What Is The Best Formula For Newborns With Gas

What Are The Important Things To Look For In Your Baby Formula

Best baby formula for gas and colic 2021! Plus **How to mix formula without creating bubbles

Whilst every baby is going to be different – theres no one size fits all – weve included some parent-approved baby formulas, starting with the most important things you need to look out for when choosing your a formula for your baby. Read more below…

Should not contain genetically modified organism ingredients.

Kendamil Classic First Infant Milk

Some baby formulas tout their organic credentials. Kendamil goes quite a bit further, offering fully vegetarian formulas that still supply high quantities of DHA, which other companies typically source from fish oil. They do offer an anti-colic formula, but all Kendamil products are good choices for babies prone to gassiness or reflux.

Kendamil has been producing dairy products, including baby formulas, for nearly 60 years. Its primary ingredients are carefully sourced from farms near its headquarters in Englands Lake District. Kendamils baby formulas are among the simplest and purest available, featuring no maltodextrin, palm oil, gluten, soy, or GMO-derived ingredients. This makes the entire line of Kendamil products especially attractive to parents of infants who have trouble processing other dairy-based formulas.

UK regulations prohibit the addition of probiotics in baby formula, but prebiotics matter more to infants, since they support gut health at a more fundamental level appropriate for developing digestive systems. Kendamil formulas provide prebiotics to support growing gut biomes and intestinal function.

Kendamil formulas also deliver natural milk fat globule membranes surrounding each bit of fat. This seemingly little detail promotes the absorption of healthy fats and may be linked to healthy cognitive development. Speaking of which, Kendamil derives its DHA from algae, which is exactly where fish find it, too.

What About Toddler Formula

Enfamil, Gerber, Similac, Perrigo Nutrition, Kabrita, Babys Only, and a few other companies also produce toddler formula, or toddler milk, which is marketed for babies older than a year. Toddler formula is not regulated by the FDA in the same way infant formula is, and it is not meant for babies younger than 1 year old. When choosing formula for an infant under 1 year old, always be sure that the formula label specifies infant formula.

For babies over a year old, toddler formula is unnecessary. There is no evidence that toddler formula is better than whole cows milk for growth and development for babies older than a year. In fact, the AAP says toddler formulas are not only unnecessary but could be harmful to young children, because they contain extra sugars compared with whole cows milk. Toddler formulas are significantly more expensive than cows milk. If you have questions about nutrition for older babies, talk to your pediatrician.

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How To Prepare For Your Pediatrician Appointment

Some degree of infant gas is to be expectedin fact, a happy, gassy baby is perfectly normal. But if youve implemented the tips above and are worried, or if you think your little one is in pain, call your pediatrician for an appointment.

Follow these tips below before you meet with the pediatrician. Also, when you book the appointment, ask your pediatrician if there is anything additional or specific you should do in preparation for the visit.

  • Write down all of your babys issues and your worries.
  • When do you notice the gas? Is it after eating? When baby first wakes up?
  • Does your baby seem to be in pain when they have gas? What are their issues: crying, fussiness, spitting up?
  • Log everything you are giving your baby.
  • Medications
  • Vitamins or other nutritional supplements
  • Type of formula
  • Note any changes in your baby lately.
  • Sleep pattern
  • Does Massage Help With Baby Gas

    Best Formula For Gassy Babies Of 2020

    Infant massage is another way to help your baby move tummy bubbles. Massage also supports bonding and sensory stimulation between an infant and parentZeevenhooven J, Browne PD, LHoir MP, de Weerth C, Benninga, MA. Infant Colic: Mechanisms and Management. Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2008 15:479-496. .

    Choose a time of day to perform infant massage, typically first thing in the morning or as part of the nighttime routine. Baby-safe lotions or oils can decrease friction during a massage, but are not needed. Move your hand across your babys tummy in a clockwise motion to push bubbles forward. You can also move your babys legs like theyre riding a bike to encourage gas release.

    Infant massage should be pleasant and soothing. Watch your baby for any signs of increased distress, and stop if your baby seems uncomfortable.

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    Best Baby Formula For Colic

    A colicky baby is defined as an otherwise healthy baby under 3 months of age who cries for more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, for more than three weeks in a row for no apparent reason, much to the distress of caregivers. Doctors arent sure what causes colic, but its natural to wonder whether their baby formula has something to do with it.

