What To Get For A Newborn

Crib Sheets In Cute Prints

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Brooklittles Crib Sheet Sets, available at Brooklinen, from $28.80

From spit up to diaper blowouts, crib sheets have to endure a lot, so it’s essential that there’s always a clean one handy. Parents will really appreciate such a practical gift when they need one. Brooklinen’s line of sheets for little ones feature fun patterns and prints that look great in any nursery.

A Bag That Puts Everything You Need Within Reach

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, available at Lululemon, $38

Fanny packs have gotten a bad rap, but for a busy parent who needs three extra hands, it’s the perfect solution. This belt bag allows you to put your most used items in quick reach so that you’re not digging through a diaper bag to find your keys while also keeping an eye on the baby.

Personalised Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide To Life

You can give the gift of a Beatrix Potter book to the newborn in your life. But this isnt any ordinary book, you can personalise it to include the little ones name on the front cover and the header of each page. The book contains stories and advice from one of the best British children’s writers. The satin-finish paper and silk-finish hard cover are housed in a cream box with silver embossing.

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Satin Edged Cellular Baby Blanket

Theres a reason why this blanket from The White Company is a best-seller. It is made from pure cotton with a cellular construction for breathability in summer but keeps the warm air in during winter. The fabrication is super soft and theres even a satin trim that the baby will love. There are a range of colours and sizes on offer.

Free Baby Stuff In Canada : Free Baby Samples For New Moms


If you are expecting a new addition to the family you have come to the right place. I love free baby stuff in Canada. Here are some free baby samples in Canada that you can get for your future little one. Some examples of baby freebies that I have received are a baby box, Nestle baby samples, the London Drugs baby welcome package, and other free baby samples in Canada. In this post I will show you where to get the best free baby stuff and baby freebies for Canadian moms.

One of the best things about being pregnant other than feeling the kicks of growing baby and going on your first 12 or 18 month maternity leave in Canada is getting free baby stuff!

Its amazing how many baby freebies you can get during pregnancy and its great too since it really helps you save on the costs associated with baby preparing for your babys first year.

When we were expecting our first baby, I was such an excited expectant mom and signed up for all the free stuff I could get my hands on . There are a ton of baby companies that send free stuff.

I mean, this is their way of saying your life will change forever as you know it, we would like to help you out a littleany little bit helps!

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Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

You need a tried-and-true diaper brand to rely on, and Huggies has been there for us for awhile. The brand offers diaper sizes for newborns up to 6. Parents love Huggies for their GentleAbsorb Liner which protects your little ones skin while the Pocketed Back Waistband helps prevent, um, explosions from happening. Their Leak Lock System also helps eliminate leaks for up to 12 hours so no matter what, you and Baby are protected from a big ole mess, and your little one stays as clean and comfy as possible. Go ahead and sign up for Subscribe & Save on Amazon, because trust us, youll be using em.

Wonderbly Welcome To Our World

Personalized newborn baby gifts are extra-specialand this book by Wonderbly is no exception. Add the familys names and characteristics to this heartfelt story that reassures new parents theyre doing a great job. You can even write a dedication to appear on the first page for an extra-sweet touch.

Buy it: $35, Wonderbly.com

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Free Amazon Welcome Box For Expecting Mothers

My friend recently had a baby shower and they created a baby registry with Amazon for their baby shower.

I must admit, it was pretty nice to be able to click a link and find out what she wanted from the comfort of my own home. I ended up just getting her an Amazon gift card through her Baby Registry link.

You can get a free by creating a registry and having people buy a $10 threshold.

The $10 threshold does not include tax or shipping costs and is considered met once the orders are shipped. Purchases of Prime or Amazon Gift Cards also do not qualify for the $10 threshold. It can be shipped within continental US. You have to have an active Prime account too.

Theres an extended return period for the Baby Registry and you also get a discount on baby items. Here are some .

For The Future Paleontologist: Jackrabbit Creations Mini Barnyard Rollers

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Whether they’re just sitting or getting ready to start crawling, babies will find this set of five adorable baby dinos to be loads of fun. The brightly painted prehistoric pals can be rolled across floors or carpets, so busy little ones can take them everywhere they go.

Get Jackrabbit Creations Mini Dino Rollers from Maisonette for $30

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Unlikely Florist The Rennie Flower Bouquet

  • Available with or without a vase

  • Made with farm-fresh and seasonal flowers

  • Long lasting

  • Requires maintenance

Welcome a new baby with a locally-sourced, long-lasting flower bouquet. Seasonal flowers in a unique style are a thoughtful gift for new parents and nationwide shipping lets you send love from afar. You can gift them as just a bouquet or with a pretty vase.

Elephant Security Blanket Baby Lovey

This elephant security baby blanket is also another adorable lovey choice, and definitely more affordable than one above .

Its the perfect size for your newborn to drag around with him or her for years to come. And if youd prefer a different animal than an elephant, there is also the choice of a:

  • dog,
  • unicorn, or
  • duck.

This adorable elephant security blanket baby lovey is a wonderful gift to give your newborn for Christmas!

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Also Keep In Mind That You Can Always Get Stuff Once The Baby Gets Here

If you find you need another set of onesies, you can always order them online or shuffle off to Target. For some reason I felt like I was prepping for house arrest and didnt think the UPS guy could come to the house once I gave birth

So have fun! Happy nesting! And let me know if theres anything youd add!

