How Much Sleep Should My Newborn Get

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How much sleep should my newborn baby have? | NHS
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Week 3 Of The Newborn Sleep Schedule

Now that your baby is about 3 weeks old and is getting the hang of full feeds and has their days and nights mostly fixed, its time to start thinking about teaching your baby to fall asleep on their own.

Why worry about this so early?

Heres why because they are probably already doing it at this point and their drive to sleep is still strong.

2 and 3 week old babies often go to sleep on their own without much fuss, and if you want that to continue then now is the time to start good habits.

As babies get bigger theyll stop this and thats when you get in a pickle.

Having to jump through hoops and use newfangled vibrating equipment, washing machines, and cars to get baby to sleep.

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A Note On Sleep Patterns And Cycles

Within the first 6 weeks after birth, babies typically take a nap between their 2 or 3 hourly feeds.

For the first three weeks of a babys life, they are relying on maternal melatonin to help them prepare for sleep and their drive to sleep is strong.

Sleep cycles typically last about 45 minutes to an hour for newborns.

0-10 minutes they start to fall asleep, 10 to 20 minutes they are getting into deeper sleep.

20 to 30 minutes they are heavily asleep, 30 to 40 minutes they are coming out of heavy sleep, and 40 to 50 or 60 minutes they are in light sleep and easy to wake up.

This is why if you help baby to sleep by patting or shushing, but only do it for 5 minutes, baby wakes up or cries.

Its because they are not yet in deep sleep.

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Baby And Children Sleep Chart

How much sleep does your baby need? When will your child sleep through the night? How many naps are normal now? Check out our age-by-age sleep guide.

Here’s a ballpark estimate for how much your baby or child should be sleeping, but remember that all kids are different, and some may need a little more or less than others.

Newborn-4 months

Naps: 7-9 hours

4-12 months

Naps: 4-5 hours

1-2 years

Naps: 2-3 hours

3-5 years

Nighttime Sleep: 10-13 hours

Naps: 0-1 hours

6-12 years

How Much Do Newborns Sleep

While most little ones average 14 to 17 hours of sleep in the early days, up to 18 and 19 hours may still be normal, according to Nemours Health. After a brief period of wakefulness, infants become extra sleepy during the initial 24 hours after birth, thanks to hormones, maternal medications, and just being pooped out from delivery.

Beyond the first day of life, newborns continue to do little but sleep and eat. Most of this sleep happens in short bursts of two or three hours since their tiny tummies can only hold a small amount of milk at a time.

According to research, newborns have immature circadian rhythms, which is the internal 24-hour clock regulating activities like sleep. This internal rhythm usually takes one to three months to start functioning properly. This explains why most babies snooze the day away and want to party all night.

We also know that infants have shorter and lighter sleep cycles, which allows them to wake frequently and easily to feed and may have protective benefits when it comes to preventing SIDS .

Learn more: How Much Sleep Do Babies and Kids Need?

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Can Infants Sleep Too Much

Yes, its possible for babies to sleep too much and its definitely not recommended early in infancy. Remember, at 1 month of age your baby should feed at least eight to 12 times in the span of 24 hours, so letting a newborn sleep all day or more than the upper limit of 17 hours can mean shell miss out on the nutrition she needs.

Keep in mind that youll need to gently rouse your baby if she sleeps longer than four hours during those early weeks. And if she isnt awake enough to eat at least eight times a day, call your pediatrician for advice.

Baby Sleep Schedule: 2

How much sleep should my 2-month old get?

Your day should start around…

6 to 6:30 AM

Bedtime should be around…

8 to 10 PM

When to Feed: Your baby’s stomach is a little bigger now, so they’ll stay full for longer, but babies at this age still typically need to be fed every few hours – including throughout the night.

Zen tip: Here’s when you can start implementing a baby bedtime routine. You’ve probably already picked up on the things that seem to soothe your baby. Stories? Baths? Swaddling? Try some different calming activities out and develop a nighttime routine that helps relax your baby and prepare them for sleep. Having a consistent routine is SO important for healthy sleep.

