How To Wrap A Newborn Baby For Sleep

How To Wrap A Baby: Six Steps

How to Wrap a Baby | Three ways of Wrapping / Swaddling

1. Use a lightweight cotton or muslin wrap. Fold the top edge down by about 20 cm. Lay baby with shoulders in line with the fold.

2. Place one of babys hands under the fold.

3. Bring the edge of the wrap across the body. Tuck it under babys legs.

4. Place the other hand under the fold.

5. Bring the other edge of the wrap across babys body. Tuck in under babys back.

6. Fold any extra length up and under babys legs. Wrap firmly, but make sure that the wrap isnt too tight and that baby can fully stretch out their legs. Wrapping the legs and chest too tightly can lead to hip and breathing problems.

What Kind Of Swaddle Should You Use For Your Baby

A swaddle blanket can be made of cotton, a cotton blend, linen, muslin, or another natural material. Itâs a good idea to choose a fabric that allows for breathability, which can help keep your baby from overheating.

Besides swaddle blankets, you can also find wraps or sleeping sacks on the market, which may be easier to use. Itâs worth weighing your options when youâre shopping for one. Or, you can go with a receiving blanket, such as the one you used to take your newborn home from the hospital for the first time.

When Do I Stop Wrapping

It is recommended that you stop wrapping your baby when they show signs of being able to roll onto their tummy .

As soon as they can roll onto their tummy it is no longer safe to wrap them as they cant use their arms to lift their head off the mattress. This usually happens around 4-5 months of age but each baby will achieve this milestone at their own pace.

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Traditional Swaddle Wraps Vs Pouch Swaddles

There are two types of swaddles: a traditional swaddle wrap or a pouch . Both will ensure your baby feels secure and can help with settling to sleep. Please be wary of wraps and swaddles that don’t allow for full and uninhibited chest expansion. Those little ribs are still very soft and bendy, and an overly enthusiastic wrap has the potential to be too firm across the chest.

Whilst the idea of a swaddle is to contain the startle reflex to keep baby from waking, babies also need some arm movement to promote healthy development and shoulder joints. A swaddle shouldn’t be so tight that it pins your baby’s arms in one place. Be sure to allow some natural arm movement. Look for a swaddle with stretch, such as the Cocoon Swaddle Bag, to allow for this.

  • Typically, these are muslin, cotton wrap or a thin blanket
  • This type of wrapping is designed to swaddle your baby like a burrito
  • Newborn babies are wrapped with their arms over their chests
  • Generally, this style will be shown in hospital after you have given birth
  • This method can be hard to master, and you will often find your mini has escaped their wrap, leading to more wake-ups during the night.

Principles Of Safe Wrapping

How to Wrap a Baby
  • Consider wrapping as a strategy to be used from birth or as soon as the baby is medically well and able to tolerate wrapping, in the case of premature or sick infants.
  • Wrapping can be considered as a strategy to help older infants settle. It would be advisable that the first few times a baby is wrapped for an adult to check baby frequently as wrapping has been shown to reduce babys cortical arousal responses and increase total sleep time if they are not used to be wrapped, e.g. try several daytime naps in the first instance before wrapping for night-time or longer periods of day-time sleep.
  • Ensure that baby is positioned on the back with the feet at the bottom of the cot.
  • Ensure that baby is wrapped from below the neck to avoid covering the face.
  • Sleep baby with face uncovered .
  • Use only lightweight wraps such as cotton or muslin .
  • The wrap should be firm, to prevent loose wrapping becoming loose bedding. However the wrap should not be too tight and must allow for hip and chest wall movement.
  • Make sure that baby is not over dressed under the wrap. Use only a nappy and singlet in warmer weather and add a lightweight grow suit in cooler weather.
  • Provide a safe sleeping environment .
  • Babies must not be wrapped if sharing a sleep surface with an adult. Sharing a sleep surface with a baby can be hazardous in certain circumstances. See Red Nose information statement Sharing a sleep surface with a baby for advice about sharing a sleep surface with a baby.

