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I gained so much confidence before my very first session by watching a video of a well-known photographer working with a newborn. Just seeing how she handled the baby opened my eyes to what was possible. You will pick up a number of soothing techniques that will prove to be so helpful.

I hope that some of these tips will help you toward your goal of successful newborn photography sessions, as much as theyve helped me!

Dont forget there are so many different types of ways to photograph newborns. Another popular option is to create a lifestyle newborn photography session.

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Over the past several years, photography has gone from taking pictures to a critical part of my life! I adore taking photos of newborns and pregnant mamas for my business, but my passion is definitely capturing my familys everyday life. Finding beautiful light in which to document the adventures of my three little boys truly fills my heart. I also love to help others learn about the amazing art of photography by serving as a Mentor on Clickin Moms.

Tips For A Successful Newborn Session


The ideal time for Newborn sessions is the first 14 days after their arrival. The sooner, the better!

Well be moving them around and scrunching them into those sweet sleepy newborn images, so we want to make sure theyre sleepy enough to allow us to handle them. Plus, babies just tend to do a lot better with the session within their first 2 weeks. My preference is day 10-20 giving you time to get settled at home but still in the newborn curl phase. There are various reasons why this time-frame doesnt work for some people, so if you find that youre more comfortable planning for a later time, than No Worries, we can make that work too. I am flexible and the key is that you & the baby are comfortable.


Newborn sessions take place at my studio, Darling Chic Photo Boutique, located at 266 Main St. Plympton, Ma. . My cell phone number is 617-833-2478. If the weather is warm enough and youre comfortable with the idea, we can take the session outdoors. We have 5 parking spots in the front of the building. They are a little close to the street and may feel awkward to pull into, but you are able to pull in from the street facing the studio. There are two spots to the left of the building . On some occasions I am available to do Lifestyle sessions in the comfort of your own home rather than studio session. Ask me about the details if you are interested.











Now Lets Talk About That 10 Days Rule For Newborn Photography

This is specifically discussed when referring to POSED newborn photography the kind that has baby all nice and curled up into adorably intricate poses in props or on beautiful backdrops. Its been widely published that newborns should be photographed at under 14 days/2 weeks, and as strictly as less than 10 days or its not possible. Hold it! What!? Or its not possible !? Who came up with that bull****!?

This topic came up when I received a phone call from a woman frantically begging for me to open up a same-day spot for her little one because she was already 13 days old and she didnt think she wanted those adorable images until now, and its almost too late. Fair enough, but what got me the most was that OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS TURNED HER DOWN! She was almost in tears when I informed her that unfortunately I was unable to accommodate her request as I was completely booked until 4 days later. So much so, that she barely heard me explaining that there was nothing wrong with waiting until then and I would be happy to fit her in . It took all the strength I had not to ask her who the hell had refused to photograph her baby. I was almost as sad as she was, and a little angry actually. Sheesh!

Here are the answers to the two most common questions:

why 10 days?

is there really a difference? do you have examples?

10 days new slept like a champ and was able to complete all poses attempted for a full gallery of choices

19 days new only slept once wrapped and swaddled

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Tips For Taking A Good Passport Photo

If youre in a wheelchair
Passport photos must be taken against a plain white background. If your wheelchair has a headrest, a plain white covering should be placed over it. This makes your facial features and the edges of your face clear against the background.
If you have headwear or nasal cannula
Your headwear or a nasal cannula may appear in a passport photo if worn for medical reasons. Your eyes must remain clearly visible. Include a signed explanation with your application. We may ask for a letter from your doctor.
Why cant I smile in my passport photo?
The International Civil Aviation Organization recommends that passport photos be taken with a neutral expression. This lets us use facial recognition systems to help prevent fraud. They electronically verify identity based on each person’s unique facial features.

Use A Tripod To Get In Your Own Photos

Photographer Karen Wiltshire Reveals Her Secret For Taking Adorable ...

When you work with a professional newborn photographer, theyre guaranteed to snap a few photos of you and your partner together with babybut when you go the DIY route, getting a photo of yourself with your newborn is a little tricker. Problem solved: Marleau recommends using a tripod and your cameras self-timer.

Once its all set up, get everyone in the frame and set your timer. To get everyone to crack a genuine smile, try tickling or cracking a funny joke, Marleau suggests. If its just you and baby, rub their head, hold their hand, feed them or count their toesthese are all things thatll make your photo look more natural, she says.

