How To Make Your Newborn Smart

Eat Healthy To Get A Intelligent Baby


Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for babys brain development. Make certain you include foods that have a good content of omega 3 such as fish in your diet. Iron found in leafy vegetables helps the flow of oxygen to the babys brain cells. Also include nuts such as almonds and walnuts in your diet during your pregnancy. Walnuts are essential for brain development of adults and babies alike. Almonds are a good source of niacin, protein and energy and helps in the overall brain development of the baby

Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer For Baby

Your baby feels extra warm and you reach for the thermometer. Do you actually trust you are getting a good reading? Chances are you will double if not triple check and get inconsistent results. With the Kinsa thermometer, you dont have to. You can trust to get an accurate reading the first time, every time.

It works fast and thats the key here. If you have ever had to take a screaming, sick, thrashing babys temperature, you know that it often doesnt work to hold it for 30 seconds. The Kinsa takes the temperature in ONE second. Thats where the genius comes from.

Not only that, but placing a thermometer in any orifice can be a real challenge. Using an ear thermometer is a great way to keep baby calm to take a quick and accurate reading. You can even log your info into your smartphone to keep track.

Ring Pro Doorbell Camera

There isnt a good parent out there that doesnt get a little nervous leaving their child home alone the first time, or the 100th time. The Ring Pro Doorbell can really help with those worries. Once its set up you can receive alerts directly to your phone anytime there is a visitor.

You will know whos coming and going and when. Its a great way to make sure your child is safe at home. The fact you can check it whenever you like is such a stress relief. Although, its ability to alert you keeps you from checking your phone every 5 seconds instead of enjoying your chicken parmesan on a much-needed date night.

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Create Opportunities To Interact With Other Children

Social interactions provide stimulating experiences and also prepare your child to face challenges as he grows up. Set up play-dates with children of his age or take him to the park to play with other children. When you supervise his interactions at this stage, you can gently guide him and support him in making good friends. As he learns valuable lessons about interacting with others, he will also be better equipped to handle unpleasant situations effectively when he is older.

Ways To Discover The World Around Them

19 Easy Ways to Make Your Baby Smart

Research has shown that if you put black and white patterned mittens on your babys hands, they may begin to notice them several weeks earlier than they would otherwise.

Hand discovery is an important step on the path to hand control.

  • You can get black and white patterned mittens or make your own by tying a piece of cloth with a black and white design loosely around their palm.
  • Lay your baby on a plain blanket with no other high-contrast visuals in view.
  • Place the black and white mittens on your babys hands while theyre lying on their back or side, or during tummy time.
  • See if they start to notice their hands. If not, you can gently move their hands into their line of sight.

And for breastfeeding parents, one bonus baby brain tip: try to give your baby Vitamin D drops every day, dripping a drop onto your nipple before feeding or onto your babys pacifier .

The Looker Play Kit

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Focus On Exploration Over Memorization

While its very cool to see a toddler recite state capitals or multiplication facts, dont get too focused on memorization as a sign of smarts.

Particularly in the early months and years, your child needs to spend lots of time working on their gross and fine motor skills. Developing these skills requires the opportunity to explore, touch, and move.

Even as your child ages, many words and facts can be learned in real world contexts. Offering this context can help with retention of information.

Smart Changing Pad And Wi

A smart changing pad that can connect to your smartphone to track your baby’s weight is a great way to ensure that you are always updated on how they are growing. It will send alerts to your phone with information on your baby’s weight so that you can keep track of any changes.

Having this information at your fingertips will help you to understand your baby’s health better and identify any potential issues.

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Dont Rule Out Breastfeeding To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

The first six months are crucial for your baby. Since the baby is too young to eat anything, breast milk becomes the sole source of nutrition. Breast milk is equipped to provide wholesome nourishment to your baby. Not only does it keep the baby healthy, but also helps to increase brain strength. Even if you opt to feed your baby anything else, make sure you breast feed him at least once a day, unless there are some other reasons not to breastfeed

Talking And Reading To Baby

15 PROVEN TIPS To Make Your Baby Smarter

You might feel a little silly talking to your pregnant belly, but the payoff may be worth it. In a 2013 study, when expectant women were given a recording to play toward the end of their pregnancy that included a made-up word, the babies were able to recognize the word and its variations after they were born. The babies who heard the recording most frequently had the strongest response, suggesting that language learning begins in utero. Its important to note, though, that while talking aloud to baby can help promote early word recognition, theres no evidence this actually increases babys intelligence in the long-run.

Another reason to talk out loud to baby? Even within the first two months of life, baby can recognize voices, especially those of her parents, Friedman says. The voice of her mother becomes a familiar sound that can help soothe her and make her feel safe, she explains. Since babies are able to recognize the voices they became familiar with while in utero, reading to them helps with bonding. So read and chat away!

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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Asleep Active Or Alert

During the first month of life, your newborn will spend much of the day sleeping or seeming drowsy. Over the next several weeks to months, your baby will be awake and alert for longer periods of time. You’ll learn to recognize when your baby ready to learn and play:

  • A baby who is quiet and alert will be attentive and responsive and interested in surroundings.
  • A baby who is awake but active or fussing is less able to focus on you. The baby may seem upset or cry when you try to get his or her attention. These are signs that your baby may be getting hungry, tired, or overstimulated.

Your Baby’s Growth And Development

5-minute read

Infant development begins at birth. Initially your baby will grow fast and learn a lot. At 1 month, cuddling, sleeping and feeding are all that really matters to your baby. The time you spend with them will help their brain to grow and develop as they start to experience the world.

