How To Use Solly Wrap Newborn

Solly Baby Return Policy

How to use the Solly Baby Wrap (Infant/Child Carry Hold)

Solly accepts returns of unused, unwashed items in original packaging with all tags in place. As well, the team requests that you include the intact product registration card inside the wrap. Make your return within 30 days or your arrival date.

If life with your new baby pushes you unexpectedly beyond the 30 day window, get in touch with They understand that sometimes life gets in the way and will review your order on a case-by-case basis.

Ensuring Baby Has A Clear Airway

This one sounds obvious, but your babys airway can become obstructed a lot easier than you might think. So, its important to keep this safety precaution in mind the entire time your baby is in the wrap.

The best way to keep your babys airway open is to keep them in an upright position. You want them placed high on your body so you can monitor their breathing. You also want to make sure their chin does not fall onto their chest because this can obstruct the airway.

Pro Tip

Solly Baby Crib Sheet In Neutral Stripe

If your baby loves the Solly wrap, the Crib Sheet in Neutral Stripe is made of the same material, so they make a great pair. Bedtime will become a ritual sooner than later when your little one becomes accustomed to thiscomforting material.

The classic style of the Crib Sheet in Neutral Stripe is here to stay: its lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. This Solly Baby crib sheet costs $38 and is 28 by 52.

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Solly Baby Leopard Wrap

Our Solly Baby wrap review turned up this funky and fierce Leopard Wrap. Of all the Solly Baby wraps, this wrap makes a statement while matching effortless casual wear in its earthy tones. It features creamy leopard rosettes on a deep caramel base .

The Leopard Wrap contains sustainably made, soft, 100% certified Lenzing modal. Like all Solly Baby wraps, its available in a universal size, designed for a custom fit, and is machine washable. Lulled to sleep by closeness and comfort, you will be afforded many happy, hands-free this wrap for $65.

How Long Can You Wear Baby In Solly Wrap


Generally speaking you can wear your child in Solly Wrap until he/she is 25 pounds. Usually its good up to 9-12 months.

If youre wondering how many hours per day you can babywear, the answer is simple: as long as you and your little one want to! If your child is resting in ergonomic spread-squat position, with hips, back and neck well supported, you can continue to babywear during the day as long as both of you feel comfortable.

Give your babe time to get used to it and start slowly. Once both of you get a good hang of it, you may be able to babywear for 1 or 2 hours at a time . Dont force it all children have different needs and preferences. But always make sure your little one is safe and comfy.

Make sure to often check if your babys airway is open and monitor their needs. Remember, wearing baby in a wrap should be safe and comfortable for the child, and for you too!

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Why I Love The Solly Baby Wrap

There are many reasons to love you Solly. The first thing I noticed about this wrap is the unique fabric that it is made of. The fabric is extremely soft and feels great to the touch.

Sollys certified Lenzing Modal is an extremely silky soft and sustainably made knit. The proprietary material is made from Australian beechwood trees and made in the USA.

The natural fibers wick moisture away from the skin, which means you and your baby wont get hot and sweaty while using it.

Its the ideal newborn baby wrap for summer and warmer climates as well as for parents that get hot easily

I was also happy to find out that this baby wrap is not bulky at all.

There is ample fabric for all body sizes but the material is fairly thin so the wrap never becomes uncomfortably bulky.

Unlike some other wraps Ive triedt, this one is very easy to put on. The instructions are straightforward for a snug fit that is super comfortable for both you and your baby.

The Solly wrap comes in a beautiful neutral color range. Its really difficult to settle on one color when you see all of the options.

Dont Forget The Swaddles

Since I bought my wraps, Solly has continued to add more products in their crazy-soft fabric. Sleepers, sleep gowns, crib sheets, tiny hats, swaddles. Its all gorgeous, so if youre trying to stick to a budget, I suggest you dont look too closely!

However, I did want to mention their swaddles especially. I did not realize how much nicer it is to use a knit swaddle blanket versus the really popular woven swaddle blankets.

I still love a muslin swaddle blanket, but the Solly Swaddles are just SO soft, stretchy, and lightweight. They are made from the same knit fabric as the baby wraps. The lightness makes the blankets perfect for swaddling newborns.

Its much easier to get a snug wrap around baby when swaddling with a stretchy wrap. The knit swaddles also look beautiful for newborn photos. Oh, and they make a great gift idea for baby showers too.

Any more Solly Baby Wrap questions? Let me know and Im happy to share my experience! You can also check out my full Solly Baby Wrap Review if you would like more details on the wrap. Thanks for stopping by today!

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Solly Baby Sleepers Review

Sleepers are go-to jammies for babies. Solly Baby Sleepers long sleeve one-pieces featuring feet and hand covers for a warm and comfy sleep. Their foot-tie Sleep Gowns are more suitable for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, so theyre perfect for the first month when your baby poops every couple hours.

Like the Solly Baby wraps, these pieces come in neutral one-tone, striped, and patterned styles. Well show you a few of their popular sleepers and sleep gowns in this Solly Baby wrap review:

Features Of The Moby Wrap

SOLLY BABY WRAP TUTORIAL: How to put on a baby wrap and why the Solly Baby is the BEST
  • How To Wear It: You wrap it around your shoulders and waist and then tie it before fitting your baby in the wrap facing inward.
  • Materials Used: Its made from 100% cotton.
  • Child Weight Limit: The Moby Baby is designed for babies up to 30 pounds, which means that you can get used out of it for a little while longer than the Solly.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturers website, on Amazon or in store at Target.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent, or current recalls on this baby wrap carrier.

