What Causes Hiccups In Newborns

Change Babys Feeding Position

Baby Hiccups Causes Prevention Remedies

It took me a while to figure this out when I was a new mom, but sitting baby upright during feedings can ease hiccups. This position allows gas to rise and pass naturally, easing a distended tummy situation. By more upright, I mean hold her at a 30-45 degree angle instead of laying her down in the crook of your elbow. You can also subtly shift baby during feeding breaks to see if that will stop a bout with hiccups.

Hiccups And Gastroesophageal Reflux

Usually, hiccups dont bother babies. But sometimes, hiccups are a sign of gastroesophageal reflux . Reflux causes stomach acid to back up into the babys esophagus.

If your baby has GERD, hiccups wont be the only symptom, Dr. Liermann says. Infants with reflux also have signs such as:

  • Coughing.
  • Irritability and crying.
  • Arching the back, especially during or after a feeding.

If you notice these signs, talk to your doctor about whether your baby might have reflux and how to manage it.

When Do Babies Hiccup The Most

When your baby is in utero, you might feel all sorts of strange movements. Most can be attributed to kicks and stretches, but you might be surprised to know that your fetus might be fending off a hiccupping episode, too. Hiccups in babies are extremely common and begin even before birth! says Dr. Scott. Fetal hiccups can occur more than 15 times per minute, with a 2-4 second window, according to another study. Although fetal hiccups decreased slightly as pregnancy progresses, they still occurred about 0.19 times per hour. Thats a lot of hiccupping!

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How Do You Stop Hiccups

Hiccups will usually stop on their own. While there have been many solutions suggested for hiccups, they are not scientifically proven. Here are some common home remedies to try:

  • slowly sipping ice-cold water
  • holding your breath for a short period
  • gently placing pressure on your nose while swallowing
  • gently placing pressure on the diaphragm
  • biting on a lemon

Baby Hiccups: What Causes Them Plus 4 Natural Remedies

Why Do Babies Hiccup So Much For Brain Development. Seriously.

Hiccups can happen to anyone even your newborn. For you, a case of the hiccups might be a minor inconvenience. But for your little one, baby hiccups can be uncomfortable and even a little scary.

The baby experts at Mustela are here to help. In this article, well tell you everything you need to know about baby hiccups and even give you some natural remedies to help get rid of the hiccups and keep your baby happy!

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Should I Be Concerned

Hiccups are typically a normal reflex. Its been suggested, though, that if theyre frequent and persistent in later pregnancy you call your doctor or midwife.

If you experience a sudden change in your babys hiccups after 28 weeks you may want to contact your doctor for peace of mind.

They can examine you and find out if theres an issue. They can also help ease your worries if everythings fine.

What Stops Hiccups In Babies

Hiccups in babies dont last and you dont have to put pressure in solving it. Yet, we being there, hearing and seeing the babys hiccups can make us lose our cool & over time they can bring about a teensy bit of panic for us. Mothers instincts will right away trigger them to look for ways to get rid of the hiccups in babies as soon as possible. Take a look. Let me tell you what to do when baby hiccups.

Distractions Could Help

Sometimes, you may not know what causes hiccups in babies. In such cases follow this age-old technique of distracting the baby by making him/her forget about the hiccup happening. Make your baby laugh dont hesitate in becoming their toy or becoming their stuffed animal. Play together and just go crazy in bringing your funny side up. Do fun things with them, make them play new games, divert them with toys & colorful playthings, show them wind chimes and the sounds they make can relax them. Show them their favorite toy. If they have siblings then you can bring the whole team in and have fun which can make them forget the hiccup. Good old peek-a-boo can sometimes work in stopping hiccups in babies. You get the point right! Have fun distract them and who knows you might as well end up singing songs.

The Magic of Touch

Taking a Burp

The Sugar Trick

Less But Frequent

Try The Gripe Water

The Pacifier

Baby Hiccups Stops By Themselves

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How To Stop Fetal Hiccups

While fetal hiccups can be distracting, they are not painful, and episodes should not last longer than 15 minutes.

However, some fetal movements can cause discomfort and make it difficult for pregnant people to relax or even fall asleep.

Some tips for reducing the discomfort of fetal movements include:

  • lying on the left side of the body
  • using pillows to support the bump and ease pressure from the spine
  • eating a varied and nutritious diet
  • continuing to exercise moderately, as long as it is safe to do so
  • staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • sticking to a regular bedtime and napping in the day, as necessary

Sit Your Baby Upright After Feeds

Tips to reduce Hiccups in baby after feeding

Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, holding your baby upright after feeding can help them digest their milk and decrease hiccupping, burping, and other digestive discomfort. You can also consider holding your baby in an upright position during feeding, as this can aid in the milk flowing downward.

