What To Buy For A Newborn Baby

An Amazon Prime Membership So New Parents Can Order Supplies

BABY PRODUCTS I REGRET BUYING 2020 | What NOT To Put On A Baby Registry | Newborn NON-Essentials

Nobody wants to make an extra trip to the store, especially busy new parents. A Prime membership lets them avoid the hassle, allowing them to order whatever they need and have it delivered instead, in two days.

A full-year subscription is $119. And if they already have a Prime membership, they’ll be able to convert your gift to credit so they can spend the money on anything they need.

Baby Checklist For Pregnancy

The shopping began the moment you bought a pregnancy test. Now is the time to complete these financial tasks to prepare for a baby and purchase items crucial for parents-to-be.

Prenatal vitamins

Maternity clothes and waistband extenders

Body cream to soothe stretching skin and dryness commonly caused by pregnancy hormones

Belly support band

Additional pillow for support

Pregnancy books: You cant go wrong with the classic What to Expect When Youre Expecting.

Budget tip: It’s easy to find pregnancy and infant supplies secondhand, often used for only a handful of months. Check local exchange boards on social media, Craigslist and even yard sales.

The Gift Of Getting Some Shut

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle Wrap, available at Buy Buy Baby, $24.99

Swaddling helps a baby feel more relaxed, and a more relaxed baby is a better sleeper. This transitioning swaddle features a unique design that allows a baby to be wrapped with their arms in or out, which is important for safety once they start rolling.

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How Many Baby Gifts Should You Register For

I find that its better to register for MORE items than not. A good rule of thumb is to register for a variety of gift types in a wide range of prices and to register for two gifts per guest you expect to attend your baby shower. If you work in an office or have more than one circle of friends, you may find that you need enough items for TWO baby showers worth of guests.

The number of items doesnt matter as much as having a good variety for all the different people who may want to buy you a gift. If an item is too expensive, then several people may decide to combine funds to purchase it.

Best Gifts For Newborns And Babies 2021

12 Things to Buy Before Your Baby is Born

As Carrie and Boris Johnson welcome a new baby girl, we round up luxurious baby gifts that will go down a treat with new parents

ts officially baby season and theres no better way to celebrate a new arrival than with our edit of newborn-worthy presents. When it comes to gift giving, this is the cutest its going to get.

If your family, friend or loved one has just had a baby, you have come to the right place.

Giving the perfect gift for a little one can be a daunting process adorable, yet daunting.

Finding that special something to take the new arrival from birth to beyond is no easy task but weve got you covered with a varied selection of presents, from practical staples, to items that they will treasure.

These special gifts combine fun and function to commemorate the new bundle of joy and ease the new parents into life with a newborn, while also being sure-fire crowd pleasers and ticking something off the ever-growing parental ‘to-buy’ list but this does not mean having to spending a fortune.

See our favourite gifts that mums and dads will be sure to thank you for.

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Letters To My Baby: Letters To My Baby: Write Now Read Later Treasure Forever

This sentimental gift will keep giving for years to come. It contains 12 letters with prompts for parents to write to their memories and milestones. Stickers are provided to seal them, then parents can save them to surprise and delight their child when they give them to them in the future. Priceless!

Fauve And Co New Baby Gift Box

Send new parents some love with this newborn baby girl gift set. This beautifully presented gift box is filled with a crochet bunny, leather oxford baby shoes, a linen hair bow and a wooden teether. This Etsy seller also has gifts for newborn baby boys and gender neutral options to boot.

Buy it: $57, Etsy.com

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Sophie La Girafe Classic Gift Set

Next up is the trendiest teether set money can buy. This newborn baby gift set includes the classic Sophie la Giraffe toy, plus a soothing teether ring packaged in a stylish gift bag. Both items are made from 100 percent natural rubber and are the perfect size for little hands to grab and squeeze.

Buy it: $47, Maisonette.com

Pat The Bunny By Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt

Newborn Baby Shopping The list of Items You Need to Buy

Last up on our list of the best newborn baby gifts is this timeless childrens book. One of the best-selling baby books of all time, this touch-and-feel tale will introduce baby to new textures, experiences and words. And at only $7, this newborn gift is pretty affordable too!

