the average consumer. When we see talc listed on the ingredients label, we have no idea whether its a dangerous type of talc.

In response to the confusion and backlash, Johnson & Johnson no longer sells talc baby powder in North America .

How To Get Rid Of The Baby Powder Cravings

Is It Safe To Use Talcum Powder For Babies?? Which Baby Powder Is Safe ...

You cant avoid the need for Baby Powder if you dont have a substitute. The bodys absence of iron triggers a craving for non-food drugs. As a result, the only way to avoid it is to provide the body with correct and adequate iron.

For males, the recommended daily allowance for iron is 8mg. It is normally 80mg a day for non-pregnant mothers, while pregnant women must take 27mg a day. But, after giving birth and when breastfeeding, she should reduce her consumption to 9mg per day.

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Is It Ok To Use Cornstarch As Baby Powder

As a common baby powder alternative, its essential to look at cornstarch baby powder safety. Compared with the blend of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen that is talc baby powder, corn starch comes out ahead .. but its not a clear-cut winner.

On the positive side of things, cornstarch is made from a safe food product. You can literally eat the stuff and have no negative side effects.

Although cornstarch is safe to eat and is not a carcinogen, it can be dangerous. Respiratory failure from corn starch aspiration is a real risk from careless use . And, its all too easy to be careless.

When youre rushing to get a little one out of wet diapers and dealing with not-so-great changing facilities on the go, sometimes the powder starts flying.

Letting The Dust Settle

Is baby powder safe? While expert reviews are mixed, you may want to proceed with caution before you buy any kind of powder. Follow our tips for preventing diaper rash without powder for a safe and easy alternative.

Does the little one already have a diaper rash? It happens! Thats why youve got to know our 7 Simple Steps to Applying Diaper Cream.

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Baby Powder Taste In Mouth

Some people experience a strong baby powder taste in their mouth when they wake up or after eating something sweet.It could be because the saliva has been coating stimulated taste buds, so nothing tastes as good anymore for those minutes until your tongue naturally moistens again and produces more normal tasting fluids which wash out this unwanted residue from before bedtime snack time!

Safer Alternatives To Baby Powder

Baby Powder Is For More Than Babies. Here Are 4 Clever Uses. | Better | NBC News

Considering the fact that baby powder is usually used to prevent diaper rash, a much more effective and safer option is trying out natural home remedies for diaper rash. Talcum powder or baby powder is not going to change anyones skin color, so using it to enhance the complexion is pointless.

In case you still need to use baby powder, its better to follow a few tips:

  • Choose a baby powder from a reputed brand and read the ingredients list carefully
  • NEVER put powder on the babys face, and be careful when using it around the neck or armpits
  • Always put some powder on your hands, away from the baby, and then gently pat on the babys skin
  • NEVER shake the powder can directly on your baby
  • Clean any residual powder that accumulates in the babys skin folds
  • Keep the powder well out of reach of your baby and other children
  • NEVER use a powder puff as they create clouds of powder in the air
  • At every diaper change or bath, wash away any leftover powder

Cornstarch powder may be safer than general talc powder since the particles are larger and dont travel as far as talc particles, reducing the chance of inhalation. They are also less likely to have traces of carcinogens. If your babys face ever gets covered in powder, rush to the hospital immediately.

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Why Baby Powder Is Dangerous For Babies

When it comes to baby powder, the biggest concern that has arisen with Pediatricians about using the products is a babys developing lungs. Because when the baby powder is used in a babys diaper, it tends to be sprinkled in large amounts going into the surrounding air.

Not only is a parent inhaling the powder particles, but so is the baby as well. When doing so, remember they are inhaling not only talc but trace amounts of asbestos.

Which has led to this talcum powder product being linked to another deadly condition known as talc pneumococcus? So, parents have been told to avoid using baby powder, such as the one from Johnson & Johnson, for their babys diapers.

Now comes the question if you dont use baby powder, what do you use? Well, lets take the time to take a closer look at alternatives. Some of which are natural and can be found right in our own home.

Better Alternatives To Products Containing Talc

For Baby

There are many natural and safe ways to prevent diaper rash in infants and young children. Instead of relying on commercial products to use on your babys skin, make your own DIY diaper rash cream that contains coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, witch hazel and calendula. This homemade diaper cream will help reduce inflammation and skin irritation without putting your baby at risk.

Magnesium oil is another safe alternative. It has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties that can help to heal diaper rash quickly.

For Women

Natural alternatives to using powders or products containing talc exist and help effectively absorb moisture and keep you feeling fresh. For example, there are many baking soda uses for your skin and hair.

Cornstarch also helps relieve skin irritation. Apply it to the skin to ease bug bites, chaffed skin, sunburns, jock itch, athletes foot and diaper rash.

