How Can I Get My Newborn Birth Certificate

Information For Unmarried Parents Or Questions Related To Paternity

How To Get My Birth Certificate?

If you are not married, the fathers name may be completed on the certificate only if both parents sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity. If you are not married to the biological father of your child but you want to establish paternity on the baby, the Acknowledgement of Paternity form must be completed. Please note that Form 1608 Acknowledgment of Paternity is voluntary.

What Does Paternity Establishment Mean?

  • Paternity establishment is the process of determining the legal father of a child born to parents who are not married.
  • Every child has a biological father, but if a childs parents are not married, the law does not accept or recognize the biological father as the legal father. Until the father is determined to be the legal father, he has no rights to or responsibilities for the child.
  • Establishing paternity for a child born to unmarried parents gives the child the same rights and benefits as a child born to parents who are married.

How Can Paternity be Established?

Unmarried parents can establish paternity in one of two ways:

What Is Acknowledgement of Paternity ?

Who Benefits From Establishing Paternity?

The child benefits from establishing from paternity. A child benefits from establishing paternity by having:

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If Applying For Your Child Under Age 13

As a parent or legal guardian, you have to apply for your child. Both the parents have to appear in person and sign up at a passport agency or authorized passport acceptance facility. If only one parent can appear then a notarized Form DS-3053: Statement of Consent from the non-applying parent/guardian should be submitted. Both the parents are required to show their current valid ID. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must show an alien registration card , valid foreign passport, or drivers license. If you do not have an acceptable ID, someone with current valid ID must vouch for you as described above. A child would be issued a Passport valid for a maximum of five years.

Children Under The Age Of 16

If you are the parent/guardian of a child under the age of 16, you only need the childs birth certificate with parental information for most purposes, including a passport.

If you are applying for a passport, make sure to check with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a list of acceptable documents.

If you already have a certified copy of birth registration, it may be accepted. Please check with the ministry, government agency or the person requesting the document before you order.

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Applying For A Birth Document Of A Deceased Person

The following can apply for the deceased persons birth document

  • to the deceased person
  • proof of death must be provided to show the applicant is eligible in this category
  • proof of relationship must be attached to the application
  • an executor, personal representative or administrator for the estate of the deceased person in /
  • proof of death must be provided to show the applicant is eligible in this category
  • the applicant must be named in the will
  • a copy of the will must be attached to the application
  • a Public Trustee for the estate of the deceased person in /
  • proof of death must be provided to show the applicant is eligible in this category
  • the applicant must be named in the trusteeship document
  • a copy of the trusteeship document must be attached to the application
  • a relative of the deceased person in / when there are no living above)
  • proof of death must be provided to show the applicant is eligible in this category
  • proof of relationship must be attached to the application
  • When an eligible applicant does not have acceptable id to make the application, a designated agent may be used by a person in to , , .


    • step relatives
    • children of the siblings

    Persons who have adopted or who have placed their child for adoption are not next-of-kin to biological relations.

    Applicants For Birth Certificates And Certified Copies Of Registrations Of Birth

    How Do You Get Your Baby

    The following can order a birth certificate and certified copy of a Registration of Birth:

  • the person when 12 years old or older
  • the person when between 10 and 12 years old with the consent of their parent or guardian
  • ensure the consent form is signed by a parent or guardian
  • the consent form must be attached to the application form
  • if the consent is provided by a guardian, a copy of the guardianship order is required
  • a person younger than 10 years old cannot apply for their own birth certificate
  • the parent of the person in / as established by the persons birth record or by a parentage order
  • the applicant must be named on the birth record or in the parentage order
  • a copy of the parentage order must be attached to the application
  • a guardian or trustee for a person in to
  • the applicant must be named in the guardianship order or trusteeship document
  • a copy of the legal document showing the applicants name must be attached to the application
  • a person adopting the person in /
  • the applicant must be named in the adoption document
  • proof of a pending adoption must be attached to the application
  • a person with a power of attorney for a person in to
  • the applicant must be named in the legal document
  • a copy of the legal document must be attached to the application
  • a person who is designated by a personal directive as an agent of a person in to
  • the applicant must be named in the personal directive document
  • a copy of the personal directive document must be attached to the application
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    How Long Does It Take To Get A Birth Certificate For A Newborn

    How long it takes to get your birth certificate will largely depend on where you live and when youve filed the paperwork. If your newborn has already got his SSN, the birth certificate wont take more than a few weeks to get issued. When you will get it in your mail will depend on the state youre living in. For parents who havent filed for an SSN, the process gets delayed.

