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What Ingredients Are In Infant Formula

Which NAN formula is best for newborn

The majority of infant formula milks start with a base of cows milk protein, although a few contain goats milk protein. Lactose and other carbohydrates, vegetable, fish and other oils, vitamins and minerals are all added to the milk base .

The basic components of any infant milk, regardless of whether they’re powdered or ready-made, are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The major infant formula producers develop their own brands with a combination of each of these components. You can see a full list of constituents on the packaging of infant formula milk for babies.

How We Selected Products To Test

For insight into the process other parents have gone through when selecting formula, we talked with three sets of parents from various walks of life to see what formula their babies liked best. We found that most parents cant decipher the differences between formulations, much less understand why some work better for their babies.

We boned up on the background of infant nutrition with detailed guidance from Dr. Bridget Young and Dr. William Sears, two experts whose guides are linked all over parenting blogs and discussion groups. We had hoped to get a more concrete set of criteria from the experts, but we found out that even the researchers cant point to one specific set of ingredients that will make the perfect formula for everyone.

We researched the manufacturers of formula to see if there was anything notable about specific standards or practices. The US Food and Drug Administration imposes stringent regulations on ingredients, but we did find a few common variations that are discussed below.

Our final selections were based on price, availability, and a comparison of ingredients lists to find a full range of options that can satisfy even the compulsive label-readers among our friends and family.

Best Baby Formula For Constipation

There arent many formulas specifically marketed to help with constipation, since constipation isnt terribly common in infants.

However, constipation is more common in formula-fed babies than in breastfed babies, since breast milk is easier to digest. Often, formula-fed babies have stools between two and three times a day before starting solids, and two times a day after starting solids.

Or, your baby might have a different routine.

But if they seem to be straining and passing hard stools, or suddenly start going longer and longer without a dirty diaper, they may be constipated. You can try a different formula, and speak to your doctor about other ways to get things moving.

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What About Bobbie And Byheart

In the past two years, two new formulas that arent made by the manufacturers behind the big three formula companies have appeared: Bobbie, which launched in 2021, and , introduced in 2022.

Bobbie, manufactured by Perrigo, fashions itself as a European-style formula. Lactose is the sole carbohydrate, and the formula has added whey . Bobbies blend of oils contains coconut, soy, and sunflower or safflower oils it has no palm oil. Bobbie contains more DHA than any other formula available in the US, aligning with European standards, according to a Bobbie spokesperson. This formula lacks some added ingredients that many other US formulas have, but they are ingredients that many European formulas leave out .

In other words, Bobbie is designed to mimic European formulas while still meeting FDA requirements. Similar to many European formulas, it uses organic milk from pasture-raised cows. Also similar to European formulas, Bobbie has a shorter ingredients list because it omits those certain extra minerals and nutrients found in most US formulas.

In July 2022, Bobbie started selling its formula at Target as well as by subscription.

Common Minerals In Baby Formula

Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron, Baby Formula 34 oz, 2 Count ...

Healthy bones, teeth, and nails are built with the help of minerals. Baby formula has a long list of minerals, but these are some of the common minerals you hear about and how they support the growth of your little one:

  • Iron Essential for healthy blood and carrying oxygen throughout the body
  • Calcium Important for bone development and circulation
  • Phosphorus Supports development of the skeleton
  • Zinc Supports tissue growth and repair, wound healing, and a healthy immune system

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What Forms Of Baby Formula Are Available

The majority of formulas are cows milk-based, but there are variations. For example, some cows milk formulas have added nutrients, like DHA and ARA, lutein, calcium, iron, pre- and probiotics and more. Alternatives to cows milk formulas include soy-based products, as well as protein hydrosolate options . In the latter, the protein in the formula is either partially or fully broken down and may be recommended for babies with known allergies to cows milk and soy. If you suspect your child may be reacting to your formula of choice, speak to your doctor before making the switch to a hypoallergenic option.

What About European Baby Formula

Recently the FDA has approved additional formulas made outside of the United States: Kendamil , Bubs , Nestle , and a version of Similac produced for Spain. These formulas meet US safety standards for production and labeling and are valid options to feed your baby.

The biggest difference between these formulas versus the formula produced in the US is iron content formula produced abroad contains about half of the iron content as its US counterparts, explains Dr. Fradin, although she also notes that different preparations of iron may predispose to better absorption.

We know iron is a critical nutrient for brain and liver growth in babies, especially for babies born preterm or after pregnancies with certain complications like preeclampsia. If youre using one of these formulas and are worried about anemia or iron deficiency, talk to your pediatrician, she says.

