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You know how in real estate, the top three rules are âlocation, location, location!â Well when it comes to your babyâs sleep, âroutine, routine, routineâ is the way to go. Thatâs because creating a sleep routine for your baby is essential in establishing healthy sleep habits. Itâs good to use the same routine for every sleep, meaning naps and overnight. As your baby grows and develops, you can add in things like books, bath, etc., but the idea is to create a calm and soothing environment that signals itâs time for bed. This can take anywhere from several minutes up to an hour, or however much time is needed to signal to your baby that itâs time for sleep. Some suggestions:

  • Darken the room
  • Turn on soft music or a sound machine
  • Feed/snuggle your little one
  • Put baby to sleep drowsy but awake
  • Say good-night

Strengthens Muscles In The Gut Wall

Since babies are all unique, the development of muscles in their gut walls will naturally be different. This is why some little ones experience more constipation and air bubble issues than others.

Baby massages also have lots of other great benefits, too, including:

  • Helping them sleep better
  • Encouraging focus
  • Improving the immune system

Now that we understand how a baby massage for constipation can work and why its beneficial, let’s focus on how to prepare for it.

There Are Some Newborn Baby Massage Tips Which You Should Know

  • The place where you massage your baby should be quiet and warm, as your baby will be naked, so, he should not catch a chill while getting massaged.
  • Always start slow. Put your baby on the back and then slowly start massaging the baby. Make sure to use a gentle touch. Also, never massage around genital area.
  • While massaging talk and smile to baby. This helps baby to stay interested in the massage and also baby enjoys it.
  • After you are done with massage, you can wipe off the extra oil or cream from babys body. This step helps to avoid the mess and also your baby cant eat the excess oil or cream.
  • Try to maintain a fixed time for massage, this way a proper routine is set for the baby and they look forward to massage.
  • You can massage your little one, wherever you like, on the table or even on the bed.
  • If you feel, your baby is enjoying your touch at a particular place. Repeat it all over again to make your baby feel good.

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Newborn Massage: What To Know & How To Do It Safely

A baby crying for a certain period of time and not wanting to sleep equates to the parents also not being able to sleep. At the core of it, successfully putting your baby to sleep means you also get to climb into your cosy bed and sleep soundly! One of the most effective ways you can make your baby sleep through the night is by massaging them.

A sense of touch is always great in helping babies to develop, so why not make full use of that particular benefit? What will a massage do for your little one? It will give you the opportunity to bond with your baby, at the very least. Massage can soothe your baby and calm them down. There are a lot more a massage can do for your baby, but well save some for below so do read up. We will also be sharing the proper step-by-step with you and answering your questions regarding newborn massage!

Can you massage a newborn?

As long as you do it properly, yes you can! A newborn massage consists of gentle, rhythmic stroking of your babys body with your palms. You need to maintain gentle and soft touches without pressing any body parts with strong pressure. Use oil so your hands can glide smoothly over their skin and reduce the risk of friction which can irritate them.

Is it good to massage a newborn?

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When can you massage your newborn?

Should you massage newborn before or after bath?

What are the benefits of newborn massage?

Is Massaging Your Baby Before Bed A Good Exercise For Sleep Training

Performing a Massage on an Infant

Sleep training, like all kinds of training that seem challenging at first, takes persistence and patience. The idea is that once your baby is between 4-6 months old, they are likely ready to self-soothe and sleep for longer stretches of time. With sleep training, youâre giving your baby the tools to not just fall asleep, but also to fall back asleep on their own⦠which hopefully means that you, too, can sleep longer and better. That said, if massaging your baby before bed is a part of your established bed time routine, then by all means, stick with it!

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How To Massage A Newborn Baby

1. Maintain eye contact and speak softly to your baby.2.Move your hand from the base of the rib cage down the belly.

  • Be very gentle with the pressure, especially in your babys first few weeks of life. While a little pressure has been shown to enhance the benefits of massage, you dont want to push too hard on your babys little body

3.Use your fingertips to make a circle around their abdomen.4. Do the I love you stroke for a sweet and soothing motion.

  • As you do this, say I love you to your baby, matching the word to the motion.

5. Trace a heart across your babys chest. 6. Make an X over your babys whole torso. 7. Transfer your baby to your lap or bare chest for the back massage.

  • Creating skin-to-skin contact has many benefits, including creating a calming and comforting effect. Placing your baby on your bare chest allows them to hear your heartbeat, feel the warmth of your skin, and smell your skin.

