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Why Is My 9 Month Old Constipated

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Once your baby begins eating solid foods , constipation may occur. The transition from breastmilk or formula to solid foods is one of the most common times for children to become constipated because the digestive system needs time to adapt.

Is It Normal For An Infant To Not Have A Bowel Movement

Sometimes your baby is not really constipated, but must be given time to set his own schedule for having a bowel movement. Normally, an infants stool is soft and easily passed. Even if an infant is not constipated, his bowel movements may be irregular.

Infant constipation is unlikely if your baby passes a soft bowel movement after a few minutes of straining. Infant constipation often begins when a baby starts eating solid foods. If your baby seems constipated, consider simple dietary changes: Water or fruit juice.

Bowel Movement In Babies Up To Six Months Old

The number of bowel movements a young baby has varies considerably and what is normal may range from a bowel movement several times a day to as little as once a week. In rare cases, there can be up to three weeks between bowel movements.

Breastfed babies usually have frequent bowel movements until they are two to three months old. Their stools are typically yellow. However they may go for days without opening their bowels.

A young baby should only be given a laxative if he or she is bothered by the long intervals between bowel movements or appears to have difficulty or pain passing stools. Its best to check with your GP or health visitor before giving a baby a laxative.

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Infant Stinky Farts: Is It Normal Or Not

Do babys farts smell really bad? Like so bad that the paint has started peeling off the walls in the nursery?

Farting is all a part of normal, healthy life. And it can be a window, even though a smelly one, into the health of your baby. Those stinky infant farts can clue you into whether things are going well or if you need to head to the pediatrician.

Its not just formula-fed babies either. A breastfed baby could have stinky gas and poop too. You may notice either type of baby with smelly farts and cry or that your baby hasnt pooped and the farts stink.

In order to figure out if its normal or warrants a call to the doctor, youll have to do some detective work on those smells. So lets discuss why babys farts stink!

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Other Causes Of Constipation In Babies

My 6 month baby having constipation

Food is usually the cause of baby constipation. However dehydration, especially in hot weather, can be an important contributory factor.

But in some cases, constipation can be a symptom of a more serious underlying disease.If your baby isnt gaining weight or shows any other unusual symptoms, seek the advice of a doctor.

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How To Help When Your Newborn Baby Is Constipated

One of the hurdles any new parent might face is baby constipation, but what should you do if you suspect your newborn is constipated?

Dr. Jane Sneed, a pediatrician at The Childrens Clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas, who has been practicing since 1993, told TODAY Parents that constipation is extremely common in babies.

I would estimate 50 to 75 percent of infants have issues during their first year of life with some form of constipation arising from dietary issues following a stomach bug with diarrhea or from stress, like going out of town and having a significant schedule change, Sneed said. She added that some experts expand the diagnosis to include infrequent stooling only two to three per week or excessive straining for more than ten minutes. Regardless of the definition, the result is the same an unhappy baby.

Helping Your Newborn Get Through Painful Pooping

That constipated look your baby gives you when they cant poop can be entertaining to look at, but can be quite painful for your baby. Luckily, painful pooping, or infant dyschezia, is a very common, normal and curable problem. Dr. Cindy Gellner talks about what might cause dychezia and what safe methods you can use to help your baby.

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What Are The Signs Of Constipation In Babies

The following signs may indicate your baby is constipated:

  • Pooing fewer than three times a week

  • Hard, dry or lumpy poos or poo that comes out in little pellets

  • Poos that are bigger than usual

  • Your baby finds it hard to poo and may look like he or she is straining

  • Poo and wind may be smellier than usual

  • Reduced appetite or a tummy ache that gets better after doing a poo

  • Traces of blood in the poo

  • A firm tummy

  • In children over 1 year old, soiled underwear can be due to constipation. This happens when runny poo, or diarrhoea runs around a hard stool thatâs causing a blockage.

How Long Can A Newborn Go Without Pooping

My 5 week old baby is constipated. What can I do to help?

Formula-fed babies typically poop three to four times a day, but some go as long as three or four days without a bowel movement. As long as your babys poops are soft and passed without a struggle, you dont have to be concerned. But call your pediatrician if your little one doesnt poop for more than five days.

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What To Expect From Your Babys Nappies

Your babys nappies will change depending on their age and diet3. Remember, every babys different and nappies change from baby to baby youll quickly come to understand whats normal for your baby.

Breastfed babies

In the early days, breastfed babies may poo frequently as breast milk is easy to digest. Once your baby is between 3 and 6 weeks old, they may only do one large, soft poo a week. This is completely normal.

Formula-fed babies

Formula-fed babies tend to poo more often than breastfed babies3 at least once a day or every other day. Some formula-fed babies may go longer between poos without being constipated.

Before weaning

Your babys poo should be soft, almost like the consistency of peanut butter or even looser. Hard baby poo prior to starting solid food is the most obvious sign that your baby may be constipated.

During weaning

Once you introduce solid foods to their diet, your baby may be more likely to experience constipation.

Want to know more? Check out our baby poo guide.

When Should You Contact Your Babys Healthcare Provider

You may be asking yourself âWhen should I worry about my babyâs constipation?â There are certain signs and symptoms to look out for that can indicate more urgent medical care may be required. If you notice the following, contact your babyâs healthcare provider right away so your little one can get checked out:

  • Vomiting

  • Blood in your babyâs poop.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Infant Constipation

The following signs may indicate your baby is constipated:

  • Your baby has hard bowel movements that look like round, ball-shaped pellets

  • Your baby may arch her back or cry when having difficulty passing a bowel movement. Keep in mind that itâs common for infants to strain when poopingâafter all your baby will most likely be pooping while lying on her back, which isnât that easy to do. If your baby passes a soft bowel movement after straining, she is probably not constipated

  • Your babys bowel movements are happening less frequently than normal.

