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A Little Goose Newborn Photography

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Posted on May 24, 2021

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  • There’s any way that I can get hold to Ayala? I would love to have photo session with my newborn son? Thank you!

    Go to her website https://www.alittlegoose.com/contactAnd under “contact us”, you can submit a form. She’s quick and gets back to you right away.

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Sunday July 28th 2019

The Sandhill Crane colt is doing well, following around his parents on the trails and golf course. I’ve been hoping to catch him flying again, but I’ve only seen him striding along with his parents. Everyone looks happy and healthy.

Getting a berry plucked from a bush from mom.

Showing off that wingspan.

Sunday November 3rd 2019

I spotted a Sandhill Crane family forging for food in a spot that was popular for the family that adopted the gosling. The family can be identified by the adult male having a pink bump on its outer left toe. I waited until all the bird tooties came into view, and sure enough this was the family!

Many Sandhill Cranes have already migrated south, although some do stay through the Michigan Winters. This adult pair stayed through the Winter last year Young Cranes learn the migratory route from their parents, so if the parents stay, I imagine the young Crane will as well.

The young Crane forges for his own food, although he still goes to Mom for food at times.

The red crown on his head is really starting to show!

Dad standing guard while the young Crane waits to get food from Mom.

Dad doing some feather maintenance.

The red crown showing through!

Following his family.

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Monday July 22nd 2019

I looked for the Sandhill Crane family that had adopted the Canada Goose both Saturday and Sunday, but didn’t see them on the trails. I imagine they were spending the days on the golf course.On Monday evening I stopped by the park and saw them on a nature trail, much farther down the trail than I had seen them before. They look to be increasing their range without the Goose having to keep up with them on his short little legs.I really miss that Goose.I had hoped to see the colt flying, but only once did I see him use his wings as he hopped and flapped after his parents. The last time I saw the colt he was much more active, racing the Goose and doing much more hopping and flapping around. But it could be that the young one has been trying out the wings on the golf course during the day, and by the end of the day, he’s a bit tuckered out. The family was still on a leisurely stroll down the nature trail when I left them. It was nice to see them doing well.

Thursday July 11th 2019

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The Goose had been missing from the family since Monday evening, so a group of photographers gained permission from the golf course to search for him Wednesday night. Unfortunately, the Goose was found passed away under a tree in the tall grass.

The Crane family did a wonderful job raising the little Goose. He had a Mama that was always close by and watching over him, a Dad that would stand guard and chase away potential threats, and a brother to follow around and race. While this is not the ending we hoped for, this family brought smiles to many and captured hearts with its unconditional love.

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Experience in Newborn Photography means experience in newborn safety.

As a mother, I know that the well-being of your baby is your top priority. That’s why it’s so important to me that we’re able to offer baby photography with an emphasis on safety.

We’re so proud to have had the opportunity to mentor with some incredible newborn photographers, and continuously invest in proper training, education, and equipment.

San Jose Newborn Photographer Family

I was fortunate to know this little guys great, great grandparents and his great grandparents. His great great grandmother was my grandmothers sister. Growing up in an Italian family everyone in some way is your cousin. Meeting this little man was truly something special for me. Living proof that life

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Friday July 26th 2019

The colt is flying!I didn’t get the greatest shot of him as I wasn’t expecting to see the family take off. Instead of heading to their roosting area, they flew over it and landed in the parking lot, about 300 feet away. The Sandhill Crane parents were approaching people in the parking lot, hoping for handouts The dad saw his reflection in a car bumper, saw it as a rival Sandhill Crane, and went about pecking about it for a bit while the owners of the car tried to talk him out of it.

Dad sees his reflection and attacks what he thinks is another Sandhill Crane.

Bump Newborn And Baby

Amazing baby bird wild ! Mother feeding to little baby birds #bird #short EP23

From bump, to very new newborn, to six-week-old or six-month-old, lets make some beautiful memories, either out and about or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Sessions dont have a time limit, well photograph as long as we need, and are comfortable. Maternity sessions usually last 90 minutes, family sessions 2-3 hours.
  • The session fee is payable at the time of booking and includes all preparation materials and calls including tips on what to wear.
  • After your session, youll be sent a slideshow of the images. From this slideshow, you can choose which package of images and print credit youd like to purchase.
  • Sessions include the whole family.


