How To Properly Burp Newborn

What Does It Mean When A Baby Wont Burp

How to Burp a Newborn

All babies are different. Some need frequent burping and others seem to get by just fine without it. If your baby wont burp, its likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your baby hasnt swallowed much air. Some babies are very efficient feeders and avoid gulping down too much air during a feed.
  • Your baby has released any extra air by passing gas instead. Healthy infants pass gas between 13 and 21 times a day! Sometimes this is enough to let out any of that troublesome trapped air, and they wont need to be burped.
  • Your babys body isnt in the right position to let the burp escape. To be able to burp, your baby needs to be in a slightly upright position so the bubbles can rise. If your little one feeds lying down, the burp wont be able to get out and will become stuck.
  • Your baby is too sleepy to burp. Mostbabies fall asleep during a feed. Its the irresistible combination of cuddles and the soothing sucking motion. Unfortunately, they dont often fall asleep in a good burping position, and the last thing youll want to do is wake your sleeping baby! However, there are some great positions that can work without waking them, like lying on your chest or placing them over your forearm.

How Long Does Burping Take

Burping usually only takes a minute or two. Sometimes a burp will come up as soon as you move your baby upright, and sometimes you have to wait a little while and help things with a gentle pat or tummy pressure.

Another helpful strategy is to get your baby in the habit of falling asleep in their crib rather than while feeding. When you notice them getting sleepy at the breast or bottle, stop the feeding, burp them for a minute or so, and then put them down to sleep. The younger you start this, the easier it is to do.

If your baby is often stiff and uncomfortable, talk with their doctor about more help for relieving gas. Some babies with bad reflux may need to stay upright for 30 minutes after eating, day or night.

Tips For Burping Your Baby

Try these tips the next time you need to burp your baby:

  • Use repeated, gentle pats on her back.

  • Cup your hand slightly as you pat her, as this is gentler than using a flattened palm.

  • Drape a towel or bib over your lap or shoulder to protect your clothing as you burp your baby, in case your baby spits up .

Now that you know how to burp your baby, and these tips help you do so effectively, hereâs a helpful visual guide:

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Baby Burping Tricks That Actually Work

Baby wont burp and has gas or falls asleep? Discover 14 baby burping tricks to get your newborn to burp fast minus the spit up!

As a first-time mom, I couldnt figure out why my babys burps were getting stuck.

I knew he had to burp because hed squirm and scream if he didnt. Id pat his back forever with no luck, but of course, once I put him down to sleep, hed spit up practically everything he just ate within minutes. Id give him gas drops and gripe water to no avail.

With burping taking 20-plus minutes, that left me with practically no time to do much else. Sometimes, he took so long to burp, that by the time he finally did, he was usually hungry again.

It didnt help that this went on for weeks. Youd think Id have the burping thing down by then, but I was still having trouble figuring out the best way to burp my baby and ease his discomfort. My arms were tired from all the holding, and it didnt help that hardly any burps came out at all.

When Do You Stop Burping A Baby

Everything you Need to Know About Burping a Baby

After two months, your baby is more likely to burp readily on their own. Babies around four to six months old have more robust neck and stomach muscles which stops them from swallowing as much air. That said, if baby is fussy and gassy, continue burping and using other gas-relief options, or see a pediatrician.

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Want More Advice About Burping Your Baby Come See Us

If youre wondering whether youre burping your baby properly, if your baby seems overly gassy and you want some advice on what to do, or if you have other questions relating to your babys health and well-being, please call 232-1919 to make an appointment with one of our Westchester Health pediatricians. He/she will help you work out solutions that will bring relief to both you and your baby. Whenever, wherever you need us, were here for you.

To read Dr. Adlers blog in full, click here.

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Importance Of Pause While Burping Your Baby

While it is indeed important to know how to properly burp a baby after feeding, it is also critical to pause between feeding.

The pause you give, that is the amount of time you wait between two feeds is in fact more important than trying to get him burp.

Thats why you should give him about two to four minutes in between feeds, which is the pause, and only then continue feeding. If hes starting to fall asleep on the breath or on the bottle, a nice way to wake him up would be to make him burp and continue feeding.

Swallowing too much air and subsequently not burping adequately can make the baby cranky, gassy or even spit up. It is normal, therefore, if he spits up while you try to make him burp.

