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WildBird Tutorials – Tummy To Tummy Ring Sling Carry

We love ring slings because they carry baby in a natural and comfortable hip carry, are super fast to put on and take off, have great probability and can be shared by babywearers of different sizes. While ring slings are very simple to use once you get the hang of it, they are also a baby carrier that many parents give up on. Why? Because many new babywearers dont have someone around to give them a few hints on how to make their ring sling work!

If this describes you, then search no longer! Here are our 8 easy tips for getting comfortable in your ring sling.

P.S. If the sling you are using doesnt adjust so that you can achieve the pictured positioning, please consider getting a new sling! Shop our selection of ring slings.

Are Ring Slings Safe For Newborns

The best ring slings that I recommend here are safe for newborns and can be used from birth .

Its important to learn how to position the baby properly in the sling to provide proper support for their legs, hips and back. Newborn baby should maintain frog position with M-shaped legs, knees higher than the bum, legs supported from the back of one knee to the back of the other knee, and C-shaped spine. This is the most natural and ergonomic position for infants and prevents them from hip dysplasia.

If you want extra reassurance that ring sling is safe for your newborn baby, pick one that is approved as hip-healthy.

Babywearing has lots of benefits for newborns: it gives them sense of security, warmth and closeness. Ring sling allows for skin-to-skin contact and the baby feels in it similar to the way he/she felt in the womb. Thanks to that, the transition to the new world is easier for the baby.

Babywearing reduces crying in infants, helps them to regulate temperature, relieves digestive problems like colic and winds, and promotes emotional, social and cognitive development. Experts say that its also beneficial for moms and reduces the risk of postpartum depression.

Review: Wildbird Slings Which One Should I Get

January 22, 2017 by kim

**This is going to be a lengthy post. Skip down to the bottom if you just want to go straight to my comparisons**

So this is a little off topic, but I have to share my recent discovery. ring slings! Ive been a huge fan of baby-wearing since Ellie was born. It promotes the bond between mother and child, lets you be hands free, and provides comfort and security for your babe. The best part is that it does all of these things AT THE SAME TIME! Plus, its the only way Ellie will fall asleep if were out.

When Ellie was teeny tiny, I mostly wore her in a Solly wrap. I loved it, but there was a lot of time spent wrapping and unwrapping the cloth around me while trying to make sure it didnt touch the floor during the process. It was inconvenient when Ellie was fussy and I had to spend a couple of minutes making sure the Solly was correctly wrapped before putting her in.

As she got bigger, we switched over to the Ergo. Its great, but I missed the lightness of the Solly and being able to throw it in my diaper bag. Thats where the ring sling comes in. Ive seen it around every now and then, but never really looked into it. Boy, how I wish I jumped on this bandwagon sooner.

These ring slings from Wildbird are made up of different fabrics, lightweight, breathable , come in a variety of colors, and can hold your babe up to 35 pounds. Theres also not a lot of crazy tying. You just plop your babe in, tighten, and adjust. Thats it!

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Safety Considerations To Keep In Mind

Safety should be your top priority no matter how you decide to transport your baby. You need to do a few things to ensure your babys safety in a ring sling.

Before you ever place your baby into a ring sling, you must ensure the sling is safe. When you purchase your sling, take your child with you, ask for a demonstration on how it should be used, and avoid slings that are marketed with terms such as womb-like and cocoon, as these could hold your baby in an unsafe manner.

Each time you put your baby in the sling, check it to ensure its in good condition. You need to watch for tears or snags that might compromise its ability to hold your baby.

The Position Matters

Your baby should be held high and snug next to your chest. If your baby is small, has a cold, or was born prematurely, ask your doctor before wearing them in the sling.

Use caution and your instincts when wearing your baby. Be careful when holding hot drinks or carrying something heavy, and check often to ensure your baby is safe and secure in the sling.

Wildbird Solid Colors Review

Wildbird ring sling

Made with a blend of linen and modal, Wildbirds collection of carrier wraps are designed to be flexible, durable, and comfortable. Styled to look fashionable and functional, their inventory ranges from model, solid colors, and patterns.

They also have a scraps category in which they make use of excess fabric to make hats, scrunchies, and tote bags. This Wildbird ring sling review will take a look at some of their most popular models for you to try out.

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It Started With A Love Story

The one we found in the early hours of those first few days the deep connection we felt when we kept our babies close enough to soothe them with our breathing.

Theres something so natural and beautiful about cuddling up with your little bird in soft, cozy linen. We love the ring sling in particular because its quick to adjust, versatile and attractive but its so much more than a hands-free device. Its a way to honor the bond between you, a bond that was created way back when your heartbeat was the only thing they knew. Well always honor it here, at WildBird its the driving force behind everything we do.

