What Do Newborns Need When They Come Home

/10 How The Baby Will Be Fed & Necessary Supplies

24 Things You Need to do (or have) BEFORE the Baby Comes.

Before the baby comes home for good, it’s an excellent idea for moms to know exactly how they want to feed their little one and to have all the supplies that will be needed to feed the newborn. If it is decided that the baby will be formula fed, it is important to have formula and bottles along with at least a bottle brush to clean the inside of the bottles.

If mom will be breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to have a nursing area set up along with a breast pump. Also have some burp rags on hand since babies need to be burped after each feeding as well.

/10 Newborn Safe Diaper Changing Areas

You also want to have a specific, safe area to change your baby’s soiled diapers. If you have a changing table for your baby, you should always be sure to use any and all straps or safety harnesses that the table may have to help prevent your little one from falling or wiggling off of the table. If you’ll be changing your babys diaper using a diaper changing mat, you want to be sure that the mat is in a safe area and away from anything that has the potential to be harmful.

It’s also a good idea to make sure to sanitize the changing area after every diaper change. Even if that means just cleaning the area with an antibacterial cleaning wipe. It is important to have all the items with you that you may need such as the diaper and wipes so that you dont have to walk away from your child even for an instant.

How Do I Prepare The Nursery

Your baby will need to sleep somewhere, other than your arms of course! According to rednose.org.au safe sleeping recommendations, the safest place for baby to sleep is in their own safe space, in the same room as their parents or adult caregiver for the first 6 to 12 months.

Most parents choose to set up the new babys cot or bassinette in their room, at least for a few months until their baby has developed a more regular feeding and sleeping pattern.

When buying a cot or bassinette, check it meets the guidelines for safety. The mattress must be clean and fit firmly against the cot/bassinette sides. If youre using a second hand or used one, its also important to make sure it is safe.

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Your Newborn: Bringing Baby Home

Healthy, full-term babies can usually go home from the hospital sometime between 24 and 48 hours after birth. Some late preterm babies may be healthy enough to go home after a short stay as well.

Babies born by Caesarean section or babies who have health complications may stay in the hospital a bit longer.

Babies born before 34 weeks gestation need longer in-hospital care. If your baby was born this early, you may feel particularly nervous about bringing them home. Your health care team will work closely with you to develop a plan that helps you understand your babys unique health needs and feel confident about bringing them home.

Coming Home Outfits: What Should A Newborn Wear Home From The Hospital

Newborn Boy Take Home Hospital Outfit Elephant Baby Shower Boy

As your due date approaches and you pack your hospital bag, one of the essentials is deciding what your newborn should wear home from the hospital. While there are plenty of days ahead to dress your babe in all those cute outfits waiting in the closet and dresser drawers, the day you bring your little one home is a milestone for many families – its the moment it truly sets in that this baby is now part of your family! Its also often the day you take those first few photos of your little one. So how do you decide what outfit is worthy of the occasion?

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Think Of How To Make Life Easier For Her

After a baby is born, leaving the house can feel like an impossible task. Just preparing to get out the door requires getting two people ready, and packing a diaper bag and a change of clothes . It can feel overwhelming. Thats why ordering diapers and wipes online to be delivered to her home is an incredible help. Heather, 37, said, Since I was recovering from awful complications post-delivery, my coworkers all went in on a Peapod gift card for me, so I could order groceries online and have them delivered. So nice! Offering to go grocery shopping for a new family is another way to ease the burden of taking care of daily tasks that can be hard to do with an infant. Before you grocery shop online, read these tips first.

Items Youll Want And Use When You Bring Home Baby

When I was pregnant with my first child, friends offered a heap of advice about all the baby gear I absolutely had to have. I ended up creating not one, not two, not three, but five different registries to account for all those necessary items.

It doesnt have to be like that. So before you go wandering glassy-eyed through the aisles filling your shopping cart in impending parenthood panic mode, check out this list of 20 must-haves curated from hard-earned wisdom and on-the-job experience in the child-rearing trenches.

1. Car seat: Car seats are mandatory by federal law, and the hospital wont let you take baby home without one. Baby car seats, or infant buckets, snap into a base and have a carry handle. There are numerous brands available to fit your budget and style. Nonprofit Safe Kids Worldwide is a tremendously valuable resource with tips on buying and properly installing a car seat for your child, at every age and stage.

2. Soft carrier: When you cant put your newborn down but want to move around with your hands free, soft carriers are lifesavers. Styles range from sling to wrap to front-to-back convertible, so talk to a friend, try a few out and keep your receipts!