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What Are The Benefits Of Swaddling My Little One

Often people say swaddling seems to help calm their little one, helping them settle more easily and sleep for longer. Yet there is little research to support these theories.

Its also thought that swaddling prevents unnecessary wake-ups caused a babys startle reflex . This is because a swaddled babys arms and legs will be contained as theyre wrapped gently in a blanket. That means they will be less likely to startle themselves awake with their flailing limbs.

A growing parenting trend considers the first three months of your babys life to be a transitional fourth trimester. The idea is that the first three months of your babys life is a complex transition period for them after they emerge from the womb to the outside world . Considering this, it makes sense that babies would enjoy being wrapped gently so they feel secure like they did in the womb.

Medical opinion on whether swaddling is a good practice or not is divided. So, if youre considering swaddling your baby, make sure you always follow safe swaddling guidelines to protect your little one.

Parentsis It Safe To Swaddle Babies

Learning how to swaddle a baby correctly is key, said Jude J. Cope, DO, a pediatrician and assistant professor of clinical medicine at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University.

When done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep, said Dr. Cope.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Safe Sleep provides the following instructions on how to swaddle a baby:

  • Spread a blanket out flat, with one corner folded down.
  • Lay the baby face-up on the blanket, with their head above the folded corner.
  • Straighten their left arm, and wrap the left corner of the blanket over the body and tuck it between their right arm and the right side of the body.
  • Then tuck the right arm down, and fold the right corner of the blanket over the body and under their left side.
  • Fold or twist the bottom of the blanket loosely and tuck it under one side of the baby.
  • Make sure the hips can move and that the blanket is not too tight, especially around the chest, so as not to restrict the babys breathing.
  • Pediatricians caution that improper swaddling may cause problems in the hips of a newborn.

    The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends wraps and sleep sacks that have a loose pouch sack for the babys legs and feet, are not too confining around the thighs, and that allow plenty of hip movement, Cope said.

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    Keep Your Babys Room Completely Dark

    Its a well known fact that light, and blue light more specifically, can prevent us from falling asleep because it blocks a special substance, melatonin, which is sleep-inducing. Melatonin is a natural hormone that is made by your bodys pineal gland and controls night and day cycles .

    Any light source will decrease the production of melatonin as it signals the body that its time to wake up and be active. While you can buy OTC melatonin, its not advised. Its better if you ensure that all the lights are turned off and theres outside lights coming in your babys room. Make the room completely dark and your baby will enjoy a good nights sleep while its body will produce the necessary melatonin that will adjust its bodys internal sleep/wake clock.

    The Benefits Of Swaddling

    Easy instructions for Front Wrap Cross Carry | Newborn Woven Wrap Babywearing | The Sleep Store

    For as long as there have been mothers and babiesand baby blankiesthere has been swaddling. The oft-repeated benefit of swaddling is that it reminds baby of the comfort and safety of being in the womb. This is true, and thats thanks to these swaddling benefits:i

    • Being securely contained helps baby adjust to life outside of their mothe
    • Babys wriggling arms and legs are kept in place, which prevents the startle reflex
    • The warmth of a swaddle keeps baby cozy until they can regulate their own temperature

    The added security of being swaddled may encourage baby to sleep longer and cry less. Whats not to love about this tried and true wrap?

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    Swaddling: How To Safely Swaddle Your Baby For Sleep

    Hi! If youre new here, welcome. Perhaps you’re expecting your first mini, youre adding to your family and need a quick refresher, or your baby is about to have a baby, and you want to relearn to lend a hand congratulations to all of you!

    Whatever the reason, we understand how overwhelming it can be whenever a mini is on the way. Our job is to guide you through the process of swaddling and answer all your burning questions. As many of us are mothers ourselves, we’ve been where you are, and we want to ensure you feel supported as you enter into this journey of newborn sleep.

    Which Is Better: A Swaddle Sack Or A Swaddle Wrap

    When it comes to choosing between a swaddling wrap or sleep sack, one is not better than the other, according to Cope.

    It is what you as a parent feel more comfortable with and the preference of your baby, she said. If you cant get the hang of swaddling, there are many commercially made wraps and sleep sacks available that can mimic the feeling of being swaddled and achieve the desired calming effect.

