How To Prepare For A Newborn

Get Your Child A Newborn Doll


Especially if your child is younger , try purchasing a baby doll similar in size to a newborn. Let your little one practice holding, changing and feeding their baby. Treat it as close to the real thing as realistically possible, taking it for walks in the stroller and even placing it in a car seat as the due date nears.

Introducing Baby To Pets

If you have a dog or cat at home, theyll probably be aware of a change during your pregnancy or when you set up the nursery.

Allow your pet to sniff the new baby furniture and accessories. Play recordings of baby noises for them so they can become used to the noises.

After baby is born, bring something with the babys scent, such as a blanket or item of clothing, for them to sniff. Theyll recognize the smell later when you bring the baby home for the first time.

Its important to always supervise your pets interactions with the baby during the newborn stage. Never leave your baby alone in an area where a pet has access. A pets attempts at welcoming a new family member may not be safe for a small baby.

If your pet is being overly friendly or aggressive, try to find positive ways to redirect their attention away from baby. That can help reduce feelings of jealousy or resentment.

Wrapping Up & Further Information

There you have itour guide to preparing for your new baby. Hope its been helpful! Now, go create that to do list before the baby arrives and start checking stuff of your list.

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Preparing Your Home For Babys Arrival

When you think about preparing your home for your new babys arrival, your mind may jump to things like covering outlets with plastic covers, installing baby gates, and locking cabinets. But, baby proofing is a ways offmost babies wont start crawling until at least 6 months.

But there are a few things you can do to prepare your home:

Ensure safety measures are in place and up to date. Nows a great time to ensure you have fire extinguishers on hand, that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detecters are in place & batteries have been charged.

Set up your babys sleeping environment. You might note we didnt say nurserythe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies sleep in their parents room for at least the first 6 months . So, go ahead and set up that cute nursery if you like, but give some thought to where your baby will be sleeping, and how to set up your baby for safe and healthy sleep. There are some great tools and sleep hacks out there that can help your baby sleep longer and move her toward the coveted sleep through the night goal toowe spend our Baby Sleep School online course exploring how to get your baby to sleep.

Pro tipblackout curtains

Breastfeeding May Not Come Naturally

How to Make Homemade Baby Formula You Feel Safe With ~ The Ambitious ...

Nursing was a challenge for Pranali Patel of Ontario, Canada. Her son didnât learn to latch on for several days and wouldnât take a bottle. âI wish I knew how difficult breastfeeding was and the mom guilt that comes with it when it doesnât go as you hoped,â she says.

Let your pediatrician or a lactation specialist know right away if you have issues when you breastfeed so they can help. La Leche, a nonprofit that helps parents breastfeed their babies, can also connect you with a trained parent volunteer. And keep in mind, âFeeding your baby with a spoon or bottle wonât make you less of a mom,â Patel says.

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Dress Your Baby And Yourself Comfortably

Skip the fancy newborn outfits, says Marissa Labuz, a mom of two in Howell, NJ. For the first few months, âfooted one-pieces are really all you need, especially in cooler weather.â

As for yourself, consider a robe your go-to garment, rather than tight pants or shorts, after your baby arrives. âIt works best to give you easy access to breastfeed and doesnât restrict any of your movements or cause any added pain,â Labuz says.

Plan Your Family Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act entitles certain employees to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave when they have a baby. Your employer may also offer a certain number of weeks of paid maternity leave and your partner may be entitled to paid paternity leave. Depending on your workplace, you may be able to fill in any gaps with sick days and vacation days. Enquire about your options early so you have time to plan and fill out the necessary forms.

For more information as to the eligibility criteria, review the United States Department of Labor site for more information.

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How To Bathe A Newborn Baby

Your baby may have their first official bath in the hospital. But regardless of whether or not they were bathed following delivery, plan to give your newborn baby a sponge bath shortly after you bring them home.

To do this, dip a cloth or sponge in warm water and gently wash your babys head, body, and diaper area. A sponge bath is the safest option until your babys umbilical cord falls off on its own.

After the umbilical cord falls off, you can give your baby a bath in an infant tub.

How To Prepare Your House For A Baby

How to Prepare For a Baby: Newborn Baby Essentials

As exciting as having a newborn baby may be for parents, it doesn’t change the fact that it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Some parents, especially first-time parents, make the mistake of waiting until the child is born before they begin to run around for some crucial items. Many times, by the time the baby comes, it becomes sorely apparent that there isn’t enough time.

