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BenefitsCal: How to submit a Medi-Cal renewal.

In the Bay Area, parents who qualify for a health plan and financial help through Covered California may be told that their children qualify for another program called CCHIP. As with Medi-Cal, sometimes parents want to decline CCHIP and add those children to the Covered California plan, but unfortunately, they are unable to.

Parents who decline CCHIP enrollment for their child will continue to qualify for financial help for their health plan, but children can only be enrolled in a separate, full-cost plan through Covered California.

If you have questions about CCHIP enrollment, call 912-2447.

Medical Care Services Provided

Covered services for participants of MO HealthNet for Kids, MO HealthNet for pregnant women and newborns, and MHF are the same as for MO HealthNet participants.

Health screenings, medical exams, immunizations, and other medically necessary treatment are among the covered services. Examples of covered services include:

  • primary, acute and preventive care
  • inpatient hospital care
  • outpatient hospital services, including diagnostic services rendered through a hospital outpatient department or clinic
  • laboratory and x-ray services when prescribed by a physician, and provided by either physicians, clinics, x-ray facilities, or laboratories
  • physical, occupational and speech therapy **
  • dental, hearing and vision care **
  • home and community-based services such as nursing and personal care **
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • mental health services such as outpatient counseling and inpatient psychiatric treatment **.

* Not available to children in higher income families receiving MO HealthNet for Kids.

** Services are limited for adults age 21 and over.

For more information on these services, see About the MO HealthNet Division.

If an eligible person has other medical insurance, that insurance company must be billed before MO HealthNet is billed with some exceptions.

Can I Get Medicaid Can I Register For Medi

Any California resident can register for Medicaid through Medi-Cal and other Medi-Cal programs. Since Medi-Cal has more than 90 eligibility categories, applying can help you understand if you fall under one of them. The people who qualify for Medi-Cal can include:

  • Low-income adults

For more information on Medi-Cal registration in your area, contact your countys social services office.

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What If I Am Disabled

  • To get Medi-Cal as a disabled person, you must have severe physical and/or mental problem which will:
  • Last at least 12 months in a row and,
  • Stop you from working during those 12 months, OR
  • Possibly result in death.
  • You must prove your disabling physical and/or mental problem with medical records, tests, and other medical findings. The medical problem must be the main reason why you do not work.
  • The Mother And/or Father Has An Individual Or Family Health Insurance Plan

    Setting a Medi

    If you have an individual or family health insurance plan, call your insurance company directly and talk to them about what options they offer for adding a newborn to your plan. You should ask them questions such as:

    • How much will it cost to add my newborn to my individual or family plan?
    • What process do I need to follow to get my newborn added to my plan?
    • When will coverage begin for my newborn?
    • Will the coverage for my newborn be the same as my coverage?

    If this is not your first child, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the increase you had with the first baby will not occur with your second or third. Its also important to note that when you add another child to the family, its often worth revisiting health insurance plans for the entire family. For example, you may have your child on a separate plan, but now that you have two children, there may be a better family plan rate available.

    If parents are not on the same individual or family health plan, its important to compare coverage to see whether the mother or fathers health insurance policy offers the better value for the newborn. This may also be an opportunity to get more value from your health insurance policy by searching for a family health insurance policy that covers both parents and the new child.

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    How To Report A Change

    When the information that you put on your application changes during the year, you must report it. Changes to things like your address, family size and income can affect whether you qualify for Medi-Cal or get help paying for your health insurance through Covered California.

    People with Medi-Cal must report changes to their local county office within 10 days of the change. If you have health insurance through Covered California, you must report changes within 30 days.

    You must report a change if you:

  • Get married or divorced.
  • Have a child, adopt a child or place a child for adoption.
  • Have a change in income.
  • Get health coverage through a job or a program like Medicare or Medi-Cal.
  • Move.
  • Have a change in disability status.
  • Gain or lose a dependent.
  • Have a change in tax-filing status.
  • Have a change in status as an American Indian or Alaska Native or change your tribal status.
  • Have a correction to your name, date of birth or Social Security number.
  • Experience any other changes that may affect your income and household size.
  • Note:â¯Covered California does not require members to report a pregnancy. If you are an existing Covered California member, it is not necessary or recommended to report a pregnancy unless you are interested in other coverage options for pregnant women such as Medi-Cal or the Medi-Cal Access Program.â¯Detailed information related to pregnancy coverage can be found here.


    Getting Ready For A New Arrival Understanding Health Insurance For Your Growing Family

    Whether youâre expecting a baby, adopting, or fostering a child, hereâs how to make sure your newest addition is covered from day one.

    Even lifeâs most joyous events come with responsibilities â maybe none more so than preparing for the arrival of a new family member. Whether you are an adoptive parent, a first-time mom or a veteran foster dad, your childâs wellbeing will be your top concern. Once you bring your child home, youâll want to give them all of your attention, so take the time now to look into health coverage options for your growing family.

    Todayâs the Day

    However long youâve waited for your child, you wonât have to wait for health insurance. Through Covered California, you can add or change coverage as soon as your little one arrives.

    Covered California is a free service that helps connect California residents with brand-name health insurance as well as financial and enrollment help for those who need it. Usually, you can only purchase health insurance through Covered California during the yearly sign-up period known as open enrollment. Certain exceptions are granted for life-changing events â and for good reason, having a new child qualifies.

    Safeguard Your Family
    Keep Your Paperwork Handy

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    New Baby With Covered California

    Question: I am currently pregnant and I don’t know how the process works for getting my newborn health coverage. I also have a one and a half year old who is covered under Medi-Cal. Please help!

