What To Wear For Newborn Family Photos

Best Colors To Wear For Professional Photos

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When it comes to professional photos, the most important thing to keep in mind with colors is that the focus is kept on your family. You also want your chosen color palette to set the right tone for your professional photos. Read some of our top tips below before your photo session:

  • Black and dark color combinations work perfect for more formal, indoor photography sessions. Keep this in mind when planning your familys outfits.
  • Do your best to avoid patterned colors in clothing, as this looks distracting and at times, overly casual.
  • When dressing children, make sure theyre not overly uncomfortable in their chosen outfit. If theyre unhappy, itll show through in the family picture.

The Big Question What Should Everyone Else Wear At The Newborn Photography Session

As a newborn & baby Photography studio in San Jose, Bay Area, I get asked this question a lot. Sure you provide all the wraps, outfits, backdrps and props for our newborn but what should parents siblings or grandparents wear for the newborn or baby photo session?

booking a photo shoot with a professional photographer to capture different milestones in your life is an exciting experience. Especially when you have a perfect little addition to your family and have booked a newborn photography or baby photography session to celebrate. In this post, Ill be sharing a few samples of outfit choices by some of my clients. Outfits that look pretty great for their family photos during their newborn photography or baby Photography sessions.

I want to start by saying that there is no one formula for picking out the best outfits for a family photo. I strongly believe that what makes you feel beautiful is the most important criteria for choosing what to wear during your photo session. This ultimately depends on your personal taste. However seeing a few samples of what other people have chosen to wear for their family photos will give you a better idea of what you may like.

Styling Tips For Summer:

  • Select more cheerful colors for your summertime portraits.
  • Take advantage of light cotton, pretty sheers and lace. Light and breezy outfits are also great for the summer heat.
  • Gingham patterns for the boys and summer dresses for the girls.
  • Dont feel the need to be too formal during your summer photo session. Try slipping on your sandals and frolicking on the beach. Youre sure to get some candid shots!

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Put Dad In Something Relaxed And Casual

Many dads think: photography session = formal. Out comes the button down shirt and sometimes even a suit jacket. While I can appreciate getting a little dressed up for family photographs, I dont recommend doing this for your newborn session. In-home newborn sessions have a relaxed, cozy vibe. Youre snuggling with your family on your bed and couch, admiring your new baby. A button-down on Dad can look, well.too stiff and formal. What does look great on Dad? A nice crew neck t-shirt, jeans or casual shorts like this dad wore. Wear what you would wear on a relaxed Sunday morning with your family.

Dressing Your Newborn Baby For Their Photo Shoot

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During the shoot Ill spend the majority of my time photographing your new baby, and will use wraps and blankets from my studio wardrobe to do this. You dont need to bring any clothes for your baby to wear during the photo shoot.

However, I will ask you to dress them in a front fastening sleep suit, with no vest underneath so that it is easy for me to undress them without disturbing their sleep.

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Plan Your Outfits Before Baby Is Born

The first tip I give to expectant moms who book a newborn session with me is to plan their outfits before baby is born. Once that little bundle of joy arrives, you won’t want to be running to the store, or digging in the closet for something to wear. And I’m sure you don’t want to be sending your husband out shopping for clothes either! By having some things planned in advance, you can focus on snuggling your sweet little baby.

However, if youre baby is here and you havent planned anything, that is 100% okay!

Tip No : Declutter & Light

Non-wardrobe related, the two other success factors are having adequate light and decluttering the background. Light makes or breaks the images, so dont get your hopes up on shooting in a room with no windows. Look at your space at all times of the day and study the light. Exposure direction matters when shooting in the AM and PM and should be communicated prior to the session. I have a pre-consultation call scheduled with each client to ensure I know what I am walking into, and to set expectations for both the parents and me, the photographer. I also ask clients to send iPhone pictures of both their wardrobe and home.

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Siblings Should Wear Something That Is Plain And Neutral

The point of your session is to highlight baby, but also your love as a family. Older siblings will be in, snuggling in close, holding baby, or laying next to baby. Selecting neutral tones allows for the connection to shine and not the outfits. Plus, bright colors can reflect onto babys skin leaving a color cast .

Dont Forget To Incorporate Prints In Your Clothing

How to Wear Brace Dental Brace Toothtime Family Dentistry New Braunfels Texas

You can get so focused on picking colors, that you may forget to includes prints – florals, plaid, stripes, polka dots in your outfit choices. The print can break up the colors a bit, add some interest, and help when youre snuggled in close. If everyone is in the same color, you can blend into each other, and we want to stand out! It can also help so you feel coordinated but not matchy-matchy in all solids.

A bonus tip is if you like a print but it feels a little much, try throwing a cardigan over so the print just peeks out.

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What To Wear: Lifestyle Newborn Session

After a client books a photography session, the first question that they ask is what should we wear? I really love documenting lifestyle newborn sessions because clients can incorporate themselves into the session their home, their colors and, of course, their style. These sessions are candid, relaxed and if done right, truly showcases the new love that has entered the home. Here are some tips on what to wear when planning a lifestyle newborn session.

What To Wear For Family Photos: Blues Color Inspiration

May 29, 2019

So you understand what to do when picking outfits for everyone for family photos, but how do you pick what colors to wear? The most common question I get from families is about what to wear for their session. I have created a blog post on What to Wear for Family Photos, but I wanted to take it a step further and start a series on help you think about the actual colors you choose.

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Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas

There are recognizable markers that trigger the fall feeling in each of us. With the weather cooling down, the leaves changing, and a trip to the pumpkin patch in the near future, fall is full of inspiration you can use for your outfit choices. If you are taking your family photos during the fall season, incorporate seasonal earth tones, rich maroons or burnt oranges. Wear layers and have fun playing in the leaves. Use the following Fall styling tips to guide your clothing selections.