Newborns are very demanding and need constant attention. Not setting your house in order or preparing a nursery beforehand is a recipe for disaster. It’s easy to get burnt out while only caring for the baby talk more when you have to add emergency errands to your daily schedule.

Preparing for a baby goes way beyond buying diapers or baby food. That and setting up a solid nursery is a good start, but there are fundamentals you mustn’t miss. Some lesser-known tips can help you parent like a pro.

In this piece, we’ll delve into preparing your home for a newborn, so your experience is a pleasantly memorable one.

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Tips To Prepare For Your Newborn Photo Session

The minute you saw your baby, you fell head over heels in love. Those chipmunk cheeks, wrinkly hands, and their tiny little body have filled your heart with so much joy. You keep trying to memorize every detail before they get bigger their sweet smell, the way they smile when theyre sleeping, the grunts, and the feel of their hands grasping your fingers. You want to remember every minute of these special days for the rest of your life.

As a new parent, you finally understand why other parents tell you to cherish these first weeks. Your child will grow so quickly. It wont be long before they transition to a toddler, and youll be struggling to remember how soft their skin was, and how their sleepy head seemed to fit perfectly on your shoulder as you rocked them to sleep. Thats where newborn photo sessions come in handy preserving these precious, fleeting days.

Your newborns photography session should be an exciting time for your family. But parents often find themselves worried and anxious about preparing themselves and their babies for the big occasion. With a little planning, you can relax and enjoy the session, knowing all your bases are covered. Years from now, youll be glad you booked a newborn photo session so you can stroll back in time to the days when you didnt have to share your child with the rest of the world.

Follow our top five tips to make sure you and your baby have a great session that documents this special time in your lives.

What You Need To Know

To prepare for fussy moments, youll want to have a few things ready a pacifier, a bottle of formula/breastmilk, a swaddling blanket, and a few clean diapers. If nothing seems to be working to calm your bundle of joy, ask for a break in your session while you try to get things under control.

A few other things you should keep in mind when it comes to your babys newborn session are:

Most photographers include props, but if there is something in particular you want your photographer to include, let them know.

Try to keep the volume down to maintain a calm environment. When you get overwhelmed, you and your baby can both feel it. Staying relaxed and quiet will ensure a calm atmosphere.

Make sure you come prepared to be in a few of the photos. You may not be feeling like a supermodel quite yet, but getting in the photos with your infant will create some lasting memories youll both treasure.

Wear neutral colors like creams, mild tones, and soft hues for intimate portraits.

Its best to avoid chunky jewelry and watches, which can be distracting elements and will look dated years from now. Strive for timeless photos that will be staples in your home for decades to come.

If you want to capture your entire family with your newest addition, the best time to do so is toward the end of the session. Consider having the rest of your family show up at the end, so the noise level from the extra people doesnt disturb your baby.

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Do Some Financial Planning

Its no secret that children are expensive! Its a good idea to map out a budget not only for the first year of your babys life, but also for more long-term expenses such as education and extracurricular activities.

Consider setting up a savings account or a 529 College Savings Plan for your little one. You can then make monthly contributions and ask grandparents or other close family members to chip in. The good news is 529 plans come with tax benefits, so dont forget to look into those offered in your state.

Newborn Babies: Getting Ready At Home

New mothers, rejoice. Here are 5 hacks to make breastfeeding more ...

Preparing for a new baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Experienced parents have learned that newborn babies just need some basic items at first. These include a warm and safe place to sleep, food, clothing, and diapers.

Many baby products are available, but listed below are the essential items you’ll want to have ready for your new baby.

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How To Prepare For The First Few Weeks With A Newborn

The first few weeks with a newborn can be a whirlwind youre getting less sleep, youre experiencing more love for a tiny human than you ever knew was possible, and youre constantly learning. If youre getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy, keep reading to learn ways to prepare for the first few weeks with a newborn.

Attend New Baby Classes

There are a ton of different baby classes out there. Figure out the ones that make sense to you or that will calm your nerves. There are 3 main topics to cover. Pregnancy and how it will go and how to manage/safe pregnancy. Then there is the labor and delivery part. Which the time span is short but crucial party of having a baby as it is the actual time you are having the baby. Then there is what to do and know once the baby is actually here.

