What Do You Really Need For A Newborn

What To Put On A Baby Registry

Newborn BABY Essentials | What Do You REALLY Need for a baby?

This fail-safe baby registry checklist will help keep you focused as you gear up. It includes every product youll actually use when your little one comes home and none of the extras youll never need. Want more personalized recommendations for what to put on your registry? Check out What to Expect’s Baby Registry Builder.

Pack N Play With Insert

I coslept with my fourth and fifth babies, but I usually waited until six weeks to start. In the meantime, I used a pack n play with a removable infant bassinet.

The bassinet is key! You dont want to lower a sleeping newborn into a deep crib or pack n play that baby WILL wake up.

Having a pack n play is also great for traveling or for using in a different part of the house to keep the baby safe so you can get some other things done.

Newborn Checklist: What You Need For The First 6 Months

Are you wondering what you need to buy for your newborn and why you need it? I’ve got you covered. This is my ultimate newborn checklist and what you will need the first 6 months!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

The first six months of life with a newborn can be so demanding, rewarding and exhilarating at times. I, for one, have felt very overwhelmed when it came time to build our registry.

I had so many mama friends that were recommending different things and for different reasons. Some of my more conservative friends told me there wasn’t much that I really needed. Others, sent me lists so long I needed hours to review everything.

There are so many decisions you are going to be making every single minute of every single day. I thought it would be helpful for me to create a comprehensive list of my first 6-month must haves and tell you *why* I love them!

I will also get into why we use the carseat and stroller system we have now specifically, and how I’ve never looked back. You will find the entire newborn checklist towards the bottom of this post with links to each product’s Amazon page!

Let’s first get into why I am so obsessed with the greatness that is the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller system…!

Ive done many, many hours of stroller research, Ill be the first to admit. There is a fine line between being informed and overanalyzing, and I teeter totter constantly.

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A Safe Place To Sleep

But hold on dont run out and start buying baby beds!

If I was going to do it again, knowing what I know now, I would purchase a playpen only. This is the one we have, and I LOVE it.

The playpen gives the baby a safe place to sleep but does double duty as a safe place to play once their mobile and mom needs to make dinner or just go pee.

We ended up co-sleeping with both our kids and all five baby beds just hang out empty.

Things You Don’t Need For A Newborn Baby

Are you pregnant and don

Congratulations, you are pregnant! Expect to be bombarded with invitations to sign up to this and that mailing list so that you can be sold lots of stuff.

As you want the best for your baby, its easy to feel pressure to buy a lot of baby stuff. However, trust me that you don’t actually need a lot of the stuff. I have compiled a list of 21 things that newborn babies do not need. Of course, you might find some of this stuff useful or want it because it is fun. Remember, every baby and their family’s needs are different. I hope this article helps you think about what you want!

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Best Weighted: Nested Bean Zen Sack

Don’t let the word “weighted” alarm youNested Bean’s wearable blanket is called “The Zen Sack” for a reason. It has gently weighted padding on the chest to mimic the soothing touch of your hand. The best part? Once your little one can roll over to their tummy on their own, the sleep sack can be reversed so that the weighted side is on their back. It comes in several adorable prints and sizes ranging from newborn to 2T. Parents praise the fact that it helps their baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

To buy: $38$43

Swaddleme With Velcro Closures

My firstborn was a master escape artist with ANY swaddle. I was at the point of mental breakdown when she was waking up every 45 minutes round the clock.

Pretty desperate, I tried the only other thing I knew to try belly sleeping. While it did work like a charm , I always felt anxious, knowing that pediatricians consistently recommend back sleeping because of SIDS.

Thats why I was SO happy to discover SwaddleMes with subsequent babies. It was the only way I could make back-sleeping work. Without the SwaddleMes, they were guaranteed to wake up early and unhappy.

And thats not fun for anybody.

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Parents’ Best Baby Gear Of 2021

It’s a tough time to test-drive strollers in a store or chat up fellow moms at work about baby carriers they love. Not to worry: We checked out the newest options, reviewed the classics, and polled hundreds of parents to find out which gear is worthy of a spot in your home. Consider these winners the new baby registry essentials for 2021.

This battery-free baby rocker gently bounces with your infant’s own movements and cradles their body perfectly. The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss entertains a sitting baby and lasts through toddlerhood, when a kid can sit and stand on their own. $250 seat, $60 toy bar

Cloth Diapers And Diaper Liners


Deciding to use cloth diapers for Aria felt like a daunting decision but honestly, its been so easy and natural. The lightened burden to my conscience is an added boost too. We use Glow Bug Cloth Diapers almost exclusively and Im obsessed with the way they grow with baby, from newborn to potty training. As Aria grows, Im so glad I discovered diaper liners too. Theyre not reusable, but they create far less waste than disposable diapers do.

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A Place For Them To Sleep

You dont need a $5,000 crib and changing table. All you need is a pack n play. You can use a pack n play from the time they are born until theyre ready for a big bed. You can even get a pack n play with a changing attachment if youd like. But honestly, chances are that youll just wind up changing your baby on the couch, floor, bed, or any other moderately flat surface you can use especially as they get older.