    Answer: As soon as possible after your child is born, notify Covered California to add your newborn to your account. The newborn is covered under the mother’s CC coverage during the first month after birth. You say you already have a child on Medi-Cal. If this is because your household income makes all of your children under 19 eligible for Medi-Cal, your newborn will be covered by Medi-Cal retroactive to his or her date of birth.


    Dont Get Stuck Without Newborn Insurance Coverage In California

    California Budget: Governor Gavin Newsom talks changes to Medi-Cal, prescription drugs

    Neglecting to plan to get health insurance for your newborn will result in significant financial burdens. If a mother has a child without insurance in California, she could owe up to $45,000 for the delivery of her child alone. Even if both parents have insurance, failing to get a plan in place for their newborn to have coverage on day 31, after the 30 days of coverage as an extension of the mother, can result in paying an additional 20% more the entire first year as a penalty for not having coverage.

    At Health for California, our goal is to make it easy for Californians to get the health insurance coverage they need for themselves and their newborn. Our website is focused on educating those who may not know much about health insurance, and to make it easy to find an affordable health insurance solution for mothers, fathers and children. Begin your new adventure as parents by requesting a free, no obligation quote on our website so you can be sure your newborn has the best health insurance plan from the moment they arrive.

    Not sure how Obamacare affects your health care plans in California? Learn how the ACA works in California, including benefits, costs and enrollment.

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    When Should I Call The Doctor

    • One or both tear ducts can get blocked and cause eye problems. Normally the ducts open on their own before too long, usually by the baby’s first birthday. But sometimes they stay clogged, which can cause tearing and eye discharge. Call your doctor if you suspect an eye infection.
    • Fever in a newborn should be reported to your doctor right away.
    • A runny nose can make it hard for a baby to breathe well, especially during feeding. You can help ease discomfort by using a rubber bulb aspirator to gently suction mucus from the nose. Call your doctor if you have concerns about your baby’s breathing.
    • It’s normal for newborns to have loose stools or to spit up after feedings. But very loose and watery stools and forceful vomiting could mean there is a problem. Call your doctor if your baby:

    How Do I Get Medi

    You can get Medi-Cal through Covered California and your county social services office. You will soon also have the option to apply through Health for California. These services offer multiple ways to apply so you can choose an option that works for your schedule and preferences. Your county office and insurance plan will contact you when you become enrolled so you can get started.

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    How To Add A Baby To Health Insurance

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    As you welcome a new baby into your family, you may be considering how you can ensure your new addition has health insurance coverage. If you have health insurance already through your employer or through a family health care plan, you can add your new baby to your existing health plan by following several steps.

    The Mother And/or Father Has Health Insurance Through An Employer

    LA Care

    If you have a group health insurance policy through your employer, start by talking to your human resources office. Here are a few questions you should ask:

    • How much will it cost to add my newborn to my group plan?
    • What are the benefits that are included in that price? Are there any specific to newborns?
    • What paperwork do I need to fill out to add my newborn to my group plan?
    • What is the deadline to have the paperwork submitted?
    • When will the coverage start?

    The mother and father of the baby should compare notes on how much it will cost to add the child to the group plan and should also review the benefits of each plan to determine the best value. If one parent has health insurance through an employer, and the other parent has an individual health insurance plan, review the cost and the benefits to see which policy is best for your newborn.

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    Newborn Insurance Coverage In California

    There is so much to prepare when youre expecting a baby especially when its the first time. In the midst of setting up the nursery, making extra trips to the doctor for prenatal appointments and securely fastening your brand new baby car seat, its surprisingly easy to forget about getting a plan in place for newborn health insurance coverage. Whether you, as a parent, have health insurance, but dont know much about it, or dont have health insurance at all, navigating the process of getting your newborn health insurance coverage can be tough.

    Unfortunately, health insurance for newborns isnt something that just happens on its own. While there is a short buffer period built in to give newborns coverage through his/her mothers insurance, the longer you wait to get newborn insurance coverage in California, the more you will end up having to pay. While the Affordable Care Act and California State Laws make it mandatory for health insurance companies to accept newborns to health insurance plans, theres no guarantee on pricing. If you fail to do your part to get your newborn on a health insurance plan, you could end up spending a significant amount of money.

    Relevant Rule: Wac 182

    • Newborn children may be enrolled in medical and dental coverage upon birth and adopted children may be enrolled when the employee assumes legal obligation for total or partial support in anticipation of adoption. If enrolling the newborn in medical and or dental coverage, the child’s coverage will begin on the date of birth. If enrolling a newly adopted child, coverage will begin on the date of placement or the date a legal obligation is assumed in anticipation of adoption, whichever is earlier.
    • If the employee previously waived medical coverage, he/she must enroll in medical to add an eligible dependent to medical coverage. Coverage for the employee begins the first day of the month in which the event occurs.
    • To enroll a spouse or state registered domestic partner of an employee, coverage will begin the first day of the month in which the event occurs.

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    Addition To Your Company Health Insurance Plan

    • Dont forget to contact the human resources department of your organization and ask for the addition of your new born baby to the company health insurance plan. The corporate group plans mostly allow for addition of a child to the employer sponsored health insurance plan

    The process of adding a new born to your existing health insurance policy is very easy as long as you follow the steps I have listed.

    Once again, many congratulations to you and your family !

    When Can You Add A Newborn Baby To Your Health Insurance

    Medi-Cal Rx Prior Authorization Video

    You can add a newborn baby to your insurance plan at two occasions during a policy year:

  • At the time of renewal
  • Anytime during the middle of the policy period
  • Hmm .. thats pretty elementary.

    Wait .. before you skip this part. I wanted to mention these two time periods because the process differs depending on when the baby is added to your policy.

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