If youre looking for a natural alternative for foundation, try my DIY Foundation Makeup. Its made with skin-healing and soothing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, non-nanoparticle zinc oxide and vitamin E oil. To add color to this foundation, you use cinnamon and nutmeg, or cocoa powder.

And if youve ever wondered how to make lipstick, try my all-natural homemade lipstick with lavender. Its made with ingredients that will soften and repair your skin, while also getting rid of undesirable lines.

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Are Baby Powders Harmful To Infants

Babies are prone to inhaling the baby powder that is used on their skin, especially if it has been made from talc. Talcum powder consists of very fine particles which can be inhaled and cause irritation to the babys delicate lungs. You will have to be especially careful if your baby has any kind of respiratory illness like asthma since, with baby talcum powder, some danger may be possible. As compared to talcum, the cornstarch-based powder has slightly larger particles and hence find it difficult to get airborne. This reduces the chances of inhalation and has excellent absorption qualities too.

Can You Treat Diaper Rash With Baby Powder

Bookemon: Is It Safe To Use Baby Powder On A Baby?

Yes, you can. Baby powders help to prevent diaper rash. It keeps the skin dry and provides moisture so that there is less pressure on the skin.

Even though there are other solutions, baby powder is still popular to take care of diaper rash.

Using Baby Powder SafelyThe baby powder usage is not limited to only preventing diaper rash but can be used as

  • Dry shampoo.

But do not apply it roughly without following a usage guide.

So, if you are not careful, these baby powders can cause some disastrous situations.

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Is It Safe To Use Baby Powder On Babies

Contrary to its label, pediatricians advise parents not to use baby powder whether it’s made with talc or not for children and infants.

The American Association of Pediatrics recommends against using baby powder, period. Per the organization’s Red Book, its reference guide to pediatric diseases, “parents should not use talc-containing products for infant and child care.”

It may cause pneumoconiosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust which the AAP notes may happen if a baby powder container accidentally spills.

Amid concerns:Why do we even have baby powder anymore?

If powder is used to prevent diaper rash, however, pediatricians advise using it as far from a baby as possible.

Use as little as possible, probably put it on your hands and transfer to the diaper area or gently sprinkle to the diaper area,” said Mayo Clinic pediatrician David Soma.

Contributing: Charisse Jones, Cara Kelly and Mary Bowerman, USA TODAY

Do All Baby Powders Contain Talc

The safety of talcum powder is still being debated in both the scientific and legal communities, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt take caution, Statt says.

Skeptical parents do have other options than baby powders with talc in them. Cornstarch and arrowroot powder are safe alternatives, found in a number of comparable products. So, although there isnt clear evidence that baby powder can cause cancer, you can opt for a cornstarch or arrowroot baby powder if you prefer to play it safe.

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Does Johnsons Baby Powder Contain Asbestos

JOHNSONS® baby powder does not contain asbestos, a substance classified as cancer-causing. The talc used in all our global production is carefully selected and processed to be asbestos-free, which is confirmed by regular testing to confirm purity. Like all our products, JOHNSONS® baby powder contains only ingredients that have been fully evaluated by scientific and medical experts to ensure they are safe to use.

Why Was Johnsons Baby Powder Banned

Is It Safe To Use Talcum Powder On Babies | ? ? ?

While there have been a lot of rumors of Johnsons Baby Powder being banned, thats not the full story. In reality, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health voluntarily pulled those iconic white bottles from the shelves. In a statement from the company, the brand said it would be winding down sales throughout the U.S. and Canada and finally discontinuing the product .

However, Johnson and Johnsons baby powder is still being sold abroad in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom .

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Is Baby Powder Safe 2019 Scientific Update: Guest Post By Made Of

Is Baby Powder Safe 2019 Scientific Update

Parents often pay a lot of attention to which products they use to ensure their babys health and well-being. One particular product to consider is baby powder. This powder is typically used to absorb moisture around the diaper area. However, there are concerns surrounding the safety of baby powder because of the presence of talc. This brings up the valid question, is baby powder safe?

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a type of astringent powder that is typically used to protect babies from diaper rash. It is also used as a deodorant or as a component of other cosmetics. It can be made from talcum or cornstarch.


Talcum is a product made from talc. Talc is often used to absorb moisture, hence it is a common ingredient found in many baby powders. The concept behind the use of talc is that when moisture is absorbed properly, it prevents diaper rash.

One of the reasons why people are alarmed by the use of baby powder is the presence of talc. Talc is a natural mineral made from silicon, hydrogen, magnesium and oxygen. It is considered the softest mineral on earth and easily breaks apart under pressure. Some talc in its natural form contains asbestos. Asbestos has been linked to causing cancer in and around the lungs.

Health Concerns about Talcum Powder

Part of the problem is that a possible bias existed as the studies depended on a persons memory of talc use.

Is Baby Powder Safe?


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