£99 weekdays or £199 weekends


All of my collections include a mix of digital file and print credit, enabling you to choose exactly which products youd like as part of your package. My collections start at £399.

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Hey Happy Valley Goose Bay Did You Know

I think everyone equates springtime to babies thats why I thought that it might be the perfect time to tell you Happy Valley Goose Bay, did you know that Ackland Photography offers beautiful newborn photography?

We started photographing newborns 6 years ago, and in that time weve worked with some phenomenal mentors, focused on newborn safety, and fine-tuned our workflow to ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience for you and your tiny human.

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Maternity Birth Newborn And Baby Photography In Edinburgh

As a mum of three, I totally understand how intense it can be, welcoming a new addition to your family. Whether youre first time parents or welcoming an addition to your brood, it is an intense and wonderful time. Life as a parent is a mixture of painfully slow nights and exceptionally quick years. Before you know it your tiny baby is heading off to secondary school.

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Saturday August 17th 2019

As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the Sandhill Crane family walking along paved path, poking about for worms. They suddenly ran over to a woman sitting on a blanket. She was tossing them cake. It is not a good idea to feed these birds as they will become aggressive, plus cake although quite delicious isn’t a healthy food for them.I mentioned to her that these birds will become aggressive, to which she responded “uh oh, don’t tell me that,” and then quickly got up to move away from the birds. A few minutes later a gentleman sat down at a park bench and was approached by the Sandhill Cranes. He busted open a package of peanut butter crackers and put them on the bench, where they were picked up by the parents, and then fed to the Colt. Again, not a great idea. At one point the Colt grabbed the man’s hand and began nibbling at it. I wondered if I was going to see the parents attack or the Colt’s spear-like beak go through his hand. Luckily neither of these things happened, and the man soon left. I can understand wanting to get close to these beautiful birds, but some people forget they are wild and can be dangerous.The family took refuge from the heat under the shade of a tree. Grackles were flying in, which the parents ignored but the Colt looked quite interested with their comings and goings. They were still relaxing and preening when I left them to hit the nature trails.

Watching the Grackles fly by.

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However, inviting a stranger into your life as your maternity, birth or newborn photographer is a big thing! This is a very private and sacred time in your life whoever you invite into your journey needs to be just right. You want the process to be easy, safe, relaxed. You want someone who enters your home with a nurturing, calming presence.

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Olive Theme Newborn Photoshoot: Meet Olive And Her Family

One of my favorite things as a Jacksonville newborn photographer is actually the maternity session! With maternity sessions I get to make a connection before our newborn session. There are so many options on where we can do our sessions too, we can venture to the beach, marsh areas, some beautiful greenery areas that Jacksonville

Thursday July 4th 2019

Sandhill Crane colt and Canada Goose gosling age: Two months

I was once again an early visitor to the park, arriving a little after 6:00 am. I found the Sandhill Crane family with the Sandhill Crane colt and the Canada Goose snoozing, with their parents preening nearby. At one point the Sandhill Crane colt got up from his sleeping spot, walked over to the Canada Goose, and plopped himself down next to him. I’ve seen the Goose do this, but it’s the first time I’ve spotted the Crane with this behavior.I left the Sandhill Crane family still sleeping, and didn’t see them again until my second stop at the park later that evening. I saw them emerge from the forest, cross the nature trail, and walkover to a berry bush, where Mom and young ones selected a few berries to dine on. Dad Crane was keeping an eye further down the trail, and eventually flew off in that direction. Another pair of Cranes likes to stay in that area, and they may have been too close for his liking. After a few minutes he made his way back, walking down the trail.The family walked further down the trail for a short bit, and then cut back into the woods where the Goose and the colt sat down for a quick rest. It was only a few minutes before the parents guided them down to the water and into the tall reeds, where I lost sight of them.

The Sandhill Crane colt gets up from his snoozing spot to get closer to his adopted sibling.

Mom standing nearby. Dad was off to the left.

Heading down the nature trail.

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