Tip : Spread The Ring Sling Fabric Widely And Evenly Across Your Back This Distributes Your Childs Weight More Evenly Across Your Body Making Wearing Much More Comfortable For A Longer Period Of Time

Do If over the course of wearing your baby, your shoulders and back begin to hurt, re-spread the ring sling fabric: first reach behind over your shoulder to pull up and then reach down behind your waist to pull it down The lower on your back you can spread it, the more comfortable it will be! Dont forget to spread the fabric out after putting baby into the carrier. A ring sling that is bunched up in the back, or has twisted fabric causes pressure points and back strain. You may not notice the strain right away, but you will after some time wearing it.

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Tip : Keep The Fabric Of The Ring Sling Spread Around The Rings To Make Tightening Easy

Do Tighten the top and bottom rails of the ring sling separately by pulling just the fabric in that area. When you tighten the top rail, pull up and over across your body. Dont pull down on the entire tail of the sling at once. This can cause the fabric to twist up in the rings and make it harder to move easily through.

Mebien Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling

WildBird Tutorials – In depth Ring Slings 101 & Troubleshooting

The five-star reviews really speak for themselves, but well make a few points of our own. First, this baby ring sling carrier is made from luxe Turkish cotton that gets softer with each wear. Second, it fits the standard 8 to 35 pounds. And third, how chic is that neutral color palette?

Buy it: $50,

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What To Use Them For

  • These bad boys are great for short stints like the grocery store or cleaning up around the house.
  • Breastfeeding hands-free! How exciting is that? We know that sometimes mamas with newborns feel like they are feeding all day long making it impossible to accomplish anything else, but just think of all the things you could do if your hands were free. So maybe itll just be enough freedom to scroll down your Instagram feed but hey, we support it.
  • Use them for all ages. This means when you have a toddler who wants up and down and up again, you can easily put them in your ring sling and it wont be too hard to get them back out.
  • For new babies with reflux or colic, this might be one of the best places for them to nap.

Taking Baby Out Of The Sling To Breastfeed

If you arent ready to combine breastfeeding and babywearing yet, the easiest thing to do is take baby out of the sling to breastfeed. This can also be nice even when you are quite comfortable with both breastfeeding and babywearing. You can leave the sling on while you feed the baby, and use it as a nursing cover if youd like. Of course, cover is not needed, but if you want some cover, your sling is a great tool.

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Wildbird Review Everything You Need To Know About This Ring Sling

I find WildBird the best ring sling baby carrier and lots of moms agree with me. Its simpler to use than baby wraps and doesnt make you sweaty like buckle baby carriers. Its a fantastic choice for babywearing beginners: you can start using this baby carrier for your newborn baby from 8 pounds, and it will serve you for up to 1.5-2 years!

Wildbird Vs Sakura Bloom

WildBird ring sling

Sakura Bloom is of the best ring slings recognized as hip-healthy, just like WildBird.

Its made from bamboo with a little touch of linen. This makes this ring sling airy, soft and strong.

Whichever sling youll choose, WildBird or Sakura Bloom, you will receive breathable, supportive and cozy baby carrier, perfect for newborn cuddles and toddler-wearing.

For me, WildBird feels a bit easier to thread and adjust, and its easier to place the baby in it, because its not as thick or sturdy.

Both slings offer two carrying positions: front facing inward and hip carry.

WildBird is available in two sizes which are either 74 or 90 long, while the Sakura is available in two lengths: 75 and 82.

Sakura Bloom slings are available in 5 single-color fashions, the WildBird offers much wider choice as it comes in 20+ colors and prints. Whats also important, WildBird slings prices vary depending on the fashion Doubles and Patterns are more expensive, but they are still not as pricey as Sakura Bloom.

Frankly, Sakura Bloom offers probably the most expensive ring slings on the market! They cost almost twice as much as WildBird Solid version!

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Wildbird Vs Nalakai Ring Sling

The biggest difference between WildBird and Nalakai is the type of fabric. WildBird is made from linen or a blend of modal and linen, while the Nalakai Sling is made from bamboo and linen blend. Both slings are breathable, lightweight, and ultra soft, but the Nalakai feels slightly thinner, while the WildBird feels a bit stronger and more supportive in my opinion.

The fabric of Nalakai is flatter . However, the modal version of WildBird is more stretchy than Nalakai and its easier to position the baby in it.

Both the WildBird and Nalakai slings are suitable from 8 to 35 lbs, so you can use them from infancy well into toddlerhood. Both allow you to carry your baby on your front facing inward or on your hip.

Whats noteworthy, Nalakai ring slings havent been recognized as hip-healthy. They do hold the baby in natural and healthy position with M-shaped legs and offer support from knee to knee, but they are not on the International Hip Dysplasia Institute list.