Getting Help After The Birth

Consider getting help during this time, which can be very hectic and overwhelming. While in the hospital, talk to the experts around you. Many hospitals have feeding specialists or lactation consultants who can help you get started nursing or bottle-feeding. Nurses also are a great resource to show you how to hold, burp, change, and care for your baby.

For in-home help, you might want to hire a baby nurse, postpartum doula, or a responsible neighborhood teen to help you for a short time after the birth. Your doctor or the hospital can help you find information about in-home help, and might make a referral to home health agencies.

Relatives and friends often want to help too. Even if you disagree on certain things, don’t dismiss their experience. But if you don’t feel up to having guests or you have other concerns, don’t feel guilty about placing restrictions on visitors.

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Food Definitely Makes The List Of Things Babies Need

Your new baby will need feeding, of course. Even if you plan to breastfeed, you should have a couple of bottles of ready to feed formula on hand.

I would not buy a bunch of bottles pre-baby or a bunch of formula unless you KNOW you dont want to breastfeed. However, breastfeeding can be hard and its good to have a tiny bit of back-up food ready for your 4 am meltdown.

There can be a ton of pressure and guilt around giving a new baby formula if you want to breastfeed, but thats ridiculous. When your baby is hungry, feed your baby. If the boobs arent WORKING, feed your baby formula.

So much less pressure on mom if you just have it in the house!

Best Lightweight: Tillyou Wearable Blanket

The 10 Things You Really Need For A New Baby

During warmer temperatures, consider this breathable sleep sack set made from delicate cotton. Its lightweight fabric ensures your baby stays cool and comfortable while snoozing in summertime heat, plus it’s great for travel naps when the temperature isn’t always easy to control. The set includes two wearable blankets, letting you keep one at home and the other in a diaper bag for on-the-go use. Choose from sizes ranging from small to X-large and a variety of colors and patterns. Thousands of parents give it a perfect rating because of its two-way zipper and affordable price.

To buy: $20

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Newborn Baby Essentials For Minimalist Parents

Continuing our series during this final year of AoS of the top 12 published posts of all time , I adore that this one is so popular, at number 5, because my kids are now 10, 12, and 15. How time flies! Weve updated links, so the info here is still relevant just know that if it applies to your life, youll blink and be in the passenger seat doing drivers ed with that baby before you know it. Perhaps this is comforting: I remember dealing with almost none of whats in this post.

xoxo, Tsh

The Countdown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1

Theres a lot out there in stores you dont actually need for a newborn babybut this doesnt mean you need nothing. Throughout human history, parents have managed to raise the next generation with very few items the must haves of todays culture werent even invented not that long ago.

Here are the eight things I do find essential during the new baby stage.

Every Parent Is Different Every Baby Is Different

Im sharing what I consider to be baby essentials for the first 3 months for ME. But even with five babies under my belt, some of these things might not be for you.

Everyone is different!

You might be a frugal minimalist and think half the things on this list arent truly essential.

You may not want to use bottles at all, and you might be fully confident without a nursing cover from the beginning. There goes 5-6 items off your list!

You may never need a humidifier because when your baby has a cold, you just bring him into the bathroom and run the shower. There goes another one.

You do you, mama.

Finally, the more of these things you can allow other people to buy for you on a baby registry, the better. If you dont already have a registry, Amazons registry incentives are pretty sweet: get started HERE.

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How To Choose The Best Baby Registry

Wondering where you should register? The best baby registry for you depends on your specific needs, such as your budget, the product brands youre considering and whether youd prefer to register online or in-store.

Heres a list of the most popular baby registries out there, which you can start signing up for right now. Check out What to Expects list of the best baby registries for more detailed information about each.

A Reliable Breast Pump


Even if you dont anticipate heading back to an office anytime soon, youre going to want to get yourself a breast pump right away. If you have any trouble with milk supply early on, a pump will become your best friend . And if you dont, you can use it just enough to stock your freezer so others can feed your baby when you need a break. Best of all, health insurance pays for all of some pumps, and part of others.

Image: Medela.

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Expensive Stuff To Put On Your Registry

Remember when I said you dont want to run into the situation where little old Miss Nancy couldnt find anything to buy you, so she got you a random item you never wanted?

Well, one reason why some people buy random things is because theres nothing sufficiently valuable enough on your registry. I know this is true because several people told me this!

Some people just want to get you the best gift available. Im talking hundreds of dollars worth. So just for those gift givers, make sure you have some high priced items on your registry!

Here are some products I used myself and LOVED and recommend to every new mom:

Diapers: Buy The Right Sizes

Every mother hits the nesting phase in late pregnancy and wants to stock up on the necessities. Diapers are a definite necessity, and those who use disposable diapers will want to purchase the correct sizes. Most infants only remain in newborn diapers for a very brief period of time: it is wise to avoid purchasing too many packages of the newborn size, as a baby will outgrow them by the time they are 9-10 pounds .

Infants will remain in size one diapers for a month or so, and will spend the majority of their first year in size 2 and size 3 diapers. The amount of time spent in size 2 vs. size 3 will vary by the baby – children vary in weight as they approach the 1 year mark. In general, you can expect your baby to double his or her birth weight by six months, and triple it by a year.

It is better to buy several packages of size 2 and 3 diapers than many packages in the newborn size: babies grow quickly!

In addition to diapers, you will need:

  • Baby wipes

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