What To Do With My Newborn

Stimulating Activities For Newborns Language Development

HELP! My Newborn Won’t Poop? | Dr. Paul

Singing works wonders to calm down a fussy baby.

They love to hear your voice as it is very soothing.

Did you know that serenading your little one is also wonderful for language development as well?

Your baby needs to hear words many times to learn what they mean and how to say them and singing provides them with lots of words to hear.

If you dont feel like singing yourself you can also listen to music together.

Explore different types and see how your baby reacts to the new sounds.

Watch for cues to make sure your baby does not get overstimulated.

Newborn Activities For Core Strength Movement

34. Get involved in tummy time.

35. Add toys to tummy time.

36. Do baby sit-ups, either placing baby in your lap, or if their neck is strong, hold their hands and pull them up from a horizontal position.

37. Try tummy time with a floor mirror.

38. Read a book to them during tummy time.

39. Get on your belly and do some face-to-face tummy time.

40. Help them reach for toys.

41. Have your newborn tuck their knees under their belly for support.

42. Lay them on both of their sides.

43. Sit them up while holding them, and sway to some music.

44. Help them to roll over on both sides.

Am I Doing Enough With My Newborn

Babys mind and body are constantly developing in the most amazing ways right now, and we get your enthusiasm about maximizing every moment of this key period. But the truth is, you dont need to do a heck of a lot to entertain a newborn.

Forget mommy-and-me French lessonsright now, baby can benefit most from a few simple activities, says Lisa M. Asta, MD, a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of California at San Francisco and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. So if youre doing the following, then youre definitely doing enough:

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Tummy Time Helps Strengthen Your Babys Muscles

Your little one is spending a lot of time on their backs when they are sleeping.

Chances are they are sleeping a lot right now so making sure they get some time on their tummy when they are awake is a good idea.

Tummy time will help strengthen almost all of their muscles so make it part of your routine.

It is one of the best newborn development exercises that you can have your little one do.

Is your baby not a fan? That is ok! Start of with just a couple minutes and work your way up to longer tummy time sessions.

You can read about how much tummy time your baby needs here.

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Months: Do Housework Together

Toddlers love imitating their caregivers, so the next time you need to get something done around the house, try involving your child. If you are wiping down the counters, give your tot a little rag and see what they do, Fisher says. Most likely, theyll try to copy your motions and will soon be trying to wipe the floor, cabinets, toyseverything.”

Good to know: Helping around the house helps kids develop motor skills, but more importantly, Fisher says, it helps them feel important and gain independence. Other developmentally appropriate household tasks: dusting, picking up toys, sweeping or vacuuming with parents.

Seizures And Fever In Infants

Sometimes, babies older than 6 months can have seizures that are triggered by fever. Theyre called febrile seizures, and they sometimes run in the family.

In many instances, a febrile seizure will take place during the first few hours of the illness. They can be just seconds long, and usually last less than one minute. A baby may stiffen, twitch, and roll their eyes before becoming limp and unresponsive. They may have skin that looks darker than usual.

It can be a very concerning experience for parents, but febrile seizures almost never result in long-term damage. Still, its important to report these convulsions to your babys doctor.

If your baby seems to be having trouble breathing, call 911 or your local emergency services immediately. Also call immediately if the seizure continues for more than five minutes.

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Encourage Them To Explore Their Bodies

Your newborn will soon start to become aware of all of the different parts of their bodies. You can help facilitate these milestones by bringing their hands to their mouth, in front of their eyes, and touching objects. Each of these are great activities for your newborn.

You can also have them:

  • Sit in front of a mirror to look at their reflection and point to all the features of their face.
  • Stretch their arms up high and circle them around.
  • Bring their feet to their hands.
  • Allow them to bear weight and stand while youre holding them up.
  • Cycle their legs and push them into and out of their bellies.

Touch Play For Babies:

Treating My 12 Year Old Brother as a “BABY” for a day!