Tip #: When To Take Newborn Photos

What to Wear for Family Photos?!

Okay really ideally, 5-10 days after birth is the best time. I think this is the magic number, when you’ve been home from the hospital for at least a few days. Your baby is still in that super sleepy state and is more likely to sleep like a rock through the shoot. Also, your milk has probably come in, which leads me to my next tip

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Only One Outfit Needed

Dont overly complicate family photos by bringing multiple outfits for everyone. Kids usually HATE changing clothes and can end up cranky afterwards, not to mention it takes time away from your session. If you have a drooling baby, put a bib on them until you arrive at the session, or alternatively, change them into their outfit right when you arrive to ensure clean clothes.

Tip #1: Snap In Shifts

We took several photos with just the baby, and then baby and me, and we only brought the older girls in for the few photos we needed them in. It’s way easier on little people when they only have to cooperate for a few minutes than stand around waiting for their turn! They have way fewer opportunities to get into trouble and frustrate Mom & Dad too.

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Dont Forget Accessories To Go With Your Family Picture Outfits

Accessories not only add to your outfit but they can be fun to use in photos. Have the man wear a tie for the woman to hold. Necklaces for the kids to play with or hats to hide behind.

Remember the idea is not to create these perfect photos. Family photos are a time to capture who your family is at that time. Most people take family photos in the fall which means there are plenty of accessories you can add. Consider a fun scarf, cute coat, or stylish hat. The possibilities are endless.

Additional Tips For Taking Newborn Family Photos

How to Wear Brace Dental Brace Toothtime Family Dentistry New Braunfels Texas
  • Layers: Newborn photos tend to be photographed at a slower pace. Bring layers in case anyone gets cold or warm during the photoshoot.
  • Easy snacks: Keep younger siblings happy with snacks throughout the session, Our newborn photo session lasted 3 hours!
  • Nursing mamas: Make sure you wear a top or dress that is nursing friendly and easily accessible. Youll probably end up feeding baby to sleep for many of the photos.
  • Details: Dont forget to have the photographer get all the little details like babys tiny toes and little lips!
  • Communicate: Check with your photographer in advance if multiple outfit changes are allowed, how long the photoshoot will be, and any other questions you might have.

It can be really stressful prepping for your newborn family photos, but once you get the final pictures from the photographer, youll be so glad you did them!

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Lets Talk About The Color Blue

Im starting with blue, because it is one of the most popular colors during family photos. Personally, I have had blue, or a variation of blue, featured in most of my family sessions. It is a great color that goes with a lot, is beautiful, and it can usually be found in peoples closets. The other nice thing about blue is that most shades of blue go well together. Meaning, you do not have to have the exact same shade of blue for on everyone for it to look good.

Now lets look at some things blue looks good with and hope you find some inspiration for your next family photo session!

Simple Top Or Maxi Dress For Mom

Moms are usually most nervous about the family photos because they worry about how they’ll look. All photos, however, at my studio are hip up so baby is the star. I pose baby so you they act as a prop. I typically don’t do a lot of images in which Mom is staring into the camera and smiling it’s more about connecting with your baby. A great idea for Mom to wear is a maxi dress or even the maternity gown from the baby shower, or, if you had pregnancy portraits with me, you probably purchased a dress for those images. You can definitely wear the same dress again. Not only will this makes thing easier for you, the dresses are usually jersey knit, which is a breathable textile. It’s stretchy, soft, and you’ll be able to move easily.

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What To Wear Colors And Patterns

Personally, I dont really mind if my clients wear color to their newborn session. Many photographers, especially studio ones, will strong urge or insist on a very neutral palette which can be absolutely beautiful. I dont really mind if clients wear some colors but I do advise them to stick to a cohesive palette. I do telling clients to avoid certain colors hot pinks, bright fire-engine reds for example because they do not photograph well. One thing to keep in mind unique to newborn moms, there is a good chance of some leaking so keep that in mind when choosing lighter colors.

As far as large patterns or logos or text, avoid them. They will distract from the baby in your images. Think timeless and classic.

Take Inspiration From Home Decor Style

What to wear for a family photo shoot

I like to work with the colors in the clients home. If their house has more natural tones, then we go with a softer palette that compliments those colors. If the client has more of an eclectic style, then we play on that with some brighter pops of color and textures to help complement their home and personality.Jamie Rubeis Photography,

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Newborn Family Photos: What To Wear

So you had the cutest baby ever, and now you are supposed to squeeze into a new or old outfit to get some family photos at your newborn session. But what to wear? First of all, be comfortable. That’s the most important thing. Feel good wearing something you like. If it violates all of what I’m about to say, then ignore me and wear it. But if you have a few options or plan to go out and find something ahead of time, her are some thoughts to consider.

Background matters. If you like a nice clean white or light beige background, lighter colored clothing will make your skin and features pop! You want to be the contrast in the image. Similarly, if you like a dark gray, mocha, or black background, you should dress in darker solid colors to let your skin and features stand out.

What is the best bet? I love nice soft beige, muted tones of grey, or just plain white. Logos date your images, so I recommend you stay away from prints and logos as much as possible. Textures like lace and ruffles can add a bit of elegance to your photos. You want your colors to be complementary but not perfectly matching. If you have any questions, you can always send me a photo of the clothing, and I’m happy to assist in your decisions.

I’m excited to take your family’s first studio photo!


I’m always interested in new blog ideas that would help you prepare and feel more comfortable at your newborn session. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help to answer!

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