How Can I Get Free Stuff For My Newborn Baby

Types Of Free Stuff Available From Huggies Rewards


You can use your Huggies rewards points to donate to charity, enter to win sweepstakes, or get free stuff from the Huggies rewards catalog.

The free stuff you can get with Huggies rewards points includes music downloads, coupons for free Huggies products, free photo books, gift certificates, coupons, and toys.

Ask Your Doctor For Free Samples

Manufacturers give many free samples to doctors. They know that if doctors give it to patients, their brand name will be considered trusted and they can get future sales when the free sample runs out.

This is how I was introduced to getting Vitamin D for my infant. Dont be afraid to ask your doctor for a variety of brands so you can try out what works best!

Huggies No Baby Unhugged

Huggies will send you a free jumbo pack of newborn diapers and wipes when you register and upload a photo of your hug.

They also donate $5 to No Baby Unhugged to help participating Canadian hospitals continue to grow the program and give babies the hugs they deserve.

If your baby is already older than 4 weeks, they send you coupons for Huggies products instead.

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Amazon Registry Freebie Box

Amazon is a close second to Target when it comes to my favorite things in life. Did you know you can register for your baby shower through Amazon too? If you have Amazon Prime just register and spend $10, then you get to pick out a welcome box of free baby stuff for expecting mothers to be sent to your doorstep. The items in the welcome box are typically valued around $35, so its a pretty great deal!

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Spend $10 on one of your registry items before receiving the freebie

Free Baby Stuff Here Is The Ultimate List Of Baby Freebies

12 Things to Buy Before Your Baby is Born

Below youll find a regularly updated list of the best free baby stuff to help keep your budget in check while getting everything you need for that cute bundle of joy

Things like

  • Free baby clothes
  • Freebies for Mom

While everything in this list is free, youll have to pay shipping and handling for most items that will be shipped to you.

The links in this post may contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking one of them.

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Free Baby Diapers And Bath Products

While you may actually come to enjoy diaper changes, you probably will never be excited about the cost of diapers. Here are a few ways to grab free baby products and diapers

Join Pampers Rewards program and receive 100 free points toward your purchase of Pampers goods.

Huggies and be the first to know about exciting offers, product updates and more from Huggies® and Pull-Ups®

Luvs Sign up for the FREE Luvs newsletter to receive offers and promotions.

Seventh GenerationJoin Generation Good for FREE a community where you can exchange tips, let your opinions be known, try new products, receive valuable offers, and take on missions that matter!

The Huggies Rewards App

Besides being able to upload a photo of your receipt through the app to earn your points, you can also get additional points and special offers with it.

When you’re shopping, you can check in with the Huggies Rewards app and you’ll get points added to your account just for checking in, no purchase necessary.

You can also have access to special coupons and offers all through the Huggies Rewards app. They’ll become unlocked when you’re at certain retailers or when you reach a certain point level.

You’ll also be able to link certain reward cards within the app, making it where you don’t have to submit receipts because they can be accessed from your shopper cards.

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Free Baby Stuff On Craigslist

You can find a lot of free baby stuff on Craigslist too such as baby seats, baby play mats, baby bathtub, baby stroller etc Just go to the Craigslist website, click on free in the For Sale section and type baby in the search bar to find all of free baby stuff available in your area. You can also keep an eye on baby stuff for sale that does not sell and contact the person and see if they will give you the item for free. Be aware that taking baby items can be risky given recalls and simply not knowing the whole history of the item, so do as much research as possible to make sure the item is safe for your baby.

Breast Pumps Through The Affordable Care Act

WALMART BABY BOX 2020 Unboxing & How To Get It | Free Baby Stuff 2020 | Baby Registry Freebies $$$

The Affordable Care Act is a comprehensive health plan that started in 2010. One of the provisions is that most insurance companies are required to cover free breast pump purchases or rentals for expecting and nursing mothers. Check out the specifics of the law and talk to your insurance company about how they cover free breast pumps.

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Complete Newborn Sleep Guide

Managing a newborns sleep can be difficult, especially if you are a first time mom. I know I personally spent way too much time trying to learn everything about baby sleep. An all inclusive FREE guide like this would have been amazing.

This guide teaches you how to make sure your baby is sleeping safely, the dos and donts of newborn sleep and how to solve common sleep issues.

Free Amazon Welcome Box For Expecting Mothers

My friend recently had a baby shower and they created a baby registry with Amazon for their baby shower.

I must admit, it was pretty nice to be able to click a link and find out what she wanted from the comfort of my own home. I ended up just getting her an Amazon gift card through her Baby Registry link.

You can get a free by creating a registry and having people buy a $10 threshold.

The $10 threshold does not include tax or shipping costs and is considered met once the orders are shipped. Purchases of Prime or Amazon Gift Cards also do not qualify for the $10 threshold. It can be shipped within continental US. You have to have an active Prime account too.

Theres an extended return period for the Baby Registry and you also get a discount on baby items. Here are some .

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Other Free Baby Products

These companies are giving away free products :

  • Baby Sling enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $40 off = 1 baby sling
  • Hooded Towels enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 1 hooded towel
  • Custom Pacifiers enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = up to 5 custom pacifiers
  • NFL, MLB and NCAA Baby Products enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 2 bibs + 1 pair of shoes. Or you can get some combination of pacifiers, bottles, plates, bowl, cutlery, sippy cups, security blankets and carseat canopies.
  • Car Seat Canopy enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = 1 car seat canopy

Pea to Pumpkin offers a FREE printable for each monthly milestone from month 1 to month 12.

CMon Get Crafty offers FREE printable baby book pages to record those early days and memories.

Baby Box University provides FREE online courses for new parents. When you complete them, you get a FREE baby box, which is an alternative to a crib.