The Zen Swaddle makes a great addition to any bedtime routine. It’s gently weighted center and sides help soothe babies more than a traditional swaddle blanket. The weight helps to mimic your touch, so they can feel your loving embrace, even once you put them down to sleep. Additionally, the Zen Swaddle is effective in combating Moro Reflex, which is prevalent in most babies until 5 to 6 months old.

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Is My Newborn Sleeping To Much

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

HealthTap doctors are based in the U.S., board certified, and available by text or video.

When You Should Call A Doctor

Most parents have strong intuition when something isnt right. If youre concerned, its best to reach out to your pediatrician. Its better to make the call and have it be nothing than to not make the call and something concerning goes undiscovered.

Contact your healthcare provider if your baby:

  • Seems overly fussy/irritable and is difficult to soothe
  • Has a fever or shows other signs of illness
  • Is difficult to rouse from sleep
  • Isnt interested in feeding
  • Isnt having adequate wet/dirty diapers
  • Has sunken eyes/fontanelle

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Changes In Your Newborns Sleep

How much sleep should my little one really be getting??

Your newborn wont have much of a schedule until their a few months old, but there will be somewhat of a pattern present. If theres a sudden change in your babys usual patterns, it could be due to one of the reasons described below.

Unpredictability due to the Newborn Sleep Cycle/Pattern

While your newborn might have your eyes or nose, they definitely do not have your sleep cycle. Newborn sleep patterns are completely different than adults because they wake much more frequently and erratically during any stretch of sleep. This is completely natural, but be prepared for some serious unpredictability with their sleep cycle, especially during the first two months. Read our article to learn more about Your Babys Sleep Cycle.

Growth Spurts

Your baby is literally growing right before your eyes every single day. If your newborn is experiencing a growth spurt, you might find that they are eating constantly. And if shes not eating, its because shes sleeping. This is completely normal, and necessary! During a growth spurt, babies need the extra rest and nourishment. Your baby is likely to go through a growth spurt at:

– 7-10 Days Old- 3 Months Old

4 Month Sleep Regression
Sleeping Through the Night

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Getting Baby On A Sleep Schedule Baby Sleep Simplified

Just How Much Do Babies Sleep? A detailed Sleep Schedule for Your Babys 1st Year and answers to How Much Sleep Should A Newborn Get

Talk to experienced moms and dads about infant sleep, and the one thing youll hear over and over is the importance of developing a baby sleep schedule.

Healthy sleep patterns begin with a schedule. Heres how and when to get your baby on a routine sleep schedule.

In fact, getting your infant on a sleep schedule early on could be the key to healthy sleep now and for several years to come. Heres when and how to get your child on a sleep schedule.

Here Are A Few Tips To Make Sure Your Baby Gets The Sleep She Needs:

  • Keep in mind the average amount of sleep appropriate for your babys age.
  • Know your specific babys average by logging your babys sleep for a week or two.
  • Dont fall into the trap that later bedtime or keeping babies up longer will promote longer naps or better night sleep or waking later in the morning. Over-tiredness is the #1 reason babies take short naps, have more night-wakings, and wake earlier in the morning. Strange, but true. Consider reviewing our sample baby sleep and feeding schedules.
  • Dont fall into the trap thinking your baby doesnt need more sleep because shes happy all the time. Some babies get cranky without enough sleep and others dont. Even if your baby is happy, she may still need more sleep than you are offering.
  • If your baby is sleeping less than the averages and is happy, then dont stress too much that you are forcing more sleep than she can sleep. If you know HER average and shes getting close to that AND shes happy, breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Adjust how much sleep your baby needs as she gets older. Most of the time, babies will not need two hours less sleep overnight. However, your baby will slowly need less over time. This should only decrease at a slow rate, though.

Knowing how much sleep your baby needs is the first step to better sleep. Figuring out how to get that much sleep is a whole other matter. Hopefully these tips help get you on the right path.

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