What Essentials Do You Need For A Newborn

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REALISTIC Newborn Essentials! | What You Need For A Newborn Baby
  • Baby Monitor

  • Room thermometer

  • Cool Mist Humidifier we love the Crane brand!

Remember, be very careful when using essential oils around babies/children for more info check out our overview here

  • Breastfeeding Pillow If youre planning to breastfeed then usually these are really helpful. Although you may not end up needing one, so perhaps put this on the maybe list.

When Should You Make A Baby Registry

You should feel free to create your registry as early as youd like. In fact, many online baby registries now allow you to set yours to private mode this feature lets you discreetly start adding items in those first few months of pregnancy, before youve announced your news to friends and family. And why limit yourself to just one baby registry? We recommend signing up for several, so you can take advantage of all the freebie samples that come in the welcome boxes provided by your go-to retailers.

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Clean & Diaper Your Baby

1. The NoseFrida

This thing sucks snot from your childs nose using the suction from your own mouth. Gross? Sure. But get used to it, because a lot of parenting is gross. The NoseFrida is incredibly effective, there arent any good alternatives, and itll help your baby sleep, which is worth some grossness. Also, its oddly satisfying to extract massive quantities of snot for your babys sake.

We did some reviews of the NoseFrida here if you want more details.

The NoseFrida is

2. Boogie Wipes

Babies produce a truly unreal amount of snot. Youre going to need to deal with it. With their soft texture, natural saline, and handy reclosable container, weve found Boogie Wipes, used in concert with the NoseFrida, get the job done.

You can get for less than $20. You can also get them in a diaper-bag-friendly pack of 10. Though, 10 may not be enough, and the snap closure on the bigger packs are often the way to go. Speaking of diaper bags, shameless plug, were making one for dads.

Boogie Wipes also makes grape-scented wipes. While this might seem gross to you , if it helps get your older child to practice blowing his or her nose, were all for it and weve experienced just this.

3. Diapers and wipes
4. Honest Company bottom wash

I flat out refused to use this product for a while for some reason, it just seemed too weird. Then, after a particularly intense diaper, I tried it and havent looked back.

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Ikea Poang Rocking Chair

Okay, Ikea may not be the first brand that jumps to mind when you think of nursery furniturebut, in terms of bang for your buck, this baby rocking chair cant be beat. It offers a roomy seat with a high back for added neck support, comes in tons of colors, can be easily cleaned and even has a 10-year guarantee. All that for under $200? Well take two.

Buy it: $169, Ikea.com

Medical Emergencies In Newborns

Baby Essentials 0

You may want to enroll in an infant CPR and basic first aid class before your baby is born. Consider reenrolling in a class even if you took one before the birth of a previous child.

Look for a class at a community center or hospital near you. You can also ask your OB-GYN for recommendations.

In the class, youll learn to identify signs of an emergency. Its important to watch out for the following and seek emergency medical help right away if you notice them:

  • Your baby is having difficulty breathing. Signs that baby is having trouble breathing may include:
  • rapid or irregular breathing
  • turning blue in the face
  • seeming to have difficulty taking air in
  • making grunting noises while trying to take a breath
  • Your baby has blood in their vomit or stool.
  • Your baby is having a seizure.
  • Your baby has a rectal temperature of 100.4°F or higher.
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    What Do I Need To Buy Before My Baby Is Born

    You might be wondering When should you start buying newborn baby gear?

    A lot of moms mention that you should buy the bare basics and then add on as you see a need.

    We actually bought almost all of the essential baby gear before the baby arrived. We did this to minimize the amount of times we would have to go to the store in the first few months for a few reasons:

    • I might not be the most clear-headed or strong enough to go shopping in the initial postpartum months.
    • We wanted to spend the time enjoying our baby. As first-time parents, theres a massive learning curve in the first few months. We wanted to take our time with it. And not miss any of the special moments.
    • We wanted to get the best prices. If we bought last minute, we knew we would pay top dollar. At the same time, we bought some items fairly close to her birth because we wanted to be able to return things if we never used them. FYI there are a few items that are not easily refundable such as car seats.

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    Dadada Weeble Rocking Chair

    Looking for a smaller rocking chair for a nursery? Check out this sophisticated baby rocking chair by Dadada. The compact design is perfect for tight spaces and the clean lines complement modern . Crafted by master furniture makers, this rocker is made from contemporary materials including steel, beech wood and a touchably soft, waterproof fabric. Better yet, this chair offers style and substance. The ergonomic design includes a high back with built-in neck support, a lumbar support cushion and perfectly positioned arm rests for optimal comfort.

