When To Find A Pediatrician For Newborn

When Will Your Pediatrician First See Your Baby

Finding the Right Pediatrician for Your Family

Your pediatrician will first see your baby most likely at the hospital within 24 hours after you give birth. That said, its possible youll have a different doctor when you deliver. In that case, youll see the pediatrician you chose at your first well-baby visit outside the hospital, which takes place around a week after your little one is born.

Keep in mind that if that happens, youll want to bring your infant growth chart with you so your pediatrician’s office can keep a record of it.

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Questions To Ask My Friends And Relatives About Their Pediatrician:

  • Do you feel rushed at your appointments?
  • Are all your questions and concerns addressed by your pediatrician?
  • Do your children like their pediatrician?
  • How are emergencies handled on the weekend or after hours?
  • Does the pediatrician include you in the decision-making process?
  • Does your pediatrician explain the side effects and risks of various medications?
  • Does your pediatrician respect your opinion? For example, how does your pediatrician respond if you choose not to vaccinate your child?

Questions To Ask The Office And Staff

While getting to know your prospective doctor is crucial, don’t forget to consider location when choosing a pediatrician. If your baby is sick, you won’t want to travel far to get to the doctor, so it’s a good idea to find one in your community. You’ll also want to assess the office off the bat. Take in to consideration cleanliness of the waiting area, if there’s a separate waiting area for sick children, and if other patients seem to be waiting a long time.

When it comes to questions, here are the top ones to ask staff:

  • Does the practice accept your insurance?
  • Does it accept a variety of plans in case your coverage changes?
  • Is a payment plan possible if you are not covered?
  • Which hospital is the doctor affiliated with?
  • Does your insurance cover services there?
  • What specialists are on staff?
  • Is there 24-hour visiting for parents?
  • If your child has to be admitted, can you stay overnight with him or her?

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The Most Important Questions To Ask A Pediatrician You’re Considering

You’ve got a baby on the waynow’s the time to find a doctor you can trust. Here’s our guide to choosing the pediatrician that’s right for you and your little one.

To begin your search, get referrals from your obstetrician/gynecologist or nurse-midwife, other parents in the neighborhood, the public affairs department at the nearest hospital, a pediatric floor nurse at a local hospital or medical center, or by checking the pediatrician referral database at the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Once you have a few recommendations, check these doctor’s credentials. The American Board of Medical Specialties is a good source to find out the following information:

  • Is the pediatrician certified by the American Board of Pediatrics ? This means the doctor passed a specialized exam in pediatrics.
  • Is the pediatrician a member of the AAP? If so, the doctor will have an “FAAP” after his or her name. This means he’s met established standards for providing child healthcare.
  • If you choose a family physician, is he certified by the American Board of Family Medicine ? Family doctors are trained to care for patients of all agesincluding childrenbut they do not have specialized training in pediatrics.
  • Does the doctor have specialized training?This is particularly important to know if you think your child will have special medical needs.

When Should I Choose My Babys Pediatrician

Minister Announces Extra Staff to Support New Mothers  Wales Healthcare

Choosing a pediatrician isnt something that should be left until the last minute. Ideally, you should have a pediatrician selected a few weeks before your due date.

We all know that there are no guarantees with due dates if you put off selecting a pediatrician and your baby decides to come early, youll be putting yourself in a stressful spot.

In order to have a pediatrician selected a few weeks before your due date, you should start doing your research earlier in your pregnancy. You want to have enough time to make a decision youre comfortable with, rather than being forced to choose at the last minute.

If youre unsure of where to begin looking for a pediatrician, seeking advice from neighbors, family members, your current primary care provider, or your OB/GYN can be a good place to start.

At South Shore Medical Center, you can find a list of pediatricians who are accepting new patients on our website.

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A Pediatrician With Whom You Feel Comfortable

At the same meet-and-greet appointment, you can get an idea if you feel comfortable and supported by the pediatrician. Dr. Valencia recommends you choose a pediatrician who answers your questions to your satisfaction and interacts warmly and compassionately with you and your child. If your child is older, you should also consider if they feel comfortable and supported by their pediatrician.

What To Do If You Want To Switch Practitioners

If youre not happy with your current pediatrician, dont hesitate to find a new one. If you dont already have a pediatrician, you can browse doctors in your area through the Healthline FindCare tool.

Perhaps the office isnt conveniently located, youre having trouble getting an appointment, or you feel the doctor isnt a good match for other reasons.

To find a new pediatrician, speak with your OB-GYN or family doctor again. They might be able to provide additional recommendations.

You can also check your network again. If its not too awkward, you can choose a different pediatrician in the same group practice.

You can also contact The American Board of Pediatrics to find a board certified pediatrician in your area.

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How Was Your Introductory Visit

The initial office visit helps you determine whether a pediatrician is right for your child. Its vital to choose a doctor youre comfortable with, as this encourages open communication.

Observe how the pediatrician interacts with your newborn or child. Do they show a genuine interest in your baby? If your baby has unique issues, is the doctor familiar with these issues?

Listen to your gut. If you dont feel comfortable after the visit, this isnt the right pediatrician for you.

For expecting families, pediatrician offices offer similar visits where you can meet the pediatrician and staff, ask questions, and tour the office.

After Birth When Should I Schedule My Babys First Appointment

How to Choose a Pediatrician | San Diego Health

The first few days after your baby is born will be a whirlwind of activity: family and friends will come to visit, hospital staff will help make sure youre ready to bring your baby home, and hopefully youll be able to get a little rest!

While theres sure to be a lot going on, youll need to add one more item to your agenda: bringing your baby to the pediatrician.