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How To Stop Baby Hiccups In Bottle

Giving your little one a bottle? Heres how to get rid of any resulting baby hiccups:

Forgenie recommends stopping halfway through a bottle to burp baby and then complete the feeding after a 5- to 10-minute break. Completing the feeding while baby is relaxed can actually end the hiccupping, she says.

Try repositioning the bottle so the air isnt near the nipple, but is instead at the bottom of the bottle.

How To Stop Newborn Hiccups During Feedings

If you notice your baby gets hiccups more frequently during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, there are a couple of tricks you can try:

  • Take a break. A change of positions, a burp or even just a little relaxation can help calm hiccups. If, after a few minutes, your babys hiccups havent eased up, feeding your baby again may calm him down.
  • Switch up your routine. If your baby hiccups frequently, try feeding your baby smaller amounts at more frequent intervals, which can help keep him from swallowing as much air during each feeding time.
  • Burp more frequently. If you’re bottle-feeding, try burping your baby more frequently, such as after every 1 or 2 oz.

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Natural Remedies For Baby Hiccups

For baby hiccups, never use the common cures you may try for a case of adult hiccups. These include:

  • Holding your breath
  • Inhaling smelling salts
  • Any other folk remedy that a friend of a friend swears by

These activities can be extremely dangerous for your newborn, and theres absolutely no scientific proof that they even work.

So what can you do? Here are the safest and best natural remedies for baby hiccups.

How To Stop Babys Hiccups

Newborn hiccups: How to get rid of baby hiccups

Theresusually no need for you to do anything to stop babys hiccups. They often go away on their own after a few minutes. But if you want to stop your baby from hiccuping, here are some tips which can help you.

  • Take a break during the babys feeding session and help them burp. This will help them bring up any air they may have swallowed during feeding. If you bottle-feed your baby then it is recommended to burp them after 2 to 3 ounces and then burp them again after they have finished their bottle. If you breastfeed your baby, then burp them in between switching the breasts and at the end of the feeding session.
  • When your baby hiccups on their own without any obvious cause, then try allowing them to suck on a pacifier, as this will help relax the diaphragm and may help to stop those pesky hiccups.
  • According to some mothers, gripe water also helps in stopping babys hiccups. Gripe water is a mixture of different herbs and water and is often used to reduce discomfort due to colic. Be sure to see the list of ingredients and ask your pediatrician before giving your baby gripe water.

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Reasons To Call A Doctor

Hiccups in newborns are usually considered normal until the child reaches the age of one year. However, if your baby hiccups a lot and seems agitated or upset while hiccuping, you should consult a pediatrician as this may indicate other medical conditions.

GER may result in frequent and uncomfortable baby hiccups. Apart from hiccups, the following symptoms indicate that GER may be an issue:

  • Crying more than usual, especially when you feed the baby
  • Problems gaining weight
  • Arching the spine excessively, especially after or during feedings
  • Spitting up more than usual

If you suspect that your baby may be suffering from GER, talk to a doctor, as they can easily treat this condition. You should also talk to a pediatrician if the hiccups are disturbing the sleep of your baby, or if hiccups continue occurring even after your child turns one year old.

Hiccups In Newborn Babies: Causes And How To Prevent It

Hiccups in newborn babies are not a symptom of any pathology or discomfort, nor do they have any health consequences.

In this article, we will try to explain why this is not something that you should worry about and that you should take as normal. We have all been there!

What are hiccups?

According to the definition of Dr. Jesús Fleta Zaragozano, of the Spanish Society of Out-of-Hospital Paediatrics and Primary Care, a hiccup is an intermittent spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm and the accessory muscles of inspiration, which ends with the closure of the upper airway at the glottic level.

According to the same source, it is a disorder that all human beings may suffer from at some point in their lives and that has no impact on their health.

Causes of hiccups in newborns

Although the causes of hiccups innewborns are not entirely clear, specialists point out certain situations where hiccups are more commonly triggered, such as after a large meal, if the baby has eaten too quickly, swallowed air, or when there are sudden changes in body temperature.

How to remove the hiccups in babies

Most home remedies from holding your babys nose to giving him a little scare are not only of dubious effectiveness but can be counterproductive and cause newborn crying.

Our advice if you want to reduce these episodes as much as possible is to try to avoid as much as possible the causes indicated in the previous section.

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What Not To Do For Baby Hiccups

While there are several ways to try and stop baby hiccups, there are a few things that should be avoided altogether:

Never startle or scare baby to combat hiccups. Really, none of that stuff works, Jacobson says.

Dont put a wet cloth on their forehead, which doesnt help either.

Holding ones breath is one remedy that should never be attempted on baby. Its dangerous, plain and simple.

Many people recommend pulling on babys tongue and pressing on their forehead or anterior fontanelle , Forgenie says, but this can hurt baby. Overall, the best thing to do is to wait it out and rest assured that the hiccups will resolve on their own, she says.