    Buy it: $360, ModernNursery.com

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    Newborn Baby Essentials: 60 Must Have Items For Every Baby

    If youre expecting, youve definitely started thinking about all the baby essentials youll need in the upcoming months. Some things are obviousclothing, a crib, diapersbut other baby essentials are easier to overlook.

    Thats why the baby experts at Mustela have created the ultimate first year shopping list. Weve thought of everything, so you can put your mind at ease and focus on other, more important thingslike preparing your babys room and deciding on a name!

    Lets take a look at all the newborn baby essentials.

    Pandaear Cute Waterproof Silicone Baby Bibs For Babies And Toddlers

    WHAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED FOR A NEWBORN | Newborn Essentials 2020

    Were obsessed with silicone baby bibs that feature catch-all trays. Based on these toddler bibs incredible reviews, so are other parents! The waterproof pockets are extra-wide so liquids dont spill out. They also have super-secure button fasteners thatll withstand your tots tugging.

    Buy it: Starting from $9 for a set of 2,

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    Something To Take Them Out And About

    Only use car seats and sitting devices with a 5-way safety harness to prevent your baby falling out. Car seats must be safe and suitable for your babyâs height and weight.

    Donât buy or use second-hand car seats unless you are completely sure of its safety history.

    Pushchairs and strollers are only suitable for newborns if they recline fully.

    Most carriers or slings are attached by straps and your baby is carried in front of you. Many babies like this because of the sensation of being close to you and warm. Make sure you use them correctly for your babyâs safety.

    To take your baby out and about, youâll need a:

    • car seat

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    Feeding Bottles And Sterilisers

    For bottle-feeding, youll need bottles and teats, infant formula milk and a steriliser and a bottle brush to make sure your babys bottles are clean and safe to use.

    Its very important to keep all the bottles you use sterilised so your baby doesnt get an upset stomach or any unwanted bacteria in their system. There are lots of different designs to choose from but all tend to do the job efficiently.

    If youre planning to breastfeed your baby, you might be tempted to do without bottles and feeding equipment. However, you might find yourself choosing to give your baby formula milk or expressing your breastmilk. Its much easier to make these adjustments in your feeding plans if you have all the necessary equipment in the house it can be stressful to go shopping for such things under pressure with a hungry baby. If you dont end up needing the feeding equipment, you could always return it unopened or sell it on.

    Anti-colic bottles are designed to reduce colic symptoms by reducing the amount of air your baby swallows during feeding. Some mums find these very effective but, again, its a matter of personal choice as to whether you find them suitable for your baby.

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    Cloth Diaper Tips From Real Parents

    These real-life tips might answer some of your top questions about cloth diapering.

    In nice weather, a clothesline helps dry our all-in-one diapers. They can take a long time in the dryer, and use a lot of energy. Plus, the sun is a fabulous natural stain remover.Bethany Kohoutek Des Moines, Iowa

    San Clemente, California mom Kate Mudge put cloth diapers in the washer before bedtime every night , then moved the clean diapers to the dryer at midnight feedings. Id fold and stuff diapers while watching TV at night, so it never felt like a huge chore, she says, and once they were waiting in the drawer, they were just as easy to use as disposables.

    A diaper sprayer is a must. You can attach it easily to the toilet, and it allows you to get almost all the icky bits off without having to create a soak bucket.Deborah Hudleston Minneapolis, Minnesota

    When youre out and about with your cloth diapers, ditching a used diaper in the trash isnt an option. So I got a cute waterproof wet sack and I keep dirty diapers in there for those times when were on the go.Ariel Meadow Stallings Seattle, Washington

    I bought a variety of diapers, then resold the ones I didnt like. Its good to know that theres a big resale market, and cloth diapers retain their value.Heather NcNamara, executive director of the Real Diaper Association San Diego, California

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    Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

    Are you pregnant and don

    Whether you plan on formula feeding or breastfeeding, having an extra tub of formula on-hand is always a good idea. Breastfeeding can be hard, so even if you plan on going au natural, having a back up supply *just in case* will give you some peace of mind. Happy Baby Organic is made to simulate breastmilk and has lots of great reviews from pleased parents with full-tummied babes. And, of course, there are plenty of other wonderful baby formula options for you to choose from.

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    Baby Clothes Checklist 0

    You might be wondering What baby clothes do I need for the first 3 months?

    Here is a complete list of my baby clothing essentials for the first year. This article includes a checklist broken down by sizes for newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months. Youll also find a list of baby clothes that are NOT recommended.