Noobie Box offers a pregnancy gift box with FREE baby samples. Shipping is extra. Its a one-time gift per mom. The box content varies. It currently includes diapers, wipes, baby ointment, moisturizer, nursing pads, milk storage bags, breastfeeding drink mix, lanolin, liners, a bottle, and a pacifier.

Mam Baby Club offers a FREE pregnancy calendar, baby development calendar and product testing opportunities.

Other Ideas To Get Free Baby Stuff

28 ITEMS! Get Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers NOW!

Its great that all the companies listed above make it easy to claim free baby stuff online. But, there are some outside the box ways to get baby freebies that you may not have thought about.

  • Ask your babys pediatrician or your OBGYN if they have any free baby samples. Many times baby companies will send samples to doctors to help spread the word. You can usually get free formula, diaper, and baby ointment samples from the doctor to name a few.
  • Email the company to ask for samples. Have you ever wanted to try out a baby food or formula, but didnt want to spend money just to have it not work out? Send an email to the customer service of the baby product you want to try asking if they have any free samples. Ive gotten free baby samples and coupons for a large discount this way.
  • Yard sales and estate sales are great for getting baby stuff for free or dirt cheap. Sometimes people just want to be rid of their old baby gear, so they will sell a box of baby stuff for fifty cents or give it away for free. You can also find cheap cribs, high chairs, and strollers this way. Just make sure they are up to date on safety before you claim them.
  • Online sale sites Just like yard sales sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor and OfferUp are great places to look for baby gear for free or dirt cheap. Many of these sites have a free items section that make it even easier to find the free baby stuff.
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    Get Free Baby Stuff From Nonprofits And Private Organizations

    Organizations that focus on caring for others often find innovative and easy ways to get free baby stuff into the hands of those who need it most. You can check with child and family organizations in your area to see what programs are available or call 2-1-1 to get connected with organizations in your area.

    Retailers Give Free Newborn Stuff For Registering

    There are several retail websites that offer free newborn stuff when expectant mothers join the baby registry. You can sign up on multiple registries to receive free newborn things.

    • Target baby registry: You receive a free welcome kit of free newborn stuff and stuff for mom valued at $100.
    • Walmart baby registry: You can receive a free welcome box from Walmart of baby essential products valued up to $40.

    • : You receive a surprise box of free things for parents and free baby stuff that’s valued up to $35.

    • Babylist baby registry: You receive their free Hello Baby Box that if filled with goodies for both you and the baby .

    • buybuyBaby registry: buybuyBaby offers free samples, coupons, and a copy of their Baby Registry Guide. The big freebie comes after you register and when you refer other people who register. You’ll receive $25 off your in-store purchase of $100 for each referral who registers. .

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    Join Baby Registries For Free Gifts

    Signing up for a baby registry with many retail or online stores will get you a free bundle of product samples like baby bottles, formula, blankets, diapers, coupons and other supplies.

    18. Amazon: Qualifying Prime customers can snag a $35-value free box as a welcome when they create an . Krazy Koupon Lady reports the welcome kit includes a muslin swaddle blanket, bottle, breast pads, diapers, wipes, a protein bar and Seventh Generation samples.

    19. Target: When you set up a Target baby registry for your baby item needs, you can pick up a welcome kit from guest services at your local store. In it, youll find more than $150 worth of coupons and baby samples.

    2o. Walmart: When you join Walmarts baby registry, youll get a Baby Welcome Box shipped to your door for free. It includes samples of name-brand products from Huggies, Enfamil and Mam, though itll vary based on available items.

    21. BuyBuy Baby: Start your baby registry online, and you can pick up a free goody bag at your local BuyBuy Baby store. Goody bags include baby samples and coupons for discounts on baby items.

    22. Babylist: Get a free Hello Baby Box delivered to your door when you start a baby registry online through Babylist and make a minimum $10 purchase. The free baby box includes samples and offers from brands like Pampers, Lansinoh, Huggies, EvenFlo and WaterWipes. Youll pay $5.99 shipping.

    Thrifty Foods: Free Prenatal Vitamins

    How to Get Tons of Free Baby Stuff – Hundreds of Dollars in Freebies – Totally Free Baby Stuff

    In the Baby Be Healthy program by Thrifty foods, you can get free advice from a Thrifty Foods pharmacist and they will give you free prenatal vitamins, 30 days worth, right there on the spot.

    After your consultation on prenatal and postnatal nutrition, every month after, you will get a phone call from the pharmacist to let you know your free monthly prenatal vitamins are ready to pick up.

    Prenatal vitamins are expensive so this is a fantastic baby sample in Canada.

    You can get more information on the Baby Be Healthy Program here.

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    What Registries Give Free Stuff

    There are many baby registries that give free baby stuff!

    Registry freebies come in many forms from free products, baby bags, baby welcome boxes, coupons, discounts, announcements, and services.

    Take a look at some of my favorite baby registries and the perks of each one below:

    Huge free baby box with FULL SIZE samples -Free and fast shipping for Prime members-Baby registry completion discount
    Free welcome kit worth $150+ -15% off registry coupon-1 year of coupons and deals-Add items from other websites-Free registry returns
    Free baby essentials box worth $40 -One year free registry returns-Fast convenient shipping
    -Add items from other websites

    Hey Pretty Momma Want Some Free Baby Stuff

    We all need a financial break especially when were having a new baby.

    The internet marketing company Mothers Lounge has created a bunch of loss leaders to get you shopping on their websites. A loss leader is a product sold at a loss to attract customers, and as a new momma, you can totally take advantage of that!

    You dont have to buy anything else to get them. All you have to do is pay for can i get free baby stuff?

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