    Unlike your birth certificate application form that is standard, birth certificates can wildly vary in how they look based on the state youre in, your newborns details, hospital information, etc.

    Births Through Assisted Reproduction Surrogacy Or With Three Or Four Parents

    Through the Childrens Law Reform Act, you may be recognized as a parent to a child in certain circumstances. For example, you may be recognized as a parent to a child:

    • if the child is born to your spouse, where the child was conceived through assisted reproduction or insemination by sperm donor.
    • if you are part of a pre-conception parentage agreement for that child that has no more than four parents in the agreement.
    • where the child is born using a surrogate, if you had a surrogacy agreement before the child is conceived, and the surrogate agrees to give up parental rights no earlier than 7 days after the child is born.

    You can register the birth online for all of the examples listed above.

    If the birth involves a surrogate, make sure that you have the following forms completed, signed and commissioned before starting the online registration. You will need to mail them to the Office of the Registrar General to complete the registration.

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    Protecting Yourself From Identity Fraud

    Your birth certificate is a foundation identity document, so take care of it. The following three things can help you protect yourself from identity fraud:

    • Keep your birth certificate in a safe location, and do not carry it with you as general identification
    • Keep a photocopy of your birth certificate so if it is lost or stolen, you can report the certificate number and issue date to Vital Statistics
    • Consider replacing paper birth certificates with the more secure post-2008 polymer version

    Can Newborn Travel Without Passport

    How to Get a Birth Certificate for a Newborn.Step by step.

    There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the country of travel and the airline being used. Some airlines may allow newborns to travel without a passport if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid passport, while others may require all passengers, regardless of age, to have their own passport. It is always best to check with the airline ahead of time to avoid any potential problems at the airport.

    A passport is required for any person, including newborns and infants, who wishes to travel abroad. All US citizens, regardless of age, are required to present a passport when boarding a plane. It is not necessary to cross a border between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or any other Caribbean country. You can take passport photos of your baby or infant with Passport Photo Online, which is available on the web as well as in a convenient app. If a baby or infant is to be flown into the United States, he or she will need a passport unless the child can demonstrate that they have permanent residence or refugee status or asylee status.

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    What Is The Difference Between Indian Visa/ Oci/ And Pio

    Indian Visa: Your baby can get a Tourist Visa for India. The visa will be valid either for a six-month period or for ten years with six months stay during each visit to India. You can apply to the BLS office in your jurisdiction for an Indian Visa. A child would be issued a Visa valid maximum for five years. You can apply for Indian Visa in person or by mail. You have to fill the online Visa Application form known as IVFRT, fill the visa form at, attach the supporting documents and photograph, and pay the fee.

    OCI: OCI or Overseas Citizen of India is for People of Indian Heritage whose home countries allow dual citizenship. After getting an OCI card you will not need visa to travel to India. Any person who was eligible to become a citizen of India on or after January 26, 1950, or who belonged to a territory that became a part of India after 15th of August 1947, or is a child or grandchild of a person meeting any of the criteria above can apply for OCI. Citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh cannot apply for OCI. You can apply to the Cox & King office in your jurisdiction for an OCI. For more information about OCI please click here

    How Long Does It Take To Get A Certified Copy Of A Birth Certificate

    Note: Below are the average processing times for general issuance, however requests which require certificates to be amended or replaced will take longer.

    • Online and phone orders are processed in approximately two business days.* These may be expedited through our partner VitalChek for an additional fee. Mail orders will not be expedited.
    • Mail: allow at least 16 weeks for standard issuance.

    You may also submit your application by Mail. Complete mail orders are typically processed within 10 weeks. Be sure to review before sending by mail to assure your order is complete. Missing items or information will delay our response.

    NOTE: Applications which are incomplete or do not include proper fees or ID will be delayed. If additional documentation is requested, additional time will be required.

    *Legal Actions e.g. new adoptions, paternities, amendments, and delays may take up to 4 months to process due to current backlogs.

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    Do Minors Need A Passport To Go To Cancun

    Children, like adults, are frequently required to have passports to travel to Mexico, including Cancun. There are, however, important guidelines that must be followed when dealing with children. A document authorizing them to cross the border if they are alone is also required for children under the age of 16.

    U.s. Travelers: Dont Forget Your Passport For Cancun

    If youre going to Cancun for the holidays, bring your passport with you. According to the airports website, Americans can enter Cancun with alternate forms of identification such as a birth certificate or a drivers license. Even if you are returning from Mexico, you must have a passport if you are going home to the United States. If you intend to stay in Cancun for more than 72 hours, you must bring a passport-style photo ID with you.