8. Make circles and stroke up and down your babys back.

Best Time To Give A Massage To Your Baby

The best time to give massage to your baby would be when your baby is not hungry, sleepy, or tired. You may choose any time of the day for the massagemorning or evening. Baby massage is an efficient way of getting your baby into the routine of bathing, feeding and sleeping.

It is recommended to follow a massage routine by doing the things in the similar order every day. This is because your baby loves predictability, and developing a routine will help your baby to know, what is going to happen next. The predictability also gives your baby a sense of security and happiness.

It is also a good idea to massage your baby, just before bedtime. Massaging before bedtime can help your baby sleep better and longer during the night. Although initially, you may find it difficult to set a pattern or routine for your newborn baby, as your baby grows, you will be able to make a set routine for your baby.

Many new mothers often wonder when to start baby massage? Well, it is recommended to wait for 10 to 14 days before you start off any oil or lotion massage for your newborn baby. Though for preterm or premature babies, it is advised to seek your doctors approval before starting any massage.

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Target The Right Body Parts

Benefits of Baby Massage Mother Massaging Babys FootMassage babys feet using soft, gentle strokes.

Massage babys legs, working the shins and the thighs.

Move to the arms, making sure to massage babys hands, too.

For babys stomach, massage in a clockwise direction .

Massage babys chest, but avoid the delicate head and neck area.

Flip baby over and massage his/her back.

*Avoid massaging the head since your baby still has soft spots

What Can You Use For Baby Massage

How to Massage a Baby | With Johnsons®

This is a personal preference. You may like to use an oil during your babyâs massage to help reduce any friction created between your hands and your babyâs delicate skin. Some experts recommend vegetable oil, which won’t be absorbed as quickly as a standard baby oil. Or, you may decide using an oil is just too messy.If you do decide to use oil, choose one that is free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, and one that’s edible, in case it gets into your little oneâs mouth.Before using the oil for the first time, youâll want to test it to gauge the reaction on your babyâs skin. Do this by applying a tiny bit to an area of his skin and wait to see if thereâs a reaction. If there is, stop using the oil and consider trying another type of baby oil, or skipping it altogether.

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Baby Massage: How And Why You Need To Do It

The sense of touch can bring comfort, security, and bonding for a newborn baby. For a mother, breastfeeding provides skin-to-skin contact and thus helps her create a bond with her baby. But when it comes to other caregivers, newborn baby massage can be a powerful tool to connect, apart from all the emotional and developmental benefits of massaging a baby. This article will help you answer all your questions about massaging your little one.

The Perfect Bedtime Baby Massage Routine

In our article, “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in a Crib,” we gave a step-by-step list to help create a nightly routine for your baby. Each of these in succession prepares your baby to calm down from the day so that they can learn to become an independent sleeper. Teaching them to wind down is a part of this important process. We know you love to hold, snuggle and feed your baby at bedtime…and you’ll definitely want to keep doing this! But so that everyone can get their best sleep possible, we always recommend putting your baby down very drowsy, but still awake.

So, let’s look into how baby massage fits into that routine.

It’s best to start the bedtime routine with plenty of time to fit everything in, especially extra cuddle time. If you’re hurrying or skipping steps, that’s not helpful for either of you.

Here’s how to get your baby ready for their massage:

  • 45 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime, we recommend giving your baby a warm bath. Utilizing a natural baby wash with a calming scent that’s safe and gentle for your baby’s skin will help begin to relax them.
  • You’ll also want to be sure that your home is warm enough before starting your baby’s massage. If you don’t, they are just going to be shivering as you begin, and that’s clearly the opposite of relaxing. We suggest boosting the heat to around 75 degrees F about an hour before your baby’s bath. You can turn it back down after your baby is wrapped up in their swaddle and cozied up for the evening.
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    Performing The Massage On Your Baby

    The reason many parents probably don’t perform any sort of infant massage on their baby is that they don’t really know where to start. Our own hands look so big next to their tiny body, so it can be a little unsettling to know how to do it gently enough.

    Here are few of your top questions answered before you begin!

    How old does my baby need to be for infant massage?

    You can start giving your baby massages from day one.

    Which part of the body should I focus on?

    Our best recommendation is to give your baby a full body massage. Sounds decadent, doesn’t it? Not only will your baby love it, but by reaching each part of the body you’ll be giving your baby the maximum benefit.

    Should I use oil?

    You may want to massage with lotion or oil, but it’s not required. Though it can be messy, it may richen the experience because it reduces the friction between the skin. The most important thing is to use oil that you know if 100% safe for babies. Coconut oil is a top choice. Not a lot of research has been done on using lavender oil for this purpose, but diffusing it in your baby’s room at bedtime would be great for its calming effects.