Your baby will probably be crying a lot at the moment. Its often because theyre hungry or have a dirty nappy, but often babies just cry for no apparent reason. Give them lots of cuddles to comfort them and remember that the crying will eventually pass.

At 6 to 8 weeks, your baby needs a full health review by a health professional such as child and family health nurse, midwife, GP or paediatrician.

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Are You Pregnant 8 Simple Things You Can Do To Have An Intelligent Baby

Sanya Panwar

It is every parents dream that her/his baby grows up to be healthy and intelligent. Sure, mothers diet, genes and emotions play a part in developing a growing babys intelligence, but what about tips for creating a smarter, happier baby? Are there any?

Inherited genes play a major role in determining intelligence and personality, but the right lifestyle choices can help ensure those genes are programmed in the womb, gynaecologist Ratnabali Ghosh says.

Researchers now estimate that only half of IQ is down to genes – the rest is influenced by a babys environment.

So, what are you waiting for?

To ensure your baby inherits your braininess, start now, as we bring you eight tips that ensure your baby is smart and intelligent.

1. Start a storytime habit

When does learning begin? Psychologist and parenting expert Polly Sengupta says the foundations for language begin in the womb and, by the third trimester, your baby can memorise sounds she/he hears regularly.

According to an article in parenting website Babble, researchers asked mothers to read a passage from The Cat In The Hat repeatedly to their unborn babies. After birth, the babies recognised that passage when they heard it.

2. Eat healthy

Include nuts such as almonds and walnuts in your diet during your pregnancy. Walnuts are essential for brain development of adults and babies alike. Almonds are a good source of niacin, protein and energy and helps in the overall brain development of the baby, Ghosh says.

Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

How To Make Your Baby Brainy and Smart in All Ways

Babies can acquire their complete supplement of iodine from milk as it subsidizes to developing a fit brain and overall mental development. As iodine insufficiency leads to mental delay, it stands to cause that drinking a good quantity of milk during pregnancy will lead to the babys general intellectual and physical development and brain development.

We have discussed the important foods to consume during pregnancy to make your baby smarter and intelligent during pregnancy, now we will discuss the things to do during pregnancy to have a smart baby and how to make your baby intelligent during pregnancy:

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Learning Is An Active Process

Baby Einstein and braintraining games dont work.In fact, theres reason to believe they make kids dumber.

Via Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five:

The products didnt work at all. They had no positive effect on the vocabularies of the target audience, infants 17-24 months. Some did actual harm. For every hour per day the children spent watching certain baby DVDs and videos, the infants understood an average of six to eight fewer words than infants who did not watch them.

Real learning isnt passive, its active.

What does Dan Coyle, author of The Talent Code recommend? Stop merely reading and test yourself:

Our brains evolved to learn by doing things, not by hearing about them. This is one of the reasons that, for a lot of skills, its much better to spend about two thirds of your time testing yourself on it rather than absorbing it. Theres a rule of two thirds. If you want to, say, memorize a passage, its better to spend 30 percent of your time reading it, and the other 70 percent of your time testing yourself on that knowledge.

Ways To Make Baby Smarter Before Birth

Any parent wants to set her child up for successso the promise of boosting babys IQ before hes even born is, of course, highly appealing. From moms-to-be playing Beethoven and reading books to their bellies to concocting crazy recipes, weve seen and heard it all. We become mothers from the moment that we find out were pregnant, as the choices we make can affect the growth and development of our unborn child, says Katie Friedman, MD, a Florida-based pediatrician and cofounder of Forever Freckled. And that includes what we do to ultimately affect babys brain. So what actually works?

The first method that probably pops to mind is playing classical music for baby. But while hearing Beethovens symphonies in the womb certainly wont do any harm, this isnt quite the brain booster its made out to be. Although relaxing for Mommy, theres no concrete research that establishes a relationship between playing classical music prenatally and increasing your babys intelligence, Friedman says. In fact, in 2010 a group of psychologists at the University of Vienna conducted a comprehensive review of all previous studies on this topic, and found the theory to be without merit. I recommend listening to Mozart to everyone, but it will not meet expectations of boosting cognitive abilities, says Jakob Pietschnig, lead author of the study.

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Smart Products For Intelligent Parents And Healthy Babies

Its 3 am and you wake up startled. Is your baby still breathing? You get out of bed, run to their room as quietly as possible, and peek in their crib. Relief floods over you as you realize you, once again, overreacted. Raising a child isnt for the faint of heart. Check out these 8 products to make your life easier today.

Chat Her Up Make Her Laugh

10 Secrets to Raise A Smart and Intelligent Baby

5. Blab away. All you may get is a blank look, but leave short pauses where your baby would speak. Soon she’ll catch on to the rhythm of conversation and start filling in the blanks.

6. Go gaga. Your baby really tunes in to your silly cooing and high-pitched baby talk.

7. Sing a song. Learn as many tunes as you can, or make up your own verses . Play Bach, the Beatles, or Britney Spears. Some research suggests that learning the rhythms of music is linked to learning math.

8. Clue him in. When you announce, “I’m going to turn on the light now” before flipping the switch, you’re teaching cause and effect.

9. Tickle her toes. In fact, tickle her all over. Laughter is the first step in developing a sense of humor. And playing games like “This little piggy” or “I’m gonna get you” teaches your child to anticipate events.

10. Be a funny face. Puff up your cheeks, and have your toddler touch your nose. When she does, poof! Have her pull your ear, and then stick out your tongue. Make a funny noise when she pats your head. Keep to the same routine three or four times, then change the rules to keep her guessing.

11. Joke around. Point to a photo of Uncle Frank, and call him “Mommy.” Then tell your child that you were being silly and laugh at your “joke” to build her budding sense of humor.

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