    But before you switch your baby formula, give it at least a week or two, Arévalo says, and see if any tips and tricks for relieving a gassy or constipated baby help. However, if besides crying, your child vomits, coughs, wheezes, has trouble breathing, breaks out in a rash or red spots or has diarrhea, itchy, watery or swollen eyes, they might be sensitive to the protein in formula, or an all-out milk-protein allergy, says Melanie Greifer, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist at NYU Langone Health in New York City. If digestive troubles are the cause for babys extreme fussiness, talk to your pediatrician about trying partially hydrolyzed proteins, Young says.

    Baby formulas to try:

    Among the best baby formulas for colic, Gerber Good Start SoothePro contains 100 percent whey protein partially broken down, which, as we mentioned, is easier to digest than casein proteins. Soothe also contains L. reuteri, the only probiotic that helps colic, according to some studies, as well as a prebiotic called Human Milk Oligosaccharides , which research has shown to support digestive health and the developing immune system.

    Highly Recommended Nutrients: Cows Milk Protein And Iron

    Cows milk protein: Unless otherwise medically indicated, its generally recommended that a baby use a standard cows milk protein-based formula. Lactose is the natural form of sugar found in breast milk that has a positive effect on both gut health and calcium absorption. Simply look for milk-based powder or milk-based formula on the product packaging.

    Iron: The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition also strongly advocates for formulas fortified with 4 to 12 milligrams of iron per liter to reduce risk of iron-deficiency anemia, which can impact brain development. The FDA requires that all formulas are fortified with 0.15 to 3 milligrams of iron per 100 calories of formula.

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    Changing Formula For Reflux

    Unless your baby has other symptoms of a formula intolerance, like a lot of gas, diarrhea, bloody stools, in addition to vomiting or spitting up and being fussy, then changing formula isn’t usually helpful.

    If you are going to try a different formula, then a hypoallergenic formula, like Alimentum or Nutramigen, may be the best choice, since some studies have shown improvement in infants who just had vomited when changed to this type of formula.

    Enfamil AR or Similac for Spit-Up are specialty formulas that can be helpful for infants that do have reflux, and that may be an option if your child doesn’t have a milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance.

    What Makes The A2 Platinum Premium Range Different

    Having An Infant With Colic || Best Bottles And Formula For Babies With Colic
    • It is nutritionally complete, providing key ingredients which may help support growth and development.
    • The milk powder in this exclusive formulation contains only the naturally occurring A2 type of beta-casein protein to the exclusion of the A1 type of beta-casein protein, which may help support your baby’s natural digestion.

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    How Can I Reduce Gas In Breastfed Babies

    Start with a good latch. If your baby doesnt latch properly, they may take in air with their milk. If theres a lot of smacking, this is probably the case. Help baby to be patient: feed before they are famished, and, if they begin sucking in air, interrupt the feeding to allow them to re-latch for a better seal.

    These same techniques apply to both breastfed and bottle-fed babies:

    • Keep babys head higher than their stomach during feedings.
    • Burp your baby every ten minutes during and after feeding.
    • Keep a food diary in order to determine whether the gas may be related to your own diet.
    • Tilt the bottle so that the milk fills the nipple and the baby is not swallowing air.
    • Try a slower-flow nipple.

    Similac Pro Sensitive Non

    This Similac formula is non-GMO milk-based and does not contain artificial growth hormones. It is specially developed for babies with sensitive tummies. Although the formula uses cow milk, lactose is usually eliminated to reduce gas and tummy sensitivity. However, do not use it if your baby has galactosemia.

    Similac Pro sensitive is one of the few formulas that include 2-FLO HMO, an immune-building probiotic that is the closest to the one in breast milk. The formula also includes an exclusive blend of DHA, lutein, and Vit E for supporting the babys brain and eye development. Vit E supports cell development.

    If your baby is lactose sensitive and suffers from gas and fussiness, then Similac Pro Sensitive formula will be a perfect choice. It is easy to digest and offer complete nutrition for your baby


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    What Else Can I Do To Ease Acid Reflux

    Finding out which option is the best formula for reflux for your baby will often help. However, it still might not be the end of the story when it comes to reflux issues. In my case, the formula helped but my daughter needed a little more to help ease the pain.

