How To Take Your Own Newborn Photos

What Your Digital Photo Must Show

How to Take Your Own Newborn Photos At Home

The digital photo must:

  • contain no other objects or people
  • be taken against a plain light-coloured background
  • be in clear contrast to the background
  • not have red eye

If youre using a photo taken during your application, include your head, shoulders and upper body. Do not crop your photo – it will be done for you.

In your photo you must:

  • be facing forwards and looking straight at the camera
  • have a plain expression and your mouth closed
  • have your eyes open and visible
  • not have hair in front of your eyes
  • not have a head covering
  • not have anything covering your face
  • not have any shadows on your face or behind you

Do not wear glasses in your photo unless you have to do so. If you must wear glasses, they cannot be sunglasses or tinted glasses, and you must make sure your eyes are not covered by the frames or any glare, reflection or shadow.

Less Is More Turn Off Artificial Lights

I love to deliver images with a crisp, clean, bright and airy look. Its really quite simple to mimic this technique on your own. The golden rule here is to use only natural light and turn off every switch and lamp in whatever room youre using.

All you need is one window with sunlight streaming in! Sometimes thats all I have to work with in some client homes. Ive shot in tiny nooks and crannies because thats where the best light is. Other times I luck out with huge rooms full of windows. Either way, you can get gorgeous shots!

There are additional tips about using natural light here if you want to learn more!

Pick Up A Few Inexpensive Props Ahead Of Time

Shooting your own lifestyle newborn photography in your own home is great and something you should do. But props will help create newborn portraiture that focuses entirely on the new member of the family.

Start with a simple, plain-coloured blanket. The size of an adult throw blanket or larger is best. Place a large pillow or a beanbag underneath for the baby to rest on. Stretch the rest of the blanket back as a backdrop.

You can use clamps or chip clips and dining room chairs to hold the back of the blanket up. Be sure the chairs arent going to tip over. This is a great, inexpensive DIY backdrop to focus entirely on the baby.

After snapping photos of just the baby, working with additional props can help show a sense of scale. Nothing quite shows off the teeny, tiny size of your new baby like a few props.

First, you need to make sure the prop is safe. Avoid baskets and bowls with a narrow base that may tip or tall buckets that may become top-heavy once the baby is inside. Newborns are also top-heavy!

Be wary of vintage items that could be made with things like lead paint. When putting the baby inside a prop, use a spotter. This is someone who stays within reach if baby decides to choose that moment to learn how to roll.

Along with low and sturdy baskets and boxes, consider seasonal props or props that represent your family, such as heirlooms, hobbies, or other items.

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Newborn Photo Poses Ideas

Safely posing your baby is an important detail to cover in this DIY newborn photos at home guide.

The newborn photography poses ideas youre about to see are all basic and simple enough that a non-professional photographer can attempt them at home without putting baby in an uncomfortable or unsafe position.

Remember to never leave the room while baby is in a pose and always be very aware that babys circulation and breathing is never compromised at any time.

Without further explanation, here are some newborn photography poses for at home with some helpful tips!

Wait For The Right Time Of Day

Newborn Photos: How to Take Your Own

Find a spot in your home where there is a bed or a chair next to a window where you can cuddle up comfortably with your baby. Look at the light throughout the day and choose a time when the sun is high in the sky, but not shining directly in through the windows. You want a nice, even soft light, not harsh or bright light, if possible. Make sure to turn off overhead lights and lamps.

Have your spouse or partner stand back and take a picture of the whole scene, then move closer and closer until they are taking close-ups of the baby in your arms. Try to expose for the babys or moms face, which means the light on the face is not too bright and not too dark and you can see all of the details.

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Alternative To Labor And Birth Photos

This is usually an alternative to having photographs taken of the labor and delivery experience but still be able to capture the brand new life.

Most of the time these will be in the hospital, dont forget to get all the little details from the signs to the gifts.

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How To Take Cute Baby Pictures

Capturing special moments is something we know a lot about here at Hallmark. We also know that putting a baby in the picture can be a challenge for even the most experienced photographers . But not to worryif you have a camera and a love of extreme cuteness, youre ready for action, says Hallmark photo stylist, Danielle Mousley. Here are a few of her techniques for creating memorable photos of your little ones:

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Roll Cloth Diapers To Help With Posing

In addition, when stuffing rolled up cloth diapers under the blanket to properly pose the baby, it really helps to stuff them all the way under the bottom blanket for a very smooth, not lumpy, look.

And lastly regarding blankets thick, textured blankets are just so much easier to work with in post-processing because they are not as prone to wrinkles.

How To Take Care Of A Newborn

How To Take Your Own Newborn Photos With Your iPhone

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So you’ve brought home your little bundle of joy — now what? Though taking care of your newborn can be one of the most special and rewarding experiences of your life, you may feel at a loss for what to do and will need to give your child constant attention and care. To take care of a newborn, you need to know how to give your baby the rest, sustenance and care that s/he needs — as well as a healthy dose of love and affection.

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Dont Ditch The Diaper Too Soon

While plenty of newborn pictures feature baby in the buff, it can get messy fast. Mohrs pro tip: Keep babies in diapers when possible, and only remove them for a few minutes of naked baby posing. If youre observant, you can get an idea of when baby might need to have a BM. They often get a little squirmy and sometimes even arch their back a bit, she says. In case your little one decides to go at an inopportune moment, Mohr suggests having an extra diaper nearby to quickly put over baby. Sulcov also knows a thing or two about baby messy mid-photoshoot. Her advice: Make sure to set up the exact shot you want before removing the diaper.