Ideally, we like to see newborns one or two days after discharge from the hospital.

These well-baby visits allow your pediatrician to meet your baby, perform a full check-up, and address any issues that may have been raised by the pediatric hospitalists.

However, this first appointment isnt all about your baby! Its also a great time for you to ask your pediatrician any questions you may have.

Because the date of your well-baby visit will depend on when you deliver your baby, you dont need to worry about trying to schedule this first visit in advance. Instead, simply call South Shore Medical Center shortly after birth and well get your first appointment on the books.

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What To Look For

Board Certification

Its a good idea to make sure the pediatrician you would like to meet is board-certified.

Board-certified pediatricians have completed not only medical school and residency programs in pediatrics, but theyâve also passed a rigorous exam given by the American Board of Pediatrics.

To remain board-certified, pediatricians must continue their education through classes and workshops, demonstrate quality patient care and maintain a valid medical license to demonstrate they are up-to-date on the most current medical practices, knowledge and skills for health care for children of all ages.


Determine what is important to you from a practical perspective. For example, does the pediatricians office need to be convenient to your home, workplace, day care or other locations?

Payment and Insurance

Before scheduling to meet a pediatrician, check with his or her office staff to ensure the office accepts your current insurance. If you do not carry insurance or the office doesnt accept your plan, ask about what expenses you should expect. You may also want to confirm your co-payment, laboratory and other possible expenses with your insurance company.

Each Texas Childrens Pediatrics practice has a list of insurance plans it accepts, so its easy to see if a given practice takes your insurance.

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How Do You Choose

When it comes to choosing a doctor for your child, there is no experience like meeting them in person. Whether you bring your child or not, it will be much better than trying to sift through the online reviews of varying quality. Besides, being able to go to a pediatricians office will also expose you to nurse practitioners or physicians assistants that also work there and may be interested in treating your child. It never hurts to meet as many professionals and get as many opinions as possible.

You may even find out that the best pediatrician in an office is not necessarily the one you set up an appointment with. Many times, doctors practice in groups and not as individuals, so if you dont find a good fit with the pediatrician youre meeting with, that doesnt mean there isnt one in that particular office.

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Questions To Ask The Pediatrician Before Your Babys First Visit

Inside: Dont get stuck wishing you had a different doctor. Check out these 15 questions to ask the pediatrician and choose the right doctor from the start.

Did your OBGYN tell you that you needed to choose a pediatrician for your newborn soon? Are you confused about where to start?

You arent alone. Many parents dont know that you can set up consultations with pediatricians before your baby is born. And, as with most doctors appointments, its easier if you come prepared with a list of questions to ask the doctor.

Dont make the same mistake I did and choose the wrong doctor for your baby.

In this article, well go over:

Do I Have To Choose A Pediatrician Can My Child See A Different Health Care Provider

5 Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

A pediatrician is not the only health care provider trained to see babies, children, and adolescents. Some parents prefer a general practitioner, family physician or chiropractor. The same parents might visit a pediatrician only if their child experiences a serious medical problem or complication.

Want to Know More?

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When Should I Look For A Pediatrician

Start looking for pediatricians while you’re still pregnantpreferably between 28 and 34 weeks along. “It’s important to have a pediatrician you’ve already met and respect, because you have enough going on after the baby is born,” says Evaline Alessandrini, M.D., a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Theres also another benefit of finding a pediatrician early: Dr. Alessandrini’s recent study, which she co-authored, found that babies who see the same doctor for their first 6 months are up to twice as likely to receive important health tests before they turn 2. Sticking with the same doctor also prevents wasted time on things like going over whether immunizations are up to date,” she says. “If you have a continuing relationship with a doctor, you have the time and comfort to go deeper.”

Making The Decision: What Factors Should You Consider

Some parents simply have a gut feeling about the best pediatrician others weigh the pros and cons of each person. The following factors should also rank high on your list of priorities.

Does the doctor share your views? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for 6 months, then be given breast milk along with solids until at least his first year. Doctors vary on how much they press the issue likewise, there are opposing sides to the circumcision debate. If you have strong feelings either way, make sure your doctor agrees with your viewor at least respects it.

Does the doctor match your other criteria? Other factors may seem superficial but can still affect your rapport. For instance, some people prefer a young female pediatrician, but others want a grandfatherly type. Some parents will only select a doctor with parenting experience, since they appreciate the extra empathy and hands-on experience that comes from being a mom or dad. The most important thing: Do you and this doctor click?

Does the office run smoothly? From this initial prenatal visit, you can evaluate how the office works. In the waiting room, chat up other parents and ask what they like and dislike about the practice. Also check out the area: Are there books, toys, or a TV to distract children? Do the receptionists seem on top of internal and external communications?

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Md Or Do: Whats The Difference

Pediatricians can graduate from medical school with either an MD or a DO degree. Both degrees train doctors to diagnose and treat diseases and to try to prevent them when possible.

Programs for DOs usually focus on a holistic approach to medicine. MDs study medicine in the traditional way. All MDs and DOs must complete a residency supervised hands-on training before they are licensed to practice medicine.

Choosing a DO or MD is up to you. Both are equally qualified. But you do want to make sure that your childs pediatrician is board certified.

How To Select A Pediatrician

Preparing for Your Newborn – Boys Town Pediatrics

Parents should start looking for a pediatrician weeks before Baby is due. Here are the most important criteria for selecting the best pediatrician near you.

Choosing a pediatrician for your baby is no easy task. After all, this doctor will help your little one through childhood vaccinations, nasty colds, and everything in between. But when should you start looking for a pediatrician, and what criteria should you focus on? Here are our top tips for choosing the best pediatrician near you.

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