Materials: your hands, textured toys or household objects

Provide touch sensation to one of baby’s hands and see if they turn their head toward that side. You can try light touch from your hand or a soft piece of fabric or more firm pressure like a gentle massage to her hand or arm. You might try rubbing a textured toy on their hand or wiping their arm with a bumpy dry washcloth, a cool metal spoon or your hair. Different babies will respond in different ways. There is no right or wrong response to new sensory stimulation – notice how YOUR baby responds.

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Doj Investigating Michigan Baby Formula Plant After Issues Last Year

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the Abbott Laboratories baby formula plant in Sturgis that contributed to the nationwide formula shortage when it shut down for several months last year.

STURGIS, MI The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the Abbott Laboratories baby formula plant in Sturgis that contributed to the nationwide formula shortage when it shut down for several months last year.

An Abbot spokesperson confirmed the DOJ investigation to the Associated Press and said the company is cooperating fully. They declined to provide further details.

Abbotts infant formula plant in Sturgis closed in February 2022 after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began investigating four bacterial infections among infants who consumed formula from the plant. The company also recalled formula produced at the plant.

Abbott has claimed its products havent been directly linked to the infections. It wasnt until June that the plant started producing formula again.

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The plant closure by Abbott, which produces Similac and is one of the three major formula producers in the U.S., contributed to the shortage last year that saw empty store shelves and parents scrambling for other ways to get formula.

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What Essentials Do You Need For Your Newborn

Having a few essential items on hand for the hospital and when you bring your newborn home will help ease the transition.

Make sure you remove these items from their packaging. Familiarize yourself with the instructions and assemble them, if necessary. This will ensure theyre ready to use as soon as you need them.

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Swimming Too Soon And Leaving Your Baby In Water Without Supervision

Swimming can be an excellent learning opportunity for your baby. Playing in water engages your newborns brain in so many ways.

However, experts recommend waiting until your baby is 6 months old before you can bring him to a public pool to swim. Again, this has something to do with building your bubs immunity first before exposing them to possibly harmful elements.

Moreover, you should never leave your baby alone in the water. You run the risk of drowning. Your little one is unable to rescue himself/herself in that situation.

Read up on steps to safely introduce your baby to swimming before you attempt to bring him/her to a pool.

Ways To Play With A Newborn 0


by | May 7, 2021

In the first few weeks after bringing home my babies, they seemed so small and fragile. All I was worried about is getting them fed, changed, and snuggled.

However, once a few weeks went by and my babies were awake a lot longer, I was was wondering how to play with my newborn. I wanted to incorporate activities that would aid in his development and keep him busy during awake times.

Activities for newborn babies are actually quite simple, but still very beneficial.

Your baby may sleep most of the day, so you will need to use your time wisely and find how to entertain your newborn when theyre awake. Newborn awake time activities vary greatly and can change dependent on your preferences and what your baby seems to enjoy.

If you are nervous about finding the appropriate newborn play ideas, or find yourself wonderingWhat activities can I do with my newborn?, dont worry! Read on to find some of the easiest and most beneficial newborn awake time activities.

This post may contain affiliate links, for which I would receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

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Dry Skin Is Normal For Newborns

Initially, your baby may have soft and silky skin, but that will soon change. “If you soaked yourself in liquid for nine months and then hit the air, you’d be dry too!” says Laura Jana, M.D., pediatrician and coauthor of Heading Home With Your Newborn.

You don’t have to do anything about your baby’s dry skin , but if you’re so inclined, reach for a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free baby lotion.

Little pink bumps, diaper rashes, and even baby acne may also make an appearance.

Month: Wear Your Baby

Babies love skin-to-skin contact, but you likely have too much to do to just sit and cuddle all day. A baby carrier, such as a ring sling or a strap-on front carrier, lets baby snuggle in close while freeing up your hands. Wearing baby also provides them with a wealth of stimulation. Wearing babies allows them to see what you see. begin to make sense of the world as you wear them while you work, clean and run errands, says Bethany Gonzalez Moreno, founder of B. EcoChic, a company that helps parents find eco-friendly baby products.

Good to know: Young babies should be worn facing inward, not outward, to avoid overstimulation and so their head has proper support. Make sure baby has plenty of room to breathe while youre carrying them.