Do Your Photoshoot In Stages

When you hire a professional photographer, the photoshoot will likely last a couple of hoursbut instead of taking your DIY newborn photos all in one go, Marleau suggests taking them over the course of a few days. Dont try to set aside hours to take photos. Youre tired, youre going to need to feed in between photos and youre both guaranteed to be completely over it by the time youre done if you work at it for that long! she says. Instead, I recommend setting aside a few minutes each day to take a couple of photos, and then over a few days youll have a great variety of shots.

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How Long Is The Newborn Stage

Babies are generally considered newborns up until they are about 2 months old. However, most photographers recommend that the best time to take newborn photos is within the first two weeks after birth.

This is because during this time babies are generally less active when they sleep meaning you wont have to do as much rearranging of the shot. Although, if you are keen to capture photos of baby with their eyes open you are probably going to have an easier time waiting a little longer.

Edit Photos For A Polished Look

How To Take Your Own Baby Photos At Home

Didnt quite capture the right light? Wish you had framed the photo differently? No sweat! A little editing can go a long way. If youre looking for the best photo editing tools, Marleau recommends SnapSeed, VSCO and Filmborn for editing and cropping phone photos.

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How To Take Your Own Newborn Photos

Three, two, one… click! Take your own newborn photos at home with these tips from a maternity and newborn photographer.

If paying for a professional newborn shoot isnt in your budget right now, you can still capture the momentjust try these DIY tips. Janet Bailey, a photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn and family portraits offers up these strategies for making an at-home photo shoot as easy as possible.

Time it rightTry to take the photos when your baby is five to 10 days old. At this age, they sleep for long stretches and very deeply, which allows you to pose them without too much disturbance, and her expressions will be more relaxed, explains Bailey. Make sure your babe has been fed and has settled down for a nap.

Use natural lightYour cameras flash points directly at the subject and may fill your babys face with bright light, obscuring her delicate features, so turn it off and open up the curtains instead. If it seems too bright, try hanging a thin piece of white cloth over the window to diffuse the light.

Dress her upSimple props, such as knit hats, are adorable. This is also a great chance to show off a special handmade gift.

Thats a wrapOnly continue the session for as long as your baby is comfortable and happy. If she starts fussing and cant be easily soothed, its time to stop.

Above all, says Bailey, enjoy the process. Your baby will only be this tiny for such a short time.

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How To Edit Picture Of Baby

You should have already downloaded the Lightoom Mobile app to your phone. There are even presets that you can apply to images to enhance them. There is a plethora of knowledge available on how to do that by simply searching google, so Ill not be going into that. Some presets I like are from Mastin Labs, VSCO, and Im even working on my own set to have available soon. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to know when that becomes available.

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Tip: 5 Dont Be Afraid To Pose The Baby

I made the mistake of being afraid to pose the baby. I was so concerned with my babys comfort that I didnt have the heart to close his fingers, move him around, put him on his stomach, wrap him tightly in cheesecloth, you get the idea.

Learn from me and dont be afraid to pose the baby. You get one chance for these photos and your baby will be fine even if he/she looks uncomfortable on his/her tummy or tightly wrapped in cheese cloth. Be patient and keep trying.

For this shoot, I gathered a few props from around the house such as a basket and few blankets. I threw in a tiny doll that I happened to have in the nursery. These are some photos I got from this look.

Take Newborn Photos Within The First Two Weeks


As with so many things, timing is everythingbut deciding when to take newborn pictures depends on what kind of photos youre after. If you want to capture baby sleeping and still with that classic wrinkly newborn skin, then youll want to take photos within the first two weeks, says newborn photographer Kelly Marleau of Fiddle Leaf Photography. If youre feeling great after birth, then while youre waiting to go home from the hospital bring your camera out and see what you can get. Roll the bassinet right next to the hospital room window and take a few photos of baby napping. After all, newborns are still in that sleepy, cuddly stage and are easy to photographbut after two weeks babies become more alert and potentially fussy. On the other hand, if youd like to get more eye contact and capture more of babys personality, Marleau suggests waiting a few months.

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How To Edit Diy Newborn Photos

Once you have completed your at home newborn photoshoot, its time to edit!

This is my favorite part of the process because it always amazes me the difference a little editing can do to a picture.

A good edit can take a mediocre photo and make it look stunning!

P.S. If you are currently pregnant or plan to be, head over to this DIY Maternity Photos post next!

Tips For Taking Newborn Photos At Home

Yes, the world seems crazy right now, but babies are still being born, and parents of those babies still care about capturing photos of their new arrivals tiny toes, sweet faces, and petal-like pouts. Pre-pandemic, many hospitals offered newborn photography in your room or parents could book a worry-free session with a newborn photographer to come to their home after their baby is born.

But pivoting from our plans is part of the new normal for most of us. Staying safe by staying home is the choice a lot of people are making, and probably feels pressing for new parents, even though theyd surely love the help from family and friends.

If youre one of those parents and are limiting exposure at home with a newborn, we asked some of the professionals also pivoting their photography businesses if they were willing to share some insight into how they create those perfect baby shots. They gave us so many great tips for taking your own newborn pics at home.

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