Symptoms Of Constipation In Newborns

10 Home Remedies to Relieve Constipation in Babies

As with anything concerning newborns, sometimes it can be tough to figure out what is going on. Keep in mind that every childs bowel routine is different. One baby might have a bowel movement after every feeding, but another might have only one per day, and sometimes might even skip a day for no apparent reason.

1. Appearance of the Stool

Newborn constipation often shows up as a very uncomfortable baby who is not passing stools, even when she tries to do so. When stool is passed, it is likely dry and hard, and might cause discomfort for the child. If your child hasnt had a bowel movement in three or four days and seems to be uncomfortable, constipation might be the culprit.

2. Child Behaviors That Show Discomfort

Beyond the dry and hard stools, your baby will have other ways to show you that shes uncomfortable. A child who fusses, cries or even screams when passing the stools is a sure sign of a child who is constipated. Very young infants might pull their legs up to their chest repeatedly, as though they were trying to rid themselves of something. They might fight against being swaddled, fuss and cry for no apparent reason and they might even refuse milk or food.

When to Call the Doctor

If you notice that your child is passing stools that contain mucus or blood, dont try out any home remedies instead, head for the doctors office right away.

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Does Formula Give Babies Smelly Gas

Bottle-fed formula babies can make some smelly gas, too, if they react to the formula you use. You can expect some typical fart smells most of the time, though. This will change once you start introducing solids.

If youre worried about the formula setting off a food intolerance, watch for gas and bloating together. This is a big clue that something is off. Additionally, diarrhea will usually pop up if theres an intolerance to the particular formula youre using.

For formula-feeding babies, if you have any concerns about the formula youre using, you should speak to your doctor.

Is Jungle Book Appropriate For A 5 Year Old

The Jungle Book is the latest version of an inspiring story based on the work of Rudyard Kipling. The realistic scenes of wild animals might be too scary for children under 8 years and we recommend parental guidance for children aged 8-10 years. The movie talks about the strength of family and friendship bonds.

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What To Do If A 1 Year Old Is Constipated

What to do if a 1 year old is constipated? Make sure your child eats fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals every day . Adding a daily serving of raisin bran cereal or other high-fiber cereal to his diet can be helpful. Make sure your child drinks extra water and fruit juice between meals. A serving of prune juice or prunes once a day may help.

What helps a constipated 12 month old? Babies 6 to 12 months can have two to four ounces of apple, pear or prune juice a day until their stools soften. The sugars in juice basically bring water into the bowel to help soften the bowel movement, Santo Domingo says.

How can I make my baby poop instantly? MiraLAX is actually a good medication for constipation, both acute and chronic, when used correctly in children over 1 year old. MiraLAX helps to bring fluid back to the stool, so it doesnt get too hard and is easier to pass. MiraLax comes in a powder with no color or taste, which is great for young patients.

What is a good laxative for a 1 year old? Constipation is a common problem in children of all ages. A child with constipation may have bowel movements less frequently than normal, or their bowel movements may be hard, large-caliber, or difficult and painful to pass.

Do Babies Fart If They Are Constipated

How to help a constipated baby:4 tips

Yes, they still fart if theyre constipated. They can pass gas but not make poop. If your baby hasnt pooped in a few days and then makes a hard poop, thats constipation.

Sometimes though, a baby might be gassy between poops and then poop out a completely normal poop. If thats the case, see what we discussed above to help get that gas out. It could be that theyre not being burped enough.


If its constipation, the baby will cry or be irritable. Shell also have a decreased appetite. And she will seem to strain or turn red like shes trying to squeeze out a poop, but nothing comes out. When something does come out, it is dry and dark in color.

Constipation affects babies and toddlers fairly commonly, so getting things moving is encouraged. Any baby under 6 weeks who isnt pooping or rarely does needs to see the doctor straight away.

For all babies, if you have vomiting, a baby that refuses to eat, excessive crying, bloated belly, fever, and back arching like theyre in pain, its important to see the doctor.

Even if your baby is constipated, youll get through this, and everything will be ok. Keeping up hydration is essential and is the most common cause of constipation, to begin with. Remember, babies, drink breastmilk to eat and quench thirst, so be sure your milk is healthy by hydrating yourself and eating right too!

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Does Bottle Feeding Cause Baby Constipation

2AH4A92 Mother bottle-feeding baby boy on a park bench

All babies can get constipated, but exclusively breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from constipation. As a general rule breastfed babies do poos that are loose, squirty, and dont smell too unpleasant. One of the reasons for this is that when breastfeeding your milk contains a hormone called motilin which aids bowel movements.

Bottle-fed babies can be more likely to get constipated. Formula milk can be harder for babies to digest and their stools tend to be firmer, darker and smellier. Its easy to not add enough water to formula milk, which can subsequently lead to dehydration and constipation.

How To Treat It

A change in formula or in Mom’s diet could help combat constipation in formula and breastfed babies, respectively. Solid foods, which are often the cause of constipation, can also be the cure, Dr. Shu says. Several kinds of fruits and veggies, such as pears and broccoli, can get things back on track, along with fruit juice and water.

When a change in diet isn’t doing the trick, talk to your pediatrician before employing other methods. The doctor might suggest rectal stimulation with the use of a cotton swab or rectal thermometer. This usually produces a bowel movement within several minutes of stimulation, Dr. Shu says. Another possible is a glycerin suppository. If it works, it could take about an hour to produce a poop, Dr. Shu says. Other suggestions may include Miralax, a tasteless powder you can mix into a drink senna, a natural vegetable laxative and lactulose, a synthetic sugar used for treating constipation.

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