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Are Parents Choice Diapers Eco

All Good Diapers Review | New Walmart Diaper Brand!

If its important for you to find eco-friendly diapers, Parents Choice is not the best fit. Loads of diaper brands, like Ecoriginals, Dyper Diapers, and Eco Pea Diapers can boast that their diapers are made from sustainably-resourced plant-based materials and their diapers are partly biodegradable. This means fewer diapers heading straight to landfill.

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Aside from biodegradable diapers, some companies, while not producing diapers that can be composted, are doing their best to minimize waste during production. Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers, an Amazon brand, reuse or recycle all of their production waste, therefore minimizing their impact on the world around us.

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The same cant be said for Parents Choice diapers, which dont list any kind of eco-credentials in their description. It doesnt look like Walmart are committed to reducing their impact on the environment when it comes to the production of Parents Choice diapers, theyre not biodegradable, and it doesnt seem that any plant-based materials are used.

On the other hand, Parents Choice diapers are very budget-friendly, which cant be said for certain eco-friendly brands. However, even brands like Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers, which are incredibly budget-friendly, are doing their bit.

What Are Parents Choice Diapers Made From

Its more important than ever to make sure the diapers youre putting on your baby are safe, both for them and, preferably, for the environment too. Many diaper brands are realizing that parents and carers want transparency when it comes to the materials they use, and so many offer a full ingredients list, so its easy to make an informed choice.

Unfortunately, Walmart doesnt seem to display the materials they use on their site, which means that its tricky to work out whats actually in them without contacting them directly. Id always suggest buying diapers from brands that list ingredients readily. There can be so many hidden, nasty chemicals in diapers, so its good to know what exactly were putting on a babys skin. All Walmart really reveals about their diapers is that theyre latex-free, perfume-free and hypoallergenic.

It might seem promising that theyre hypoallergenic, but this isnt actually regulated by the FDA, so its actually pretty easy for brands to claim this.

Pay Attention To Cost Per Diaper Not Cost Per Package

Youll use the number you came up with for your diaper usage per month in order to calculate your average cost of diapers per month .

But, alert! You cannot use diaper package prices to compare actual cost of diapers across brands.

Why? Because diaper package prices stay the same for every size, but you get fewer diapers as the sizes increase, thus driving up the cost per diaper as the size increases. Heres an example from Targets Up& Up brand, but most brands do this with sizing and quantities:

  • Size 1: $4.79 for 44 diapers
  • Size 2: $4.79 for 37 diapers
  • Size 3: $4.79 for 32 diapers
  • Size 4: $4.79 for 28 diapers
  • Size 5: $4.79 for 24 diapers
  • Size 6: $4.79 for 21 diapers

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Can You Return An Opened Pack Of Diapers To Walmart

If youve opened the pack of diapers, you may not be able to return it, customer service representatives told us. Because open diaper packages cannot be resold under any circumstances due to state and federal health and safety regulations, a store manager will likely refuse the return.

Also, if youve removed any of the diapers, the return will not be accepted.

Honest Objective Reviews Led By A Pediatrician

Pampers Swaddlers Soft and Absorbent Diapers, Size N, 140 Ct

BabyGearLab was founded by a Pediatrician Mom with a mission to provide a reliable, independent, source of information to new parents. Our experts have tested thousands of baby and kids products to share key performance, health, and safety findings. We spend tens of thousands of dollars crash testing car seats to inform our ratings. And, we combine our review work with gobs of expert parenting advice. To assure complete independence, we buy all the products we test ourselves. No sponsored content. No ads. Just real, honest, side-by-side testing by people who care.

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Are Diapers Really Cheaper At Sams Club

The cost of diapers can really add up, so even small savings on this necessary baby expense are welcome. Not only can you find cheaper diapers by carefully shopping amongst different diaper brands, but different stores can also save you some good money on your diaper budget. Many things are much cheaper at warehouse stores, such as Sams Club are diapers one of them?

For nearly every brand and size, diapers really are cheaper to buy at Sams Club. If you already have a club membership then you can save substantially on all baby supplies diapers, wipes, and even formula. If you dont have a membership, youll need to pay at least $45 for a yearly membership to shop at the store.

Keep reading for a cost breakdown of Sams Club diapers, as well as a side-by-side comparison of how Sams Club prices compare to those of other stores.

  • Members Mark vs. Up & Up
  • Why Do I Have A Surplus Of Newborn Diapers

    According to the Mayo Clinic, the average baby has the potential to grow from a half-inch to one inch each month.

    The same infant has the potential to gain, on average, from five to seven ounces in weight per week.

    The average newborn baby will require from six to nine diaper changes per day, and often outgrow their newborn diapers within the first month.

    It is not unusual for parents to receive diapers as gifts prior to their babys birth.