How To Get Rid Of Newborn Baby Hiccups: 5 Tips

Why does my baby get hiccups and how do I make them stop?

When a newborn hiccups after nursing, it may seem cute at first and leave you wondering, Why do newborns get hiccups?. But if your baby hiccups for an extended period of time, you may be concerned that its causing them discomfort. Fortunately, babies dont seem to be bothered by them. In fact, many babies can sleep right through a case of the hiccups. However, if you decide you want to take action when your newborn hiccups after breastfeeding, or to prevent hiccups in the first place, there are steps you can take.

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How To Prevent Hiccups In Newborns

Wondering how to prevent hiccups in newborns in the first place? Try these tips:

  • Feed your baby before they reach the point of being very hungry and agitated.
  • Feed your baby regularly in small amounts.
  • Avoid high-energy play, such as bouncing, immediately after feeding.
  • Keep your baby in an upright position for approximately 30 minutes after feeding.
  • Ensure that your babys mouth is latched over the whole nipple.

Is your newborn still experiencing frequent hiccups after every feeding? Select your location and reach out to Mother & Baby Care specialists at Baptist Health to get the assistance you need.

Wait Until Newborn Hiccups Stop On Their Own

If your baby doesnt seem to be bothered by the hiccups, you can simply let them run their course. Typically, theyll resolve without any intervention. But if your babys hiccups are especially frequent or continue for an extended period of time, you should talk with your doctor, as this could be a sign of another condition such as GERD . Fortunately, GERD is easily treated.

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When Are Hiccups Cause For Concern

Hiccups are considered normal in babies. They can also occur while the baby is still in the womb.

However, if your baby gets hiccups a lot, particularly if theyre also upset or agitated with hiccups, its a good idea to talk to your babys doctor. This could be a sign of other medical issues.

Also, talk to a doctor if your babys hiccups are disturbing their sleep or if bouts of hiccups continue to happen often after your childs first birthday.

Be Mindful As You Feed Your Baby

9 Tips For Getting Rid of Your Baby

Overfeeding your baby, feeding your baby too quickly, or allowing your baby to swallow excess air can lead to increased hiccupping. Being mindful of how you are feeding your baby can be helpful.

  • If Bottle Feeding: Make sure to take breaks after your baby has ingested a few ounces. Burp your baby and hold your baby upright for a minute or two. Dont overfeed your baby if they seem satisfied, feed them more later. If your baby seems to be swallowing air, you can try different bottle nipples and make sure your baby isnt suckling on an empty bottle nipple.
  • If Breastfeeding: Burp your baby between breasts. If your baby seems to be choking on your milk, you may be dealing with an overactive letdown or an oversupply of milk. You can remedy this by allowing your baby to finish one breast before moving to the second breast. You can also lean back a little while nursing to decrease flow and allow the milk to go down the hatch.

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How Can I Get Rid Of My Newborn Baby’s Hiccups

Medically reviewedKaroline PahlWhat causes hiccups in babies?

  • eating and drinking, particularly if air is swallowed at the same time
  • strong emotions, such as excitement or stress

What can I do to stop my baby getting hiccups?

  • Try to feed your baby in a more upright position.
  • Hold your baby upright for up to 20 minutes after each feed.
  • Try giving your baby smaller feeds more often.
  • If you bottle-feed your baby, try to minimise the amount of air he swallows. Tilt the bottle so that the milk completely fills the teat before offering it to your baby. You could also consider an anti-colic bottle.

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How Long Should Baby Hiccupslast

It can be worrisome for new moms and dads to see their babiesstruggling with hiccups. But theres no need to worry because newborn hiccupsare harmless and they go away after a few minutes on their own. Babiescan have multiple hiccups during the day, lasting for 5 minutes or longer. As arule of thumb, if the baby is happy, and doesnt seem in discomfort thenyou shouldnt stress over it. You can just wait them out till they go away ontheir own. If they continue for over two hours and are causing distress to thebaby, then its better to call the pediatrician so you can figure out thereason for discomfort.

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Are Hiccups In Babies Serious

Most bouts of hiccupping seem to disturb parents more than they do babies. Again, hiccupping is very normal and most babies do it. Its something they generally outgrow within a few months.

Nevertheless, at times they can be bothersome to your baby, and in rare cases may signify a more complex medical issue.

How Can You Get Rid Of Your Babys Hiccups

What Are Hiccups, and Why Do We Get Them??

If your baby gets the hiccups around feeding times, try changing her feeding position and make sure sheâs calm. The hiccups will usually go away on their own. If they donât, try feeding her a little as this might help resolve the hiccups.

When your little one gets hiccups, remember that itâs usually nothing to worry about. Try to slow down her feeding or just make sure sheâs feeling calm. Maybe you can stop for a little baby tummy time with her.

Turn your little oneâs diapers into rewards and savings by today.

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