    Now that we have those questions covered, here’s how to massage your baby!

    Start by laying them down on a comfortable surface. We then recommend spending about 1-2 minutes massaging each of these areas of your baby’s body:

    Best Time To Massage Your Baby

    Baby Massage Techniques To Relieve Colic At Home Naturally

    The best time to massage a baby is when they are alert, well-rested, and seem interested in the environment. Select a moment right between two feeding sessions when the baby is less likely to feel full or hungry. There should be a gap of at least 45 minutes from the babys last feeding session. Also, wait for 15 minutes after the massage before feeding again to give the babys body some extra time to relax completely.

    When it comes to a specific time for massage, you can stick to massage after a bath, when the baby is just about to be tucked into the bed for the night or for a nap. Baby massage before a bath is the ideal since you can wash away the oil during the bath to prevent the accumulation of residual oil or lotion on the babys sensitive skin. You may choose to massage your baby after bath in case they have extremely dry skin or if your pediatrician has given a green signal to it. Generally, youll notice the greatest benefit if you can stick to a regular bedtime routine of massaging the baby at night.

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    How To Give Your Baby A Massage To Relieve Constipation

    Little digestive systems sometimes need some support to keep things running smoothly. If your babys tummy is a little stopped up, you can ease this discomfort by giving them a massage for constipation.

    With all the breastmilk or formula your little one is consuming, you would assume that pooping comfortably and very often wouldnt be a problem. But constipation is surprisingly common in children of all ages.

    In babies, the challenging part is that they dont have the vocabulary to communicate how theyre feeling. You may just notice them looking uncomfortable or in pain when theyre trying to poop.

    If you suspect your little one is constipated, keep reading for all of our tips to help them with their tummy troubles.

    But first, lets talk about how effective baby massages can be at solving stomach woes.

    When And How Often Should You Massage Your Baby

    You can start massaging your baby as early as you like. Just be sure to be extra gentle with newborns.Here are some tips on choosing the right times to massage your baby:

    • Wait 45 minutes or longer after a feeding. Starting too soon after she’s eaten could cause your baby to vomit.

    • Pay attention to your babyâs moods. If she seems calm and looks at you with a steady gaze, sheâs probably good to go. If she seems fussy, turns her head away from you, or stiffens up when you pick her up, it might be best to skip the massage for now.

    • Choose a time thatâs good for both of you. Itâs really up to you and your baby when and how often you do this activity together. You may decide to massage your baby in the evening, for example, as part of her bedtime routine. It could serve as a soothing ritual to calm her before sleep.

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    Which Oil To Use For Massage

    The UK NHS does not recommend using oil or lotion for massaging the baby until they turn one month old . This is done to avoid moisture loss from the babys skin, which is very delicate at the time of birth. However, during the first month , your babys skin develops its natural protective barrier. Owing to this, the babys skin becomes relatively thick. This is the time, under the consultation of a pediatrician, when you could start massaging your baby.

    For babies over one month, you may use any odorless and edible oil so that there may not be a problem even if the oil is ingested by mistake. Consult your pediatrician to know about the most suitable oil for your baby.

    How To Massage Your Babys Tummy

    Newborn Care and NICU Baby Guide for Parents | Infant Massage

    Massaging your babys tummy is a one way to help relieve constipation or gas. Heres how to massage your babys belly:

    • Using your fingertips, draw an oval underneath your babys belly button.
    • Move your fingers clockwise, which follows your babys digestive tract.
    • Afterward, walk your fingertips diagonally, making an X from one side of your babys belly to the other.
    • Repeat as necessary.

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    Should You Use Oils For An Infant Massage

    Its perfectly fine to use a baby massage oil to help your fingers glide on babys skin more easily. If youre wondering: Is olive oil good for baby massage?, youre in luck! Ganjian believes pure olive oil is actually the best oil for the job. There arent any additional ingredients, additives or preservatives in it, so you dont have to worry about sensitivity to allergens, he says. It penetrates the skin and gets it moist. And if baby sticks an oily fist in his mouth, hes consuming something entirely edible! You can also use other simple food-grade oils such as grapeseed, sunflower and safflower, as well as a hypoallergenic cream or baby oil. To minimize mess, purchase a small sprayer for dispensing the oil, Ruiz suggests. Youll want to avoid any heavily scented products for little ones, especially essential oils. Some have been shown to cause side effects with babies, Ganjian warns. Of course, use caution when rubbing babys faceyou want to avoid getting oil in her eyes, nose and mouth.

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