    In addition, Cope pointed out that swaddling does not always have to include the entire body. An alternative would be to just swaddle the upper extremities and allow the legs to move freely, she said.

    And sometimes, just when parents attain the perfect swaddling technique, its time to stop. Parents should stop swaddling when their baby shows signs of rolling over, Cope said. This may be as early as 2 months of age.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Swaddling

    The benefits of swaddling include:

    • Helping to keep your baby warm when sheâs sleeping

    • Limiting the startle reflex, which can wake your baby during sleep

    • Providing her with a sense of safety and security by mimicking the snug environment of the womb

    • Helping keep your baby calm, possibly even when your baby has colic

    • Comforting your baby during something that can be a little uncomfortable, like a vaccination, for example.

    Why Babies & Parents Love The Cocoon Swaddle Bag:

    2Pcs Newborn Baby Floral Snuggle Swaddling Wrap Blanket ...
    • The arm poppers transition from arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleeping bag
    • A zip enclosure protects your child’s delicate skin
    • A bell-shaped bottom aids healthy hip and joint development
    • Is it TOG-rated for warmth so theres no need for blankets
    • Two-way zipper allows for easy nappy changes
    • Gives a feeling of closeness and comfort, mimicking the womb
    • Restricts startle reflex whilst allowing movement for healthy growth
    • Super stretchy for comfort, full chest expansion and allows for growth spurts
    • Soft, breathable organic cotton is gentle on newborn skin
    • Our fabric is GOTS certified, meeting environmental & social responsibility criteria
    • We choose water-based ink for our prints, meaning they’re non-toxic & friendly for your child’s skin and are better for our environment
    • If its too hot, unzip the swaddle at the bottom and allow baby to have their air circulate and cool them down
    • Can be used for the start of sleep associations and
    • Every pouch comes with a FREE room thermometer to help you navigate the TOGS.

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    How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Comfortable

    Given that babies cant talk, it can feel like were left to decode their every coo and cry. Sometimes we get it right. Other times? Not so much. But parents quickly learn to pick up on their babys cues and look to them as insightful clues.

    If your nugget is fed and changed but still acting distressed, they may be uncomfortable or too hot or cold. Of course, there are some noteworthy physical indicators to look for too.

    Perspiration, rash, wet hair, red cheeks, and quickened breathing are a few signs that a baby is potentially overheating. Note that a babys extremities might remain cold to the touch, as their tiny circulatory system is still developing.

    When in doubt, feel the skin on your babys neck, tummy, or chest. If these areas are hot or sweaty, youll want to take immediate action to get them cooler. Remember, overheating has been linked to SIDS, so lower the room temperature and/or remove one layer and check back in a few minutes.

    While overheating is certainly the bigger concern, youll also want to make sure that your wee one is not too cold. If you notice that your infants hands and feet are looking slightly blueish, it might be time to turn up the heat or add a layer. Dont panic those cute fingers and toesies should return to their regularly rosy state in no time.

    Is Boba Wrap Safe For Newborns

    The Boba Wrap can be used safely for babies and toddlers, depending on the model. The classic Boba Wrap can be used for babies as young as 18-20 months. The structured carriers can last even longer due to their adjustable straps and seats.

    Just make sure you follow the Boba Wrap instructions and keep your baby supported whenever they shift positions.

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    Should I Swaddle My Baby Is It Ok To Wrap A Baby To Sleep

    When it comes to dressing your baby for sleep in summer, you may be wondering if you can swaddle them.

    Swaddling means wrapping them up like an adorable little burrito for bedtime.

    While newborns usually enjoy being swaddled , its essential to do so safely during hot weather.

    Choose a lightweight and breathable fabric for swaddling to prevent overheating. A wrap made from 100% cotton is ideal during the summer months.

    Remember that swaddling is no longer considered a safe option once your baby can roll over, due to the increased risk of suffocation.

    If swaddling works for you, you might find that sleep sacks for older babies are an effective alternative once they start rolling over.

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