    Given the infants rapid growth rate during the first month of an infants life, buying new diapers can be an expensive endeavor.

    This is why parents often find themselves with a surplus of newborn diapers that no longer fit their infant after the first month.

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    How Many Diapers Will You Need

    Before we get to the cost, its important to realize just how many diapers youll be buying once your baby is born. According to parenting site New Kids-Center, the average baby goes through roughly 2,960 diapers in the first year. Of course, every baby is different and that number is just an estimate, but the sheer quantity of diapers needed is an eye-opener for many parents.The price-per-diaper also varies widely depending on the brand, type, size and retailer, so if you dont do your homework, you can easily spend way more than you need to.Its difficult to calculate the number of diapers babies go through after the first year since it depends on when they begin potty training. Thats why were sticking to the first 12 months. Heres a great diaper size chart for a few of the most popular brands that can come in handy when planning your next big diaper purchase.

    Snatch Up Some Free Diapers Because You Deserve Nice Things

    New Parent’s Choice Diapers VS Old | Walmart Diaper Review. Are The New Diapers Good?

    The surefire and consistent way to get free diapers is to join diaper loyalty programs through the diaper brand, like Huggies Rewards. You earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on Huggies diapers. When you reach 4,000 points , you can redeem points for a small package of diapers.

    Considering youll spend an average of $75 per month buying diapers, youll get a free package about once every five and a half months.

    Or sign up for a Target Baby Registry and get a one-time welcome pack that includes a few free diapers.

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    Are Diapers Really Cheaper At Costco

    Everyone knows that diapers are a recurring baby expense that adds up fast. You cant just stop buying diapers , but you can shop smart and find the best deals to get the most bang for your buck. You expect to save money when you buy in bulk at wholesale stores like Costco, but does that apply to diapers?

    Costco may not save you the most money when purchasing diapers, but the $60 membership fee may be worth it if you choose to do much of your shopping at the warehouse store. Overall, purchasing Huggies diapers at Costco is likely to save you money, but youre better off purchasing other stores house brands if youre really looking to save money.

    Keep reading for a per-diaper cost breakdown of Costco diapers, as well as a side-by-side comparison of how Costcos diapers compare to some major competitors

    Diaper Prices Vary Widely

    As a starting point, heres a snapshot of prices on Pampers Swaddlers as of January 2017 . If you bought this popular brand for the first year, youd save close to $500 if you bought through Family versus Walgreens. That number could obviously fluctuate depending on how quickly your baby outgrows each size. For example, you might not need a lot of newborn-sized diapers, or any at all, depending on how much your baby weighs when shes born and how quickly she grows.

    Amazon Family offers the biggest savings here due to the 20% discount on all diaper subscriptions for Prime members. Throw in the free two-day shipping and this is a game changer for busy parents. Of course, youll have to shell out the $99 annual Prime fee. If the perks of Prime make sense for you, though, then its definitely a good deal.You may be wondering whether you can get better prices if you stick to store brands or if you buy in bulk. It depends. With our two girls, we stuck strictly to buying Huggies in bulk at Costco. But my latest research shows that these cost anywhere from $0.20 to $0.36 per diaper across all sizes. The Costco Kirkland diapers brand is a little less steep , but still more than what Id pay today for Pampers Swaddlers at Amazon, Walmart or Target.

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    Is It Cheaper To Buy Diapers At Sams Club Than Target

    If you have a Sams Club membership and you dont have a Target RedCard, it is definitely cheaper to buy diapers at Sams Club. If you regularly shop at Target instead of Sams Club, it may be worth looking into whether or not a Target subscription would be worth it for you.


    Huggies at Target are extremely pricey when compared to the same product bought at Sams Club. Shopping at Sams Club can save you up to 10 cents per diaper, or over $10 on each box of diapers you buy!


    Should I Get A Convertible Crib

    Pampers Baby

    It depends on your lifestyle. If you like the idea of making one crib purchase and eventually converting it into a bed as your baby grows, a convertible crib could work for you. Convertible cribs are so named because they can convertusually to a toddler bed and daybed. This style of convertible crib is known as a three-in-one. There are also four-in-one cribs that can further transform into a double bed, but the conversion kits are usually sold separately.

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    How To Save Money On Diapers At Walmart

    Even though buying diapers at Walmart is almost always less expensive than going to Target, there are still ways to save even more money.

    Shop the store brand

    When you need the absolute cheapest diapers at the lowest price possible, Walmarts Parents Choice brand fits the bill. At just $.09 per diaper in the smallest sizes, these diapers are a great option for new parents looking to stock up.

    Even the largest sizes are less than a quarter per diaper. Parents Choice definitely delivers on value!