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Fun Facts About Newborns

Get to know your new little one! Here are 10 fun facts about newborns:

  • Babies get their full eyesight around 3 months. Newborns can focus on objects that are close by but are nearsighted. That means they cant clearly see faraway objects.
  • Babies can hear starting in the womb. Theyll recognize sounds like their mothers voice right away.
  • Dont expect a smile right away. Newborns wont usually smile or coo until around 6 weeks old.
  • Newborns are often born with blue or gray eyes, but their eyes may darken. By 1 year, they should have their permanent eye color.
  • Newborns may be born bald or with a full head of hair. If your newborn is bald, theyll get hair eventually.
  • Newborns have more bones than adults . As they grow, some of the bones fuse together.
  • Newborns dont shed actual tears until around 3 weeks. Before then, they can cry and scream, but their tear ducts only produce enough to lubricate their eyes.
  • Babies are born with soft spots on their heads to help them fit through the birthing canal. To prevent flat spots on their head, change the direction you face your baby when you put them down on their back to sleep. For example, turn their head right on even days and left on odd days.
  • Place your baby on their tummy to play to help build up their head and stomach strength. At first, they may only want to go on their tummy for a few seconds or minutes at a time. As they develop more strength, theyll become less resistant to it.
  • Months: Go For A Walk

    Our New Baby Chooses What We Do All Day

    Youve probably been on hundreds of walks with your child already. But how many times have you gone at their pace? Find out what sparks their interest when theyre given the time and space to explore whatever they want .

    Good to know: Too many kids spend the vast majority of their waking hours inside. Heading outside puts your child in touch with nature and gives them a chance to use their senses to explore the natural world. Touch and explore the grass, trees and flowers. Watch bugs. Talk about what you see, hear, smell and feel, McMaken says. This activity stimulates language development, attention skills and observation skills. It also enhances the emotional connection between you and your child as you share the excitement of the outdoors.

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    Months: Learn Sign Language

    Yes, baby can learn sign language this young. In fact, its an ideal time to start. Parents who have used American Sign Language with their babies say that those as young as six months can begin to understand simple signs .

    Weave signs into everyday activities and eventually your child will be using signs, too, says Moreno, who used sign language with her infant daughter. Using sign language with baby helps children to think and express themselves symbolically, long before they can talk. We were able to teach our daughter over 350 American Sign Language signs by the time she was 17 months old. Once, when she was 12 months old, she asked me if the truck that had pulled up next to our car was an airplane.

    Good to know: Not sure where to start? Many communities offer baby sign language classes. Or look for a baby sign language book or video at your local library or online.

    Properly Feeding The Newborn During The Day

    Feeding sessions for a newborn baby should be an appropriate and scheduled process. For this method, make sure that the baby is ready for feeding. This process of nutrition should be smart and make sure that it should take approximately time. You must properly feed the hungry newborn baby.

    For food, make the newborn baby prepared for feeding. If there are some specific clothes, so the mother should change the previous cloth. If there are no such clothes, then the mother should put a small colorful fabric around the neck of the baby so the baby could not make the clothes dirty.

    After that, feed the milk to the newborn according to the diet prescribed by the pediatrician of newborn baby, make sure that the baby drinks milk in a very adjusted and proper time. This feeding method should be a part of the daily routine of the newborn.

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    What To Do With A Newborn Baby During The Day

    Almost every day, I receive multiple parents who are concerned about their newborn babys daily routine. Parents want to know every little detail and the same happens when a first-time mother visits a Pediatrician.

    This is a detailed guide by Dr. Qaisrani that explains what you should be doing with your newborn on a daily basis. We have added a detailed description of the day time activities.

    Let us get into the details:

    Look At Black And White Contrasting Photos

    When is My Baby Ready To...?

    Babies love black and white imagery and it helps their developing eyesight. We’ve created a set of 6 black and white, high contrast cards for you to use around your home to provide that important visual input. Place these cards on the wall next to your changing table or play area so that baby can view the images and strengthen their eyes. Find the Download link for the cards below this post!

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