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Boba Wrap Classic Baby Wrap

This is the top-selling baby wrap for some very good reasons: comfort, style, wrapping versatility, and quality. Coming in at only about $40, the Boba is not only a very high quality baby wrap, but also an amazing price! In our testing, we found it comfortable, soft , and suitable for a variety of body shapes and sizes. It works very well with both newborns and babies up to about 18 months old. The fabric has a bit of stretch to it, which is nice, and we didn’t experience any sagging. Our favorite way to wrap it was the “Love your baby” hold, which provides really nice C-shaped spine support. One of the chief complaints about the Moby Wrap is that the fabric tends to stretch and loosen around the baby with time, even after just a couple months of usage.

Can I Wear My Baby Facing Forward Or On My Back

No. Wearing baby forward-facing puts too much pressure on babys spine and joints and increases the fall risk. It also puts extra pressure on the wearers back due to the angle of babys body.

Although our wraps have no added stretch, they are still considered stretchy wraps, and we therefore advise against back carrying.

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When You Will Use It The Most

The reason why I so strongly recommend purchasing a soft Solly Baby Wrap is because its such a lifesaver in the newborn stage. It might sound like a short period of timeafter all, baby will be sleeping through the night before you know it, right?

But, realistically, those weeks can be really tough. Being able to hold your baby close and have your hands free is a great way to bond, process emotions, and care for your baby while still being there for your other children .

I found that the cozy and stretchy Solly Baby Wrap was most comfy for me and my little in the first six months. After that we used it less frequently, but I was still glad to have it on hand in the diaper bag for quick carries when we were out and about.

Money-Saving Tip! Always check Sollys website for sales and coupon codes before you buy. At the time of this post they are running a Buy 1, Get One 40% Off sale with code on their knit wraps, which is fantastic. Split with a friend, or just buy two so you have a backup when your favorite color is in the wash.

The value you will get out of your wrap in the few weeks or months alone will make the investment worth it!

Solly Baby Promotions & Discounts

Solly Baby Wrap in Acorn

Our Solly Baby wrap review led us to the discovery that you can get mix and match sleepers, sleep gowns, and standard size crib sheets and 2 for $60 with Solly Baby promo code SLEEP.

You can also purchase 2 swaddles for $40 with the Solly Baby discount code SWADDLE.

Last but not least, buy one wrap and get the second off for 40% off. Make note that in order to be eligible for codes, you must make a minimum purchase of $65.

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Solly Baby Wrap Review: Easy Step

When you start making your baby registry and planning for your babys arrival, you are suddenly flooded with all kinds of decisions! One of these decisions will be what kind of baby wearer should you get. It seems like there are hundreds of different varieties and styles, so today were going to be focusing on the Solly Baby Wrap.

Baby wraps can be intimidating! What do you do with all the fabric? Is the baby actually safe in there? How do you get the baby in? Well, once you get the hang of it, you will love wrapping your baby and being hands-free. Although there are so many brands to choose from, I have fallen in love with the Solly Baby Wrap.

Today, I will chat about everything from all the reasons I love my Solly wrap to a quick babywearing tutorial! If you are wondering whether or not to put this on your baby registry, this should convince you that you wont be able to live without it

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we havent but think would be helpful to you!

How To Care For Your Wrap

If youre as sold as I am on the Solly Baby Wrap by now, you may be wondering how to care for it! Well, its pretty simple. Just make sure that you wash it in cold water. Typically, I will wash it by itself, then dry it on low heat. You want to be sure that you dont put it with anything else so the other clothes dont ruin the fabric!

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Always Have A Spotter

As I mentioned before, wearing your baby involves a bit of a learning curve.

Be Safe

This can mean using a bed or a couch as a soft place for your baby to fall, or making sure you always have another person there to spot. Many moms find that learning front holds are easier than hip or back holds. It might be a good idea to build confidence by mastering these before moving on to more difficult positions.

For A Structured And Supportive Carry: Ergobaby Omni 360 All Carry Positions Carrier

how to TIE a baby WRAP || moby solly wrap

The Ergobaby is the most structured and supportive carrier on this list. The padded shoulder straps and lumbar support waistband make this a comfortable carrier with excellent back support. Its easy to adjust when switching between partners and has a tuck-away sunshade to cover babys head.

Its on the higher end as far as price goes, but to balance that out, its extremely versatile and has the longest lifespan on this list. Its able to safely carry babies up to 48 months and 45 pounds. With the Ergo Omni 360, you can carry baby on your front, on your back, and even in a side carry.

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How Do I Care For My Solly Baby Products

Wash Solly Baby products in cold water on a delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Do not wash with clothing items with snaps, buttons or zippers, which may cause pilling or lead to holes in the fabric. If your washing machine has an agitator, we recommend washing our products in a delicates bag. A tube sock can be pulled over the ring of the Loop for a quieter washing experience.

In the case of spot removal, be sure to treat and remove the stain prior to drying in the dryer, which could permanently set the stain.

Avoid clipping anything, including pacifier clips, to our Lenzing modal fabric to avoid unintended holes.

For long-term storage, place Solly Baby items in an airtight container.

Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Solly Wrap

  • Always use your wrap safely! Follow Sollys guidelines and watch plenty of tutorials.
  • Use the wrap past the newborn stage .
  • Tie on your Solly Baby Wrap before running errands All you need to do now is put baby in!
  • Always spread the fabric for the most comfortable fit.
  • Avoid twists when you tie on your wrap.
  • Buy Your Solly Baby Wrap while you are still pregnant and practice!
  • Purchase a Solly Dolly for older siblings if you are adding to your family
  • Wash your Solly Baby Wrap properly so it lasts for years and years
  • Buy a Solly Swaddle tooThey are lightweight and sooo soft!

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