    Does A Baby Need A Passport To Travel Internationally

    Where Do I Get My Baby

    A passport is required for everyone in the United States, whether they are over the age of 18 or not. All newborns, infants, and toddlers require a passport to leave and enter a foreign country.

    Obtaining a baby passport is an essential step in traveling abroad with a child. Anyone over the age of 18 must have a passport in order to travel outside the United States. A passport photo should be taken with the baby. If the child is not covered by an insurance policy, his or her parents or legal guardians must apply for the passport in person. Only the most recent passport application is acknowledged by mail. There are passport acceptance locations in every state that accept first-time passport applications ranging in size from 9,000 to 30,000. If your child has two parents or guardians, they must sign the form together. A passport will only be valid for five years for a minor who is 16 years old or younger.

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    By Phone Through Vitalchek

    Average processing time is 5-7 business days.Call to speak to a VitalChek representative 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Only persons named on the birth certificate may order through VitalChek.

    Fees Include:

    • $17 non-refundable expedited searching fee
    • $3 for each additional copy
    • $10.50 additional charge to pay for the services of VitalChek
    • Shipping fees should you choose to expedite the shipping of your certificate.

    How Can One Acquire A Birth Certificate

    When a child is born in hospital the hospital must issue a birth notification which will be used to process the birth certificate.

    UNHCR encourages all mothers to deliver in hospital. However, when the child is delivered at home in the camp or outside the hospital, the Civil Registrar working with RAS and UNHCR will facilitate the issuance of a birth certificate. The applicant attaches a copy of the clinic card, copy of the parents ID or Proof of Registration and submits them to the Civil Registrar who will issue a birth notification to be used to process the birth certificate. Once a birth certificate is issued, the Civil Registrar office submits the certificate to UNHCR for distribution in the camp.

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    Access Adoption Records Through Consent

    In some states, you may be able to access identifying information through a mutual consent registry. Using these registries, all involved in an adoption can declare what information may be disclosed. Some states may require the consent of both the birth parents and adoptive parents for the release of records. However, the release of information varies by state.

    If your state does not maintain a mutual consent registry, there are other ways to obtain records through consent. Public or private agencies can locate birth parents in some states. When an agency contacts birth parents, they can find out identifying information through:

    • Confidential Intermediary System The court gives permission to a court-certified confidential intermediary. This permission grants them access to sealed adoption records. They can also contact the birth parents to obtain consent for the release of identifying information.
    • Affidavit System Birth parents can officially file their consent or refusal to be identified or contacted.

    Use the Child Welfare Information Gateway to find out about how your state allows access to your adoption records.

    Who Can Register The Birth

    How do I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?

    The birth is registered based on information provided by aqualified informant. The parents of the child are themain qualified informants and, where possible, they must attend at any CivilRegistration Service in person to sign the Register of Births.

    The parents must bring photo identification, for example, a passport ordriving licence, and their Personal Public Service Numbers . Insome cases, additional information may be required for example, where amother has been married previously. Contact the CivilRegistration Service to find out more.

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    The Birth Notification Form

    A Birth Notification Form is usually completed with theparent by hospital staff , or by a doctor ormidwife , to guarantee that correct and accurate information isrecorded.

    This form outlines the information to be recorded in the Register of Births.The form is forwarded to the Registrar’s office letting the Registrar know thata birth has occurred. This is not enough, however, to register thebirth. You must still attend the Civil Registration Service, inperson, to officially register your childs birth.

    What Identification Is Required

    A photocopy of a valid government issued photo ID by either the applicant or an individual attesting for the applicant is required for issuance of certificates.

    If you are mailing your application – Send a photocopy. Do not send your original ID. Photocopies must be legible.Primary Identification – NEED ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

    • U.S. Issued Drivers license or Identification card
    • U.S. Passport
    • Foreign Issued Passport with Visa
    • Government issued Military photo ID
    • Tribal Photo Identification Card containing the bearers signature
    • Oklahoma Self-Defense Act License or OK Concealed Carry permit
    • Resident Alien Card
    • Employment Authorization Card
    • Employment Authorization Card
    • Temporary Resident Card
    • Oklahoma Dept of Corrections Consolidated Record Card

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    What Is A Birth Certificate

    Birth certificates serve as official documents printed on certified security paper and used for legal purposes to prove a life event. Uses include proving identity, citizenship, and relationship to others in order to get a passport or driver license, adding a child to health insurance, enrolling a child in school, or obtaining Social Security or other benefits and services.

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