The spit up usually comes out of the mouth and sometimes even through the nose. As long as it looks kind of milky or yellowish in colour, you dont have to worry.

But if the spit up happens such that it is forcefully thrown out, or if it is greenish in colour, there could be a reason for concern and you should immediately let your paediatrician know.

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Take The Baby To The Doctor

If you are doing everything outlined above and your baby still has trouble burping or seems to have an excessive amount of gas to the point of discomfort and upset, then youll need to take them to the doctor. They may have a health problem or illness.

Its not recommended to self-diagnose with over-the-counter gas relief medications. They arent that effective and shouldnt be relied on for burping a baby. They can offer relief when all else fails but only if the doctor advises it.

Try An Alternative Method Of Burping

How to Burp a Newborn Baby | 3 Easy Burping Techniques | Newborn Care

Still unable to burp the baby? If none of the positions above work, you can give your baby a massage, walk upstairs while carrying the baby, lightly bounce them on your lap to assist with the burp or bicycle their legs while theyre lying on their back.

Keep in mind that some babies just may not need to burp. Pay attention to their signals to know whether or not this is true. Signs of discomfort mean they do indeed need to burp, so be patient and dont give up. Once you learn how to burp a baby, the process becomes easier.

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At What Age Do You Stop Baby Burping

Most babies tend to stop spitting up when they can sit up typically between four and nine months of age. As with all things baby, just follow their cues theyll let you know when its time.

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What If My Baby Doesnt Burp After Feeding

Whether your baby is breastfed or you are bottle-feeding, if youre exclusively using breast milk or supplementing with infant formula, youve probably had some questions about burping. We are often asked from new parents everything from how to burp a baby to how often you need to burp a baby.

Lets talk all things burping!

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Change Sides For Feeding

Switch nursing is a breastfeeding technique involving alternating breasts multiple times. According to, this technique is very helpful during the first few days of breastfeeding, when the milk supply is just building up and the baby is still trying to figure out the best, cozy and comfortable positions for him. Each time the baby slows down, stops sucking or falls asleep, the movement of changing sides and the change in the breastmilk flow will help to wake him up and encourage him to start feeding again.

The extra stimulation on both breasts by switching sides also helps to build the breastmilk supply. You are stimulating both of your babys eyes and both sides of his body and his brain and reducing the chances of your baby developing a favored side, which can make breastfeeding quite challenging. Once the breastmilk supply goes up, you can stop changing sides frequently and allow the baby to finish on one side before moving to the other.

How Long To Burp A Baby

The Importance Of Making The Baby Burp After Feeding And Right Ways To Do

Try to burp a baby for a few minutes.

There is no specific time frame in which all babies burp, and some babies may not burp at all.

In most cases, a baby develops their own habits. Once a parent knows these habits, they should burp for the usual length of time it takes to get a burp.

If the baby does not burp and does not seem upset, there is no need to continue attempting to burp them.

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Dont Feed The Baby Right After Shaking The Formula

When you shake formula to mix it, air bubbles are created inside. You should wait for it to settle to help eliminate some of the air bubbles before feeding your baby. Another option if you dont want to wait on the formula to settle is to use pre-mixed formula.

Additionally, you can stir the formula rather than shake it. Burping a baby is easier when the formula is stirred well and at the right temperature.

What Do I Do If My Baby Sleeps While Feeding

This is another common cause of trouble to all mothers. Baby sleeps while feeding and then as soon as the mother puts the baby down, he/she wakes up. Continue to tickle your babys feet to keep him/her awake while feeding. Infants find the task of feeding very tiring and that puts them off to sleep.

You can also try to slap their cheeks gently with your hand to wake them up. Call out their names. They shall wake up and feed.

Burping is not only an activity to adhere to religiously for a healthy child, it is also a way to have physical contact with your baby. It provides the baby the love and affection that he/she may crave for by developing a personal touch. This is a good way to spend time with your baby. If your child is very cranky, you may try to take a short stroll in your house with your baby on your shoulder and have him/her to burp simultaneously.