    Use manufacturers coupons

    Most major diaper brands offer coupons from time to time. Sign up for their email lists and mail newsletters to be alerted of the best deals as soon as they come out.

    Earn cashback with Ibotta

    When you download the Ibotta app and sign up, you can link your account directly to stores like Walmart to earn cash back on your purchases.

    Check the app before you shop to see which products are eligible. For example, right now on the app, Ibotta is offering shoppers $3.00 back on Huggies Snug & Dry diapers.

    Can You Mail In Diaper Returns To Walmart

    Millions of consumers are attracted to the convenience of online shopping.

    It is fast, easy, and affordable with a store dedicated to supporting families, as Walmart is.

    The company allows customers who wish to return diapers to do so by mailing them back to the store if desired.

    In order for this to occur, the order must be located online where a shipping label can be printed.

    This, too, must occur within ninety days of purchase.

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    Is It Cheaper To Buy Diapers On Amazon Or Costco

    Amazon has risen through the ranks to provide major competition with brick and mortar stores even for mundane purchases like dry goods.

    Membership isnt required to shop and order online through the giant virtual company, but Amazon does offer Prime Membership at an annual cost of $119 . Hundreds of items qualify for 2-day free shipping under this fee.

    If you choose to sign up for Subscribe and Save, you can save 5% or even 20% on your diaper purchases.

    What Is The Cheapest Brand Of Diapers

    Huggies Special Delivery Baby Diaper Review | Oh Mother

    To recap, you can buy the cheapest diapers on any given day at Walmart or Aldi.

    If you are willing to watch and wait for sales, you can buy the cheapest diapers at Kroger with Target being relatively close behind.

    I hope this price comparison helps you save money on diapers!

    Are you surprised by the cheapest diaper results? How do you like to save money on diapers?

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    Walmart Online Marketplace Returns For Diapers

    If you purchase diapers from a Walmart marketplace seller, you need to send a message to them before Walmart can assist you with a refund.

    That said, marketplace returns have different requirements than the Walmart Store return policy.

    For , you only have 30 days to return items.

    Also, refunds initiated online require 48 hours for Walmart to acknowledge and update the system to process your refund.

    Additionally, there are three methods to return the diapers to Walmart after you initiate an online claim with a marketplace seller:

    • Print the order barcode or return email and bring them along with the diapers to the Walmart store.
    • Print the return label included in the email, place diapers in a shipping box, and take them to USPS or FedEx for return.
    • Print the return label from your confirmation email and attach it to a shipping box schedule a home pickup with UPS via the website.

    What Safety Features Should A Baby Crib Have

    All infant products sold in Canada must meet certain government safety standards. Many Canadian items also have American safety certifications from organizations such as the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association . These certifications arent absolutely necessary but knowing that companies have voluntarily submitted their products for extra safety testing may offer peace of mind.

    Youll want to keep an eye out for a few more things:

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    What Happens If You Leave A Diaper On Too Long

    If you leave a diaper on for too long, the child can become very uncomfortable. The diaper may also cause skin irritation. In extreme cases, the childs urinary tract could become infected. It is important to change diapers often so that the child stays comfortable and healthy.

    It is especially important to change a babys diaper as soon as possible after they have wet or pooped in it. This helps prevent skin irritation and other health problems. Diapers should also be changed when they are visibly soiled. By following these guidelines, you can help keep your child healthy and happy!

    Can I Return Diapers To Walmart Without A Receipt

    Luvs Super Absorbent Leakguards Newborn Diapers Size 4 144 count ...

    When you are buying a million and one things for your new baby, sometimes receipts can get lost. If you have misplaced your receipt or the diapers were a gift, you can still return them to Walmart.

    The returns process is a little more complex than when you have a receipt but it is still fairly quick and straightforward.

    When returning diapers to Walmart without a receipt, you will need to bring your valid photo ID into the store. The Walmart employee will check your ID against the details they have about you on their system and if the two matches, your return will be accepted.

    What if the diapers were a gift, we hear you ask. In this scenario, Walmart may still accept the return even if you dont have the receipt.

    The Walmart cashier team member will need to verify the diapers are sold by Walmart and can be entered back into their system as a return. Different stores often sell the same brands of diapers but the packet sizes may vary.

    It is not a guarantee that Walmart will allow you to return the diapers if they are not a packet currently being sold in store.

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    How Much Does A Crib Cost

    Like all furniture, crib cost ranges widelyfrom $100 to over $5000and many variables factor into the price like materials, extra storage and brand. You may pay more for:

    • Organic or all-natural materials
    • The ability to convert to a toddler bed or full-sized bed
    • Extra storage or a built-in change table
    • A designer brand

    Unless you choose a luxury model, its likely that youll spend between $150 and $500 on your babys crib and another $75 to $200 for the mattress.

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