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Oli6 Dairy Goat Baby Formula $3795

Oli6® Dairy Goat Infant Formula is a premium goats milk-based formula. This breast milk substitute is specially formulated for formula fed babies from birth or when changing from breastfeeding.

Oli6® Dairy Goat Infant Formula balances the natural benefits of goats milk with scientific smarts in development and formulation to make sure your babys needs are met every step of the way. Oli6® Dairy Goat Infant Formula is proudly manufactured in Victoria, Australia and the brand ensures that all ingredients used meet strict Australian regulations and requirements. You can rest assured that Oli6® formula is a safe choice to support your babys nutritional needs.

Mama Bear Sensitivity Milk

How the baby formula shortage happened

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Mama Bear Sensitivity is actually a generic version of the Similac Pro-Sensitive formula, meaning that its one of the best baby formulas for moms on a budget!

This GMO-free formula is perfect for little ones who are a little sensitive to lactose, but will not be a good choice for babies with cows milk allergy.

Among other important ingredients found in different formula brands, this Mama Bear formula contains human milk oligosaccharide , a prebiotic that babies usually get from breast milk and important for immune system development.

It also includes DHA for healthy brain development.

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A Quick Look At Similac

Similac categorizes their formulas based on the different needs of the infant. They rely on expert advice to support healthy babies with the brain and eye development. Most of their formulas contain lutein, DHA, and vitamin E, along with all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Lutein plays a vital role in vision development, and DHA is for the development of the brain.

Earths Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula

Price: $$

Key features: Earths Bests Sensitivity blend is made with 95% less lactose than standard formulas. This means it may be more easily digested by babies who are sensitive to lactose . Its dairy ingredients are organic, coming from grass-fed cows, and the formula also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, lutein, and prebiotics to support your babys immune system.

Additionally, this formula uses water-extracted DHA .

Considerations: Some parents explain that they like the formula, but that it can be inconsistent from batch to batch . Others like that this formula tastes like milk, but a few note that theyre unhappy with the high corn syrup solids content. Its worth noting, though, that corn syrup solids, also sometimes called maltodextrin, is a common ingredient in most infant formulas.

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Similac Vs Enfamil Which Has The Better Formula

The good news when it comes to baby formula is that the FDA provides guidelines that all baby formulas need to meet. The tricky part happens when parents are overloaded with all the different baby formula brands, such as Enfamil or Similac.

If you havent done any research on baby formula, I suggest starting here and coming back to this post once you have a good idea of what type of formula to start with. For this post, we will be focusing solely on Similac vs Enfamil.

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How Much Formula Does A Baby Need

Similac Total Comfort Infant Formula Powder, 12 oz., Can

The general rule of thumb is your baby should consume about 2.5 ounces of formula for every pound of body weight daily, according to the AAP. However, every babys formula needs are unique. How much formula your baby needs depends on their age and where they are in self-regulating their intake.

Alternatively, Natasha Burgert, M.D., a pediatrician based in Overland Park, Kansas, and member of the Forbes Health Advisory Board, generalizes feeding recommendations as 24 to 32 ounces per day with personalized direction from your babys pediatrician during well baby visits.

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The Best Baby Formulas In Australia In 2022

If you’re a parent, no doubt you’ve worried several times about whether or not your baby is getting enough milk!

You’ve probably also heard of people using baby formula as a means of ‘topping up’ your baby’s milk intake, to ensure they’re getting enough.

This occurs because while some babies are happy to breastfeed from birth and never seem to be left wanting for more, others can get fussy, and need more. Another reason for introducing baby formula is that breastfeeding just isn’t working for you, for whatever reason. And you should know that that is OKAY. There are some incredible formulas for babies on the market, and we’ve rounded up some of the very best to show you.

Loulouka Organic Baby Formula

Update: The word on the street is that Loulouka has been discontinued indefinitely any stock you find might be nearing its expiration date. We will update you immedaitely if their manufacturing and distribution come back online. Loulouka is one of the newest European baby formulas to hit the market and has quickly become one of the best-selling baby formulas available! And for some great reasons! First of all, many parents do not appreciate the use of soy and palm oils in their formulas, and Loulouka listened! This awesome baby formula uses only sunflower, coconut, and rapeseed oils as sources of fat. For carbohydrates and protein, it is based on skimmed milk and whey powder, achieving a suitable whey to casein ratio similar to breast milk. If you’ve read elsewhere that Loulouka is a whole milk baby formula, that information is outdated: they modified their formulas a couple years ago to use only skim milk. Why? Whole milk baby formula can be a harder to digest, especially for infants with highly sensitive tummies. When they switched away from whole milk, Loulouka also updated their packaging, introducing large flip-top tins that make storage and dispensing really convenient. Second, like HiPP, the Loulouka formulas contain prebiotics , choline, amino acids , and Omega-3 fatty acids going beyond many other formulas, they also include Omega-6 , and inositol.