Buy it: $7, Target.com

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What Our Testers Say

“Because the Hatch Rest is accessible from your phone, the setup process is longer than a regular sound machine. While you wont be rocking out to the sounds it provides, we found that the quality is crisp. And after a few nights of figuring out the right settings for us, my kids were in sleep mode pretty quickly.” Kaity Velez, Verywell writer and product tester

An All In One Bottle Feeding Set

This one is something that the baby needs and one of the best products for newborn babies. A 360-degree bottle feeding set is a must-buy for every new parent as it serves the purpose of making the feeding easy and fun.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Bottle Feeding Set

  • Your bottle feeding set should consist of Silicon-based feeding bottles, a 360-degree no-spill bowl, and a cleaning brush set.
  • A cleaning brush set is essential to ensure the hygiene of the feeding bottle. While cleaning the feeding bottle, use newborn safe washing agents.
  • Moreover, make sure that your feeding set includes a spoon feeder. A silicone spoon feeder is a mess-free way for feeding your semi-solids even while traveling.
  • Having an all-in-one bottle feeding set will also save you from the constant spoon and bowl fight with your newborn.
  • A heat-sensitive bottle cover is also an amazing product to add to your new born baby items list. The bottle cover protects the bottle from drops and knocks. The silicone bottle covers come with gripping that baby needs to make a firm grip while feeding.

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Wait And See If You Need These

  • Dummies/Pacifiers it is not recommended to introduce these until 6 weeks and you will know by then if your baby likes to use sucking to soothe themselves

  • Nappy Creams Fresh air is as good as anything and if you need any special creams, your healthcare provider will prescribe these for you. If youre breastfeeding, breastmilk has antibacterial and antifungal properties making it the best nappy rash solution ever!

  • Breast pump if youre planning to breastfeed, you wont automatically need a breast-pump. If you know youll need one, ask other mums what theyve used and would recommend and see if you can have a play with theirs before purchasing your own.

  • Change Table the group was divided on this one. Many say they never used a change table but others say they are a lifesaver for their aching backs. A change mat on the bed may be all you need.

Babyblooms Bertie Bear’s Welcome Baby Hamper

21 Newborn Must Haves You Canât Forget to Register For ...

Not only is this a very attractive gift hamper but on closer inspection you may notice that the blooms are actually comprised of the practical addition of socks and bibs. The bouquet is housed alongside the plush Bertie Bear as well as moisturising baby lotion and baby care cream.

Also shop BabyBlooms at Not on the High Street or directly at BabyBlooms

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Personalised New Baby Essentials Gift Set

Noone can resist the charm of a personalised present and with My 1st Years, you can get just about any gift embroidered with the name of the newborn. We like this hamper as it contains three adorable but functional items – a fluffy bunny to become their night time companion, a cosy blanket and a hooded towel. You can choose the text colour, the font and the name. It is available in white, blue and pink.

Mibote Baby Growth Chart

  • Doesn’t start at zero

A great gift for years to come, this 79-inch growth chart has a rope at the top, so its easy to install, remove, or move from room to room. Cute as a backdrop for photos, parents can write on the canvas to mark when the baby grows. Crafted from waterproof and durable canvas, this growth chart will last through the years.

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Baby Checklist For 4 To 6 Months Old

Much of what youve already bought will suffice as your baby grows. For instance, you wont have to replace her blankets every few months. But some of her needs will change as she grows into new clothes, cuts her first teeth, begins grabbing objects and starts putting everything into her mouth.

Teething ointment

Spoons and bowls for soft solids, such as cereal

High chair

Stationary activity center for babies 4 months and older

Toys: Tactile stimulation is important at this age, and every touch brings about new sensations. Try toys with different textures, shapes and colors. Rattles are also good at this stage, as baby may begin to associate an action, such as shaking a toy, with instant sound feedback.

Things To Buy For Newborn Babies

NEWBORN BABY HACKS! Tips & Tricks for First Time Moms!