Best Baby Gifts Of : These Toys Are Perfect For Infants


Shop TODAY is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Items are sold by retailer, not TODAY. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

The best gifts for babies stimulate their senses. Babies might not look like theyre doing much besides eating and sleeping, but the first year of life is full of seismic shifts in development. And even before they can hold a toy, babies are ready to play.

The best baby toys engage them, focusing on the contrast they are able to see or the sounds and movements they can make themselves.

Infants are really learning about their place in the world, so the best toys give them some sense of feedback, said Tovah Klein, director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development and author of How Toddlers Thrive. She cited the classic baby rattle as a good example. ‘I hit this and it moves is the beginning of having a sense of their place in the world.

Babies also explore with their mouth, so look for toys that arent choking hazards and might be interesting to a tiny tongue. And keep it simple.

These are the best gifts for baby boys and girls, according to child development experts. To quickly jump to the category you’re looking for, click on the links below or keep scrolling to see all 42.

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How Do You Financially Prepare For A Newborn Baby

Did you know that parents spend up to $12,000 in their childs first year of life? Thats insane. While theres not a lot you can do to make that number smaller, there are some things that can be done before your baby is born to make that number hurt a little less or in the very least not get any bigger.

There are also some other finance-related topics that should be addressed before you welcome your expensive new addition, which you can learn all about in this post about financial must-dos to prepare for a new baby. Below is a short list of financially related preparations that can be completed before your baby arrives:

Gifts To Make New Moms Life Easier

When you have a new little one, it feels like theres never enough time for anything! The to-do list is constantly getting longer, and its likely only in moms head because she never has free hands to write anything down. Maybe, if shes really organized, its in a note on her phone.

I remember how frustrated I got when people told me, Just sleep when the baby sleeps.

First, I had postpartum anxiety, so I couldnt sleep at all. Read more about how to deal with postpartum anxiety

Second, I just wanted to scream at them. If I sleep when the baby sleeps, when the hell do you expect me to eat, pump, wash all his bottle and pump parts , empty diaper pails, do the piles of spit-up-filled laundry? And thats just a tiny part of the list.

What I needed more than anything was time. And thats true of most new moms. These suggested gifts for a new mom will help her save time and, thus, frustration. Heck, maybe shell even get to sleep when the baby sleeps. Not likely, but maybe.

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Types Of Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling babies is a centuries old practice, but lucky for parents the modern-day version of swaddling blankets is a bit more sophisticated than strips of cloth tied together that babies of yesteryear had to put up with . These days, youll find the best swaddle blankets in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics to suit your babys needs. Take a look at the different types of swaddle blankets you can choose from:

Baby swaddle wrap. Typically square-shaped and fashion out of muslin or cotton, these require the old-fashioned, hospital-wrap method of bundling baby like a little burrito. No cheater snaps or closures.

Swaddle suit. For parents who prefer to take the guesswork out of swaddling, a swaddle suit, or swaddle pod, is the answer. The suits feature zippers, velcro or hook-and-loop closures to keep baby bundled up inside.

What Newborn Must Haves Should I Get

Boss Basics Black Karrot | How to get Goku Black Mask | Dragon Blox | Roblox

When I had my first baby, I used one of those comprehensive what to buy for baby checklists that they give you when you create your registry. I put everything on it and got most of it at my showers.

However, I quickly found I actually needed way less than I thought. And the more babies I had, the less I needed each time. You just get really good at stocking up on the necessities and forget the rest! You will likely find the same happening to you.

If you are having your FIRST baby, I wanted to give you a very realistic view of stuff you should get before the baby arrives. I hope you find it helpful!

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Crate& kids Bakersfield Nursery Rocking Chair

Think rockers are old-fashioned or uncomfortable? This is one of the best baby rocking chairs for the nurseryand itll certainly squash that misconception. A sleek design, striped fabric and leather piping give the chair a modern feel, while a padded seat and reversible lumbar pillow offer incredibe comfort. Plus, the cotton-blend fabric is durable and, most importantly, washable. Dont have time to put together your nursery chair? This one comes pre-assembled . Still not convinced? Check out the stellar community reviews singing its praises.

Buy it: $599, CrateandBarrel.com

Babys First Christmas Ornament

Memorialize your babys first Christmas with a beautiful ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.

THIS beautiful ornament features a baby decorating a Christmas tree. Add your childs name and the year for an ornament you can enjoy for years to come.

Hanging your babys first Christmas ornament on the Christmas Tree can become a treasured tradition, one your child can eventually take over when theyre older.

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Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket Knit

I love having a sleeping bag type blanket for my newborns. The bags cuddle my babies no matter how hard they kick.

You can use it for naps or walks in the stroller. It will keep your child cozy and warm no matter how cold it is outside.

This knit newborn baby swaddle blanket with buttons instead of a zipper is the perfect gift for your newborn at Christmas!

For The Night Owl: Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl

Tips On Getting Baby To Sleep

A 20-minute auto-shutoff and starlight projector make this cozy owl a great sleep soother. Parents will appreciate that its washablejust remove the mechanism from the center. The Soothing Sleep Owl also features sounds like a heartbeat, gentle bird noise and relaxing lullabies. And, it projects star lights for a dreamy sleep experience.

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Can You Have A Baby Registry Without A Baby Shower

I find that even if you dont have an official baby shower, people are excited to buy gifts for you when youre pregnant. Creating a registry even if you arent going to have a shower is a good idea. That way you can send a link to a list of your favorite items. This also helps avoid receiving duplicate items.

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