    For the first 0-3 months, heres my baby clothes checklist:

    What A Newborn Baby Needs

    If babies could talk, they would probably tell us that they have very simple needs. They need to be loved, to be fed, kept warm and safe.

    There are a lot of items you can buy for a new baby. This can be overwhelming for new parents. When you come home with your newborn, you wont need too much. Plan in advance to have some essential items ready.

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    What Summertime Newborn Items Should You Get

    Let me tell you as fair warning older women tend to bundle up babies unnecessarily even when its hot!

    My mom would come over and bundle up the babies in blankets and long sleeved outfits even in the middle of August and I would promptly strip them down because they looked SO HOT. They were sweating for goodness sake!

    Even my grandmother would comment on how cold the babies looked even when they were clearly very comfortable in their cotton clothing.

    Do what you think is best and if youre unsure, your pediatrician will have great advice for you. No question is a stupid question when it comes to the safety of your little one!

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    Things For Nappy Changes


    A changing bag is useful for holding the nappies, wipes and anything else you need when leaving the house. Changing bags generally come with small reusable changing mats.

    For trips outside the house, you’ll need:

    • nappies
    • cotton wool or wipes – do not use wipes until your baby is 4 weeks old
    • nappy bin or paper nappy bags – plastic nappy sacks and bags are a suffocation risk to babies
    • lotions – read the label to make sure it is hypoallergenic, dye-free and fragrance-free
    • a towel or changing mat

    Always wash your hands before and after changing a nappy. Bring antibacterial hand wash with you if you’re out and about with your baby.

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    What Does A Night Nurse Do

    You may have heard about night nurses. A night nurse gives your baby bottles and changes their diapers overnight.

    If youre breastfeeding, a night nurse may bring baby to you to feed, then change them and put them back to sleep. Or you can choose to pump and have your night nurse give your baby bottles overnight if you choose.

    The cost for a night nurse may range from $25 an hour to several hundred dollars per hour, depending on your location and the experience of the night nurse.

    Things To Buy For Newborn Babies

    While getting this list of baby item ready from A to Z, it is necessary to keep in mind every little aspect of having a newborn baby. Your newborn baby requires different sets of clothing and accessories suitable for every activity you will be doing with your bundle of joy and for every season of the year. In this article, newborn baby essentials are further divided into specific purposes to make it easier for you. Read on to find out the list of basic products that are needed for the first couple of months after the newborn baby arrives.

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    How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need

    How many bottles you buy will depend on just two factors: if you intend to breastfeed your baby and only occasionally need bottles, or if you are going exclusively use bottles. If you are breastfeeding, you will probably need only 3 or 4 baby bottles.

    If you are going the bottle-feeding route, 8 to 10 baby bottles should do the trick. Keep in mind that you wont need all of them right away baby bottles need regular replacement and you will need to change the bottles and nipples as the baby grows and his/her needs and appetite change.

    Now saying that you will need those particular amounts, you might need to buy a few bottles at the beginning as testers, before you find the one your baby prefers. Babies that are breastfed tend to be a little more picky when it comes time to use a bottle, so you may have to try a couple more than with exclusively bottle-fed babies.

    Baby bottles come in two basic sizes:

    • small
    • large

    If you want to bottle-feed your newborn baby start with the small bottles and get 3 or 4 of them. They are easier for the babys little hands to grip. Besides, newborns eat less than older babies.

    After about 4 months switch to 8- or 9-ounces bottles. Depending on how long you plan on bottle feeding, you may need 4-7 bigger bottles.

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    Are Cloth Diapers Better For The Environment

    10 newborn must

    Disposable diapers clog up landfillsnobody’s arguing that they don’t. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average baby uses 8,000 diapers each year. All of those disposables lead to a staggering 3.6 million tons of municipal solid waste every year.

    Cloth diapers aren’t perfect, either: Laundering requires energy and water and introduces chemical detergents into the environment. And while cloth diaper services that pick up your dirties and drop off clean ones use less water than home washings by operating in bulk, they require gas-driven cars, contributing to air pollution. From an environmental perspective, neither option is perfect go with the one that feels best to you.

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    Best Lightweight: Tillyou Wearable Blanket

    During warmer temperatures, consider this breathable sleep sack set made from delicate cotton. Its lightweight fabric ensures your baby stays cool and comfortable while snoozing in summertime heat, plus it’s great for travel naps when the temperature isn’t always easy to control. The set includes two wearable blankets, letting you keep one at home and the other in a diaper bag for on-the-go use. Choose from sizes ranging from small to X-large and a variety of colors and patterns. Thousands of parents give it a perfect rating because of its two-way zipper and affordable price.

    To buy: $20

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