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What Causes Gas In Babies

The main reason why babies get gas in the first place is quite simple air. Swallowing air is very common for babies and it doesnt have to happen only during feeding sessions.

For example, a baby can get a lot of air in their tummy simply when crying, so calming your little one down as quickly as possible will minimize his or her chances of getting gassy later on.

Of course, digestive issues can also be the root cause of an infants upset stomach. Excessive gas can be caused by acid reflux, a change in the babys diet, constipation, and even a stomach virus.

During your feeding sessions, make sure not to give your baby too much at a time, as this can cause gas as well.

A baby can also be really sensitive, and maybe even allergic, to a certain type of formula or food, which is why finding a gentle formula for your little one can be incredibly helpful in preventing gassiness.

Bubs Goat Infant Formula $3800

What’s Behind America’s Baby Formula Shortage?

Bubs Goat Milk Stage 1 Formula is exclusively formulated for tiny Australian tummies aged 0 to 6 months.

Bubs Goat Milk Stage 1 Formula, which uses fresh Australian Goat Milk, now includes more Omega 3 , Omega 6 , and Prebiotics .

Goat milk naturally supports gentle digestion and may be a good alternative for formula fed babies with sensitive tummies. Bubs premium formulation contains DHA and ARA from plants for improved taste.

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Enfagrow Premium Enfamil Or Similac Go And Grow

Similac Go And Grow

Purpose of both the formulas

Both Enfamil Enfagrow Premium and Similac Go & Grow, give a good nutritious foundation for your toddlers development.

Similarities between Enfamil Enfagrow Premium and Similac Go and Grow

  • Are high in DHA, which aids in the formation of the brain.
  • There are two kinds of probiotics in both of these products.

Differences between Enfamil Enfagrow and Similac Go and Grow

  • Calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc, and 19 other minerals are included to aid growth and development and round out a toddlers diet.
  • It is enriched with vitamins and minerals and contains dual prebiotics to boost overall immune health.
  • Has DHA, lutein, and vitamin E which are vital nutrients for the brain and visual development of your child.
  • It has prebiotics that help with digestion, and its non-GMO and free of chemical growth hormones.

Our verdict: Since Enfamil has twice as much DHA as Similac and has 30% less sugar, Enfamil is a better choice.

When Should You Stop Using Baby Formula

When your little one reaches 12 months of age, most pediatricians will suggest transitioning them from baby formula to full-fat dairy milk. Typically, a babys system is able to digest regular milk successfully at this stage. Babies 12 to 24 months old should receive 16 to 24 ounces of whole milk a day, according to the AAP and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Best For Babies With Lactose Intolerance

Babies with lactose intolerance and vegan babies need lactose-free formulas.

Some caregivers opt for soy formulas instead, but it is important to explore other options first, as soy is a common allergen.

Anyone who thinks that their infant may have an allergy should speak with a pediatrician about testing.

If a baby has a diagnosed medical condition, a pediatrician may recommend a specialized formula. These may be expensive, however, and the baby may not take to them easily. The doctor can provide guidance, including information about financial support and potential alternatives.

Which Is The Best Formula For Babies

Similac Infant Formula for Under 6 Months ( 964 gm ): Buy Similac ...

There are a number of excellent cows milk formulas. Your babys doctor is a great place to get advice, especially if your baby may have special dietary needs. Experienced Mommys top recommendation is Happy Baby Formula its organic and non-GMO. For those for whom organic is not a high priority, however, we recommend Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Formula. Both formulas provide superior nourishment for your baby. Its all up to you, but you might want choose one of these formulas.

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Gentle Formulas: Enfamil Gentlease Vs Similac Pro

Enfamil Gentlease costs $29.99

  • Both have a gentle formula that may help reduce fussiness in babies.
  • Both products have similar levels of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water.
  • Both use corn syrup solids .
  • Enfamil uses partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk as well as whey protein concentrate solids from soy to assist in digestion, while Similac uses easy-to-digest milk protein isolate that might trigger allergies or indigestion in some babies.
  • Similac contains more linoleic acid .

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Enfamil Reguline Infant Formula

Price: $$

Key features: Enfamil claims this formula will help your little one poop more comfortably within a week of use. It contains a special blend of prebiotics that Enfamil says aids with digestion. Like other varieties, this formula is gentle enough that it can be used every day. While iron can be constipating for babies, this formula does still contain iron, which is essential to healthy development.

Considerations: Reviews are mixed on whether or not this formula is a magic fix for constipation. A few parents note that their childs stools turned dark green while using this formula. Others say it gave their babies diarrhea and more gas.

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