    Here are some extra things to try:

    • More frequent feedings with a decreased amount of food
    • Burp them extra between every 2 or so ounces, they need your help with this
    • Hold your baby upright for 30 minutes to an hour after feeding
    • Put them to sleep on their back on a firm mattress, it may be tempting to put them at an incline or in a seat but you MUST ask your doctor about this first
    • Ask your doctor about possible medications to help with infant reflux
    • Find a newborn chiropractor, just make sure they are highly rated because this is a delicate practice
    • Rub their tummy in a clockwise motion to help relieve gas

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is There A Difference Between Formula

    9 Best Formula for Gassy Babies In 2021

    Even though breastfeeding can be very helpful for babies with acid reflux, for example, gassiness can be an equally bad problem for babies who are fed formula and fed breastmilk.

    This is because a baby can swallow air while breastfeeding just as much as while being fed through a bottle. If you are nursing, make sure that your baby is latched on properly, keeping any extra air out.

    On the other hand, what a mom eats can also cause gas for a breastfed baby, so keeping an eye on your diet and avoiding foods that contribute to gas build-up can be helpful.

    Foods that contain lots of fiber even though they are great for your digestive system should be avoided, as well as vegetables such as onions and broccoli.

    Heres the thing, though: Completely removing foods that cause gas from your diet is quite difficult, and not every mom has the means to completely revamp her eating habit.

    And even if she does, it might not completely get rid of the babys gas because they can still swallow air while nursing.If you are feeding your baby through a bottle, opt for ones that are designed in a way that prevents colic.

    Such bottles reduce the amount of air the baby swallows while drinking milk, which helps with symptoms of colic as well as gas.

    Naturally, switching formulas to one that might be a bit easier on the babys stomach is one of the first options that should be explored if your baby isnt being breastfed.

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    Is Soy Formula Safe For My Baby

    Store-bought iron-fortified soy formula is safe and nutritionally complete. Doctors usually recommend soy-based formulas if:

    • Parents dont want their babies to eat animal protein.
    • A baby has congenital lactase deficiency, a rare condition where babies are born without the enzyme needed to digest lactose. Lactose is the main sugar found in cows milk.
    • A baby is born with galactosemia, a rare condition where babies cant digest galactose. Lactose is made up of glucose and galactose.

    Many babies who are allergic to cow’s milk also are allergic to the protein in soy formulas, so doctors usually recommend hypoallergenic formulas for these infants.

    Soy formula is a good alternative to cow’s milk formula for full-term babies . Soy formulas are not recommended for premature babies. Talk to your doctor if you are considering a soy-based formula for your baby.

    Do not try to make your own formula at home. Online recipes may look healthy and promise to be nutritionally complete, but they can have too little or too much of important nutrients and cause serious health problems for your baby.

    Understanding The Composition Of Baby Formula

    All formulas have different compositions, so you want to understand what is in your formula. It also helps you pick other formulas for your baby if he isnt handling the one youre using currently. So, lets take a look at the composition of baby formula.

    The Protein SourceThe Controversy Around Soy

    Soy formula is typically only recommended for babies who have a dairy intolerance. Unless you purchase organic baby formula, soy is almost always genetically modified. In Europe, soy is prohibited in organic foods because soy must be mixed with synthetic I-methionine to meet nutritional needs. Soy also tends to have higher levels of aluminum sucked up from the soil.

    The Carb Source

    Take a look at the formula that youre considering. Several options exist for carbohydrates in formula, such as:

    • Brown rice syrup
    • Maltodextrin

    The Fat Source

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    Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergic Colic Baby Formula

    Similac pro advance is the only formula that includes an immune healthful prebiotic and HMO. The Similac formula is the most used in hospitals and is the no one choice of mothers. It contains a superior level of nutrition that will support healthy development and growth in your baby through the first year. This is the only formula available that contains an immunity-boosting prebiotic that can only be found in breastmilk. The gap that can be found between formula and breastfeeding is narrowed with this product that is the closest match to a mothers milk.

    This formula contains a healthy level of lutein, vitamin E, and a healthy level of DHA to help excellent eye, bone, and brain development. All ingredients are tested and there are no growth hormones in this formula.

    • You are securing your baby in the most important stage of their development by developing a strong immune system in them.
    • The presence of a 2-FL HMO prebiotic saves the baby from viruses and infections.
    • Parents agree that this formula is safe and easy to mix up.
    • This product is highly recommended by doctors and no one choice of mothers also.
    • The most used formula in hospitals.
    • Lower fussiness and gas.

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