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Why Do You Have To Schedule Newborn Sessions When The Babies Are So Young

You dont! The timing of the session is completely up to your goals with the session. With that said, as a mom myself, I am so beyond happy that I got a newborn session done in those first couple of weeks. Things change so quickly. The squishy face, some birth marks, and that fresh to world skin, will be gone before you know it. If the goal of your newborn session isnt to get those details though, you have a lot more flexibility. You can still get amazing things when they are older, such as your first official family photo.

My Baby Scratched His Face Should I Reschedule My Photo Session

No, you dont have to reschedule your photo session because of a temporary imperfection in your newborns skin. Newborn acne, cradle cap, scratches, and eczema are all temporary changes to your little ones appearance and we understand that you dont want them hanging on your wall. Well take care of those temporary imperfections in editing so that youll see your new little one glowing in your newborn photos.

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Involve The Parents In Newborn Photography

But whether it is a finger that keeps wanting to curl under or a foot that wants to pop out, holding the newborn in place will comfort them a great deal and bring the pose into perfection.

Swaddling during your newborn photography session will help the baby not only feel comfortable but helps to hold the pose as well.

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Best Newborn Photography Outfits You Should Try

How To DIY A Newborn Photo Shoot at Home | Newborn Photo Ideas | Chatbooks

Adult subjects are proactive in deciding what to wear for a photoshoot. Newborns have no choice but to rely on the photographers styling ideas.

Newborn photos often have the same outfits. Sure, you need to be safe and use materials that are comfortable for the babies. But there is still space for creativity.

Read our article on the 10 best newborn photography outfits.

Smartphones are a great tool for capturing precious moments in time. They allow you to take high-quality images easily.

Through apps, you can edit, add filters and post your images. All in one tiny package.

One tip we can offer you here is to focus on the details. An iPhone allows you to get closer to a subject, locating those easy to miss wrinkles newborns have

Read here on other ways you can use your smartphone to capture amazing images.

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Newborn Photography Made Simple In 202: A Step

Nothing is sweeter than a brand new baby. From their little yawns, tiny toes and sleepy grins, everyone loves photos of newborn babies. Even if you are just starting to research what newborn photography is all about. Or you are considering a career as a newborn photographer. This ultimate and complete guide will answer all your questions and give you the best newborn photography tips and tricks out there.

Ill start from the very beginning, but here is a general outline of what this step-by-step guide will cover:

  • Why Newborn Photography Matters

Stick With Safe Sweet Poses

Professional newborn photographers are experts at putting tiny, fragile babies into the sweetest positions. But many poses arent safe for inexperienced photographers to try without risk of injuring the infant.

For DIY newborn photography, stick with the safe poses that are still just as sweet. Placing the baby on his or her back or side are simple, safe poses for newbies.

You can add variety to the pose by adjusting the placement of the babys hands and feet. Or you can adjust your composition, and use different wraps and props.

Its important to understand that many of the photos that you see coming from a professional photographer are in fact Photoshop composites. They arent safe to shoot without extensive photo editing.

The popular froggy pose where the infant is holding his or her own head up on two hands? Newborns cant do that. The photographer has to Photoshop out someones hands holding the baby safely in that position.

The same applies for props. Props that tip or would otherwise be unsafe usually have an adult keeping the baby safe that was later Photoshopped out of the image.

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Composition Tips For Family Portraits

There will be times when you want to capture the family or the siblings alongside the newborn. In case youre doing a photoshoot for newborn twins, read our article here about some useful tips! An image of the whole family is something the extended family and friends would love.

So how do you capture a little one alongside the grownups?

Here we have 12 compositional tips for family portraits. It looks at compositions, inspirations to follow and the important things to look out for.

Having something like this under your belt means more clients and happier ones. And happier clients talk, giving you more families to photograph.

Newborn Photos: How To Get The Best

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby My Personal Experience

Corrine Stokoe

I’m so excited to finally share photos from Harry’s newborn photoshoot! I’ve learned so much about newborn photography with each new baby. I did almost everything textbook wrong with Ani’s newborns, which is so funny because in my mind I had this picture painted of blissfully beautiful newborn photos with my first baby and they turned out pretty much exactly NOT like I planned, thanks to my first-time-mom naivety. So I figured I’d share with you all some tips on getting the best newborn photos after doing it 4 times now!

I’m including some of Millie’s too because I still love them so much and it’s fun to see boy and girl newborn photos. And because there can never be too many pictures of brand new babies, right?!