3. Stroller: If youve already chosen your primary stroller, see if it has an adapter available for your baby car seat model. Otherwise, look for frame strollers, which are exactly what they sound like: a frame with wheels that you can snap your infant car seat into done and done.

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How Can I Prepare To Bring My Baby Home

Before you all leave the hospital, the care team will make sure you feel comfortable caring for your baby on your own. Some hospitals offer a rooming-in period in a hospital room with your baby so you can get some hands-on caregiving experience. Youll have peace of mind knowing that help is just down the hall.

If your baby is a boy, you’ll need to decide about circumcision. Full-term baby boys usually can be circumcised before they leave the hospital generally, the same applies to a healthy preemie.

As your baby progresses, get ready for the big day and the weeks that follow with these 5 steps:

Step 1: Check Medical Records and Insurance Coverage

If you havent already, call your health insurance company and ask to have your baby added to your policy. Many insurers require that you do this within a few days of the birth.

Some insurers offer home nursing visits for premature babies or other nursing care for those with complex medical problems. Nursing providers and social service workers/case managers can help you find out what your insurance coverage will provide.

Its a good idea to set up a file for medical records, financial statements, and other important papers you may need for your babys medical care and insurance.

Step 2: Choose a Pediatrician and Schedule Follow-Up Visits


Step 3: Learn CPR and Get Any Specialized Training

Step 4: Install a Car Seat & Get Any Needed Travel Equipment

Step 5: Attend a Discharge Meeting

What Size Diapers Do Newborns Need

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Newborn babies will go through about 10 diapers a day, which means you will need to restock your diaper supply frequently. Its important to have the right size diaper for your newborn, as a too-big diaper can cause leaks and a too-small diaper can be uncomfortable.

Most newborns will need size 1 diapers, but sizes vary by baby. The best way to determine what size diaper your newborn needs is to check the fit when they are wearing it. There should be no gaps around the legs or waist, and the diaper should not be overly bulky. If you are unsure about what size to buy, you can always ask your pediatrician for guidance.

Pampers Swaddlers are a good option for newborns, as they are designed to fit snugly around your babys waist and legs. Huggies Little Snugglers are also a good choice, and they come in smaller sizes for smaller babies. Whatever brand you choose, be sure to buy diapers that are specifically designed for newborns these will provide the best fit and absorption for your little one.

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What Should I Do To Prepare For My Baby

Many new parents take prenatal classes before the birth of their first baby. The classes help prepare you for the birth and provide information about basic newborn care. While each class is different, they usually include advice on feeding, common illnesses, day-to-day care, and car seat safety.

Consider learning about resources for new parents in your area. Many local public health offices offer support with breastfeeding and can answer questions about your babys health and well-being. Community centres often have programs where you can meet other new parents.

Before your baby is born, you should decide who will provide your babys regular ongoing health care. In most parts of Canada, your baby will see either a paediatrician or family doctor for routine care. Midwives may provide newborn care for a babys first 4 to 6 weeks.

Some other decisions to make before your due date:

  • whether to breastfeed,
  • how to prepare pets and siblings for the new family member, and
  • whether to use cloth or disposable diapers.

The busy days after childbirth are not the best time to make these decisions. If you have a partner, discuss ahead of time and become comfortable with your decisions so that you can focus on your baby in their first days instead of these issues.

To bring your baby home in a vehicle, you should have a properly installed rear-facing car seat. Be sure you know how to safely secure your baby.

Pairs Of Socks And Booties

You have to keep those little baby toes warm somehow! These are especially important if you are having a baby in the winter time. If your baby is expected in the summer, you probably do not need to go out and buy a lot until it starts to get colder, or you might, depending on how cool you keep your house during the summer with the AC!

Health & Hygiene

Use outlet covers in your home to prevent your baby from getting shocked.

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Best Muslin: Aden + Anais Cotton Muslin Wearable Blanket

Like other options on our list, this sleep sack is suitable for warmer months. It has two layers of cotton muslin that helps create nice airflow and eliminate overheating. It has a zipper for easy pre-bedtime diaper changes and a sleeveless silhouette for optional layering. You can shop sizes 0-36 months and colors and prints, including animals, stars, and flowers.

To buy: $20

What A Newborn Baby Needs

Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit Personalized Newborn Baby Boy

If babies could talk, they would probably tell us that they have very simple needs. They need to be loved, to be fed, and kept warm and safe.

There are a lot of items you can buy for a new baby. This can be overwhelming for new parents. When you come home with your newborn, you will not need too much. Plan in advance to have some essential items ready.