Nalakai is available in multiple single-color versions and its a bit cheaper than WildBird slings. You can see available colors and current price here.

Diy Ring Sling Sewing Tutorial

Ring slings are really popular because they are comfortable and so easy to use. I have already used mine to go grocery shopping, go for walks, tour the city, and go out to lunch. I basically use it when I go out and would rather just carry my baby, or at home when they are fussy and my arms are getting too tired to hold them. Haha.

I learned how to make these ring slings because my brother-in-law gave me a bunch of rings that he had ordered, and he wanted me to make one for his wife. After making one for her and myself, I made a few more for friends. Ring slings are so easy to make and make great gifts for expecting moms .

I did some research on ring slings before starting and here is what I found:

Rings:Rings that are made for ring slings are much safer when trusting them to hold your childs weight. Cutie Carry rings have really good reviews and say that they have been lab tested for strength and safety. Accmor rings also have really good reviews and costs a couple dollars less.

Most ring slings are around 75-85 inches long, which is why it takes around 2.5 yards of fabric. Ring slings are around 25-30 inches wide, and when you buy woven fabric, its usually 50-60 inches wide. So when your making your sling you can just cut the fabric in half and you have fabric for two slings!

Thread:Polyester thread is best because it will last the longest. I personally use Gutermann thread.

Materials:2 medium or large aluminum rings matching threadfabric pen


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How To Wear Your Ring Sling

Once youve got your ring sling threaded, you can easily pop it on and off when needed, making only minor adjustments. Youll want to make sure you have enough fabric in the sling body to make a deep seat for your child, drawing the fabric up and tucking it under your childs legs and between their belly and yours. From foot to butt to opposite foot of the child should make a nice M shape.

Watch below as my sleepy toddler and I attempt a how-to video in our Wildbird Double ring sling. Thankfully, ring slings are perfect for soothing and nursing, too!

I Just Had A Cesarean Section Can I Use A Ring Sling

WildBird Tutorials – Front Facing Ring Sling Carry

Many women can use a ring sling 2 to 4 weeks after a C-section. However, talk to your doctor before you do this. They can tell you if any extenuating circumstances require you to hold off a bit longer.

When you do wear your baby, carry them high and snug. This will ensure the sling does not put pressure on your scar. Quit using the ring sling if you experience any pain or discomfort. You can try again in a week or two.

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Threading A Ring Sling

Threading is the process of weaving the fabric through the rings to secure the wrap to carry your baby. This is how to thread your sling:

  • Start by deciding which side of your body you want to hold your baby on. If youre going to hold your baby on your right side, you will place the rings slightly in front of your left shoulder.
  • Hold your sling by the rings with the long fabric tail draped behind your back.
  • Wrap the tail around your back, bring it across your opposite hip and gather it up at the rings in the front.
  • Take the entire end of the tail and bring it up through the rings.
  • Allow the tail to go forward so the top hem falls toward your midline the bottom hem will be toward the outside of your body.
  • Lift the top ring, fold the end of the tail over it, and pull it under the bottom ring as if you were fastening a belt with rings. Work the fabric through the bottom ring slowly.
  • Check that your tails top hem is still toward your midline and the bottom hem is at the outside of your body.
  • Place both of your thumbs into the part of the tail woven between the rings, then pull it wide to loosen it a bit.
  • Starting with your top hem, gently gather the piece between the rings strand by strand. If you have a striped sling, you will see you can fan out and gather it stripe by stripe easily.
  • Grab the top and bottom hem of your tail and pull them out to tighten the sling. Repeat this with the inner sections of the sling to make sure the entire sling is snug.
  • Can I Wear A Preemie In A Ring Sling

    Yes, you can wear your preemie in a ring sling. Kangaroo care has been shown to have a lot of benefits for premature babies, and a ring sling can help you achieve this .

    But you want to make sure you speak to your babys doctor first. They will be up-to-date on any special considerations that might affect your decision.

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    S To Breastfeeding Baby Out Of The Sling:

  • Take baby out of the sling.
  • Lift the sling fabric up a bit so that you can access your breast.
  • Lower your shirt. Most people find that shirts that are easy to pull down are easier to nurse in when wearing a baby carrier than shirts that must be pulled up.
  • Latch on the baby.
  • If you like, you can use the sling fabric to cover the top of your breast, but it should not cover your babys face.
  • Nurse as long as needed.
  • Pop baby back into the sling.
  • This image shows nursing in a traditional sling carry . In the image, I lifted the wrap fabric up to cover the top of my breast and am holding the wrap tail around my babys shoulders for a bit more cover. However, I am not covering his face or nose with fabric and can easily glance down and see his entire face while he is nursing.

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