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Select A Hospital And/or Birth Plan

Select which hospital you want to deliver your baby. You may not have a choice if your OBGYN only delivers at a certain hospital. Talk to your doctor about your birth plan and write it down. Make a copy and make sure to pack it in your hospital bag . Although labor and delivery can be unpredictable, it helps to have your wants and wishes along to accommodate as many of them as possible.

If you do not want to deliver your baby at the hospital, check into other options such as a home birth or a water birth.

Schedule Your Session Ahead Of Time

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Most photographers will only do newborn sessions when infants are between 5 to 14 days old. Thats a small window of time, so you need to be thinking ahead!

By scheduling in advance, you and your photographer will be prepared for when your baby decides to make its grand entrance.

Also, scheduling your session ahead of time will make it less likely that your photographer will be fully booked when you call. Waiting until the last minute to schedule your session might mean you wont get your preferred photographer, and youll be stuck shopping based on availability instead of finding a professional who fits your preferred style.

A good time to start the booking process is around your second trimester. Reach out to the photographer you want and tell them your due date . Then, once your sweet baby is born, let your photographer know the exciting news, and youll get an exact date for your session.

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How To Play With A Newborn

It might not seem like your newborn wants to do much other than sleep and eat for the first months of life. But rest assured your little ones brain is developing rapidly.

A newborn will recognize their parents voices in their first days of life. Talk and read to them often. They also love to see faces.

In the first few months, you can introduce them to the following:

Your newborn wont remember you playing with them, but theyre learning important skills during this time, like interacting with you and the world around them.

If youre concerned about your babys development, talk to their pediatrician.

Choose A Healthcare Provider

As soon as you see those two pink lines appear, its time to start shopping around for an OBGYN or a midwife depending on the type of birth experience youre hoping to have. A midwife can help you have a more personalized and natural birth with fewer medical interventions, while an OBGYN is your best choice if you have a serious medical condition or plan on having a C-section.

Other factors you should take into consideration are recommendations from friends, your personal connection with the provider, and whether your health insurance covers their services.

For more tips, read: How to choose an OBGYN

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How To Feed A Newborn

For the first two to four days of life, newborns who are breastfeeding will need to be fed every two to three hours, or on demand.

It might not seem like your baby is eating much as your milk supply comes in, but the colostrum you produce immediately following delivery is all they need at this stage.

Transitional milk will replace your milk for the next two weeks, then your mature milk supply will come in.

After the first few days, formula-fed newborns need 2 to 3 ounces of formula per feeding. Theyll need to be fed every three or four hours for the first few weeks.

During the first two weeks of life, if your newborn sleeps longer than four or five hours at a time, you may need to wake them up to eat.

At about 1 month old, both formula- and breastfed babies will need up to 4 ounces per feeding. At this point, formula-fed babies will be on a more predictable schedule, eating about every four hours. Some breastfed babies will eat every four hours, too, but some will still feed more often than this.

+ Weeks From Due Date

homemade baby formula recipe

Get your hospital bags together. Youll want some essentials. Youll want them ready to go, like a secret agent grab bag.

Create a gameplan. What are you doing with the dog? How will you get to the hospital?

Consider freezing some meals. Time is not going to be your friend when the new baby comes. Neither is energy for cooking. A few weeks of meals in the freezer can be a lifesaver.

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How Often Do You Need To Change Babys Diaper

Your newborn will pass meconium for their first few days of life. This is a black, sticky, tarlike substance.

How often youll need to change their diaper varies depending on whether or not youre breastfeeding or formula-feeding them.

Breastfed babies will typically have several bowel movements per day. Formula-fed babies will have fewer.

Either way, youll want to change your babys diaper every two to three hours.

If the diaper is just wet with urine, you dont need to change it right away and wake up your sleeping baby. However, change baby immediately following any bowel movements to avoid irritation.

You can tell its time to change your babys diaper as soon as you can smell or feel that theyve had a bowel movement.

To determine if the diaper is wet, put one hand on the diaper to feel if its damp. Alternatively, some diapers change color when theyre wet.

  • emergency information, including your babys doctor, nearest emergency room, and poison control number

You can also find a premade kit online that contains most of these items.

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