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Almost All Babies Develop A Bald Spot

Newborns are really killin it in the looks department, arent they? The bald spot on the back of the head is like a baby trademark. Babies hair rubs off because they lie on their backs so much. Itll start to grow back when they start spending more time on their tummy and sitting up. You can cover up the offending area with a cute headband or hat for the pictures in the meantime!

What Do Newborns Wear When They Come Home

Babies are often overdressed for the first trip home. Dress your baby as you would dress yourself. So, if youd be too warm in a knitted hat during the summer, your baby probably will be, too. In warm weather, dress your baby in a T-shirt and light cotton pants or a baby blanket over bare legs.

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Milk Bottles And Nipples

Whether pumping or formula-feeding, youll need milk bottles to feed your baby. Stick to smaller 4-ounce bottles for now, as well as low-flow nipples.

Tip: Experiment with both bottle and nipple brands and varieties. Some babies take to certain sizes, materials, and brands. Like diapers and wipes, dont stock up just yet on bottles and nipples until you can see whether your baby takes to them.

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How To Choose The Right Size Diaper For Your Newborn

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There are a few things to consider when choosing the right size diaper for your newborn baby. The most important factor is weight youll want to make sure you choose a diaper that will be comfortable and provide a good fit for your babys weight.

Youll also want to take into account the type of diaper youre using. Some diapers, like cloth diapers, come in different sizes based on weight, while others, like disposable diapers, only come in one size.

Finally, youll want to think about how often you plan on changing your babys diaper. If you plan on changing it frequently, you may want to choose a smaller size so that its easier to put on and take off.

The table below provides guidance on what size diaper to use for different weights:

Weight Size Diaper5-8Newborn or Size 18-14Size 1 or 212-18Size 3

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What Will Happen Before I Bring My Baby Home

Before you go home, hospital staff will check that your baby:

  • has a normal temperature,
  • is not at high risk of developing jaundice,
  • has had a wet diaper and passed a bowel movement,
  • has received all necessary medications, including vitamin K to prevent bleeding, and an ointment to prevent eye infection,
  • has received any necessary vaccines ,
  • is eating well and has had at least 2 successful feedings,
  • has had all screening tests for certain treatable diseases. All newborns in Canada are tested for hypothyroidism and PKU . In some provinces and territories, babies are screened for other conditions as well and may receive a hearing screening test. Your doctor can tell you which tests your baby will receive.

If your baby was born preterm, doctors will make sure your baby is healthy enough to go home. This includes making sure your baby:

  • is breathing well,
  • has a stable body temperature,
  • is feeding well, and
  • has not lost a lot of weight after birth or is steadily gaining weight.

Preterm babies also have newborn screening and hearing tests done before discharge home. Depending on how preterm your baby was, other tests may be done as well.

Your own doctor will check to make sure you are well. New moms should know the signs and symptoms of any complications they may develop, feel comfortable caring for their new baby, and have started to feel comfortable with breastfeeding before leaving the hospital.

How Many Diapers Does A Newborn Need

A newborn baby will go through about 10 diapers a day, so youll need to have enough on hand. Once your baby starts sleeping through the night, you can expect them to use fewer diapers.

Youll also want to consider what size diapers to buy. Newborns generally need smaller diapers than older babies, so youll want to start with a smaller size. As your baby grows, you can move up to a larger size diaper.

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How To Keep Your New Baby Safe From Infection

After your newborn comes home from the hospital, its normal to want to introduce your new little one to your family and friends. At the same time, you want to protect him from getting an infection from a visitor. A newborn can also get sick from being exposed to people by going out in the community. Many new parents wonder when is it safe to take the baby out in public.

Trying to decide what is best for the baby in these situations can be difficult. And unfortunately, the answer is not always simple. In general, the more people the baby has contact with, the more likely the baby will come in contact with an infection.

Infections in newborns can be very serious for several reasons. First, infants do not have fully developed immune systems, so they are more susceptible to infectious illnesses. Also, when a newborn gets an infection, the illness is often more serious than when an adult or older child gets the same infection. Finally, when a newborn gets a fever, extensive medical care is recommended, because the fever could be because of a life-threatening infection. This is true even if the baby seems fine. Fever in a baby who is 4 6 weeks old is always an emergency.

It is important to try to protect newborns against getting infections, but this does not mean the newborn can never have visitors or go out in public. Try to remember these helpful tips when trying to decide who can visit your baby and where you can take your new little one:

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