While getting this list of baby item ready from A to Z, it is necessary to keep in mind every little aspect of having a newborn baby. Your newborn baby requires different sets of clothing and accessories suitable for every activity you will be doing with your bundle of joy and for every season of the year. In this article, newborn baby essentials are further divided into specific purposes to make it easier for you. Read on to find out the list of basic products that are needed for the first couple of months after the newborn baby arrives.

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Monica + Andy Hospital Cuddle Box Mini

Treat parents and baby to some adorable, high-quality infant wear. Made from the softest certified organic cotton, this newborn gift set includes a coming home blanket and an adjustable baby hat. This set comes in 25 cute prints that are perfect for newborn girls and boys. Bonus: Monica + Andy also offer a personalization service.

Buy it: $33, MonicaandAndy.com

Baby Checklist For The Nursery & Home

If budget isnt a concern for your nursery, furnishings such as low-allergen wood or cork flooring, soothing paint colors and custom furniture are nice options. For the majority of expectant parents, however, theres a happy medium between building your baby a dream palace and ensuring she has a safe and comfortable room. Essential buys:

  • Several weeks worth of baby formula

  • Bottle cleaning brush and drying rack

  • Bottle sanitizer, if your dishwasher doesnt have that setting

Breast-feeding moms might also want bottle supplies for times when they can’t feed their babies personally.

Nerd tip: Manufacturers websites often offer free samples of diapers, formula and other baby care products, as well as valuable coupons.

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Essential List Of Things To Buy Or Put On Your Registry

Although I could have sat down and written out a truly exhaustive list of every single thing you could ever need to have to care for a newborn, I dont think thats the most helpful thing I can do.

So I dug deep and narrowed down the list of absolute must have baby items to only the things that you will REGRET not getting if you dont purchase them beforehand.

These items are key as in, you will regret it if you forget them! Now that I think of it, perhaps I also need to write a post about the most forgotten baby items?! Ill put that on the list.

Okay.back to what all you need to get before your due date

I would personally put all of these on a baby registry so your friends and family can buy them for you. I find that most people LOVE getting practical things for new moms and if you have a lot of people buying for you, you need to put more items than you think on your registry.

In hindsight, I should have registered for more practical basics essential things like diapers and wipes instead of the cool gadgets that I didnt really end up using.

Its so practical to register for things that would cost you money when the baby comes, and people love getting things like this for you!

We didnt register for enough things and had to go back twice to add items because people started getting us multiples of stuff we already had because they had no clue what we wanted!

That makes no sense I know but it is honestly what happened when people ran out of things to buy.

Burt’s Bees Baby Getting Started Gift Set

Newborn CheckList: What You Need To Buy

To keep her skin soft and clean, theres this set of products from Burts Bees. The set contains shampoo and wash, diaper cream, body oil, and soapall in sizes perfect for taking on the go. All the ingredients are natural.

These precious socks are perfect for any occasion. There are six pairs in each set and they come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. The soles feature rubber grips to keep baby from slipping when she gives walking a try.

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How To Build Your Babys Wardrobe

There are a few things to think about when youre trying to figure out how many baby clothes youll need and how you should add clothing to your registry.

1. Think About Laundry

Your access to laundry makes a big difference in how many items of baby clothing youll need on hand.

Our list of newborn essentials below assumes you do a few loads of laundry throughout the week. If this isnt the case, though, you may need more or less clothing. Heres how to adjust:

  • If youre only planning on doing laundry once a week, multiply the numbers below by two.
  • If you will be doing laundry every day, cut the numbers below in half.

2. What About Baby Clothes Sizes

Figuring out sizing and how many pieces in each size to add to your registry can be tricky as its tough to anticipate how big your baby will be at birth and how quickly theyll grow. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Think big. Most newborn sizes top out around eight pounds, so if you have a bigger baby, they may need 0-3 months sizes from the start. Pick a few newborn items and then focus on 0-3 months since those clothes will fit babies up to around 12 or 13 pounds.
  • Mix it up. Each baby brand runs differently when it comes to sizing. Some brands run roomier and are great for larger babies, while others run on the slim side and work better if your baby is long and lean. Since you wont know your babys body type before birth, try to mix in clothes from several different brands so youll have a few different fit options.

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