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Consider Doing A Newborn Photography Session At Home

The reason for this is because babies are in a whole new world right after brith. For this reason, staying in the comfort of their own home could really help keep the baby calm.

You really dont need much for a newborn session. So as a photographer, pack your bags and make your studio mobile for these newborn photography sessions.

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Turn Off Overhead Lights And Your Cameras Flash

and use window light.

Honestly, its just much prettier.

Overhead indoor lights give weird color casts and shadows, and generally not advisable for pictures. A cameras built-in flash will create an unattractive deer-in-the-headlights look. Using window light will necessitate that your photoshoot takes place in the daytime, when window light is available. Youll want to find a time when your baby is usually sleeping anyway during daylight hours. Its worth it.

The tricky part of window light is that it changes from day to day and room to room and hour to hour . It will take a little trial and error to figure out the best location, and thats okay! Just take your camera and a basic object and walk it around the house, taking pictures of it in different places. Then compare your shots to determine what works best.

If you have a slider door, thats often a good place to start. Find a time with the light isnt so bright that its streaming in, and thus creating really harsh shadows, but when that room isnt in shadow, either. Then take that teddy bear and take different pictures of him in different spots around the room. Try some close to the window, some farther away, etc. If you dont find a spot that you like, try another room.

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What To Do When You Have Been Told Your Baby Is Too Old For Newborn Pictures

Dont panic. While there are photographer that wont photograph babies over two weeks old, there are photographers that will. While there will be some differences, for the most part your babys newborn session will look similar to session of two week old babies.

I have photographed babies up to 7 weeks old in newborn style poses. Some of the poses might have to be modified. As babies age in those first few weeks, they put on some weight and lose the ability to curl up as tight as they can in the weeks right after birth. Again, that doesnt mean that your baby is too old for newborn pictures, just that some minor adjustments need to be made. The adjustments are so minor that most people dont even notice.

Newborn Photography: Capturing A Precious Fleeting Moment In Your Little Ones Life

How to Photograph a Newborn Baby (My workflow & Wrapping technique & Newborn Photoshoot BTS)

If youre interested in capturing the first moments of your babys life, there is a relatively small window of time that is ideal. For this reason, its a good idea to get booked on your favorite photographers schedule well before your due date. This way, you can be sure to not miss these precious first few days and weeks.

At Silver Bee Photography, we specialize in newborn, baby, family, and maternity photography. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to grab yourself a slot to ensure that youll have the perfect newborn pictures to cherish forever. Contact us today to set up a photoshoot!

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Changes Of Clothes For Mom Dad And Siblings

Bring along an extra change of clothes for every member of your family, especially those that you want to include in the photos. You may get lucky and never have to change into those outfits. On the other hand, you might just end up in a messy situation where a quick wardrobe change is an ideal solution to your problem!

Can We Incorporate Other Family Members In The Newborn Shoot

Of course! Your other family members are a critical part of this time in your life, and you may want to include them alongside your little one. We have several poses and images that can help capture all the members of your little family during this amazing time.

Newborn photography is an amazing way to capture an incredibly important milestone in the life of your family. You want newborn photos that will turn into heirlooms: stunning photos that will stand the test of time and help you share your story with your family for generations. At SteinArtStudio, were here to turn your newborn photography dreams into reality. Contact us today to schedule a session or to ask any questions you have about how we will handle your newborns photoshoot.

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Set Up A Tripod To Get Into Your Own Shots

How to photograph newborns and be together with them in the shot if there is no one to snap a picture? The answer is simple just set up a tripod and mount your camera or a smartphone on it. Also, dont forget to turn on the cameras self-timer. When you are ready, gather everyone for the shot and set the timer. Prior to posing babies, check that all the necessary things are in place so that the kids arent motionless while you are finding appropriate angles.

Is My Baby Too Old For Newborn Pictures

How to take dreamy iPhone photos of your newborn baby

I often get emails with that very subject line Is my baby too old for newborn pictures?

Most of my newborn clients book their photography session with me before baby is born, giving us lot of time to plan for the session. I do get some frantic emails from parents looking for a photographer last minute once baby is born. These babies are usually a little older, and parents are always worried their baby is told old for newborn pictures. While each situation can be different, I can explain when a baby is toll old for newborn pictures.

While some clients book their session early, I do my best to fit in last minute newborn sessions, especially when parents have an older baby and in a panic thinking their baby is too old for newborn pictures. I do everything I can to get them in for a session, and reassure them they have been misguided that their baby is too old for newborn pictures. There is still plenty of time to fit in new babies for a newborn style session.

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