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How To Burp Your Baby: Positions To Try

Here are three burping techniques that have stood the test of time. After trying each of them out, youâll probably settle on one that works best for you and your baby:

  • Hold your baby upright against your chest with his chin on your shoulder, all the while supporting him with one hand as you gently pat his back with your other hand.

  • Place your baby on your lap with him sitting up, all the while supporting his head and chest with one hand while you softly pat his back with your other hand.

  • Lay your baby on your lap with his belly faced down, all the while supporting his head so itâs higher than his chest, and pat his back.

  • Ways To Properly Burp A Baby After Feeding Step

    How to burp a baby

    1. Sitting on Your Lap

    Step 1: With one arm, hold your baby in such a way that his chin rests on the arch between your thumb and index finger.

    Step 2: As his chin rests, your thumb should be supporting one side his jawline and point towards his ear, and your index finger should be supporting the other side of his jawline and point towards the other ear.

    Step 3: The remaining three fingers should be tucked under his arm.

    Step 4: With your other arm, hold the back of his neck. This hold will not only support his neck, it will also prevent him from falling if he were to suddenly arch back.

    Step 5: Lift your baby up such that his body gets stretched, so that the oesophagus, which is the feeding tube vertically above his stomach, is stretched straight as much as possible.

    Step 6: Placing him back on your lap, bend him forward .

    Step 7: Pat his back gently but firmly and/or rub his back upwards a few times to burp.

    Note: You can do this when your baby is sitting on the floor too.

    2. Over Your Shoulder

    Step 1: Lift your baby.

    Step 2: Place him over your shoulder making sure his head clearly above the shoulder.

    Step 3: Try to get his back as straight as possible.

    Step 4: Pat his back gently but firmly and/or rub his back upwards a few times to burp.

    3. Lying Across Your Forearm

    Step 1: Place your baby on your forearm.

    Step 2: Make sure that his mouth is facing outward .

    Step 3: Pat his back gently but firmly and/or rub his back upwards a few times to burp.

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    How Long Do Babies Need To Be Burped

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    Allergic Reactions Or Food Intolerance

    If you are breastfeeding, your baby may also have a sensitivity to some of the food you eat and feel belly pain as a result. The most common food reaction in babies is adairy intolerance, particularly from ice cream, cheese, or yogurt that mom has eaten, says Dr. Shalini Forbis, a pediatrician and a Dr. Mom Squad blogger for Dayton Childrens Hospital in Ohio. Babies who are formula fed may also experience a similar intolerance, which creates more gas.

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    What If My Baby Won’t Burp

    If these methods don’t work and your baby shows signs of trapped wind , try lying them on their back and gently massaging their tummy. Also move your baby’s legs back and forth â like they’re riding a bicycle. If this doesn’t work, talk to your health visitor, they’ll be able to advise you on the best thing to do.

    Burping Newborns: The Basics

    How to Burp a Baby

    Newborns might have wind if they swallow air when crying or feeding. They get rid of wind by burping or passing wind from their bottoms.

    Put a cloth over your shoulder. Put baby over your shoulder and support baby with your hand on the same side. When baby is upright, gently rub babys back with your other hand.

    Your baby might vomit up some milk during burping. This is normal.

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    How Do I Know If My Child Has Fed Enough

    This is a major problem for women who breastfeed their babies. They never come to know if their infants are feeding enough milk or are they hungry? The answer is simple, if your child burps it is a sure indicator of a full stomach. However no burping does not mean your child is still hungry. If your baby keeps crying, chances are that he/she remains unsatisfied and is crying because of hunger.

    Mothers who use formula milk to feed their babies use the measurement of a bottle to know if their child has fed properly or is still hungry.

    Sitting Up On Your Lap Burping

    This position is a simple one that can be used at any time. Sit your baby upright on your lap and lean them forward a little bit. Support their head by placing your hand against their chest and cupping their chin with your palm. Make sure your are holding their chin and not their throat. Your other hand can be used to rub or pat your babys back.1

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    Regularly Burping A Baby

    A recommended rule of thumb is to try burping your baby before switching breasts or every 30-60 mL of formula. Next, burp them again after theyre done feeding unless they fell asleep.

    If the baby fell asleep while feeding, then they typically dont have any gas that needs to be immediately released. Waking them up for burping will only cause them stress, anxiety, and upset. You can safely let them sleep.

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